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Jenny was enjoying the cool air, the view from the bench taking her back to her childhood where she would spend endless summers in this place with her parents. She would give anything for another summer like that, no worries and nothing to cause her to be nervous or afraid. She finished her tea and frowned a little. She knew that voice.

Her heart felt like it might leap from her skin, the cold echo of a hand on her belly causing her to get to her feet, the mug smashing on the hard ground. She couldn’t catch her breath. Iris was dead, she had killed her in that war.
“It can’t be....” She said, praying that she had just not woken up properly as she looked around, as if worried Iris would just appear out of nowhere.

Jenny didn’t feel safe, for a split second she was afraid for her life and their child’s life. She wouldn’t let anyone take the child from them, not again. Jenny scuffled inside, looking white as a ghost as she closed the door and leaned against it. It was a trick, it had to be. Iris was dead, so was Xavier. She caught her breath and sighed out, looking to the others and thinking quickly.
“Sorry, hot flushes.” She murmured and went to get some water.
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Falling asleep, Christian didn’t want to let go of Jenny. He knew he was being paranoid, and he knew he didn’t have to worry so much about them. Jenny could hold her own, for now at least. But she still had to be protected and understand that if she was hurt then so was their child. He didn’t want to treat her like she was weak, but he wanted to always be on the defensive for her. When Christian woke up, Jenny was gone, but he could hear voices downstairs and once showering and changing, h became downstairs to a dull house. Breakfast was being cooked and everyone was trying to enjoy a calm morning. It was strange for once not having a routine like on the mountain. Then they were preparing to fight, helping with building a new cabin or some furniture and of course cooking. With so many mouths to feed, food was very important. People tended to switch on you when you weren’t meeting the demands. They had taken the truck and for the most part, Christian knew there wasn’t that much food left on the mountain. Soon they would either have to eat game, or gather someone to go to the market – but if no one wanted to work, who were you going to send?

Christian pushed up the sleeves of the burgundy crewneck he wore.
“Where’s Jenny?” Christian asked Dana.
“She’s by the lake,” she said as she started plating food and handing it off. “Don’t worry,” Dana said, noticing the look on her face. “James is close by; he’s working on making some traps outside.” Christian sighed with relief then, Marcus had called to him to discuss their strategies. It felt good to have him there with them. He felt so much safer.

Outside where Jenny sat wrapped in her cardigan and mug in tow, a familiar old [I friend] popped up. Her voice, a mere echo as though far away, but undeniably recognizable.
“My, Cristian keeps busy,” the voice of Iris whispered, a somewhat cold invisible touch crossing against Jenny’s belly.
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“I’m fine.” Jenny assured him and she knew the next few months he was going to worry regardless what she said to him. She returned his kiss and smiled a little at his confessions
“You won’t lose us.” She said to him as she watched him, brushing her fingers over his cheek. He was going to be an amazing father, just as he had been an amazing mate to her.

Jenny woke in the early morning and rubbed her eyes, getting to her feet and dressing after a shower, plaiting up her red hair as she headed downstairs to start on breakfast for everyone. She looked to Dana who had already started,
“Did you tell Christian yet?” She asked with a smirk and Jenny laughed a little. The two chartered about this and that for a while as they set the table. Dana was glad Marcus and Lauren had returned, the more of them there were, the safer they would be.

Jenny let Dana finish setting up before going up and knocking on each persons door, letting them know breakfast was ready and she headed back downstairs. Breakfast didn’t appeal to her and she instead went to sit by the lake, pulling her cardigan around her as she found one of the old benches to sit on with her hot drink.
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Jenny was already in bed when he arrived. He closed their door, shedding his shirt and getting into the bed. He smiled at her, his hand brushing against her cheek. “Everything is fine,” he told her. He felt like he could relax at least for tonight. There didn’t seem to be any stirring or trouble. Christian played with Jenny’s hair, gently bringing her close to pace a kiss on her forehead. “Are you okay?” He asked her. He was referring to all that was going on, but mostly about the pregnancy. He knew this was a big deal and Christian himself was a bit worried about what could happen. He want Jenny safe and he could only hope another war would evade them. He didn’t want to risk Jenny’s life or the child’s. He kissed her, his eyes closing.

“I guess I am a bit worried.” Christian admitted. “I don’t want to lose you, either of you,” he said with a small laugh. He was still ecstatic though, just wary and it was shameful, but he just didn’t want to get his hopes up in fear something would happen. Though, he knew if anything that he was going to protect Jenny and his unborn with all that he had. He sighed out then. “We should rest, it’s been a long day.” He told her, though his words kind of got caught up in the web of his yawn. He soon fell asleep.

In the mountains, Jordan and his sister were sitting by the fire.
“He’s close, picked up his scent at least a hundred miles or so. He’s definitely heading our direction. What are we going to do Jason?” Sabrina asked.
“What do you mean? We’ve got a whole pack; he stands no chance against us now.” Sabrina pursed her lips. They had a whole pack, but things were getting a bit rowdy already. Sabrina wondered if this would be the end to their problems as her brother suggested. She knew this hunter wasn’t going to stop unless they were dead, and he’d kill any wolf in his way with no care.
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Jenny watched Lauren and smiled softly, it felt nice for their to be some happiness amongst all of this. She was relieved to feel like everyone was excited and right then status didn’t matter. Marcus and Lauren would always be above her, because she respected them both and it had been a hard journey. Jenny looked to Marcus when he entered and gave him a small smile,
“You guys should get some sleep.” She said to them and made sure everything was set for them. She was still wary around Marcus, afraid he might yet reject her like he had in the beginning. But she was grateful because he had taught her so much about protecting a pack.

Jenny headed along to her and Christian’s room, hearing James and Nick return from their scouting of the area and she closed the balcony door. She tied up her hair and got into bed, watching as Christian came in.
“Everything okay?” She asked him, getting comfortable and wondering what the future held. There was danger, a hunter and the mountain pack was in danger. Jenny wasn’t sure there was a way to warn them without risking their own lives.
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Lauren had settled their things in the room. She looked to Jenny who was definitely balancing or at least trying to balance between being happy and a bit scared. Of course, the first tine the two had found out about the child they lost they had not had time to even think about what it would mean to be a parent. That didn’t stop the pain though. This time was different. They both knew that Jenny was with child and it was time for them to really take on the responsibility of being an adult. Having a child was a big deal and raising a wolf wasn’t easy. Still, Jenny and Christian seemed to be doing well so far, at least they both looked safe and healthy for the most part.

“It’s alright to be scared, but you’re doing so well, and I know Christian and the others are going to be happy to help.” She rubbed Jenny’s arm before bringing her in for a hug. Lauren sighed out; her eyes closed. She could only hope their small group would remain safe. “Oh, I am so glad to see you guys as well,” she said before pulling away. “You’re doing so great. Trust me and you’re taking care of Christian too,” she said with a smile. Her hand fell to Jenny’s stomach then. “Oh gosh, a little one. I can’t wait,” she said. She wasn’t able to conceive and by the time they had Cecilia and Christian, both of the two were in their teens. She never got to experience a small baby since they left the pack.

Marcus had entered then. “Glad to be welcomed,” he said. Despite being an Alpha, this was not his territory and Christian and Jenny were in charge. It was funny then, how they both used to answer to Marcus and now it was the other way around. Christian had soon headed to the bedroom, looking out the window to see James and Nick coming back from patrolling. They should be fine for the night, Christian believed.
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Jenny wanted them both to stay desperately, they would be safer in a small group, she knew that much at least and it did sting to hear that the entire pack in the mountains was in danger. She sighed out softly and looked to Christian, nodding when he said to show them their room. She got to her feet and a ran a hand through her red hair. She paused an looked to Lauren with a small smile when she asked her question.
"I told him about five minutes before you guys showed up." She said to Lauren, it still surprised her how perceptive the woman was.

She showed her inside her and Marcus' room, it was a touch smaller than the others but all of the Luna's had done a great job setting things up and making each room comfortable. She watched lauren for a while, thoughtfully.
"I am glad, of course, we spoke about another child for a long time, but-" She cut off because she didn't want to stress out again.

"I'm still scared." She admitted sheepishly and she figured that Christian was too, he was just much better at concealing such things from her when it came down to it. She gave a nervous laugh and waved a hand.
"I'm glad to see you and Marcus again." She said to her with a smile, it was such a relief to have them back and she just hoped things went better this time. Jenny had done her best to grow into a Luna that could be respected and her Vampire side forgotten, no matter how hard it was to forget such a thing.
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Christian was worried. He cared about those in the mountains, knowing that they were sold a pipe dream and that’s what they decided to believe in and go with. However, still, there were some innocent people there. They didn’t deserve his trust or loyalty to be returned, but they also didn’t deserve to be blindsided and killed. He made Lauren and Marcus some of the leftovers and carried them out to place the on the table. Apparently, they had been on the road as it was a bit easier with the cold. They tried to not shift in order to limit the risk of being detected.

“Yes, they definitely are in danger. Once he shows up, there’s no telling what will happen.” Lauren said, graciously taking a spoonful of potatoes.
“And the young boy is an idiot? He plays the short game,” Marcus said. “You were smart not to fight him.” Christian looked to Jenny then, giving her a smile as it had been her to convince him not to fight in the first place.

“That girl,” Lauren said and rolled her eyes. “So disrespectful. SH was all over Marcus.” Marcus rolled his eyes as he cringed. He’d never met such sneaky people before.
“Well, of course you guys are welcome to stay with us. I already my two men surveying the area. Guess we definitely need to all be on the same page and made sure we are watching ach others back.” Christian told them. Lauren and Michael had finished their food and looked like they needed the rest. Marcus headed to clean up and Christian had taken to doing the dishes. “Jenny can show you to the room,” he said as he kissed Jenny’s cheek.

Lauren waited until Christian was out of earshot. “SO, did you tell him?” She asked with a knowing look.
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Jenny watched the events and looked to Christian who was quicker to move for the food than she was and she relaxed for a second, giving him a grateful look.
“A wolf hunter?” She wondered why she had never imagined such a thing to exist. Vampire hunters and wolf hunters, it only seemed reasonable. She looked to Marcus and Lauren, at least glad they had made it back.

“That means the rest of the pack in the mountains is in danger.” She murmured quietly and sighed out. She knew she shouldn’t have cared but she still did. She thought for a while and knew if there was trouble then the rest of the pack would find them but she wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Nowhere seemed safe and Jenny didn’t just have herself and Christian to think of now, there was a child in the mix, and little Dawn couldn’t fend for herself either.

“I’m glad you guys came back.” She said with an honest tone, sincere in her words because lately so much had seemed to go wrong.
“Jason and Sabrina, they told us they hadn’t found a pack. They made their intentions very clear..” she said with a look to Lauren,
“Sabrina especially.” She muttered and she wasn’t the jealous type at all but seeing the woman throw herself at Christian had been a real shove at her patience.
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Lauren was thankful for the warmth of being inside and seeing Jenny happy as well. They both looked good. She hugged jenny back with a smile. Marcus nodded toward the two of them, leaving their bags at the door. They all moved to the table then, not shedding their coats until they felt warm enough, to which Christian hung them on the coat rack.
“This place is beautiful,” Lauren said as she looked around.
“Back on topic, is everything alright? How did you guys find us?”

Marcus tapped his nose, he smiled which brought a sense of relief to Christian. He wanted to talk to him about the situation with a pack, maybe tomorrow. “About. Month after we left, we ended up hundreds of miles away. It was a nice town, bigger than Crescent Falls, but nothing we weren’t used to. Though something was off when we got there, we could sense it.”
“It seems like there was this pack of rogue wolves, terrorizing and killing the people. It didn’t take long for this [I man] to show up on their behalf slaying the wolves.” Lauren finished before taking a sip of her mug. The heat from the cup felt good as it penetrated her gloves.

“They don’t really know if it’s a man or some kind of monster. He’s unlike any normal person and he’s got it out for Sabrina and Jason who are the only ones left from the pack. There’s a chance she’ll get every one of the wolves killed. I mean this guy was chasing us. Fortunately, we lost him, but he’s a damn good tracker.”

“Do you have anything to eat? We are starving,” Lauren asked bashfully. Christian got up.
“Yeah, of course,” he said, placing his hand on Jenny’s. “You relax,” he said. He still couldn’t believe she was pregnant.
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Jenny watched his reaction, a little worried that the timing was off given they had just left a pack and were starting fresh in this new place. She wrapped her arms around him as he lifted her and giggled, looking up into his eyes as he set her on her feet, feeling cool relief flood her. She looked curious when his phone rang and she was shocked.

“Wait-“ She went downstairs and opened the door, excited to see them both again as she smiled and hugged Lauren. She knew something serious just have happened to bring them here and they had experience with Sabrina and Jason, she wondered what the young couple had done to them. She embraced Lauren tightly and looked them over.
“Is everything alright? You’re frozen, here come in and warm up.” She said, she knew something must have happened for them to be here but right then she just wanted the familiar faces.

Jenny our the kettle on to brew them up a hot drink, staying somewhat quiet so she didn’t wake up the rest of the pack. She handed out hot drinks and smiled softly.
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Christian hoped that Lauren would call soon and give some more information if possible. He wondered just how far they were, wishing they would come back and help them out. He could only hope that Jason and Sabrina wouldn’t come attacking them any time soon and whoever was after them, he could only hope would remain on their trial. It was disturbing to think about fighting his own kind, but also Christian did feel right wishing bad on his own pack. Well, his ex-pack. He tried not to think about that at all now though, holding Jenny close and smiling as he looked into those dazzling green eyes. Christian watched Jenny take his hand and he rose a brow as she placed it against her stomach.

“A new member?” He questioned softly, before meeting Jenny’s gaze once more. “A new?” Christian as mulling over the thought, trying not to get too excited. It was late and he didn’t want to wake those who had fallen asleep and yet he also felt like jumping out of his skin with joy. “Jenny!” He said as he lifted her up kissing her. This was a bit scary and he knew Jenny and him still thought [I what if] about their previous pregnancy. Still, he was incredibly happy. “I can’t believe this,” he whispered as he placed her to his feet, his forehead pressed against hers gently.

Christian was about to say something when he heard a thumping at the door downstairs. He could recognize a feint scent, but he wasn’t sure. His phone was buzzing then.
“Jesus Christ its cold out her, open the door,” Lauren had said into the phone. “Looks like we won’t have to wait for that phone call,” Christian said. If Lauren and Marcus had shown up, something big and definitely bad had to be coming.
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Jenny looked to Christian and she frowned a little when he mentioned that Sabrina and Jason had been causing issues everywhere they went. She knew they couldn’t abandon Crescent Falls but she also knew their small group wouldn’t be able to take on Sabrina and Jason and the old pack. She sighed out softly. Fighting vampires was one thing, but their own kind was haunting.
“Yeah, just send them my love.” Jenny murmured quietly, somewhat afraid of what might happen to Marcus and Lauren.

“Hm?” She said as she turned to watch him as he drew her in. She had her suspicions of what Dana had been speaking about and she had been questioning it for a while, as had other Luna’s. She didn’t want to risk everything again though, she wanted to be positive but at this stage, she was almost one hundred percent sure. She put her hands on top of Christian’s wordlessly, moving them to her belly and watching his reaction carefully.

“I think....” She said softly, “There might be a new pack member in the future.” She said to him, she knew the loss of the first child that had never been given a fair chance had been devastating and she wanted to hope beyond everything that this time was different. She was healthy and this time there was no Xavier or Iris to snatch it away from her in a cruel twist of fate. She was nervous to open up to Christian about it, however.
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Jenny of course could read him like a book, and he had no doubt that she knew that something was up. Still, that didn’t take away from the enjoyable dinner that they had with everyone. He was incredibly full by the end of dinner, which was a nice distraction from his talk with Lauren. Christian and the others all started to help, and this was what it meant to work as a unit. The men went out to start surveying the area at Christian’s request. He wanted them all to have an understanding of every inch of the property in case they had to deal with any intruders.

Jenny had shooed the women away, taking on cleaning herself. Christian shook his head at her.
“You need to tell your Luna to rest more,” Dana said poking Christian’s check with a chuckle. He rose a brow. He could tell Jenny that all he wanted, but it would take something very severe or physically altering for her to listen to him and even then, he doubted she wouldn’t do her part. Finished cleaning, lights all off, they headed upstairs to the bedroom. Christian had changed into something a bit more comfortable. Together they stood outside of the balcony, it was a serene view. He remembered their first time in the mountains, staring out into the beautiful wilderness and wondering if that was a place, they could consider home. Now he wasn’t sure.

“They’re – good?” Christian said. “It looks like they’ve come across Sabrina and Jason and apparently those two brought some trouble – which means it’s only a matter of time before trouble comes to Crescent Falls as well. She told me she would call back,” Christian explained then. Lauren sounded panicked on the phone and that wasn’t like her. “I’ll try them again in the morning if she doesn’t call.” He could only figure they were alright. Marcus and Lauren were smart and strong – they’d be safe. “What’s Dana going on about? You know you don’t have to do everything,” he said with a smile as he drew her in. “Though, I will say you’ve been looking incredible the past few weeks, more beautiful if that’s possible.”
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Jenny helped with the last few bits and pieces and Dana gave her a wry smile,
“You should be resting more.” Dana remarked quietly and Jenny gave her a confused look but Dana shook her head and dismissed it. Jenny looked up when Christian came down and she took a moment to look at the scene around her. It was beautiful, in a way. They sat like a family and Jenny leaned over and kissed Christian’s cheek softly. Something was wrong but he didn’t ask him during dinner. Instead, she ate and obliged casual conversation and it was nice to be in the lodge with the sound of laughter and warmth throughout.

Jenny assured the others she could watch up as everyone was tired. Just because she was Luna didn’t mean she would do her fair share and she set everything away and looked to Christian.
“What’s up?” She asked him, keen green eyes tracing his face. There was something. She turned the lights down downstairs as she headed up to their room and stepped out onto the balcony, looking out across the moonlit lake. It was quiet save for the buzz of insects and she looked to Christian.

“How are Lauren and Marcus?” She asked. She missed them both terribly. Even though they had not gotten off to the greatest start, especially with Marcus, they had still taught her a lot and fought at her side in the war.
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