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Jenny expected his reaction and she watched him, letting him vent and letting him express his emotions as she watched him. She leaned into his touch and sighed out softly.
“I’m not going anywhere.” She murmured to him, “I promise.” He was allowed to be worried but now he stood as Alpha, he was a huge target and she didn’t want him to be. Jenny nodded to him as she returned his kiss, fingers brushing over his cheek.

“We’ll get through this.” She promised him and washed up a bit before changing and heading outside, looking to everyone gathered around the fire. She could tell the ones who had stayed behind were embarrassed and ashamed but she didn’t pay them any mind right that moment. She looked to Dana who smiled softly.
“Everything alright?” Dana asked and Jenny nodded.
“How’s Nate?” She asked and Dana sighed a little,
“He’ll survive but he’s out of action for a while.” She admitted and Jenny of course understood. He had been through a lot and she couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if that was Christian.

“We didn’t mean-“ One of the females piped up but Jenny silenced them with a look, she didn’t want to hear it right then. She wanted to tell them that she had warned them this would happen. She looked to Marcus and Lauren and wondered how they managed to stay so strong through everything.
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“No Jenny, I’m not alright. You can’t just throw yourself in the line of fire like that. Anything could happen! You can’t just –” He sighed out, trying not be angry as he wasn’t truly mad, he was upset and scared, and this was how he was able to show it. Her hands cradled his face as he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers. “I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you.” He saw images of Nate’s wriggling body on the floor and remembered that god awful smell. He couldn’t get Cara’s wailing cries out of his mind. What if that had been him crying over Jenny? They had more then themselves Ito think about now. He knew the type of woman she was smart and bold – and she was always the efforts to help. He didn’t want that to be the reason she got caught up or harmed. They’d talked about this before, putting one’s life on the line to save the others and his stance hadn’t changed. Now that Jenny was pregnant it made him stand even further in his belief. Still, what was he going to do? Chain her to a bed or force her into protection? He sighed out, hoping she wasn’t upset at his tone.

“I just want us to be on the same page.” He muttered. He could feel her hands on his arms, and he knew that Jenny was worrying about him just the same as he worried about her. Hopefully with the pack now behind them, they both would come to realize they didn’t have to save everyone. Though since leaving, Christian suspected that their was a lack in continuing on working on strength and drills should something like this happen. Could the pack stand up against the hunters, especially with silver bullets? This wasn’t a fight of werewolves vs vampires – humans and weapons were entirely different and what if they had called for backup recruits?

Christian was still not all the way trusting of Sabrina and Jason but wanted to know just what the vampires planned to do to protect them. He sighed and pulled away then, kissing her gently. “We should get cleaned up.”
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Jenny breathed out a small sigh as they seemed to have lost the hunters but she knew that the mountains would be the next place they looked. She got out and helped with Nate as the healers sorted him out and she looked to Cara, her heart crumbling for her. She stepped into their old cabin and looked down at herself. She hadn’t realised her hands were slick with blood from helping Nate and her shirt was probably stained beyond repair. She changed and washed her hands in the sink, looking to Christian.

“Are you alright?” She asked. She half expected him to be mad at her for risking her life the way she had but they had bigger issues right then. They had silver bullets, and if they made it to the mountains then what? Jenny tied her hair up and she knew this was awkward because the pack had mostly decided to stay with Jason and Sabrina, and now they realised it had been a mistake. She still didn’t trust the siblings at all but she knew that a united front was the only way they were going to deal with this.

Jenny reaches out and touched Christian’s arm, they were running out of time but she didn’t want him to overwork himself. He was the Alpha, yes, but Jenny wouldn’t watch him burn himself out. They could do this all together.
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Christian was shocked then, his hand reaching out for Jenny, but like the great Luna she was, she had already jumped into action, her main concern being to make sure Cara and her child were safe. Cara was in tears of course and Dawn had begun crying in her arms, disrupted by the loud noises and seeing Nat still yelping on the ground. He’d ben penetrated, the smell of burning flesh and gunpowder rising the air as the bullet seeped into , melting from the hot blood of the wolf and slowly making its way through his blood stream.
“Knife,” Christian had called, handing it over to Jenny who had began to remove the bullet. Lauren had gone upstairs with Dana, keeping watch over Cara and her daughter. Christiana and the men , while ducking, tried to get an idea of where the shots were ranging from, though that would only do them so much good as he knew that there were at least five hunters.

Marcus and Jason had helped Nate up. He could barely stand, his body covered and blood and sweat. Christian grabbed a towel to which Jason held against Nate’s body. Him and his sister had a firm kick in the ass and had started to help as best as possible, Sabrina spotting that they were now all in the front yard. Leaving through the back was their only way out, but the truck was on the side and they were closing in.
“Jenny,” Christian had said after her kiss, knowing he could stop her if he wanted to, but right now wasn’t the time to discuss who was doing what. "Shit,” he curds as she ran out of the cabin. He didn’t have much time to worry or be frustrated at her decision at that moment as staying in the cabin was going to get them killed.

The bullets had stopped then and he figured thy were coming to check if they’d managed to incapacitate them. He could hear the muffled sound of their voices before the loud roaring of the truck. Christian gathered the women and together they rushed out to the back before the second wave of shots were sent out. It was tight fit, but Nate needed to lay flat anyways, which would give Lauren time to treat his wound as best as possible until they got to the mountain. Sliding into the driver’s seat, h quickly pulled off, the door slamming from the velocity and speed of the truck.

He looked into the rearview mirror, the men then clamoring to get to their own truck. They’d be gone by then, but they also had a wolf on their side who could easily track them – easier now that thy were all together. It was a rush to the mountain then, and while many were glad to see Christian and Jenny, things were too hectic for apologies and a reunion.

Nate would live, but there was no way he would be able to fight again as weak as he was. He could barely keep his eyes open. He felt bad for Cara, watching as she cried over his body, Dawn in her arms. Christian wanted nothing more than to change out of his clothes, announcing they’d have a meeting once everyone settled properly, He didn’t miss a beat and Jason had said nothing, even when the pack turned their eyes on him.

Sighing, and not really in the best of moods he entered the bedroom, shedding the shirt and tossing it knowing he’d never war it again.
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Jenny looked doubtful, she wanted to object but she knew she couldn’t. Christian was her Alpha and she would always abide by his decisions and stand strong with him. She watched him and nodded, reaching a hand up to touch his face, jerking back as the window shattered and a bullet smashed their reality. She glared towards the point of the shot, looking to Cara and the child in her arms.
“Upstairs, lock the door and don’t come out for anything.” She said and ushered the woman upstairs, ducking on the stairs as another shot fired through a second window.

Jenny looked to the others, they couldn’t stay here. They needed a way out and she didn’t know if Nate could travel.
“If you want our help then earn it.” She said to Sabrina and Jason. She looked to Nate again, a silver bullet embedded in his arm and she cringed at the sight. She knew the folklore that a silver bullet would kill a wolf and she wasn’t sure if it was too late right then. She fumbled for a knife and placed a hand on Nate’s torso,
“Easy.” She said quietly as she eased the bullet out, casting it aside.

“So much for the spirits warning us.” She muttered quietly as she looked to the others.
“We can’t stay here. There’s a back door, head back to the mountains. I’ll get the truck started.” She muttered and looked to Christian. This was their pack and they needed to get out of harms way. Jenny snatched up the keys and kissed Christian deeply,
“Get them to the back door.” She muttered before making her break for it. She was quick, nimble from her training as a dancer as a child, careful to weave and not run in a straight line. There were a few shots but she was too quick. She jammed herself in the truck and manoeuvred it around time the back,
“Let’s go!” She said. It would be a tight squeeze but they could outrun them if they stepped on it. Christian was a better driver and Jenny slipped to the passenger side, motioning the others.
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Christian was finding it hard to believe what Jason and Sabrina were saying, but it didn’t seem like something that wasn’t entirely plausible. Still, he was wary to trust them after they’d been wronged before. Now they were dropping the bomb that Malcom was their father. What if, once helped by them, they would attempt once more to take the pack over again? At that point Jason could simply attack him and win – Jenny nor any wolf could step in. He didn’t want to risk losing his life and he was worried about what this would mean for Jenny and his baby. Still, they needed the numbers and Sabrina and Jason had come alone as far as they could tell. Him and Jenny aside, he listened to her worries and he understood greatly where she was coming from. He too was worried and didn’t want to take and risks. His eyes traveled to her belly, soon it would grow swollen with their child and he wanted to be there for his or her birth and for Jenny.

“It’s a risk, but maybe they might be telling the truth.” He told her. He cast a brief look over at the two, who looked uncomfortable and scared. They didn’t look like much of a threat, but it was possible that they were just really great actors. “I don’t want you in the way and it’ll be safer if you’re surrounded by others.” He knew he was going to need his core team, and the other wolves could keep Jenny safe. He didn’t know how she would feel, knowing how much she preferred to be on the front lines, as helpful as possible.

They didn’t have much time to talk any further though; at that moment through the glass at frightening speed came a silver bullet, skirting through the air and lodging in Nate’s arm. The pain was so intense it triggered his shift, Nate wriggling and whimpering in pain on the ground.
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Jenny could barely believe what she was hearing. These were Malcolm’s children and she narrowed her eyes.
“No one murdered your father.” She started. “There was a war and your father chose Iris and Xavier, even on the brink of war he chose to side with them against his own kind.” She realised how this must have sounded because Jenny had chosen to fight the vampires, despite being half Vampire herself. She looked to Christian and she wasn’t sure whether to help the pack in the mountains or not.

It was risky.

“Our father made mistakes and last we heard [i you] started that war.” Sabrina rebuked and glared at Jenny who figured she was right in that count. She went quiet at that Jason sighed.
“Look, if we don’t have your help they will starve to death. And in return... you’ll have our help with the Hunters. We know they’ve been here, we picked up the scent.” Jason remarked and sighed out at how frustrating this whole thing was.

Jenny wouldn’t make the call, she wouldn’t agree to anything and she still doubted them both. She looked to Christian and chewed her lip. If the pack needed help then she felt obliged to help and maybe bringing them down to the cabin wasn’t a terrible idea, or moving back up there to the lodges.
“What if it’s a trap?” She said to him quietly. What would she do if an attack launched and her mate and her unborn child were at risk? Her bond with Christian since that night spent after their ceremony had been unbreakable, although it had truly had been wild and very up and down. Jenny stood at Christian’s side and looked to the siblings. This was dangerous territory.
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Christian could tell Jenny was getting uncomfortable and he had to agree that he didn’t like the life off his child being thrown around like a bargaining chip. He expected at last some sense of decency in waiting until the child even drew a first breath: at this point it seemed gravely insensitive considering the child thy lost. Christian couldn’t believe what he was hearing and at this point had considered that it was more than likely the both of them were pulling their chain. Jason and Sabrina were probably telling the truth in the fact that food was lacking, but their presence made him uneasy and now he was trying to convince them that their child would end a rivalry that was more than a couple centuries long?

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked. Christian and Marcus gave her a look, but Lauren had always had faith in people, despite when showing their not so glamorous colors. She had hope as well – maybe this was a way to end all of the fighting.

“That we cannot explain,” Sabrina said. “Look, it’s complicated, all I can say is this wasn’t just a coincidence us coming across Lauren and Marcus; while we went about things the wrong way, we do need your help. The pack needs your help.”

“So, you knew about the pack all along?” Christian asked in shock. The others were just as confused as to what was going on and this was driving Christian anxious. He was starting to think just like the wolf with the hunters, maybe Sabrina and Jason had been playing pet as well. He watched as Sabrina nodded in response to his question. “Don’t you remember that night, on the mountain Christian?” He could feel the eyes on him and admittedly, the way Sabrina introduced the story had come off a bit salacious. He himself was trying to remember what she was talking about. Though, he recalled that late night when he had noticed Sabrina sneaking about. He’d followed her pass the camp where he’d saw her talking to a wolf, whom she had said was Jason.

Though that didn’t seem to be the truth.
“Malcom is our father,” Sabrina had said then. “That night, he had come to visit me and told me to inform Jason it was time to put the plan in motion. When we ran from the hunters, he’d already slayed or whole pack. Our first night with Lauren and Marcus, Malcom visited me in my dreams and told me of how you had murdered him and taken over the mountain – how it was our only chance to be safe and avenge him. He visited again that night on the mountain but couldn’t return again. That is . . .” she looked over to Jenny, who as of the night before had officially welcomed the spirits and allowed contact.

Christian was in disbelief, Marcus sending his own children from the grave to avenge him, despite how young and inexperienced they were. Though some part of him was unsure whether he wanted to believe this tale. What if they were causing a distraction for an ambush?
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Jason shifted uncomfortably, his pride was damaged. He had worked to take over that pack and now here he was begging for help. It was obvious he wasn’t ready to be an Alpha of a pack but he also wouldn’t admit that. It was embarrassing after all. Although he did notice a shift when his sister mentioned Jenny and the child. He raised an eyebrow but stayed silent. M

Jenny narrowed her eyes,
“I’m not sure why everyone keeps talking about our child.” She muttered, a little peeved because it seemed like everyone wanted to use her child as some sort of pawn in a game. She wanted a normal life, a quiet one where her and Christian could raise their baby in peace without threats or violence. It seemed impossible though. She looked to the siblings, unsure of what to say or do.
“I didn’t tell you I was pregnant... how did you know?” She figured she had only told a handful of people and she glanced to James and the others who she hadn’t formally told and they looked a little bewildered but glad to know there was something to look forwards to. If they made it that far.

Jason eyes the situation and sighed a little.
“There’s been a lot of talk, from a lot of sources. Your baby has a mix of blood running through it. Vampiric and Wolf...” Jason was careful because he knew if he caused offence here they would rip him apart.
“Your baby will unite the vampires and wolves for the first time.” Jason said and stood by his sister.
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Christian was disappointed to find that his peaceful morning of being with Jenny was interrupted and he was considerably worried that Sabrina and Jason had decided to show up at the cabin. This was a dangerous play and he didn’t want to take it lightly. He struggled somewhat to even believe their reasoning for calling a white flag. He saw the look of shock in Jason’s eyes when he saw Marcus and Lauren. It certainly would be something that would cause a bit of tension for another, since they were in this mess because of Jason and Sabrina in the first place. He trusted Jenny’s judgement in letting them in, but it was clear they were all on guard in the house and ready to attack whenever if they needed to.

“And what are we supposed to do about that?” Christian asked with a raised brow. He was not going to make this easy for them. He wasn’t even sure if he was willing to help them out. They could see how desperate they were by coming for help, which meant taking over the pack wouldn’t be too hard. “Why should be bother helping you when you and your sister have put all of our lives in danger?”

“Because we know how we can be protected long term from these hunters,” Sabrina said. She looked to Jenny, “And it has something to do with Jenny and your child.” There was no way they could know Jenny was pregnant. Christian was curious then, didn’t Jenny mention that Iris had said the child would be involved. He’d worried it was something bad, could he be wrong?
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Jenny curled up against Christian in bed, nuzzling close to him as she heard his words, she could could hear the sleep in his voice and she fell asleep shortly after him, content and warm and feeling safe with him.

Jenny stirred in the morning and frowned a little. What the Hell did Sabrina and Jason want? She sat up and ran a hand through her hair, groggily. She got dressed and tied up her hair, washing up before heading downstairs. She didn’t like the idea of either of the siblings being anywhere near this place and she knew they would only lead the hunters here sooner than they expected. Jenny stood out on the front porch, watching the siblings approach in their human forms.

“What do you want?” Jenny asked, signalling them to keep their distance. The siblings would be outnumbered if they tried anything.
“We come in peace.” Jason have Jenny a look over and smirked a little. “We came for your help.” He added and eyed the others.
“Can we come in and talk? We won’t try anything.” Jason said and Jenny narrowed her eyes. If they do much as said a thing out of line she would kick them out in a second. She let them inside.

“Well?” She asked, sharply. She watched Sabrina who’s eyes were trained on Christian, and Jenny knew the look. She looked to Jason,
“We won’t survive the winter in the mountains...” Jason said quietly, looking a little sheepish and Jenny could tell they had been through a rough patch. Jenny crosses her arms and glanced to Christian. He was the alpha, he made the decisions. She would trust his judgement on all things.
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Together they all headed inside and to their respected rooms. Christian could only hope that things would remain safe for the remainder of the night, according to Jenny that was the plan. Though, he still didn’t la the way really have much trust or faith in Iris. He knew she was dead and couldn’t come back, but as long as Jenny lived, then Iris to some degree had life as well. Even worse, a connection to Jenny that couldn’t be escaped. He feared for the safety of Jenny and their child. He didn’t want to control Jenny or police her actions and honestly, she was the pack’s most valuable asset considering her connection – he had to trust that she knew what she was doing and that nothing wrong could come of this.

Once changed he got into the bed with Jenny. He’d remembered the dream he had of his father visiting. It had ben brief, but certainly gave him the confidence to move forward in being a pack leader. He’d also come right after the loss of Cecilia when his relationship with Jenny had been tested. He still felt terrible for how he had treated her. Jenny was nothing like the vampires they’d fought off. Still, the death of Cecilia was still pretty fresh and while he was glad that she could visit, it still hurt to know she was only but spirit. At least she was there to watch over them. Christian wrapped an arm around Jenny, kissing her forehead.
“I love you,” he said as he could feel himself falling asleep.

Come morning there was a knock at their bedroom door. It was Marcus, alerting them that Sabrina and Jason were on their way here, they’d picked up their scent twenty minutes ago. Christian was worried then. What if this was a trap?
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Jenny took Christian’s hand as she pulled herself up and looked to the others. She could tell that everyone was worried and it wasn’t a nice feeling but they didn’t have much of a choice. Rest sounded good and Jenny had forgotten how much visiting the other realm could take out of her. She smiled to the others in gentle reassurance that she was alright as she headed up the stairs with Christian. She changed for bed and clambered in, watching Christian.

“I think I saw your father.” She started quietly, watching him and gauging his reaction.
“You look like him.” She murmured and chewed at her lip. There was some comfort to be known that their ancestors watched over them.
“Cecilia too.” She knew Christian and Cecilia had been close, her death had rocked him and before Jenny had ever entered the scene, Christian and Cecilia had been engaged in a sense. Part of her still wondered if the girl would be alive if Jenny had just stayed away.

Jenny reaches out for Christian and nuzzled close to him. It was of course a lot to take in and she wasn’t sure if she could trust Iris’ statement about their child. Maybe he was just beating her own drum. She sighed softly and relaxed a little.
  Jenny / Nullification / 110d 3h 58m 9s
Christian and the others were not surprised to hear the wolves on the mountain were running out of food. There hasn’t been much left when they had left and of course they had taken the truck. Christian had felt bad to some degree, but if anything, Jenny came first. Despite the fact it looked like the hunters didn’t plan on attacking that night, Christian was still a bit paranoid and had already vowed to himself that he wouldn’t go to sleep, despite how exhausted he was already. With the spirits on their side they could help, but ultimately this could come down to something more physical. Christian sighed, if they were going to survive an attack, they would need a few more wolves at least. There was no telling the weapons they had and with a wolf on their side, they could play dirty if they wanted to.

“Well that’s a good first step,” Lauren said though Marcus wasn’t that happy to have her involvement. It seemed him and Christian were on the same page about that and their worries only increased when Jenny mentioned the baby.

“Did she say what she meant?’ Dana asked. Christian didn’t care what she meant; they’d already put Jenny in harm’s way, now their baby was going to be some kind of bargaining tool between some bloodsuckers and the wolves? He bit his tongue, hating his thoughts as he knew that Jenny was half vampire. He sighed out.

“Let’s just make sure we still keep an eye out and protect ourselves, we can’t really trust her.” He said. Christian had put the fire out, the only light coming from inside the cabin. “We should get to bed.” He said as he reached a handout for Jenny.
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Jenny was taking a while to come to properly and gain familiarity with the world around her once more. She relaxed a little when she realised Dana and Jenny took the cup of tea.
“They’re hungry, in the mountains.” She said, trying to recall everything and she rubbed her eyes.

She sighed out softly,
“They’re sleeping except for the wolf. He’s awake, watching.” She whispered quietly as she sat up properly and thought back. She had seen different people.
“Iris will help, so will my dad and Christian’s and Cecilia...” She murmured fuzzily as she warmed up by the fire. She swallowed thickly and had some of the tea, eyes searching for Christian as the men returned it was a relief to see him.
“They want to visit people, in exchange. In dreams.” She murmured and placed a hand protectively over her stomach and the child that grew within her.

Iris has said something about their child.
“Iris said- She’ll send messengers to us if anything changes.” She mumbled quietly and figured it was a fair enough deal, “She mentioned the baby.” She said and looked to Christian,
“Said it would unite wolves and Vampires.” She wasn’t sure how or what she had meant.
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