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The vampires made Christian feel uneasy and while there had been word of a truce, h still didn’t trust thee vampires a hundred percent. Once the hunters were dealt with, who was to say they wouldn’t come after the werewolves? Thy already so freely had visited the mountain which was a restriction since the last war. A part of him also knew he was more so worried about Jenny; what if this was some sick attempt at getting Jenny to become the new queen of the bloodsuckers? Christian didn’t know how thee ceremony would go, as it was not a ritual that wolves used. Jenny was half wolf and half vampire; Irene’s soul was already mutated and what would that do to his Luna? Christian had shifted just somewhat in an attempt to stop the handholding but had managed to stop himself. Jenny walked off with Irene and he turned his attention to Arthur.

“So how many of you are there?” Christian asked Arthur. He shrugged his hands into his pockets, walking with the male along the mountain. Admittedly, Christin was a bit freaked out at knowing there were foreign eyes on them.
“Enough,” Arthur replied, Christian turning his brown eyed gaze onto the pasty white mal. Arthur was at least a foot taller, and while a bit slim, Christian knew how strong vampires could be. His skin was almost translucent, and he suspected that came with the long amount of time they had been hiding out since the war. It was funny how things had turned out. “You’re afraid she will die. You shouldn’t worry,” Arthur said when thy reached the and. Christian stared up at him and for a second you could s just how vulnerable Christian was when it came to Jenny.
Christian was going to ask him how that was supposed to reassure him. Arthur simply tapped his temple with his index finger, his nails a sharp extension of it.
“It is not in the vision. Everything happens for a reason. Wolves and vampires of course have different values when it comes to life and death. Irene’s birth was unusual. It’s hard for vampires to become pregnant you know. That wouldn’t have happened without the baby Jenny lost.”
“The baby Iris murdered.”
“Transferred,” Arthur quickly intercepted. “With Irene breeds a stronger vampire, maybe those who will surpass the life of all of us. There has never been a relationship like yours and certainly years since the last hybrid child. Imagine a world of peace between the wolves and vampires because of this child. The bloodshed ends now.” With that Arthur had quickly disappeared into the trees, leaving Christian to stand there in awe almost as he thought over the conversation.

The young girl looked up with bright green eyes. She felt a bit more relaxed, though she did miss Arthur who had watched over her since the death of her mother. She wrapped the blankets around her body tight and took a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Food sounds good. Please.” Irene knew what was going on, despite how young she was. There was a sense of wisdom beyond her years. She knew that she would soon awake in a body no longer hers, a baby once more: the miracle child, Arthur called her. Dana had come knocking, a but thrown off by the presence of the young girl.
“So, its true,” she said in shock. Dana looked back to Jenny. “Sorry, I just figured you guys didn’t get to finish dinner, I set you uhm some plates aside.” She said eying the girl.
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Jenny seemed a little lost in the conversation but she supposed Arthur was right for the most part. She looked to the child with him and eyed him when he requested if they could watch over her. In turn, they would watch over the hunters so the pack could sleep. Jenny nodded a little, it was a fair ask,
“Alright.” She said quietly and looked to the young girl,
“I’ll get her warm and settled.” She explained as she reached out a hand to the youngster.

The youngster didn’t look confident, especially given the conversation of slaying her but Jenny was patient enough and knew the girl would be safer at her side than wandering around. Eventually, the little one reached out and took her hand. Jenny looked relieved that at least the girl wasn’t showing utter rejection. She looked to Christian and then to Arthur.
“She’ll be safe here.” She said to them assuringly and bowed her head in respect to Arthur before heading back to the cabin with the little one.

“Here, let’s get you something warmer, alright?” Jenny said softly as she wrapped the girl in thick blankets.
“Would you like something to eat?” She wasn’t sure if this particular species of vampire could eat food or if it was solely blood.
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Christian knew that with everything going on, his pack would lose their mind at the mentioning of the truce with the vampires. However, this was something that they would just have to accept and Christian, though unhappy of the circumstances, was going to enforce participation between the species. This was was about protecting their lives and their loved ones and hopefully having a future to which they didn’t have to constantly be at war. Everyone recalled how tragic the last battle had been and gaining a new Alpha right after that had been an adjustment. Christian wanted things to be different this time if he could help it, especially know that Jenny was pregnant. Though, he had a bitter taste in his mouth knowing that him and Jenny were making the biggest sacrifice out of the pack.

The others were on edge regarding the vampire presence and confused, but James did good n keeping everyone calm while Christian along with Jenny approached Arthur. Sabrina had made the attempt to follow until receiving a look from Dana that made her reconsider. Christian instinctively wrapped his arm around Jenny’s waist, of course not stupid to be so trusting. Though so far it appeared the vampires were true to their word.

“Thank you for your help,” he said, trying his hardest not to show how uncomfortable he was. Christian looked at the young girl, she resembled Iris of course which was eerie and made him shiver.
“I thought it would be good to show Irene around before – well you know.” Arthur gave a chuckle, smiling largely enough to show his fangs.
“So how will this all work? We slay the girl I some kind of ritual?” Christian hadn’t mean to be so blunt and felt bad as he watched the young girl shrink in fear.
“It’s not that crass but similar. His had been prophesized for years, to finally be able to fulfill it on behalf of our queen means everything.” Christian sighed out, not very happy the more they discussed this, he wanted it over with. “I was also wondering if she could stay in your care – we are all making sure to keep an eye out. The hunters are of course unpredictable, and will no doubt wait for you when seemingly at your most vulnerable state: while you sleep.” Christian looked to Jenny, not sure how he felt about it, but what was the harm? Eventually they’d be spending time wither in some sense for the rest of their lives.
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Jenny wasn’t sure whether telling the pack was a good idea. They already had so much going on right then and she sighed softly. Before she could answer, Sabrina had appeared and Jenny furrowed her brow. She nodded to her,
“Thanks.” She said as she got to her feet, setting her plate aside. She ran a hand through her hair and glanced to Christian. She stepped forwards towards the path and looked to Arthur with the girl.
“Arthur.” She greeted him and looked to Christian.

“This is Christian, Alpha of the pack.” She introduced, “Christian, this is Arthur, one of the oldest in the vampire council.” She said to him. Arthur gave a sort of smile and nodded respectfully to Christian. He was on their territory after all, so of course he would obey their rules and abide their traditions for now.

“Apologies to appear like this. I wanted to let you know our scouts are keeping a close eye on the hunters, they seem to be resting for now.” Arthur explained, a hand on the shoulder of the girl beside him. Jenny let her eyes linger on the sickly looking girl. It was a terrible feeling to know she could help her but it would mean sacrificing something so dear to her.
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Christian didn’t know what could happen if they went against the prophecy and it was clear that something had drawn him and Jenny together for a reason. It just felt incredibly crude to say or even think about having another child after this as though to redeem another [I lost] child. Having Jenny hold him seem to make things better and Christian, though still angry, knew that they didn’t have a lot of time to decide. Christian hung his head then, only slightly lifted by Jenny’s kiss. He came to a stand and followed her toward the exit, knowing that he couldn’t go out there with the look of despair or defeat on his face if he expected his pack to stand behind him in solidarity. He couldn't have Jenny take on all the work, especially considering how fragile she more than likely was after learning of what it would take for their safety.

He checked on Nate who was still in a resting state. He knew it was hard for his mate, but Christian was able to convince her to come out for food and to be with the others, they all needed to be surrounded by one another to reinforce the idea that they were a community and they could only get pass all this if they put their trust and faith in another. This would pass. At least, that’s what Christian was telling himself as he pushed the food around, not really in the mood to eat, but he too had to keep his strength up.

Everyone seemed in good spirits at least. “Do you think we should tell them?” He asked Jenny. He had already had a talk with Marcus who was not a fan of the idea. To him a partnership with the vampires would only further increase bad blood. Though, this child could end the war between the werewolves and vampires and protect them against the hunters. Christian had vowed as Jenny’s mate that he would do whatever it took to keep her safe and as Alpha, he made the same oath for his pack.

Dinner was cut a bit short then by the undeniable stench of vampire blood then. He wasn’t the only one to notice.
“It’s Arthur and the girl,” Sabrina said.
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Jenny watched him, she understood his anger because she felt the same way. She didn’t want to give up their child for anyone. She knew things weren’t going as they planned but she couldn’t give this child up. She wrapped her arms around Christian tightly and held him close, burying her face in his shoulder and sighing out.
“Let’s get through this... if this prophecy is real then maybe-“ She didn’t want to say it out loud but maybe if they didn’t go through with the prophecy or legend or whatever the Hell it was, then they would be doomed to lose their child over and over again.

“Let’s get you something to eat, alright?” She said to him quietly and kissed his cheek. She couldn’t stop this from happening but it didn’t mean she was happy about it. Maybe some time spent with the sickly vampire girl would be a good idea after all of this. But they had the hunters to deal with first. They wouldn’t be able to make a decision if the hunters won this fight.

Jenny knew the pack wanted to see their Alpha strong and Jenny didn’t want to disturb him any further. She drew in a breath a steeled herself for a moment before stepping outside and helping the other women to serve dinner for everyone. She sat near the bonfire as she pushed her food around for a while, before finally eating a little. Everyone seemed in a little bit better of a mood given the return of Christian and Jenny and it was a relief to be back in familiar territory.
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Christian was becoming more worried by Jenny’s tone. He followed her to the cabin. What was the worst that could happen? They all returned safely and if the vampires didn’t help them then so be it. They would find a way to win against the hunters, Christian wasn’t going to allow any harm to come her way. “Jenny, you’re scaring me,” he said with a nervous chuckle before taking a seat on the bed. He reached out to hold her by the waist, looking up as she struggled to get the words out. The vampires were willing to help them out, but there was something else bothering her. He’d barely ben able to put everything together before coming to a stand, fuming with rage then.

“Absolutely not!” He growled out and he had to realize that it wasn’t Milli he should be taking his anger out on. It was disappointing to know that there wasn’t anyone really to blame. Christian gripped his hair then, taking a few deep breaths but that didn’t seem to make the situation any better. “Our child? They’ve already taken our child once and now we’re responsible to sacrifice for their help? After all they have put us through.”

Christian fell back to the bed, defeated then. He had never imagined that being with Jenny would lead to this. He felt terrible that every sense of normalcy had been gone from her life since they met. A part of him wished that she’d leave, to be safe and raise their child away from all this. It would be hard, and it would certainly break his heart, but what if that was the only way that Jenny could be safe and happy? He thought about it, knowing Jenny would refuse to leave and he would be a fool to honestly believe that he could last more than a day without seeing her.

This was bigger than them though, they had the potential to save future lives and if it was the soul only, and she or he was still a child, it would be like they were still raising their own right?
“This is the thing I don’t have authority over Jenny,” he said softly as his hand pressed against her stomach. This was every bit as much their child, but she would be carrying then. “Whatever you decide, as your mate I’ll stand by your decision.”
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Jenny didn’t answer Dana, still trying to straighten everything out in her mind. She wasn’t sure how she was going to explain any of it to Christian, everything they were going to miss out on. She wasn’t even sure what to expect. She glanced up as the car pulled up and the men hopped out, sitting out what they had gotten. She looked to Christian when he approached and leaned into his hand at her cheek.
“I need to speak with you.” She said to him quietly, voice catching in her throat. This wasn’t easy.

Jenny took him inside the cabin and fidgeted with her fingers, trying to figure out how best to word this. It was bound to sound crazy and she fully expected for him to be angry, upset and confused because that’s all she felt right then. They had lost their first child to the hands of Xavier.
“We met with the vampires. Everything is fine, they’ll help but...” She trailed off softly and sighed out, running a hand through her red hair.

“The baby, our child. They won’t be... ours.” She murmured quietly, “They will but, there’s a sickly child and the spirit gets transferred to bring peace to vampires and wolves. So...” She wasn’t sure if she was making any sense right then because it sounded insane. She didn’t want to have someone else’s child, no matter what that meant, she wanted to have her and Christian’s child.
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Sabrina was surprised that Jenny hadn’t said anything at that moment, though she knew she was more than likely getting through the surprise at the news of her child. It was truly terrible, and she didn’t know if she could even imagine what it felt like to make such a decision. She was giving up her own child before truly knowing them for the sake of peace and a life with her mate. It was a lot to give up and certainly a big decision to make without telling your Alpha. She wondered just how Christian would take the news. Marcus certainly wasn’t enjoying it.

[I ‘This is a bad idea. We can handle the hunters ourselves.'] If the child has to die . . . the so be it.” Of course, he felt for the young girl. Though she was a vampire and though a child, that would mean nothing when they were younger and feeding p nth defenseless humans. At one point this had been thee seed planted in Jenny’s belly, but that child was not of their kind. To give up the life of their newborn for a [I stranger? It was incredibly wrong. He knew though that this would not be his decision to make.]

Dana watched as the glass shattered. She immediately walked over and began to pick it up, her hand gentle on Jenny’s shoulder as she eased her to have a seat, she knew something was wrong. Dana looked to Sabrina, who quickly turned her eyes back to plating the food. She was trying to stay in line. Her brother and her could not be half as good of being a pack leader compared to Jenny and Christian.

“Well that’s good news isn’t it?” Dana said as she placed a glass of water before Jenny.

They’d reached the mountain toward mid-morning. Christian’s behavior had certainly lit a fire under his pack, and many were outing in more work than they had before. Christian was waiting for Jenny to get back and soon as he heard she was with the other women preparing breakfast, he had rushed to her. He wanted to know what had happened. Sabrina had tried to avoid looking at him as she exited, carrying the plates toward the eating area.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Christian asked a look of worry crossing his face. He walked over to Jenny, his hand caressing her cheek.
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Jenny watched the exchange and raised an eyebrow,
“They might be after us, but what do you think they’ll go after when they’ve eradicated us?” Jenny asked and glanced to Sabrina. She was young and green but she was brave and Jenny supposed under different circumstances she would make an excellent pack member. However, Sabrina mentioned a child and then a child formed. She looked to Irene and furrowed her brow. Prodigal child? Jenny tensed slightly and chewed her lip. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, the child growing inside her was just to be a body to be used? She didn’t say a word though as she looked to the sickly child.

“And the child will bring peace to the vampires and bring them into the daylight, we all know the story.” One of the vampires hissed and turned to look at Jenny.
“Are you with child, half breed?” He asked and Jenny narrowed her eyes at his slanderous talk.
“Yes.” She answered quietly and there were shocked whispers rippling throughout the group. The vampires wouldn’t allow for harm to come to the possible vessel that would save Irene and bring peace.
“Very well. Tomorrow at nightfall, we will join you. We will track the hunters and watch their movements.” He muttered, evidently displeased he couldn’t rip the wolves apart. He glanced to the horizon where the sun was starting to leak over.
“Go now.” He remarked as he got to his feet and Jenny watched him before shifting to her wolf form.

She watched the vampires slink back into the darkened mine shafts along the mountains side and looked to Sabrina and Marcus, wordlessly. Her eyes lingered a little too long on the child, Irene. She shook out her fur and headed back.

By the time she returned, she was exhausted and dawn had broken. She headed towards her and Christian’s cabin, shifting back as she showered and took a moment to just enjoy the quiet. She had to wonder that if their child wasn’t simply a vessel, what would they be like? It wasn’t even truly her child or Christian’s. She dried off and dressed for the day. She couldn’t sleep even if she wanted to as she headed out to see the pack.
“The vampires will help us. Let me be clear that no harm will come to them and they are going to track the hunters movements.” She murmured and started to set up for breakfast, evidently a little shaken up by the news of everything as she dropped a glass and it shattered on the ground. Jenny cursed under her breath and sighed out, leaning on the table.
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Christian didn’t like the idea of being apart from Jenny, but he knew that this was something she could get done. He knew he had to stay around and make his presence known in the pack I he was going to make it evidently clear that he was the leader. He’d ben too lenient and that was his fault, but he certainly had learned his lesson. He kissed Jenny once more before she walked off. Marcus had come up to him then.
“Bring her back safe.” Christian knew that it went without saying, but he had to confide in someone he trusted how worried he was for Jenny. Marcus nodded before shifting himself and joining them as they made their way toward the vampires. Christian sighed out, turning back toward his pack before rounding them up. He collected a few to join him in getting food. He didn’t much care for the team he had as they were young and inexperienced, but it was tie that everyone start in putting in just as much work. He also wanted to survey the area if possible, but these hunters were smart and probably masking their smell.

Sabrina had shifted, though Marcus stayed in his wolf form just in case.

“And they don’t care if it’s a wolf or a dirty bloodsucker – it’s our duty to get their kind of out of the area.” The vampire gentleman hissed in her presence. Sabrina was bold and uncaring, standing before them nude and with no thought of backing down. She refused to return back to the pack to tell Christian they had failed.
“As far as we know they are only after you mutts,” he waved his hand before running the sharp nailed fingers through long straight blonde hair.
Sabrina looked to the others before turning her attention back to the male, surrounded by a few vampires though she knew there were others in the shadows waiting to attack if need be.
“Let’s stop playing around Arthur,” Sabrina said to which the male’s bright red eyes sparked in rage as he looked in her direction. “My father has told me about you, one of Xavier’s trusted [I men].” He’d only then really took to looking at her before recognizing who she resembled. Sabrina looked to Jenny, knowing she wouldn’t take kindly to being in the dark to certain information.

“He also told me about Irene, Iris’ daughter who can’t survive unless her spirit is placed inside of the prodigal child.” Sabrina looked to Jenny then. As though summoned, from the shadows came a young girl with pale skin, almost transparent – she had large green eyes and dark brown hair like Christian’s that spiraled down her back in curls. Often it didn’t take long for vampire child to grow. Usually within three years they reached full maturity to which they remained for years. Though Irene was different, her body somewhat weakened by the wolf DNA that hadn’t fully formed within her. Blood was the only thing keeping her alive, but her time was short.
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Jenny knew they would have to move soon before dawn broke and she figured she had a good idea of where the vampires were heading out. She looked surprised when Christian mentioned taking Marcus and she just nodded to him. Marcus was not her biggest fan and neither was Sabrina and of course it made her a touch nervous to be going with those two.
“Alright.” She murmured and looked to Sabrina who had shifted already, ready to go. Jenny looked to Christian and she knew everything was dangerous right then.

“I’ll be back before dawn.” She promised him before kissing his lips, she hated being away from him for any length of time but they had to do this. And having the alpha and Luna go together would just made everything more dangerous. They couldn’t risk losing both and it would destroy the pack if they lost their Luna and Alpha. She looked to Marcus and Sabrina before kissing Christian again and then she shifted into the white woof, shaking out her coat and turning and heading out into the darkness.

She figured the vampires would be using the abandoned mine shafts and she trotted out and ahead. Every so often she sniffed the air, picking up faint scents as she stopped outside the entrance of the mine shaft. Three men gazed at them.
“Wolves in our area? And you’re not here to fight.” One of them drawled out as a fire lit a short distance away,
“Come, speak with us face to face.” He said as he sat by the fire and Jenny looked to Marcus and Sabrina before shifting, taking a blanket to wrap around herself as she sat opposite the trio.

“You are the Elders?” She asked and a man grunted in response.
“What’s left of ‘em. And what can we do for you? Your kind knows better than to walk these parts.” They were being watched, Jenny could sense it and she shifted uncomfortably.
“We have come for your help.” Laughter filled the night air as vampires erupted with amusement.
“You murder our King, our Queen and yet come here for help whilst pregnant with a half breed?” The leader sneered and Jenny glared at him.
“You won’t harm your own.” She muttered to him and knew that the vampires wouldn’t harm her but they may well turn on Marcus and Sabrina.

“There are hunters coming.” Jenny explained, staying calm and the elder raised an eyebrow, taken off guard by that statement.
“And?” He muttered and Jenny sighed out.
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Christian was not surprised by the outrage from the pack. He knew that it wouldn’t go over well to suggest that they rally with vampires against the hunters. Of course, what did they expect? They were low on numbers, barely skilled and underprepared altogether. They had to seek help where they could get it. Of course, they hadn’t even spoke with the vampires as of yet. Though, if what Iris had said to Jenny was true, then the vampires were awaiting for their arrival.
“Look, at this moment it is a risk we have to take. These hunters are out for blood, not for land or prisoners. They’ve even got one of our own on their side. Who’s to say they won’t decide to take on other pets?” He noticed the quiet of the pack then, shifting in their spots as it became increasingly clear the severity of the situation.

Christian hated the idea as much as the rest of the pack, but he understood that this was a sacrifice they would have to make. That meant allowing Jenny to take charge and to be the one to take leadership when it came to the vampires. Despite her allegiance to the wolves, she was still half vampire. As much as he didn’t like the idea of Sabrina being with her so close, it was smart to keep her and her brother apart. Christian knew he would have to start getting the mountain protected and they need food if they were expected to keep their strength up for a fight.

The meeting had been dismissed, to which Christian had Dana and the others start getting everything taken care of; they had to protect the children and anyone who was not prepared to fight. “I need to get food,” he said to Jenny. “I want Marcus to go with you.” He knew the two had been at odd in the beginning, but Christian didn’t trust anyone with Jenny’s life but his own. If he had to send someone it would be Marcus.
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Jenny watched Christian come out and he looked in his rightful place now, back as a leader, strong and unbroken. However, she didn’t expect his statement about seeking help from the vampires. That was going to be tricky but she didn’t say anything as she glanced to Dana who looked shocked.

“They won’t help us.”
“That’s suicide! Those blood suckers will kill us all!” Came the murmurs from the crowds around the bonfire and Jenny thought for a while. She took a moment to think.
“Perhaps they might have, but these hunters will go after them too when they have finished us off. We are low on numbers and the vampires are too now, after the battle. We can’t do this alone.” She said and looked to Christian. This was risky and she knew the vampires could very much deny their request for help. She wondered if the hunters had claimed any vampires.

“They might listen to me.” She murmured quietly. Again, this was risky. She looked to Jason and Sabrina.
“If we are to enter talks with them, then I’ll take Sabrina with me.” It was better to separate the two siblings. They couldn’t be trusted together that was for sure and Jenny knew they could ask for a peaceful talk. The vampire elders would meet with them and they could think things over together. Just as a pack of wolves wouldn’t go against their Luna and Alpha, the vampires wouldn’t go against a council of elders.
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The thing with life is that they never knew what was going to happen. Things were getting hectic and it seemed like they were constantly in battle or fear for their life. He just wanted her to be careful. True to is word Christian didn’t think that he could ever choose another Luna or even love them as h did Jenny and what of their children? He nuzzled her palm, his lips kissing against it gently. They would get through this together. Jenny had left the room before him which allowed Christian to get himself together. The pack had to know that many of them were pissed and that thy certainly weren’t going to let them off the hook so freely. Christian didn’t even know if he could trust them and that made him feel sick. It had taken so long for him and Jenny to get the pack and good standing after Marcus’ downfall and the war. Here they were now, starting all over again and even worse – in the middle of a battle.

Christian showered quickly, washing the dried blood drain away and he was more than happy to finally have it off of him. He changed into a long sleeve and some jeans before heading out. It was near sunset, the sky a beautiful mixture of pink and orange, on any other day, this would’ve been a beautiful moment to cherish. Instead, they had talks of battle and Nate was clinging for life in one of the cabins. Christian could only hope others wouldn’t suffer the same fate, though he knew very well it was a high chance that some would die.

He headed toward the bon fire, noticing a few of the members who could barely meet his eyes or Jenny’s; rightfully so, as he was more than disappointed. He cleared his throat then, demanding attention as he stood beside Jenny.
“As you may know by now, we are in deep shit. I’m not going to rehash what happened and while it was a disappointment to have my own pack turn their backs on me and my Luna, I don’t wish to punish you any further. This is not the time to slack off. We’re low on food and I give it a day before the hunters track our scent.” He cast a look to Sabrina and Json who ducked their heads in embarrassment. What he would say next he knew would not make many happy, but at this point they had no choice and as Alpha – Christian’s word was final. Maybe he had been a little too nice, that was no more “In order for our protection. We will be seeking help from the vampires.”
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