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Christian was sweet and Jenny settled in the seat, watching him for a short time before looking out the window at the sun setting behind the horizon. Soon it was dark with the skies scattered with a splash of stars. She looked to her door as she they parked up and she shook her head.
“You don’t need to do that.” She explained to him. Her father wouldn’t mind and she knew he was no doubt peeking out the window anyways.

Jenny looked to Christian and noticed how awkward her looked and she couldn’t help but giggle a little.
“I had a wonderful night, Christian, thank you.” She said to him as she leant over and pressed a kiss to his cheek before getting out the car and looking him over. She smiled a little,
“Have a good night.” She said to him as she went inside her home. Her father was standing in the kitchen, sipping at a hot drink and he had already set out a hot chocolate for Jenny.
“He’s a new boy, right?” Her father said with a smirk.

Jenny set her bag on the counter and took a drink of the liquid, glancing to her father and smiling.
“Yeah, he’s nice, dad. Really.” She admitted and her father chuckled softly.
“Well make sure and text him goodnight.” Her father remarked as he headed upstairs, glad to see his daughter actually happy. Jenny smiled and headed up after while, settling into her room as she changed for bed and turned her lamp off. She eyed her phone and smiled.

[i ‘Thanks again for tonight, Christian. Have a good night, sweet dreams. - Jen X’] She sent the text before settling and turning in bed, closing her eyes.
  Jenny / Nullification / 220d 15h 56m 56s
“A pick of the ladies?” He repeated with a chuckle. “You really are flattering me. I’m sure your father has to be constantly cocking a shotgun at any guy on your doorstep?” He joked. Though with a town so small, it wasn’t unlikely that everyone knew each other well. Christian didn’t have the chance to pay as Jenny beat him to it. Something he definitely wasn’t used to but was not going to argue against her. He stood then and followed her out of the diner.
He wondered then just how much she had taken his suggestion of dating to heart. He didn’t want to push her of course or make it the only thing they talked about. Last thing Christian wanted was for Jenny to think that all he wanted was to get into her pants. He had a great evening with her and if she was willing, he hoped that they would have more nights like this.
“Oh, so now you’re the troublemaker?” He asked with a raised brow, playfully bumping his shoulder into hers. They had reached the car then and admittedly he didn’t want to end their conversation.
Though Jenny was right to assume that his Marcus and his Cecilia would be worried about him. He just hoped he could beat Marcus home. He didn’t want to have to deal with a lecture after having such a good night. “I should be getting us both home,” he reluctantly agreed. He stood from his leaning position against the car and opened the door for Jenny.
He got in and began toward her house, car idling in front of house then. He tapped his hands against the steering wheel then and for the first time in what seemed like years, Christian was a bit awkward.
“So,” he said then. He turned toward her, arm draped across the back of her seat. “I really enjoyed being with you – and your friends. It was a nice outing. Should I walk you to your door?”
  christian / SincerelyLily / 220d 20h 21m 23s
Jenny watched Christian and smiled a little as she shook her head.
“Thanks, Christian. Really, I’ll bare it in mind if I ever need anyone.” She assured him, grateful she would at least have someone to speak to if anything did happen. She looked him over and he seemed to know a lot more about the world somehow, like he was older in his soul.

“Yes, exotic. We don’t get many new faces around here, you’ll have your pick of the ladies.” She said to him with a smile as she caught sight of the waitress. She thought about his question,
“Maybe... your dad seems to know a lot about dating. Maybe he’s right, rekindling a fire and all that.” She shrugged a bit and paid the waitress.

“Don’t worry, after earlier I figured I owe you. Plus you drove me.” She said to him as she slipped her purse back in her bag. It wasn’t often she got evenings like this to relax. She got up and adjusted her hair and clothes before heading outside and looking over to him with a curious look in her eyes. Maybe he was right, she should probably be more open to the prospect of dating others but she was worried.
“Thanks, for tonight Christian. I don’t want to keep you out too late, your family will get worried. Us redheads can be trouble.” She teased with a laugh.
  Jenny / Nullification / 220d 21h 46m 43s
“Possessive?” He asked and he was concerned some as this was not something, he found unusual as he himself could get a tad possessive. But more so out of care and not out of control. It appeared Johnathan was more of the latter and it worried him to know that he had did something that was so horrendous to Jenny who seemed like a nice girl. Certainly whatever fear she held for the man seemed to have disappeared as she had no problem standing up to him at the kickback, but still Johnathan was a heavy set man with a big temper and things could have needed badly. Now that Christian was aware of what the man did to her, it made him not like him even more and he didn’t think he would let things slide as easily as this time, should he decide to approach Jenny in the disgusting manner he had.
“Uh well, don’t think I know that many people, so secret safe. Though, kind of makes kind of dislike the guy even more. Now I at least have a reason,” he said with a nervous chuckle. Whatever had happened between the two, it still affected Jenny to some extent he could see, but he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and was willing to leave the conversation as it was. “I do understand. . .men like that though. If you know – “He rubbed the back of his neck before turning his attention back to his burger, which he finished rather quickly. Damn good food and he was full, if even for a while. “Need someone you know?”
He left it at that then, wanting to move on for the sake of ending the outing on a much nicer note. “Exotic? Really?” He asked with a shake of his head and taking to the milkshake, “Well like you, I’m not sure if uh dating will work out for me. At least, unless one of these ladies you speak of changes my mind. Just hope I’m not stepping on any other guy’s toes. “You think you’ll ever change your mind, about dating? You know my father told me that your inner fire goes out sometimes, but all it takes is a special encounter before rekindling the flame.” He smirked, hands reaching into his jacket pocket for his wallet as the waitress was coming. This was the [I calmest] night he had in a while.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 220d 21h 54m 11s
Jenny listened to him and honestly, she didn’t find it surprising he had issues with being told what to do. However she figured the fight he had gotten into a fight that had required them to move. Still, she wasn’t complaining that he was here. He was a breath of fresh hair, that was for sure.

“Huh? Oh me and Jonathan.” She sighed out and wasn’t sure where to start.
“Jonathan is just strange... possessive in all the wrong ways.” She murmured as she picked at some fries.
“I don’t date.” She shrugged a little at his question, unfazed by his comment.
“Been burned by that fire before. Me and Jonathan did date, a long time ago...he liked to drink, and he liked to get angry.” She said with a small smile, pushing through whatever bad memories lingered. She absently ate a little, oddly not wanting to seem weak in front of Christian as she picked her words carefully.

“I ended up in hospital, three broken ribs. He stuck around, I never pressed charges. Not many people know so uh... don’t tell everyone, okay?” She said with a small laugh.
“But I swore I’d never get myself in that situation again. So no boyfriend, no dating.” She shrugged as she tried some of the milkshake. She wasn’t scared of Jonathan anymore, once upon a time she had been.
“Anyway.” She said, not wanting to linger on the past and bring down the mood.
“You’ll fit in here, Allison and Jade like you. The women will find you exotic, the guys will no doubt want to figure you out.” She laughed a little.
  Jenny / Nullification / 220d 21h 57m 29s
Losing a mother was tough. Though his mother was still alive, Christian hadn’t seen her since that night when Marcus came to take him away. Though it did pain to know that his birth mother had given him up so easily and it seemed she didn’t forgive him for what she had did to a man who she apparently loved. Christian wondered if she loved that man more than his own birth father. He could tell Jenny was probably thrown off by him admitting he had adoptive parents, but he appreciated that she wasn’t pushing the information out of him. Being with her and talking felt organic.
“Sorry about your mother,” he said softly. He watched as her cheeks lit red some, probably flustered at his suggestion and yet, she didn’t correct him.
They’d walked into the diner then, a refreshing warmth from the cold outside. That was one thing that reminded him of San Francisco though: the cold. Inside the restaurant though, there was no need for a jacket, which he shed before taking a seat in the booth across from Jenny. The waitress soon came over and took their orders, Christian making sure to order a shake as recommended by Jenny.
Christian chuckled then at her question, the waitress coming to give them their food. He’d settled for a burger, medium rare and a steak – quite a lot of food for someone his size it would seem, but he was starved.
“Well I am not the best well mannered guy at times,” he said with a chuckle as he dug into the steak. “I got into a really bad uh fight – back home and my father got tired of me getting into trouble in the city, so he felt like a small town might subdue me a little more. Guess he was partially right.” He said with a chuckle. “I have an issue with being told what to do and sometimes feel like I have to determine just who’s the big dog when it comes to other guys. Sounds douchey I know,” he said with a chuckle. “Like I said though I don’t do well with girls with boyfriends. I figured the way Johnathan was acting you two must have history? Though, I don’t like anyone coming in between me and a girl I find . . . [I interesting?” he suggested as he looked up at her then, steak finished in seconds and a burger waiting to be eliminated as well.
“So if there’s nothing between you two, I figure there’s something other than your beauty that’s enchanting. Why no boyfriend?”
  christian / SincerelyLily / 220d 23h 15m 28s
Jenny looked to Christian as he spoke. Adoptive parents? She figured it would be rude to ask.
“Me? Yeah. My mom died when I was young.” She said to him with a small smile. She had gotten used to talking about her mother.

Jenny stepped out the car and smiled in thanks to him as she looked to the diner, hearing him mention it being a date and she paused. She was a tad flustered by that but tried to hide it as she got them a table.
“This must be a change from Sam Francisco?” She remarked and the waitress took their orders. Jenny looked Christian over and she had to admit she was very curious when it came to him. He was handsome, with an air of dominance about him.

“If you don’t mind me asking- and really you can tell me to mind my own business, but how come you moved here? Because you’re different?” She asked him curiously as she watched him. He certainly did seem very different to anyone she had come across. And she was no expert, she wasn’t exactly well travelled either so maybe it was that.

The waitress came back over and dropped off their food and shake. Jenny smiled for her and looked back to Christian.
“So c’mon, what makes you different and troubled?” She asked him with a small smile towards him as she started on her food. She wasn’t a big eater in all honesty, more picking small but from her food.
  Jenny / Nullification / 221d 21m 6s
Men could be stupid and their egos seemed to get into the way of logical thinking. However, Christian was slowly learning when was the right time to fight and when wasn’t. Though, that it was a lesson he hadn’t fully learned, he was trying. He could have seriously hurt Johnathan if he wanted to, but for some reason whatever Jenny thought of him mattered and he wanted to make a good first impression. He didn’t want her to think he was a troublemaker or some kind of douchebag.
The two of them got into the car then, food sounding like the perfect way to end a not so great evening. Though it wasn’t too bad if he got the chance to hang out alone with Jenny. “A girl who knows good steak,” Christian said with a chuckle. “That’s a girl to keep.” He commented, before clearing his throat. He was glad to find that Jenny was great at starting conversation, probably with the hopes of getting her mind off of that jerk Johnathan. Christian could tell the guy pined for her and he didn’t know how long they knew each other or even if the guy had a chance with the red haired beauty, but he did know that he was persistent and that was something Christian did not like.
“I moved from San Francisco,” he smiled. It was the one place they relocated to that he absolutely loved and hated leaving. The city was beautiful and full of some many different types of people. It was certainly the place to be if you felt [I different]. “Great city and great food! Have you always lived in Crescent Falls?” He asked her then. Jenny was so far fun to be around, a beautiful and enigmatic creature it seemed like, her hair flowing like a wildfire in the wind. “Just my uhm [I adoptive parents] and a good friend. They help with kids from [I troubled] homes.” Christian said. Explaining the dynamic of his [I family] was hard without revealing anything that could work against them.
Following her directions, they made it to the diner, a comfy rustic looking place stuck between a bookstore and a clock shop. He parked then, getting out of the car before rushing to Jenny’s side to open the door for her. For someone who delivered a smack like she did, he knew she could take care of herself perfectly fine. Yet, he was trying his hardest to impress her.
“So a good steak and we’re splitting a shake? Sounds a bit like I roped you into a date?” He teased then.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 221d 1h 49s
Jenny watched Christian and Jonathan again before sighing out. She would never understand men. She watched Christian as he approached and smiled a bit. At least he could make light of things because Jenny really didn’t feel like it right then. However, when he mentioned something to eat, she figured why not. It was still early and it wasn’t often she got a chance to know a rather handsome man.

“Sure. There’s a decent place not far from here. They do a good steak.” She pointed out as she got in the car and rubbed her temple. Jonathan was a headache and one she would rather stopped bothering her so much. Still, it was prettt evident she could look after herself.
“Where did you move from?” She asked Christian conversationally so there wouldn’t be any awkward silences.
“I’m guessing you moved with family and stuff.” He hadn’t mentioned a girlfriend or anything, and he figured if he had a girlfriend he would have brought her along.

Of course she hoped there was no girlfriend. She hoped Christian was a free man to do whatever he pleased but that could have been wishful thinking on her behalf. She pointed out a couple of directions and it was sort of nice to relax with someone else who wasn’t going to judge her for smacking a man who came onto her a little too hard in the face. She undid her hair and the breeze had caused it to curl slightly, a common thing for her as she adjusted it around her shoulders.
“They do great milkshakes here too.” She said as they parked up.
  Jenny / Nullification / 222d 12h 30m 54s
Christian was proud of himself. He knew he was going to have to live with a fight that he didn’t win. Though he didn’t necessarily lose. He just managed not to give into the temptation of beating the man to the point of putting him in the hospital. Though just because he didn’t give in, didn’t mean that he was going to let this slide. Johnathan had a disdain for Christian that was unwarranted and unfortunately for the male, he had grown an enemy: Christian. He wasn’t so sure that next time he would manage in controlling his actions. Especially with how he was treating Jenny and while he was willing to step in and defend her, he found that the red head could take care of herself just fine.
Reeling from the slap then, which garnered a few chuckles and gasps from the others, it only took a while for Johnathan to come after Jenny again, this time with a little more than the playful tease he was acting as earlier. Christian stepped in between them then, Jenny grabbing her belongings in a huff. Johnathan looked up at Christian.
“You want some more pretty boy?” He asked with a raised brow.
“Next time I won’t be so nice,” he said in a low voice. Jenny was ready to go and so was he. With Johnathan around, he was sure he wasn’t going to have a good time. He mumbled a goodbye to the girls, Mark, and David. Grabbing his belongings, he trailed after Jenny, pulling his shirt over his head. He had reached the car then. He shrugged into his jacket, Jenny clearly upset, still fuming with rage and embarrassed no doubt. He felt a bit shamed himself for actually entertaining Johnathan. They were still within view of the gathering, Alison lecturing Johnathan who was paying close attention to them. Christian smirked a little then, arm outstretched, his hand pressed against the hood of the car, giving him the ability to get as close to Jenny as she would allow him. ”Hey it’s not your fault. Believe it or not, I’m no stranger to situations with guys like him. Maybe I should have had you wrestle him,” he said with a chuckle. “Look like you could have a nasty right hook if you tried.”
Christian wanted to still spend some time with her. There was a lot about Jenny that he wanted to know, that spicy side of her he had just witness was more than an incentive.
“How about we get something to eat?” He suggested.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 222d 12h 42m 7s
Jenny watched the two and she could tell Jonathan was taking this a little more seriously. The redhead flinched when Christian was tackled down to the ground and Jonathan aimed for get a which jab into the other man. She immediately got up, sending it might go further than anyone wanted it to. She looked to Christian as he balled his fists and then he seemed to calm down. She sighed out in relief and looked to Jonathan.
“Aw he’s had enough already? See, everyone knows I’m the best at this stuff.” He goaded and smirked to Jenny,
“Now how about a kiss for the winner huh?” He chuckled and Jenny raised an eyebrow. Now, she would accept a lot of things but being humiliated by a man who quite evidently was nothing more than cheap and embarrassing. Jonathan stepped forwards and chuckled a little, flashing Christian a smug look and Jenny wasn’t so stupid as to miss it.

When Jonathan strayed a little too close, Jenny slapped him clean across the face, with some force. Joanathan immediately backed off, looking completely dumbfounded by the show of rejection. Jade and Allison giggled a little, clearly enjoying the drama.
“Are you finished now?” Jenny asked Jonathan.

“Let’s go, Christian.” She said as she snatched up her bag and headed off towards the car, leaning against the vehicle and crossing her arms. She wasn’t upset. She was just infuriated that Jonathan somehow thought that was good behaviour.
“Are you alright?” Jenny finally asked Christian, taking a deep breath and looking the newcomer over. It was still early and honestly, Jenny was embarrassed that things had worked out this way.
“Sorry- I didn’t think things would escalate like that.” She apologised. Christian was new in town and it wasn’t exactly a good welcome for anyone to receive.
  Jenny / Nullification / 222d 13h 20m 8s
It was clear to Christian that Johnathan had a big pride thing going on and to some degree he seemed to be possessive of a girl that was not his. H was taunting Christian and thinking that if he egged him on then he would be more likely to actually participate in a match. Christian however, felt like he had nothing to prove. Though showing off to get the guy to shut him up seemed more than enticing for Christian. Jenny was trying to assure him that he didn’t need to participate in the shenanigans. Though Christian was becoming more and more intrigued.
He came to a stand then once Johnathan removed his shirt. “This could be fun,” he told her with confidence. He could tell she held some worry and probably thought this was all silly and unnecessary. Truly it was, but the wolf in him didn’t take to backing down and he certainly wanted to prove just who was the big dog.
“More so worried about you,” Christian said. He shed his jacket then, removing the shirt he wore. Of course, Christian was a bit leaner, but it was clear that whatever workout regimen he had, it was working for him. True to any typical bad boy, Christian had a few tattoos, tribal symbols and markings along his chest and upper back.
The two of them started to go in circles then. Christian figured this would be just a bit of fun and maybe he would allow Johnathan a few licks just to get the man off his back. He looked toward Jenny then and gave her a little smirk, distracted then some and due to his lack of attention, he found himself tackled to the ground. Johnathan definitely was a heavy man and being caught off guard gave him the advantage. He had him in a chokehold and Christian felt then that this was a bit more than boys will be boys. It became even more so when he managed to get out of his grasp, only to feel Johnathan’s fist graze his chin. Was it intentional? He didn’t know. Did it make him upset? Certainly. Christian had come to a stand then, hand already forming a fist and the look in his eyes enough to cause a look of fear in Johnathan. They’d turned dark then, a snarl playing on his face. All Christian could do was think of Marcus then. They’d barely moved here; he couldn’t fuck up like this. He shoved the male away then, his hand unclenching and dropping to his side. His breathing was a bit ragged; he’d managed to control himself well enough at least.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 222d 13h 29m 29s
Jenny watched things in her own quiet way. However when the topic of wrestling came up she seemed she shift slightly and look between the two guys. She rolled her eyes at Jonathan, he was always trying to prove he was the best guy in the bunch and usually it was by throwing his weight around.
“Leave him alone Jonathan.” She pointed out with a shake of her head. Jonathan just shrugged at her,
“If he’s game, I’m game.” He remarked, “He just can’t cry if I beat him.” He added with a smirk and Jenny sighed out.

Jade and Allison giggled a little because the thought of two guys vying for dominance was apparently funny to them. Jenny cast them a look and then looked to Christian once more.
“You don’t have to. He just wants to throw his weight around, honestly.” She said to him as she crossed her legs. She would never understand men and their logic. Jonathan wasn’t a fair fighter either, he would use every dirty trick in the book to make sure he came out on top.
“Aw leave them, Jen. Let them figure out who’s top dog.” Jade whined and Jenny tutted at her.

Jonathan got to his feet and of course he stripped his shirt. He was well built but Jenny didn’t give him the time of day. She looked to Christian and honestly, she didn’t want any trouble for this guy on his first night out here.
“Really you don’t have to prove anything.” She insisted and Jonathan only laughed a little at it all.
“You worries he’s going to hurt himself, Jenny?” He mocked with a laugh in his voice.

Jenny wasn’t sure if she was worried about that because Christian was the sort of guy who gave off a vibe he could be dangerous in a way. But she did know Jonathan played dirty and she didn’t want any drama, not tonight and she supposed if she was being honest, she didn’t want to see Christian hurt.
  Jenny / Nullification / 223d 38m 50s
Alison and Jade were nice and he could see how all of the girls got along. They each had there own personality, but there was something about them that made you think they could possibly be sisters with how similar they acted. This making it easy for him to have a successful and interesting conversation with the girls and even the guys who he managed to bond with over sports. It was only Christian who he seemed to have an issue with. He didn’t find there to be any reason really though at this point to find anything to be threatening and so Christian just focuses on having a good time.
He was talking to Alison about their majors when he caught the two having a conversation at the cooler. His senses were a bit more heightened than the average human, but as great as when he was in his wolf form. Still what he could make out didn’t seem like a friendly conversation. As long as nothing crossed the line or seemed to offend Jenny then he would leave it alone, but this Johnathan guy was really starting to get on his nerves.
“So how do you know Jenny,” Jade asked him as he noticed that the male was distracted by the red head. This wasn’t uncommon, but Jenny seemed kind of the polar opposite of us type. Christian have off a definite bad boy vibe. He seemed wild and untamed and Jenny was a bit more calm. Though she could have her moments Jade supposed. Maybe because the town was a bit slow that a lot of things could be considered wild, but Christian was on a whole other level.
“Uh she’s in my science class.” He said as he turned his attention back to them. He’d finished his beer, settling on just one as he knew he had to drive back and he was not trying to get wild. Marcus hated when he drank.
“Oh nice, well glad she’s taking interest in someone. The guy pool out here is kind of iffy.” Jade said with a roll of her eyes.
“Oh no, we just – I mean, it’s not like that.” Christian said with sheepish chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. He’d only just met her but so far other than the crew, she seemed to be someone he could spend a lot of time with.
“So do you actually play any sports or just a spectator?” Johnathan asked him. For a moment in his highschool time before getting into hanging with the wrong crowd, Jonathan had really been into sports: wrestling and track to be specific. Sports that directly presented his high skill in speed, endurance, and strength. But after being kicked out of schools and moving around he lost the passion to still be involved.
“Oh wrestling?” Johnathan quipped as he jumped into the conversation. “You don’t look that big.” Christian raised a brow at the man. Surely he had an athletic build, and there was a muscular body that hid beneath the clothing he wore, but with his height he did come off a bit more lean when compared to Johnathan who was a bit shorter and bulkier than Christian. “Care to spar?” Christian chuckled, not sure if the male was serious or not.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 223d 11h 7m 49s
“This is Allison and Jade.” Jenny introduces before eyeing the men.
“Jonathon, Mark and Derrick.” She said and avoided Jonathan’s glare with a roll of her eyes. She glanced to Christian when he whispered in her ear and she sighed out.
“Long story. I’ll tell you later.” She said as she waved it off because honestly, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Jonathan has liked Jenny for a long time, despite Jenny’s rather forward attitude of telling him things would never be like that between them. Still, he was persistent.

Christian was a natural at getting involved and Jenny realised that she wasn’t needed to help him at all. Everyone took a shine to him, except of course Jonathan. Jenny shifted slightly as she went to get a drink from one of the coolers and Jonathan crept up behind her.
“Who’s the new guy?” He asked.
“Just a new guy.” Jenny shrugged back at him as she held a bottle of water in one hand.
“Seems to think he’s all that. And he drove you up here.” Jonathan snorted and Jenny rolled her eyes.
“Whatever, Jon. I’m not doing this with you again.” She said, incredulous that he would keep all this going for some bizarre reason.

Jonathan watched the redhead and narrowed his eyes.
“He’s no good for you, you know? Guys like that. I’ve seen the type.”

“Oh have you? And what about your type? You haven’t left me alone from day one and now you wanna act like it’s my best interests. I mean it, Jonathan. Back the fuck off.” Jenny remarked as she shoved past him and back to the fire, retaking her spot and smiling at the others, uncapping her water.
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