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Christian knew that when it as first discovered Jenny was half vampire that he hadn’t taken the news very well. He saw how that had hurt her and he didn’t think that it was fair to treat the woman he loved any differently for something beyond her control. Of course, it was hard for Christian still to know that Jenny was a [I half breed] and then to know that their child had the soul of Irene, a girl bred from their enemy; it cause a conflict of emotions. His love for Jenny outweighed that, however. “I love you more,” he told her with a grin.

“You’ll always look beautiful to me” Christian said with a raised brow. Seeing Jenny’s growth in a short amount of time surely had been surprising, but Christin only had to look her in the eyes to know that his Jenny wasn’t lost. Glad that Jenny wasn’t fighting him on rest he soon joined her in bed. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He himself had to reconvert from the fight still and he did worry about leaving Jenny alone. He knew that she was feeling overwhelmed and if he had to be the strongest from the both of them then that was what he was going to do. Christian had woken up early in the morning then to check on the other wounded men and assure they were alright. Despite still being a bit woozy, Lauren had decided to get out of the bed and try to return to normal. She also wanted to check on Jenny after having a very tense conversation with Marcus who was not happy with the idea of the child being born but having to allow Christian to make the right decision for his family.

She knocked on the door then to see if Jenny was awake and ready for company. She was already in her second day of pregnancy and Lauren could only suspect she felt more nervous or scared. Either way, Lauren couldn’t help but be excited, Christian was the closest thing she had to a child of her own and after the loss of Cecilia, welcoming a grandparent would fulfill her heart.
“Knock knock,” she said as she entered the room.
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Jenny looked to Christian and tried to read his expression. He didn’t look like he thought less of her, he certainly didn’t act like he did either. Jenny looked down at herself. She was still going to have their child, a child that would never have been without Christian but she did worry. What would their child face? Living in a pack was difficult but trying to fit in was even worse. Jenny has been through that, being a half blood, how difficult it was to be accepted by Marcus and Lauren. But here she was, still going strong with Christian. She watched Christian and she sensed no lie from him.
“I love you.” She murmured softly, as if giving voice to some massive secret.

Jenny pressed her lips against his,
“How can you look at me like this?” She asked him, still amazed at how strong he could be. He had always been strong, never faltering but this was a different strength. A private strength that Jenny felt so privileged to see sometimes, it was a tender moment and she just couldn’t believe that throughout crushing he had stuck beside her. Jenny reaches up to run her thumb along his cheek. Sometimes she really did wonder what had possessed him to ever be with her but she was grateful every single day.

He was right though, she did need to rest as she settled amongst the blankets and she was at least glad Christian hadn’t seen her feeding on the deer from earlier, she wasn’t sure he could cope with that. That would be too much vampire for him no doubt and she understood. Jenny kissed Christian’s cheek as she settled and looked to Christian,
“Are you staying?” She asked him quietly, half afraid of the answer if she was being honest. Then again this was so much to get used to.
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Christian as a bit unsure how to go about being around Jenny. What if her vampiric side took over while hosting the child? Would she feed into such advances? He tried not to think of that or negatively. Jenny was still his Jenny, and this would still be their child; wouldn’t it? He knew he couldn’t show any worry or else it would possibly draw fear in her, and Christian didn’t want to cause any more stress or worry for Jenny, knowing she was already going through a lot.
“Hey, hey relax.” Christian said, sighing as he drew her in. “I mean, well I guess that’s hard to ask of you.” They both were on the same page when it came to feeling unprepared. This was a moment many had to cherish, months to prepare themselves and parties – a nursery to be built and filled with items carefully chosen. He could see why Jenny would feel overwhelmed, even roe so considering she was carrying their baby.

“I’m sorry,” he said not sure if it would do any good as it was out of his control. He thought about his conversation with Marcus then. Of course, he wasn’t happy, and this wasn’t what e would’ve accepted, but Marcus had made it clear that this was a decision made by Jenny and Cristian with the intent it would bring better than harm.

“I’m exceed and terrified.” He admitted to Jenny as he looked down at her. His hand gently brushed back the dark red hair, “but you are not alon. We will get through this okay?” He promised her. Christian was surprised to find that he was excited despite knowing that the child had been replaced. Still, no matter what this child would be born from them and they would love the child no matter what.

“We will get through this together,” he promised her. ‘C’mon you should rest. I’m sure the pack is already getting things together – soon the room will be overflowing with gifts and furniture,” he said with a small smile, trying to find the good in the situation. “No matter what I love you and just like every other obstacle, this is not going to stop us.”
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Jenny has helped where she could with preparing lunch and everything else, she didn’t want to be useless and she looked to Dana as she approached,
“Jen, you look miserable.” She said quietly and Jenny sighed and gave a small smile,
“I don’t mean to. I just... I thought we’d have more time to adjust to everything. I didn’t expect to wake up and be heavily pregnant.” She explained and Dana gave a small smile at that.
“I don’t think anyone can prepare for all that. I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, regardless of the details, the pack get to welcome you and Christian’s child.” She explained and Jenny was at least glad for the most part the pack were accepting.

Dana made herself scarce when Christian approached and Jenny looked over to him as the door closed.
“Hey.” She said, feeling a little awkward. She bit her lip and was at least glad he hadn’t seen her feeding on a dying deer. Things were weird enough already.
“Sorry, it’s been uh... a bit freaky lately.” She mumbled and rested back amongst the pillows, watching Christian and trying to read what was going through his mind right then. Was he scared? Did she disgust him?

“Christian I know this is weird, I didn’t expect it. Arthur said the baby will still be ours in every way, we still have to shape who Irene becomes and such...” She said, trying to find some outline of hope in it all.
“And I’m sorry you have to see me like this, it’s a shock. I know.” She expressed. She didn’t expect anyone to just get over their partner suddenly becoming a pregnant monster.
“I just wish we had more time.” She murmured and looked to the spare room,
“We haven’t even set up the nursery.” She lamented and ran a hand through her hair. She would have liked to do the nursery as a couple and maybe even decorate it when she was around six months pregnant, something to get excited about and now it just seemed like everything was being thrown together too late.

“I don’t think anyone’s excited for this. I know Marcus and Lauren aren’t exactly excited, I’m excited I’m just... terrified.”
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Christian headed toward the other males where they were sitting and enjoying a little snack after a run. For the most part the vampires had disappeared, back into the shadows that they once came from. Though, Christian had seen Arthur walking around. It was odd to him how he had become comfortable with the male’s presence. Christian of course knew that he really couldn’t hate the male as he had only provided what seemed to be a solution to a century long issue. Peace would finally come for the two species and that was all that they had asked for. He knew for the most part that he couldn’t complain about how things were going considering that everyone had been saved from having to go through another war.

Everyone was safe ad Christin was happy about that, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. He knew that things were happening very suddenly and eh was worried about Jenny. They were still so young, barely managing to get a hold of the pack once more and now and less than a week they were expected to eb parents. He felt terrible and some part of him wanted to blame himself. He knew Jenny was the type of woman who wouldn’t admit vocally her weaknesses or her fears, but she had to be terrified.

“What’s on your mind?” Marcus asked him as he took a seat outside. Christian was trying to take it slow, considering he had barely made it out of the battle alive. “The Frankenbaby?” Marcus asked which earned him a. Look from Chri=istian. Marcus cracked a smile which Christian returned, knowing that Marcus was trying his hardest to be respectful, despite the fact that eh wouldn’t have made the same decision.
“Do you think I made the right decision?” Christian asked as he leaned back, trying not to agitate his wounds.
“Is it the decision I would’ve made?” Marcus asked to which Christian looked toward him. “Absolutely not, but that’s the thing about alphas Christian. Not each one is the same. We make decision based on what we know would be good for our pack. This is your pack Christiana and not mine. I think you did what would work for you and give permanent protection for you and your family.”
“I feel like I forced Jenny into it,” he said, his shoulders sagging.
“You both did what you thought was right. Sure, this is a bit sudden – I mean no one’s really prepared for parenthood. What matters is that you are there for one another. Trust me, as long as you can trust your partner, there is nothing you can get through.” Christian looked to Marcus, watching his eyes look toward the med wing where Lauren was still resting.

“I should go check on Jenny,” Christian said as he came to a stand. “Thanks Marcus, for everything.” Christian had soon headed back to the cabin.
“Jenny?” he called out as he closed the door behind him.
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Jenny gave Dana an apologetic look, wiping around her mouth.
“I know, sorry Dana. It’s just-“ She sighed out and thought for a while about what she was going to say and how she was going to say it.
“I’m not really used to this, I figured I had nine months, time to get used to it. I didn’t think I’d be waking up the size of a whale and within three days having a baby.” She murmured and ran a hand through her hair.
“What if I’m just a bad mother? Right now, I’m not even sure if I want a baby. It just seems so... rushed.” She explained quietly and she knew that made her sound terrible.

Dana raised an eyebrow as she listened to her.
“You need some fresh air. Besides, every mother has thoughts like that. You and Christian will do great. Although, I think we will have to put together a nursery a little quicker but there’s some paint and spare bits and pieces from other people.” Dana said and she helped Jenny to her feet. Jenny got dressed into something more appropriate and joined Dana outside.

She felt awkward, like she didn’t belong and she was grateful Dana was at least trying to keep her busy within reason. Jenny helped prepare lunch and the thought of food turned her stomach before she managed to sit by the fire, thinking for a while. After a moment she got up and headed back to the cabin, eyeing the spare room. They didn’t have a cot, they didn’t really have anything in all honesty. They thought they had months to prepare but now it was just a few days. Jenny felt like somehow this was just one big failure waiting to happen. What if she gave birth and she hated the creation they had made? And Jenny didn’t have her father or her own mother to help her through this.
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Sabrina wasn’t sure what to say, but she was glad that jenny accepted the blanket as a gift and maybe as an apology for the trouble she had caused with her brother.
“Oh, dear God,” Sabrina had announced at the sight of Arthur. He seemed a bit unaware of how dramatic his entrance had been. Sabrina was timid as she began out of the cabin, her back against the wall and her eyes on Arthur the whole time.
“My apologies,” he said. “I figured since it being your first day, it would be easier for me to bring the food to you.” Dana despite it all had stayed in her spot in the corner of the room. She was oddly curious, but she wanted to make sure that Jenny was okay, that she wouldn’t be lost to this vampiric side of her.

Once Jenny had finished feeding, Arthur retreated the cabin to properly discard of the deer. Dana swallowed thickly, thinking back to Jenny and how her teeth sank like butter into the deer’s neck, the way the blood dripped from her lips. She could still smell the scent of metal in the air. Dana came to a stand then to hand over a tissue for Jenny.

‘Well, I can honestly say I never want to see that again.” Dana said with a joking tone. She knew this certainly had to be a lot for Jenny. The good thing was that this wasn’t to last for long at least and when she gave birth, her child would still be her and Christian’s child.
“I can’t believe you got so big already,” she said with a smile. Dana looked up at Jenny then. “Are you alright Jen?”
  christian / kshahidx / 41d 18h 7m 21s
Jenny stepped out the bathroom in a robe, looking to see Sabrina, something she didn't expect. She sighed out quietly and looked the girl over, spotting the blanket in her hands and she gave a small smile. It was truly odd, the emotions going through her. She wanted to be excited, and to be happy but she wasn't very good at this. Everything had happened so fast.
"Thanks, Sabrina." She whispered quietly as she ran the fabric through her fingers. Some small part of her was excited, was brightened slightly. They were still going to have a baby.

Jenny looked to Arthur standing at the door with a deer. She shuddered slightly.
"Arthur." She murmured and she knew what this was. She looked to Sabrina,
"I'll be out , later."She promised and let the girl out before shutting the door, she didn't want anyone to see this. It felt shameful.

Arthur looked to the woman and nodded to her, setting the deer down.
"Drink slowly, this is your first time. It can get a little strange." He explained before revealing a sharp, scalpel like knife. He sliced into the jugular of the deer and immediately blood welled up and the scent was intoxicating. Everything in Jenny wanted to turn away but she couldn't.
"Feed." Arthur commanded. Jenny looked at the thin line of ruby before leaning down and clamping her mouth over the gushing wound, drawing in deep mouthfuls of the blood. Arthur watched, careful to be sure she got her fill but didn't overdo it. After some time, he removed her from the corpse, Jenny looked wild, her eyes flashing a deep crimson red as she hissed, revealing sharp fangs and Arthur raised an eyebrow.

A few moments later and Jenny was back to normal. Arthur nodded to her and retreated with the corpse of the deer, nodding to Dana politely and Jenny was left sitting on the bed, satisfied but horribly ashamed as a small smudge of blood at the corner of her mouth.
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Of course, Christian wanted to take back his suggestion the minute he mentioned did; Jenny wasn’t going to be [I eating] much of anything. His stomach had turned thinking about her drinking blood, and he was glad her back was turned to him as he made a face. He was trying not to be difficult, knowing that this wasn’t easy for Jenny, especially with the fact she was with child. He watched her head to the shower then, coming to a full stand and trying to clean the place up. Thankfully it seemed Dana had read his mind and had come by the cabin. She let him know that Marcus and the others were having breakfast and she was here to watch over Jenny.

“Thank you,” Christian said to Dana, she had really become a great friend to hm, and Jenny and he knew at this time, maybe a bit more female energy would help Jenny through this pregnancy. He was exiting just as Sabrina was coming by, carrying what appeared to be a blanket. He rose a brow at her, a bit suspicious considering that when Sabrina and her brother arrived it wasn’t on good terms and technically, they had been the ones to bring about the trouble of the hunters in their way.

“I made a blanket,” she explained softly, her eyes casted downwards. He knew she was still more than likely upset with herself for the trouble that had been caused. Though Sabrina and her brother were incredibly thankful that Christian and Jenny had been willing to let them stay. “For the baby as a gift.” Christian was silent for a moment before smiling and thanking the young girl. “Jenny’s just having a shower but go ahead inside.” Christian had started to meet the men.

Dana was still on her guard at the presence Sabrina, but it wasn’t her place to dismiss the girl. She could hear the shower running then and took a seat. There was a knock then, Arthur at the door and asking for permission to come in.
“Dear God!” Dana announced as she looked at the deer in his hand, still breathing, but paralyzed it seemed. She could see the fear in its eyes.

“Uh, Jenny, almost done in there?” She asked over her shoulder.
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It was all a little sudden and a little strange. It was unnerving. Usually she would have thought she had nine months to prepare for such an ordeal but now she had scarce few days. They hadn’t even planned for anything yet. She looked to Christian, relieved to see he was alright. She watched his reaction to everything that had happened, watching him feel the bump. This was terrifying and she could tell he was just as scared.
“I’m alright.” She murmured, she didn’t have much of an appetite and the thought of food turned her stomach slightly but she knew she had to eat. She sat up, slowly.

“Alright.” She said as she met his lips and she couldn’t help but feel wildly unattractive to him right then, somehow. How was he going to feel when she needed blood? She shuddered at the thought. She wanted a shower, she knew that much. She gestured to the bathroom as she got to her feet, slowly.

Jenny showered and rinsed herself of the sweat and dirt she had worked up yesterday and it took longer than usual. She wasn’t sure how to feel about any of this but it was a definite thing, they would be having a baby. Ready or not.
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Christian had woken to Jenny’s gentle grazing of his cheek. He yawned as his fluttering eyes finally opened. He smiled up at Jenny, glad to see her face and happy to find that she was alive. “Jenny,” he whispered with relief, his hand reaching up to cup her cheek. He drew her in, his forehead pressing against hers as he delivered a kiss upon her lips. Jenny had made it through the ritual and that was all that mattered. He of course was a bit thrown off by the enlarged stomach pressing against him. Christian looked down at Jenny’s body, gently removing the white linen sheets to see the enlarged stomach for himself. “Wow,” he whispered. Christian was shocked and he was also a bit scared, which he found hard to admit. Seeing Jenny like this was a bit alarming for it being so sudden. Timid, he reached his hand out to rush against her stomach, he felt a little hint of movement and interestingly enough her stomach was cold in certain spots. “Are you alright?”

Christian had started to get up from the bed, slowly so as not to aggravate his wounds. Christian was unsure how to feel; he loved that Jenny was pregnant, but he was still trying to get through the idea that she was part vampire. Christian had to know though that this wasn’t something they could not easily ignore. Jenny was half vampire and it was a part of her, much like this child. Still, Christian was undeniably excited for the birth, it was a big responsibility that he would be taking on, bigger than being an alpha of the pack.

“Have you had anything to eat?” He asked her, “I’ll have Dana take care of you, I don’t want you risking your health you understand?” He asked as he leaned over to kiss her again. Christian couldn’t do much with his wounds, but Jenny mattered more to him.
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There was vivid dreams, nightmares almost, peeking through the black veil of sleep. Jenny couldn’t make sense of it, there was the bonfire and Irene and the chanting but she couldn’t fight it anymore. Jenny didn’t stir for the entire night, the best thing for her to just sleep it off and do her very best to recover from whatever had just happened. She stirred in the morning, feeling like she had been hit by a bus.

She sat up, mumbling to herself as she looked around. She was surprised to find Christian beside her, pressed a soft kiss to his temple. She was still exhausted and she peeled back the blankets to look at herself. Now, she looked heavily pregnant, overnight almost and she groaned as she sank back into the bed. It was uncomfortable and she didn’t like any of this.

Arthur had stepped inside then,
“Lovely to see you awake.” He murmured and Jenny just shot him a look of dismay.
“Try not to worry, I will remain on the outskirts of your territory until the child is born. Your bloodlust will rise soon, have you ever fed before?” Arthur asked and the look on Jenny’s face told him she hadn’t.
“You do not need to kill to feed. A simple puncture wound in a wrist or neck, you will know if your host is going to die so don’t overfeed.” Arthur explained and Jenny just nodded, already she felt useless.

Arthur gave a nod before retreating once more and Jenny sighed out. She didn’t feel hungry, but Arthur has said it would happen soon enough. It was terrifying and she couldn’t shake the feeling of shame because of everything. She got comfortable and lazily played with Christian’s messy hair, tentatively. Would he judge her for needing to feed from blood? It was the most vampiric she would ever be and she had never had any drive to be like a vampire before now.
  Jenny / Nullification / 42d 7h 14m 19s
Christian wasn’t exactly happy with the idea of Jenny drinking blood, but he had to allow this to take place, He had to trust that this was all for the good of their people. Christian watched as Jenny came to a stand, he could tell this wasn’t sitting well with her and he wished he could be of more help. “Jenny,” he called, but she was gone. He sighed out, there was no way she was going to go through this alone. Injured or not, Jenny was his mate and he would see to being there for her as the alpha of the pack and as her soulmate. That took some preparation, considering he had a hard to sitting up with the wound to his chest being the hardest pain to fight through. Still, with the help of Dana, Christian had made his way toward the bonfire, where he took hiss eat next to Marcus and Lauren. He knew Marcus wasn’t pleased, but he was respecting Christian’s whishes as alpha and Christian was smore than glad for the support.

Christian didn’t want Jenny to feel intimidated and only had a select few of wolves to be around during the service. He watched as she stepped out, the worry clear on her face and he felt himself tensing up as she laid on the table and was strapped by Arthur. He felt her pain as soon as the ritual began. Christian had to close his eyes and grit his teeth as his skin became hot, he wanted badly to rip away her restraints and move her to safety, but he knew he couldn’t. He was suffering, but he knew Jenny suffered more. The chanting grew louder, the fire building intensely and smoke nearly cloaking over the mountains. The silence came so quickly, and through he missed he watched as Irene’s lifeless body was lifted and placed away.

The deed had been done. “She must be taken to her bed and rest for the next three days,” Arthur said as he motioned toward Jenny. Marcus and Jason had come to lift Jenny and head toward their cabin where they placed her in bed. Dana was trying to get Christian back to the medical cabin, but he refused.
“I can’t leave her side,” he said in a broken tone. He’d limped toward the cabin, careful as he slid into bed beside her. “I love you,” he promised as he brushed a strand of hair from her face. All they could do was wait.
  christian / kshahidx / 42d 16h 54m 47s
Jenny watched the exchange and bit her lip. She had never had a penchant for feeding off of blood. She didn’t like any of this but she knew it was a necessary evil. She didn’t want to and it made her stomach turn at the thought. Jenny sort of zoned out until Christian mentioned doing it tonight. He was hurt, and Jenny was scared. She swallowed and she wouldn’t turn down her Alpha’s request and she nodded.

“Tonight. Alright.” She said quietly and Arthur nodded, watching the two.
“I suggest you change into something comfortable, something you can be out to bed in after. This will strain you.” Arthur explained,
“I will make the preparations and have the child ready.” He said to them with a small smile before getting to his feet and heading outside. Jenny looked to Christian,
“Alright.” She murmured and got to her feet. “I’ll just... I’ll need a sec.” she explained as she went to get changed. She figured loose Pajama shorts and a vest was the most comfortable thing she had and she fixed her her.

She stepped outside after some times to see a roaring bonfire with a council of vampires mulling around. Irene was strapped to a table top and there was an identical one beside her. Jenny swallowed thickly and Arthur gestured for her to join Irene.
“Stay the course, remember you belong to this plain.” He said to her as he fixed her wrists and ankles in leather straps, they weren’t tight but Jenny didn’t like them either way. Irene looked terrified and Jenny looked to her, sympathy coursing though her.

The vampires gathered and a chant began, something to the old gods. Jenny closed her eyes and the fire seemed to roar into action immediately, the chants filling the air and Jenny felt the world become heavy. From nowhere, she felt like fire and electricity sparked into her system, running through her veins and Jenny immediately tended, biting down so she wouldn’t cry out, instead she made quietened pleads and begs for Christian, desperate to control herself. Her body thrashed, writhing and squirming and it felt like it would never end. A scream finally fled her, whole body exhausted as she hazily stared up at the black night sky. She could barely catch her breath and she felt the straps being loosened.

Arthur watched and realised all too soon the deed was done. He looked to Jenny and loosened her straps, careful as Irene’s body lay limp and lifeless. He picked up the young woman, carefully before settling her into her bed.
“Through this, the vampires and wolves are bonded.”
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Christian had fallen asleep and rested, he’d only awakened when one of the healers came into the room to check on his bandages and clean his wound, before offering him some water. She soon left when Jenny entered, Arthur following behind her. Christian felt his body instinctively tense up, but he had t trust that Arthur was not here to harm them if Jenny allowed him inside. Not to mention, the treaty was now effective. After adjusting his pillow, he sat up and watched Arthur take a seat, Jenny asking him about the ritual. Christian tried not to show his discomfort, he still was not a fan of the idea. His hand made a fist once Arthur mentioned the pain. He didn’t like the idea of Jenny suffering. He knew Jenny could handle it and he knew that she would fight through it despite the hurt, but that didn’t make it any better. He was surprised to find that he was relieved to know that Irene wouldn’t remember anything.

“How long does it last?” he asked.

“The ceremony to us is a mere couple of minutes. For Jenny and Irene, it feels like hours; Irene is essentially stripped of her soul and it travels through he spirt world into Jenny. From then, the pregnancy is very quick. Vampire pregnancies don’t last long, within three days Jenny will be bedridden – it’s important her blood intake is consistent as the spirit will need to feed.” Christian was not a fan of that. As though Artur could detect his worry he spoke again, “It’s temporary. Once the child is born, she will for the most part be [I normal]. Like Jenny she will carry both vampire and werewolf traits.”

At least Arthur had acknowledged how this wasn’t the easiest for the two and how appreciative he was.
“Then we should do it tonight,” Christian said finally as he looked to Jenny for confirmation. If Irene was truly sick, she wouldn’t have much time.
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