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If Jenny had been hurt, Christian definitely knew that he had no intention of not going after Jason. He looked down at Jenny. He knew she was serious about not trusting them and with how they had been acting in such a short period of time, he was willing to agree with Jenny. Still, it would make so sense just going after them for one kiss and that was something Christian didn’t want any of the other pack members to know and try to use against them. Any break in the chain could cause a lot of damage and they had worked so hard to get to this moment.

“We will deal with them. This probably won’t be as bad,” he said. Though they were an Alpha and Luna. It was unspoken how the both of them felt and they could bounce off one another’s mood then. He kissed Jenny, his nose nuzzling her own scar. With the two of them working with one another, Jason and Sabrina didn’t seem [I that] dangerous at least. Christian sighed out as he pulled away from Jenny. Once she was out and ready, he dressed in similar color shirt, dark pants and for once in a while, his hair styled. Christian kissed Jenny as he held her from the back, “You look beautiful,” he said.

They met James and Dana at the door. Together they all walked toward the camping area, all sharing a laugh. Finally reaching the area. Laughter and the spicy aroma of meat in the air had relaxed him, but once his eyes locked on Jason, he took hold of Jenny’s hand. “I’ll be back,” he had told her. He knew it was best that he just at least makes sure Jason was aware of boundaries and how protective over her he was. He didn’t need a harem of women, all he needed was Jenny.
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Jenny swallowed when Christian raised his voice and she knew this would only invoke this reaction and rightfully so.
“No he didn’t hurt me, I’m fine I just shoved him off and came here.” She murmured with a small shrug. She would have to be on guard around him, from now on. She took a hesitant step forward, not sure if he would reject her or not.

She reached up and cupped his face in her hands gently,
“I’m sorry. I don’t trust them Christian, there’s something off about them.” She murmured and she knew this wasn’t going to go over well but they couldn’t risk attacking two youngsters out of the blue like that, it would make them look paranoid and was no doubt what the pair wanted.
“We can deal with this okay? We just have to keep an eye on them.” She murmured but she didn’t know what these two were capable of, they could try to murder them in their sleep for all she knew.

Jenny leaned in and captured Christian’s lips with hers, tenderly as her fingertips went to the scar on his neck. She wasn’t about to give up on them after this. Not after everything they had been through. She parted when there was a knock on the door,
“Hey, loverbirds.” It was Dana’s voice and she sighed in relief.
“C’mon.” She called through the door and Jenny gave a small smile before changing into a neat maroon dress and fixing her hair.
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“I can’t be mad?” Christian asked and he was worried even more than. What could drive him to be upset with Jenny? “I can’t be mad?” Christian said again louder this time. “Oh, he apologized. I guess then I can’t be mad at someone knowingly kissing someone else’s mate.” Christian didn’t mean to turn his anger out on Jenny and he certainly didn’t want to cause a scene. He didn’t know what would have been better, if Jenny would’ve kept quiet about this or the fact that it happened, and he had to struggle with not kicking the guy’s ass. Violence could solve. Lot of things, but sometimes it could also make a situation worse and Christian didn’t want that, he wanted this pack to be more about brotherhood and trust. Maybe Jason was testing the waters, seeing how far he could push; for one thing he had surely reached Christian’s breaking point.

“I’m going to talk to him,” Christian said, taking a deep breath, though he was visibly shaking and not sure if he could even look at the guy. Just talking seemed less and less like the best solution. What he did was not only offensive to his Luna but had in a sense embarrassed Christian. He knew it wasn’t plausible and a stupid thing to think but was there something about Jason that Jenny saw worth in trying to protect him, at least it seemed that way. He chuckled a little and shook his head. “I actually want to bite his head off,” he admitted. Christian looked over Jenny, he hadn’t meant to raise his voice at her. “That’s all he did, right? Did he touch you. Hurt you?” Christian asked Jenny.
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Jenny looked to Christian, watching Sabrina leave before setting her eyes back to him and chewing her lip. She knew how this was going to sound, she knew she was going to sound insane. She sighed out and drew the curtains.
“You can’t be mad.” She said to him, hesitantly as she went over everything that had gone through her head.

“I was finishing setting up... outside for tonight.” She explained and figured she might as well just get to the point.
“The new guy, Jason... he uh.” She was struggling because it felt like such a betrayal somehow even if she hadn’t wanted it.
“He kissed new, Christian.” She murmured and she was questioning everything. Had she lead him on? Had she given him signs or something by accident?

“He apologised- I mean, he said sorry and nothing else happened.” She prattled on because she didn’t want this to be a big issue but she was still concerned why Sabrina had been in their cabin in the first place but she guessed she was in no predicament to lash out right then.
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Sabrina had barely entered upon Jenny storming in and he looked just as shocked as her. He watched as Sabrina made her way out of the cabin, a bit nervous. Christian stared agape, turning his attention to a very upset Jenny. He ran his hand through his hair then. “What’s going on?” He asked her wondering if something was up with the pack. “Someone sent her here, I don’t know she needed to borrow a dress or something. I just got to the cabin,” Christian said, and he realized it seemed as though he were trying to make excuses when in reality it was the truth and he didn’t have to defend his actions, Jenny knew that he wasn’t like that. Didn’t she?
“What’s up?” He asked her as she seemed a bit flustered.

Christian had closed the door to the cabin, realizing then that there were a few of the pack members looking inside, curious as to what was going on between the couple and the newcomer Sabrina. He sighed out and shook his head, certainly not a good look for them. Christian had begun his way back to the drawers to finish grabbing some clothing for the party. He hoped this hadn’t ruined their moment, whatever had happened to Jenny. Though he wasn’t putting it off as something that wasn’t serious. It was a crazy thought to have, but Christian had immediately thought about Xavier and Iris. Had by some way they returned?

“Jenny, what’s going on?” If anything happened to Jenny, he would be the first one to put his life on the line, no matter who or what it was. As protective as he was, long before Jenny even knew what he was, he hadn’t been above getting into a fight over her. He leaned against the dress then, watching her carefully with his arms across his chest.
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Jenny looked to Jason, eyeing him over.
“Anything I can help with? You shouldn’t be lifting things, that’s what your mate is for.” Jason said with a chuckle as he helped Jenny whether she wanted it or not. Jenny watched him with careful eyes, wishing he would put on a shirt.
“Me and Christian aren’t like other couples.” Jenny said with a shrug as she looked around to see most people heading into their cabins to change.

“I’ve always loved a strong Luna.” Jason gave a small laugh, leaning towards Jenny as she took a step back.
“Do I frighten you?” He asked, breath hot against her skin and Jenny stared at him.
“No.” She stated and made to move but he grasped her arm and pulled her to him, pressing his lips against hers, hard. Jenny gasped and pulled off immediately.

Jenny shoved him off and glared,
“Sorry, misread that.” Jason shrugged apologetically and Jenny pushed past him, towards her own cabin as she stepped inside to see Christian barely clothed and Sabrina in the cabin. She stopped in her tracks and looked completely bewildered.
“What is going on?” She muttered, her head a mess.
“Get out.” She said to Sabrina, sharply.
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Christian looked to Jenny with a smirk then, kissing her cheek in return before finishing breakfast. He’d cuddled closer to her, kissing her forehead as well and it was as though Christian was being a bit much in proving he could see the way that Jason would look at Jenny and after their little conversation, he wanted to show how protective he was over Jenny. “I was thinking that as well, a great little gathering and memorial,” he said to her then. Everyone seemed to just as well like the idea and it was time to finally complete mourning those that they knew.

Christian had gathered the man to work on gathering some fire. They had started to set up the tent then, which was where you would be able to mourn your specific loved one in peace. Christian and Jason had talked a bit more about the roles of the pack and ranking. James of course was just as curious of this conversation as he felt like Jason was asking too many. Still, as a Beta, it was his duty to let Christian make the decisions. Things had finally finished in decorating and Christian wanted a shower then. James and he walked along with one another, while Jason seemed to hang around where the women were, starting conversation.

Christian was stopped by James.
“Something is not right with that guy,” he said, and Christian looked toward the direction he had nodded. He knew that James was right.
“Yeah, but whatever it is, best they make the first move, I don’t want this to go left. Besides, tonight we’re enjoying ourselves alright?” He said and patted James on the shoulder. Christian sighed out and had started to undress for a shower. There was a knock then, Sabrina feigning shock at she looked at the shirtless man before her.
“Sorry, I was searching for Jenny, someone said she could help me with a gown,” she said. Christian furrowed his brows then. They did look to be about the same size, and it was too short notice to make one. “Right, uh – well she’s –“
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Sabrina smiled to Jenny,
“Oh, maybe. I do have my eye on one.” Sabrina said as she watched Christian and Jason spar and it was a sight to behold. She looked to Jenny and just shook her head. Jenny watched her and raised an eyebrow. She knew Christian was an attractive man and he held a lot of power with his status as Alpha of the pack but she was fiercely protective of her mate.

Jenny looked to Christian as he finished up and there was a strange surge to make sure everyone knew he was claimed and not up for offer. She kissed his cheek and handed him a plate of breakfast, sitting by the fire and looking at everyone gathered and eating together. Maybe she was judging too quickly and she looked to Christian.

“I think I’ll get everyone to do a feast tonight, a sort of welcome party and a night to remember those they had lost in the battle. It had been almost six months and it was still difficult to think of those lost. She had some breakfast and she had noticed how Jason seemed to watch Christian’s every movement and she chewed her lip.

As time went on she had sorted out with the other women a grand feast.
“How did you and Christian meet?” Sabrina asked as Jenny started to set things out.
“We met on campus. I didn’t know what I was-“ Jenny explained but Sabrina cut her off,
“A mudblood?” She said and Jenny shot her a look.
“I didn’t know any of it. He helped me, we got closer and we had our ceremony.” She murmured and looked to Jason as he cut some logs for the bonfire.
“You and your brother are close.” Jenny said to her and Sabrina nodded,
“We only have each other.” She shrugged as Jason approached and dumped some logs, shedding his shirt in the sunset.
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Jason was a pretty strong fighter and Christian wasn’t intimidated by it, but actually excited at the prospect of having another great fighter for the pack. The more and stronger the pack was, the less likely trouble was to find their way. At least that’s what Christian hoped at least. Though, a nice clean session, there was a point in time that Christian could swear that Jason was intentionally trying to hurt him. Christian quickly shook that thought out of his mind, it was unfair to judge before he knew.
“Yeah, well it’s all just for practice, to keep us on our toes.” They were heading back toward the common area, as breakfast had been made by the women. It was different seeing Jenny so in charge and he knew that if Lauren was here, she would be proud. He did miss them and wondered how they were doing in their new life. “Yeah, it was a real nasty one with bloodsuckers.”
“Isn’t Jenny a foul blood herself?” Some of the men had walked past shaking their heads, knowing Christian didn’t like hearing that word about Jenny. He had quickly calmed down though, as Jason was new, and Christian should cut him some slack.

“Yes, Jason, Jenny is part vampire, but I don’t appreciate that kind of language and certainly not about my Luna. Right?”
Jason hadn’t backed down and with the both being the same height, there was a moment of intense staring before Jason chuckle and offered a smile.
“My apologies. It won’t happen again,” he said as he patted Christian on the shoulder and walked away. Christian sighed out and soon followed. He figured with the newcomers and kind of just to have some fun and relax, they could have a small little party: drink, eat, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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Jenny stirred in the morning and felt Christian’s lips, wanting nothing more than to pull him back to bed for a few hours but she knew they both had work to do. Somehow she always imagined being Alpha and Luna would be a lot more relaxing but it wasn’t. Jenny changed and tied her red hair up, messily. She headed outside and looked to Christian with the men, a small smile passing over her features before she looked to Sabrina.

As much as she hated how the woman looked at Christian, she had to be fair. She helped to show her the routine and gave her a small smile as she helped to dish up.
“You never came across a mate? There’s a few eligible men here, all of them nice, all of them good men and strong too.” She explained as the other women murmured in agreement, a few giggling.
“Well, Jenny didn’t get that nice glow all by herself.” One of them teased and Jenny laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Ignore them, they only tease.” Jenny said to Sabrina as she handed her some breakfast while the men sparred and she turned to watch them, pride for her mate evident in her gaze.

Jason looked good Christian and a million thoughts went through his head of how he could kill him during sparring and claim it was an accident. His eyes drifted to Jenny and he figured once he was done with Christian he could claim her for his own.
“I’m a bit rusty. I heard you guys were in a war.” Jason said as he tore his gaze from the forbidden red head.
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Jenny’s smile was all that he needed to calm him. He looked down at her as she answered that she was more than happy to start a family with him. He knew she was worried and maybe scared after what had happened last time, but this time would be different. Christian knew that they didn’t have to worry about the stress of Xavier and Iris and this time even without all that, he was going to do everything in his power to make sure to protect her. He stroked her back gently. The thought of them having a child together was all that he could ask for, more than he could ask for truthfully. He sighed out, closing his eyes and letting sleep overtake him, Jenny cuddled in his arms.

Morning soon came and as much as Christian wanted to rest in bed, he knew very well that there was much work to do. He stretched some when getting out of the bed, leaning down to kiss Jenny good morning. He’d changed, before heading out of the cabin. He found most of the men already prepping for sparring. The pack had started to really grow stronger in brotherhood and Nathan could see now why Malcom’s betrayal was made into such a big deal. It was a bit different to see Jordan, but it was promised that they would give them a chance.

Sabrina meanwhile had met up with girls. She had changed into something a bit nicer than what she came him, a burgundy shirt, just a little exposing of her stomach and a pair of shorts. The woman was starting to get breakfast set up which surely was a bit new to Sabrina, but she had to play ball.
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Jenny soon showered and got into bed beside Christian and thought for a while. She leaned up and kissed his lips briefly,
“Don’t worry, I’m your Luna, yours only.” She promised as she settled with him and thought about his statement. She knew what he was getting at and she had to think for a while. They had already lost a child so early on and before Jenny could even tell Christian.

“I did, a little girl.” She said to Christian, “I believe they named her Dawn.” She said with a small smile. Jenny looked up at him and wanted nothing more than to have a family with him but she was scared. They were still young and newly made Alpha’s and Luna’s of a pack. She didn’t want to overload them.
“The answer is yes.” She said to him, after a while of thinking. They would adapt and cope.

Sabrina giggled,
“I like the Alpha, he should be easy to sway. Once they’ve turned on each other, you can challenge him for leadership. I’ll take care of his little pet.” She said as she hid a terrible smile behind cute and sweet.
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“I think as long as Jason keeps his lips off you, I’ll be great.” Christian said with a smile toward her. He was joking of course, in some sense. Though Sabrina had gotten a little close for comfort as well. Christian gave Jenny a kiss on the shoulder before coming to a stand then. “You’re doing better than great as my Luna,” Christian said as he leaned over to kiss Jenny. She seemed a bit out of it and he noticed that she hadnt ate that much of her food. He could only help that maybe it had something to do with the newcomers, he himself was a bit nervous.

Once inside the cabin, he showered quickly, changing into a pair of sweats as it was getting colder at night. He was happy to finally rst his body relaxing against the mattress comfortably. It had been some times where they were both too busy to see one another unless at dinner or the cabin and by then they were usually tired. His hand reached out for hers. He couldn’t wait to just curl up with her in bed. Thinking about the birth of a new wolf had made him curious about his family with Jenny as well. They were finally starting to settle in the pack and maybe it would be a great time to think about to start thinking when they would grow their family as well.

“So, did you hear of the new birth?” Christian had mentioned as casual as possible.

The pack had long gone to sleep. Though in a cabin far off the brother and sister were up, discussing their plan to infiltrate and eventually overtake Christian and Jenny.
“It shouldn’t be easy, the Luna might be the easiest, she was practically glaring at me it felt like,” Jason said to his sister.
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Jenny would stand by Christian regardless of his decision, it was her dug and she trusted his judgement above anyone else’s. It didn’t stop the knot in her stomach when she saw Sabrina huh him and she eyed Jason who smiled at her,
“We can’t thank you both enough! This means the world.” He said and surveyed Jenny with his dark eyes, lifting her hand to kiss the back of it in gratitude and Jenny only nodded to him before going off for dinner. She looked to Christian when he approached and she gave a small smile.

“I’m fine, really. Are you alright?” She asked him, watching him as she sat with a plate. She figured the new arrivals would want to get aquatinted with the rest of the group and hopefully that meant some breathing space because Jenny was wary of Sabrina.
“They seem nice enough, I think keeping an eye on them would be a good idea, just for the first little while.” She said to him, shrugging her shoulders.

Jenny picked at her food for a while before giving up, her appetite not quite present for whatever reason as she helped clean up before heading back to their cabin and looking to Christian.
“You’re doing great, Christian.” She said to him, some days it felt like she barely saw him. She knew they were both always busy and she often longed for the night to draw in so she could see him properly.
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Jenny was right; out of all of the places and surely other packs, why had the two come in search of them? It could’ve been maybe a story passed on about what they had done for Crescent Falls. If that was true, it did make Christian a bit anxious about the possibility of other wolves – maybe enemies. Christian sighed out, just like Jenny, he was unsure how to go about this. Though eventually he told himself that there was no harm in keeping them nearby. If they were to try anything they would be outnumbered, unless they were lying about this no pack situation.
Dana had eyed Sabrina as she jumped off the truck. She had to be late mid-twenties, sultry bright hazel eyes wild curly dark hair. Her brother and her shared similarities even down to the rugged camo clothing they were wearing and other than a small duffel, they didn’t seem to own any belongings.

“Oh, we know what gets a girl glowing.” One of the ladies said with a wink toward Christian to which they all laughed. Dana had torn her gaze away and back to Jenny with a smile. She had been a great Luna, better than the last who treated her position as though everyone beneath her was worthless. Jenny was nice and thoughtful.

They’d reached the entrance then. Unloading was made easier with more hands. James had pulled Christian aside. “I don’t know about this,” he said as he shrugged his hands into his pockets. Of course, other than Christian and Kenny, the mountain wolves for the most part had never included outsiders, so Christian felt that James was maybe just being a bit more paranoid.
“Look we’ll just keep on them for now alright? I’m sure they’re not trouble.” It seemed Christian was more so trying to convince himself.

Eventually everything was put away and before dinner Christian had called for a meeting. He introduced the two, who gave a small story of how they’d been living state to state since they escaped their foster home. Apparently, there was a local who had come across them in a diner to which they overheard the story of Crescent Falls. It was agreed they could stay with the pack, but they would have to contribute and work of course. They’d ben given a cabin and soon dinner commenced.

Sabrina had sighed, squealing in glee before hugging Christian and then her brother. It did make him feel good to know they were being helped. Christian found Jenny then.
“You alright?” He asked her as he took an offered plate.
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