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[size10 [b Your pack] has just relocated to the small town of Crescent Falls. You're starting college and pretending to live a [I normal human] life. Things appear to be going fine and with being a newcomer, no one questions your past as of much.
[b She] is a human and attending college, living the everyday life of a twenty-something year old. That is until you meet [i him] and things start to get a bit weird.
[b Love] blooms between the two of you, but it is forbidden for a werewolf to date outside of the pack in fear their secret will be revealed. What's worse is a coven of vampires come through town and the leader has his eye on your girl.
[b The] town is suddenly the hot spot for murders and kidnappings, threatening the existence of the supernatural kind. Can they manage to eradicate the town of the vampires? Will he had to leave the pack in order to keep his love?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, pretty simple plot. I pretty much got the idea from twilight lol but we can go different routes - I just feel like I need to get back into fantasy for my rps

osting is at least once a day or if [i possible] twice every other day. life yes yes I know hectic and all that jazz, this doesnt need to be fast paced but if I have to wait weeks for a post or if you keep promising to post and never do, id rather you not apply

-real pictures
-mature theme; cursing, romance - I do describe intimate scenes but basically timeskip - and sometimes there's violence.
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with
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Christian reaffirmed their bond with his kisses, his hand in her hair and how he drew her closer was everything she wanted to feel safe. She felt like she might break down in his arms. All she wanted to do was apologise and his words caused her to lift her gaze towards him. Jenny knew deep down he didn’t mean to mistreat her, she also understood what she was. She was a halfbreed. And half of that was vampire.

It was his next words that took her by surprise, not expecting anything like that. She met his gaze, brushing her fingers over his cheek, finally resting to cup his face. Did he mean it?
“Christian-“ She gave a small smile, careful to pick her words.
“I want that more than anything, with you.” It would mean him leaving Marcus, Lauren and the others behind and she wasn’t sure he wanted that part.

They were on the brink of war, and she would stop at nothing to keep Christian safe. Nothing. She gazed at him as she sat up a little and watched his expression.
“When this is over-“ She said quietly and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close.
“We will.” Of course she wanted the others to finally accept her but she had done everything she could. She didn’t know how else she could have them accept her. She was trying.

Jenny leant up and caught his lips with her own again, she was exhausted still.
“I can’t-I’m sorry.“ She sighed, feeling like a let down, like a disappointment, her body failing her because she was tired. She sighed as she pulled back and rested her head on his chest. She listened to his heartbeat and it was so reassuring that he was there that she fell asleep.

Xavier didn’t visit her dreams and she felt like it was somehow a bad thing. She opened her eyes, squinting in the light as she sat up slightly, feeling much warmer and better after the sleep. She shifted under the blankets and sought out Christian’s body heat, clinging to him.
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Christian of course was very upset to find that he had lost his child, a child he hadn't known about and would never have the chance to get to know. It wasn't fair for Xacvier to take that away from him and he admittedly hated the man even more now, if that was even possible. He looked down at Jenny as she buried herself into his arms, her hands gently mapping the scar on his neck. He lifted his hand toward her scar to mirror her actions.Her skin felt cold and slightly foreign to him - definitely not the warm and soft being from the night of their mating.Still, there was no doubt in his mind that he loved Jenny.

“Stop apologizing.” Christian said to her then. She had no reason to apologize. This was the cards she was dealt and she had to well - [i deal] with it and so did Christian and everyone else. He was torn however. He had grown to like the wolves if the mountain, but they would never be able to respect Jenny or treat her as their own, especially considering the outcome of the war. Her lips were brushing against his then. Christian’s hands going through her hair and massaging her scalp gently She was close, her body desperately warranting a response and yearning for the intimacy they once had.

“I love you too, my Luna.” He told her. Christian’s brows furrowed for just a moment as he sat up to look down at her. It hurt him to see that fleck of doubt in her eyes. His hand brushed down her cheek, stroking down to her back to draw her even closer. He had no fear of Jenny, but was conflicted - his loyalty being tested between Jenny and his bloodline. He kissed her again deeply then, his tongue tracing the inside of her mouth. Christian made a sound of pleasure. “I should be sorry for ever giving you room to question me.” He knew that she was scared, trying to hide behind a frail wall of courage, wavering like a feather in the wind. “Maybe we can try again? Maybe . . .get away from here and make a pack of our own?” He suggested. He was trying to remain hopeful, if anything him and Jenny were getting through this alive.
  christian / sincerelylily / 5h 19m 49s
Jenny watched him and she was worried for a split second that he wouldn’t stay with her. She felt his hand on her stomach and closed her eyes, wrapping an arm around him loosely
“I didn’t know... Iris had told me but I thought she meant-“ she cut off. Somehow admitting what had happened was a little too much for her to bear. She hadn’t known, she couldn’t have known for sure and she still didn’t know if Xavier’s actions had caused any permanent damage.

“I’m sorry.” It felt like all she could do was apologise, they really hadn’t had a great relationship and Jenny was just scared her vampire side would be too much for Christian and he would leave. She very slowly closed her eyes, breathing in Christian’s sent as she lay her hand over his. It hurt to know they had lost something so precious, so divine. She shifted slightly and opened her eyes, running her fingertips to the scar on Christian’s neck. That night seemed so far away now, an eternity ago.

It was peaceful, it was so quiet and it was just them both. Jenny felt relieved he had decided to stay. She brushed her fingers over the scar and she wasn’t sure how to mend the distance they both felt. She couldn’t get rid of her vampire side, no matter how much she wanted to. She didn’t care what Marcus or Malcolm thought of her, only Christian.

She shifted closer to him, pressing her body close as she kissed his lips softly, brushing them with her own. It wasn’t about lust. She just wanted the connection to be felt again. She just wanted to feel like Christian cared for her in the same way she cared for him.
“I love you, my Alpha.” She said softly when she pulled away, settling close to him. She didn’t want to pressure him, just his presence was enough to comfort her right then as it warmed her body. She felt safe like this, she forgot about everything else going on. She was scared, of course she was, this wasn’t a nightmare. There was going to be an actual war, with real injuries and real deaths no doubt. Jenny had never been a fighter, she had never been the sort of person to harm anyone and yet now she had no choice. She just didn’t want anything to happen to Christian.
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Neither of them could confirm whether or not they would live through this war. Though, Christian didn’t want to bring such negative thoughts into the universe. They were both so young and to some extent completely not prepared for this war. Hell, who was Christian kidding? They were completely unprepared for this war. Jenny could barely stand at this point and it made Christian worry about her being involved in the fight at all. Christian didn’t want to baby her, Jenny clearly was too stubborn to listen to him either way, but Xavier had already caused a lot of damage. She had nearly died from hypothermia, was it smart for her to put herself in the line of danger once more? Did she have a choice? It seemed that the wolves didn’t have much faith in Jenny still, and she was hoping her valiant and selfish actions would lead to acceptance. Still, she found herself doubting that she would ever be accepted fully.

“Jenny,” Christian said with a sigh, happily falling into the comfort of her caress. His eyes closed briefly. They were both tired, taking on more than they cold handle. “I can’t say why – a bloodline of wolves is very important though. I don’t think they take very kindly to me either.” He reached to grab her hand gently then. “I just want you to know that I will be here for you always.” How he had treated her after Cecilia’s death wasn’t the best. But, Christian was an outsider too as a halfbreed and could identify with her on feeling like he didn’t belong. Still, Christian was custom to the ways of his species unlike Jenny. This didn’t have to be their world though, they didn’t have to stay with Marcus or Malcom. Christian would follow her wherever and whenever with how much he loved her, he just wasn’t [I so] sure he could honor her request.

“I can’t – I won’t allow you to be hurt even more than you have been.” By this point Jenny was heading toward the bed and getting under the covers. He was glad for the spare moment of privacy with her back turned for him to show a sign of weakness. “You won’t lose me.” He said to her then and Christian could only hope that it would give her some sense of peace. Christian either way was not going to admit that he was more than willing to put his life on the line for her. If it came down to it, Christian would do everything in his power to make sure that Jenny lived through this.

Jenny was still on edge, it sure how Christian would react to her after the previous night and admittedly, he was worried about if he could make it through a night of being close to Jenny still. Though his love for her had seemed to help with evening out his mood toward the vampiric side of her. He walked over and got into the bed, underneath the covers then and drawing her close. His hand instinctively pressed against her stomach. “I wish you would have told me,” he said to her then, his nose burying into her neck. The idea of Jenny venturing off to see Xavier soon made him shiver.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 2d 20h 31m 32s
Jenny watched Christian and sighed softly.
“I won’t leave.” She promised quietly. “I’m not going anywhere, you won’t lose me.” She knew she couldn’t promise that, neither of them knew the future and she looked to Christian with tired eyes.
“I’ll try to tap into her head tomorrow.” She said to him softly, tonight she was too exhausted and too frail. She would try tomorrow for him, in the hopes it would give some sort of answer. She clasped her hands on her lap and tried to straighten out her thinking. It didn’t matter what happened, she just wanted Christian safe.

“Christian.” She said and looked thoughtful.
“Is there [i anything] I can do to get the wolves to trust me?” She asked him, a hint of defeat in her voice. She didn’t know what else to do, she had almost frozen to death coming back to warn them of the attack that was coming and she had risked her life. Nothing seemed to work. She didn’t think Marcus would ever trust her.

“Christian just promise me... Promise me you won’t be a hero, alright?” She whispered as she trailed her eyes to the scar on his neck, reaching out and brushing her fingers over it, trailing down to his damaged ribs.
“I can’t lose you too.” She murmured, she had already lost so much and if she lost Christian too, she didn’t know what she would do. It would be terrifying. She truly would be alone if that happened because she knew Marcus would never accept her if that happened. She would be shunned. And Christian was the very reason she was breathing, she loved the man more than she could tell.
“Will you stay with me? I understand- I think if you can’t... at least until I fall asleep?” She asked him, almost afraid of the answer because she knew things were tense. Jenny shifted under the blankets so she could try to warm up again, if Christian didn’t want to stay then she would understand but she wanted nothing more than to be held by him. She was scared, and she didn’t have the energy to put on a brave face right then.
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Bait? Christian had to bite his tongue from saying anything, knowing that he had to show that he had complete trust in his mate and her actions. Though, Jenny was lucky to be alive and already here she was putting herself in the line of danger. He held her hands tight in his own. He had nearly lost her, and it killed him to think that he could lose Jenny. What if Xavier didn’t for their trap? What if he decided to come when they didn’t expect it? He was a bit anxious, but Christian had to tell himself that as long as they all worked together then maybe things would go as expected. Though it was clear some of the wolves didn’t particularly take to Jenny and there was a part of him that felt that they would more than likely leave her for dead.

As Jenny had mentioned, Xavier along with Iris was already getting started with finding her a body. Xavier had managed to coerce a young and naïve girl into becoming their sacrifice, but they would need to summon and maintain Iris’ spirit for the next three days, which for Xavier would be exhausting. They would have somewhat of an advantage, but nothing was more dangerous than Iris in full form and her switching sides showed that she was a bit conniving.

“I think it best we all get to bed. We’ll start working on placement and fight tactics. Marcus will take control of half, including his own and . . . Jenny. We meet tomorrow morning.” Malcom said then. Jenny had been fighting through her exhaustion and finally was allowing the window of weakness. Everyone soon left to their respective cabinets, Christian following close behind Jenny who couldn’t wait to succumb to the privacy of their cabin.

“I hate to say it, but I think you might be right. Still, we can only depend on ourselves. Though I don’t like the idea of you being left for bait. Maybe, you can tap into Iris?” He suggested. If the female could get into her head, maybe Jenny could get into Iris head. He walked over and sat down beside her. “I’m scared to lose you.”
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Jenny glanced for the woman who called out and half expected everyone else to chime up in agreement. She looked to Christian when she came to his defence, relief on her features which turned to surprise when Marcus asked her what to do. Jenny thought for a long time,

“You’ve beaten Iris and Xavier before. I think we have around three days. We don’t hunt them, let them come to us. Xavier has an axe to grind with me so...” she looked to the female who had called out.
“Use me as bait.” She said to them and drew in a breath.

“Set a trap. Draw the vampires in, Iris will be destructible in bodily form. So will Xavier.” Jenny murmured and she wasn’t taking this decision lightly. They wanted her and she knew how to set the trap.
“They will know my blood scent, and they will come if they scent it.” She looked to Christian apologetically.
“If one of you draws blood, bites me and ‘leaves’ me out in the open... they’ll think you have rejected me from the pack.” It wasn’t the best plan but it was all they had. Jenny looked to the flames of the fire and squeezed Christian’s hand.

Jenny had to trust that the wolves wouldn’t just abandon her to the wrath of the vampires if this happened.

“Three days will give them time for their ceremony. We can’t destroy a ghost, we need Iris in physical form.” She murmured quietly and looked to them all.
“I need to sleep.” She confessed quietly, exposing her weakness right then because she really had been through a lot.
“So does my Alpha.” She said and looked to Christian, well aware his ribs needed to heal. However her words were a clear statement that Christian was her Alpha, and hers alone. She nodded to the others and headed back to the cabin, releasing a shaky breath as she let the strong facade drop. Slumping on the bed, she ran a hand through her hair.

“I don’t know if I can trust the others.” Jenny said shakily.
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Christian was happy that Jenny didn’t deny him. His hand ran down her neck and over her marking. They were bonded and there was no way he was going to give Xavier the satisfaction of taking Jenny away from him. She was weak, he could tell, but Jenny had a flame in her that would not go out and she was determined to show that she was not one to so easily give up. He knew that it would be best to stay at her side. No longer would he allow anyone to talk badly or think badly of her. Jenny had nearly died [I twice] in effort to appease Xavier and keep everyone safe. Together they exited the cabin and began toward the fire to which most of the pack was circling around. They stood next to Lauren who smiled at seeing that the two of them had reconciled. Though Christian could sense that Marcus and the other wolves were a bit uncomfortable.

Still, Christian made a point of standing at her side and he squeezed her hand to show that he had no intent of not showing that he fully supported her. Christian was not surprised to find that Malcom didn’t believe Jenny, but what did she have to gain from telling them about Iris switching sides?

[tab] [I “If this is true, then we must prepare for them to try to come to us directly.]
[tab] [tab] [I “I don’t see why we are to protect her. If [b she] is the one the wants then lets drop her in the field and be done with it!” One of the pack women said.]

“Didn’t you hear a word of what Jenny said? Xavier is already planning to find another innocent female and use her to his liking to give Iris a mortal body! We need to ambush.” Christian said. Jenny already knew the layout ad she had more insight. If they played it right things could work out in their favor. People were afraid then. With Iris on Xavier’s side, would they be able to win?

For the first time, Jenny’s thoughts mattered and surprisingly enough, Marcus was the first one to show that he was on her side.

“So what do we do?” Marcus asked to Jenny.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 6d 18h 40m 39s
Jenny watched Christian, she was ready for him to reject her again. She shivered and listened to him, he was softer with her, gentler thankfully and Jenny was relieved. She felt his arm around her waist and looked up at him when he tipped her chin to watch him.
“I love you too.” She breathed quietly, relieved to hear his words as she placed her hands on his shoulders. She just wanted to sleep in his arms right that moment and reestablish their bond but she knew she had to warn the pack about Iris.

Jenny leaned up and kissed Christian’s cheek softly, holding him close to her and forcing herself not to cry. She was still weak, evident in her move ya as she stepped outside the cabin and looked to everyone who was huddled around the fire with Malcolm and Marcus talking over a plan. Jenny kept a little distance because the last thing she wanted was anymore drama or attention.

She cleared her throat and looked to them,
“Iris has turned coat. She uh, she wanted her body back so she could be with Xavier.” Jenny said and it was obvious her confidence and self esteem had been shot to pieces by everything.
[i “You’re confused, Jennifer. Iris has been watched over by us for many generations.”] Malcolm said and Jenny turned her gaze to him.

“Confused?” She questioned. “When was the last time you saw Xavier face to face? Iris was with him when I went there, he wanted to do a ceremony so her soul entered my body.” Jenny remarked.
[i “And why did you go running off to the bloodsuckers?”] Malcolm snapped and Jenny glared at him,
“To stop a war, I thought if I went and gave myself over then everything would just stop. But it didn’t make a difference. I almost died out there. And you sit there continuing to look down on me. I am trying to help you. Those things murdered my father in our home, they murdered Cecilia and Xavier murdered our child.” Now there was tears trickling down her cheek as she glared at them.
“Iris will find another body. If you don’t believe me then fine, but at least have a plan for it.” She said to them.

Jenny was struggling to stay upright, energy depleting faster than she could handle as she looked to Marcus and Malcolm. Malcolm looked shocked by her outburst and the news they had destroyed an unborn child.
“Part vampire or not, I chose my side and where my loyalties lie, I do not need anymore punishing for what I am. I have lost my father, been thrown into the centre of a war and lost an unborn child. I’m not sure what else can be done to punish me.” Jenny said, a little quieter as she found Christian’s hand, clutching at it because she felt she might collapse but this needed to be dealt with.
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Christian’s heart fluttered some at the sound of her voice. She was talking to him at least which was more than he deserved after how he had treated her. He could tell that she was wary around him, maybe testing his emotional boundaries as things had been incredibly tense ever since they had arrived at the mountains and even more so since Cecilia’s death. He rubbed the back of his neck then and stepped further into the room. He could see that she was still weak but fighting through it. Though Christian knew with her genes it would just take some time for her to get back to the spunky and energetic Jenny he had come to know. She was a bit more forlorn it seemed and who wouldn’t be after the tumultuous week she had ben through.

“Yeah, everyone is getting settled. Looks like Marcus and Malcom have come up with some strategies against Xavier and his crew. I guess, it would be best for you to bring up Iris.” Malcom would certainly be confused to find the woman who they dedicated their life protecting and treasuring was now on the side of their enemy. Maybe if they were told by Jenny on how she was tricked and lured by Iris, they wouldn’t be so vindictive. Though Jenny had done nothing wrong and Christian had abandoned her. [I Some Alpha]. “Marcus is just trying to deal with things as best as possible – he has never been the type that was easy to read, but I don’t think he hates you.” Christian chuckled nervously then and began to close the space between them. “Honestly Jenny, I think everyone is just scared of you and maybe not for the reasons you think. You’re [I different] Jenny and we are all set in our ways. Suppose we have all acted hostile because of it.”

Jenny was apologizing then and watching her, feel sorry for something out of her control. He couldn’t stop the wolf side of him for naturally fighting the vampire in Jenny, but looking into those green eyes, given a warm glow from the lamp, Christian had to remember how he felt when he mated with Jenny; how he felt when he frit met her and knew that any of this stuff was happening. Christian remembered his promise, that night they laid nude in each other’s’ arms, promising into the night: He was her Alpha and she his Luna. He drew her in close then, his arm wrapped around her waist.

“You don’t have to be sorry jenny. I should be apologizing. How I treated you – it wasn’t right.” He tipped her head up by the chin gently. “I love you,” he said to her sincerely. “I don’t want you to ever doubt that.”
  christian / SincerelyLily / 8d 3h 57m 16s
Jenny listened to Lauren. She didn’t think anyone would want her at a pack meeting despite what she said and she sighed out shakily. She listened to her leave and finally closed her eyes. The silence for a while was a relief, she was left to think. She couldn’t sleep, of course. She figured the pack meeting would be the best option and she should at least know what was happening.

She sat up and pulled the blankets around her shoulders to keep warm. She glanced up when the door opened again and she half expected Lauren had come to get her for the meeting and she braced slightly. She didn’t expect Christian and she looked at him in the dim light. She was silent for a while, quiet as she tried to process what was going through her head. She didn’t want to reject him again but she also didn’t want to be rejected by him.

“I’m awake.” She said quietly, softer than before at least as she wiped her eyes, not wanting to dare show any weakness.
“Is it the meeting?” She asked and got up, finding a change of clothes as she made sure they were warm because she truly did feel like she would never warm up again.
“I’m coming- Sorry.” She mumbled a little as she waited to see if he would yell at her, maybe get angry again or distant. She wrapped her arms around herself and hesitated.

“Marcus is going to hate me too.” She murmured and looked to Christian as she found a lamp and lit the room slightly. She looked Christian over and sighed softly, just glad he was okay. She had been unfair earlier, despite how much his rejections had hurt her.

“Christian I’m sorry.” She apologised quietly. She didn’t know what else to say as she stood in the baggy jumper and sweats, just wanting to keep warm. She felt awful for how she had rejected him earlier, even if it was from a place of hurt. If Christian wanted to be distant then so be it, she wouldn’t fight him anymore.
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Lauren could understand on a time like this one would have appetite or desire to eat even if they were hungry. Lauren just wanted Jenny to remember she couldn’t give up on herself and she wasn’t going to feel better by starving herself. “I understand,” she told her then with a small smile. She placed the tray on the end table beside the bed. She took a seat in the chair that had once been occupied by Christian who hadn’t left her side aside from her getting him to clean himself up. Lauren was a bit disappointed to find at Jenny hadn’t come to the burial, though she could understand why. The others had been cordial for the most part, but Lauren knew that Jenny’s presence had made everyone antsy and especially the mountain wolves who for the most part had been living their own lives in peace. Now they were having to deal with the likes of Xavier. Everyone had to know that this was not Jenny’s fault and her being a hybrid was not of her own personal doing. It was unfair to treat her as though she were a leper. Especially at a time like this, Jenny was of great importance and their only line of communication. She had been to Xavier’s lair which would prove to help them in their attack.

“Christian doesn’t hate you Jenny,” Lauren said with a sigh then. “This is tough for him too and I would hope you both love each other to understand you are booth going through something you haven’t experienced before. Christian has never lost a pack member and well – the emotions can be overwhelming.” She reached out to add something physical comfort, but figured Jenn didn’t seem to be in the mood for body contact or even company at this point. “I think you guys just need to sit down and have a talk, running away will only hurt you both.” She sighed out and came to a stand then. “Well I’ll just let you be I s’ppose. Marcus and Malcom are planning a pack meeting tonight to discuss the battle strategy. I know you may feel unwanted, but whether Marcus likes it or no, you are a part of [I our] pack because of Christian. I think you could be of good help – if you’re up to it.”

Christian had taken to running off just to get all his frustrations out, distract his mind from everything that had happened between him and Jenny. The argument had seemed so unlike them and he hated how uncomfortable he felt knowing that he had left the cabin in the manner he did. Christian loved Jenny and he had abandoned her during such a vulnerable time.

[I ‘You need to come back.’] Lauren’s voice rang through his mind as he was returning back to the mountains. He was still in pain as his ribs were still undergoing healing. Though he pushed the ache to the back of his mind.
[I ‘As far as I figure, Jenny doesn’t want me around.’]
[I ‘Well not with how you acted toward her the previous night so I heard.] Lauren had tracked his scent, the two nose to nose then at the bath house. [I ‘Are you going to let her leave? You, her Alpha.] Christian hung his head then, Lauren nuzzling his neck before walking off to find Marcus who was more than likely preparing for the pack meeting. He washed off and changed into a comfy set of sweats and a grey cotton long sleeve as it was getting darker as the night came. He headed to the cabin then, a bit apprehensive about entering.

“Jenny?” He called into the darkness.
  christian / SincerelyLily / 8d 5h 51m 22s
Christian was stupid if he believed she wanted him dead. She had almost died of hypothermia trying to stop a war. Maybe she was tired, maybe she wasn’t coping with everything, she didn’t know how to react because no one had ever told her. Everyone in this place just looked at her like a monster because she was part vampire.

Jenny didn’t respond to him. She flinched when she heard the door slam. She did however glance up when Lauren came in and she eyed the food. She wasn’t hungry, she had no appetite.
“I’m not hungry.” She said quietly and sighed out. She drew in a deep breath and looked to Lauren.
“Really, I’m not hungry.” She whispered quietly.

“I’m sorry about Cecilia. I didn’t come to the burial because I know it would have caused drama.” She said to her with a shrug. She knew she was right. Enough people hated her without much reason so she didn’t want to give them an excuse.
“Christian hates me. When this war is done with, when it’s finally over, I think I’m going to... find my own place. Maybe somewhere with a lake.” She was keeping her mind off of everything as she watched Lauren. She sat up slightly.

“He barely touched me yesterday... he looked at me like I was one of them.” she explained quietly and she felt like a damned fool. She never wished Christian dead, and it had hurt to hear him say that.
“I-,” She sighed out, “You should know- There won’t be a baby.” She deadpanned, cried out and exhausted.
“So Christian won’t have to worry, Marcus either.” She was sleepy, her body screaming for rest and she rubbed her eyes.
“Thank you, for being kind.” She said to Lauren softly, knowing the woman had been the only consistent beacon of empathy throughout everything.

“I just- Really I’m not hungry. I’m sorry, for messing everything up with Christian and Cecilia. Could you just maybe go? I want to be alone and Christian needs you more than me.” She shifted under the blankets and went back to staring into space. If she was being honest she wanted Christian to just hold her, to go back to how it was but it wouldn’t, would it? She just wanted the silence, peace to regain everything she had lost because she hadn’t asked for any of this. She hadn’t asked to be a filthy hybrid stuck between different worlds like this. She just didn’t want to do this anymore, she wanted it all to go away.
  Jenny / Nullification / 8d 6h 55m 42s
It hurt to be pushed away by Jenny and her words didn’t do any better to soothe his emotional wounds. He sighed out then. His hands slack against his sides and his head dipped down. His head was aching, he was battling a lot of emotions and this was giving him a severed headache. Of course, Jenny had noticed how he reacted toward her the previous night and Christian felt bd about it, but she didn’t understand their and their customs. He knew Jenny could never kill him or the other, there was nothing in her that wanted to harm another person other than Xavier and his minions. Still, it was his genes to have some kind of aversion toward her as she did carry the vampiric DNA. Had she not been part wolf, Christian was positive that they would’ve become enemies. Yet their connection, though complex, was strong and the pull he felt toward Jenny was love – a bond that couldn’t be broken. Could it? At this moment it seemed they couldn’t even be around one another.

“I don’t hate you Jenny, I . . . I – ” He could not get a word in and it was clear that Jenny was upset. What he did hurt her. He leaned against the wall then, his arms crossed over his chest. ‘YOU’RE PART VAMPIRE!” He yelled in response. It was a truth they didn’t like, but the both of them knew that they could not run away from or ignore. “You don’t mean for me to go away Jenny. I know you are just confused, you’re tired –“ she had recoiled from his touch then, shifting fluidly like a ghost to the bed. “I chose to be with you and your – you’re turning your back on me? I could have lost you and to know – our child. “ He was grieving Cecilia, the child he didn’t even have. Chance to get to know and now Jenny was pushing him away. He knew he hadn’t handled things properly. Things were going to shit, and Jenny didn’t seem to want to give him a chance to fix it.

He huffed out in anger then. “You know starting to think that maybe you would have been happier if it had been me instead of Cecilia. I’d rather be dead if this is how you’re going to act.” Christian walked out of the cabin door slamming behind him. He had brushed pass Lauren who’s calm call didn’t do much to stop the male from storming off. Marcus had tried to stop Lauren from going to check on Jenny, but seeing the look on Christian’s face, it was clear that the tension was doing nothing to prepare them against their real enemy: Xavier. She was a bit nervous and her nose burned at the scent of Jenny as she was surrounded by vampires, making her own scent a bit pungent. Still she entered the room quietly, carrying some food and some water. She needed to get her health back up after what Xavier had did to her.

She was a bit careful in her movements as she edged toward the huddled figure on the bed. “Hey Jenny,” she said then. “Just figured you needed to eat something.”
  christian / SincerelyLily / 8d 7h 16m 2s
Jenny avoided looking at Christian, she was still hurt by his actions the previous day. She swallowed a little,
“I’m fine-“ She stopped because she wasn’t okay. She listened to his words and glanced at him when he cradled her face. She pushed him away.
“Last night?” She stared at him, looking weaker than ever. She was shaking all over, still feeling cold and she felt sick.
“Since last night you’ve looked at me like I’m the one who murdered Cecilia.” Jenny said to him.
“Like I’m a monster. I don’t know how else to prove to you I’m not- I expect Marcus to hate me, Lauren- But not you.” She said to him. She had lost their child, she was in pain mentally and physically.

“And I’d do it again, you are the only person I would put my life on the line for. No one else. You could have died trying to save Cecilia last night, you made the wrong decision with me Christian. But I didn’t kill her, I’m not a vampire!”

Jenny was lost.

“You look at me like I’m a killer- I’ve done everything your way, but last night you treated me like I was a monster.” She was quieter now, energy draining. She drew in a shaky breath and shivered.
“Just go away, Christian, you could barely touch me last night.” She said finally. She felt lost. She didn’t fit in this world or the vampires world or the human world, Christian could grieve Cecilia all he wanted but she felt inadequate, second best somehow and she had lost a child. They had lost a child. It didn’t make it any less painful for her.

“Just go.” Jenny insisted as she stepped away from him, white as a sheet and her red hair falling down and around her face. She made her way to the bed, curling up and staring at the wall. She felt sick, everything hurt, bare legs sticking out from beneath the gown. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her breaths shaky as she pulled a blanket over herself.
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