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Bryn Ryan shifted in his chair as he got the word the pod hand launch. Sitting up he cracked his fingers as he started typing away at his holo board. He had hacked into the station security system hours ago and had been watching them to see how to best trick them. Shortly after that he had started making a replay film that would override the main feed. It wasn’t hard as Impearl codes didn’t update that often so only after a hand full of typing, he was done. “Cameras are down and you clear to move in.” He said into the coms. “They will be watching a week ago feed and won't even notice.” He smiled at himself and his handy work.

“Good work Bryn.” A voice sadi form behind him in the command chair. An older looking human with a white long hair set back in a ponytail. A short but neatly trimmed beard coved his lower chine. Long line coved his face showing he seen thing that most men wouldn’t. “Tell James that the op is a go.” He said in a heavy rough voice.

“Roger Max” The commotion stations said. Max Handly was the ship second in command when James was away and his best friend. Max hand been around when James had come up with the idea for the Spirt and her missions. He had also been instrumental in the design of her engines. He was the oldest human on the ship and a least 20 years out of his prime but still pretty lively. He shown his skills in the clone wars and on many other operations before so everyone trusted his judgment when James want around.

“How's the unloading going?” He asked.

“Crain one just broke down and has slowed down the process. That should buy our girl an extra 30 minutes.”

“Good keep me updated on that process. Everything going smoothly.” Once of the few unspoken rules one the ship was not to wish anyone good luck as it often bought bad luck.

James walked off his ship into the air lock onto the Imperial station. He always worded when his people were out on the missions without him but it didn’t show. He knew his people were the best but the plan was his so if anything, when wrong he would hold himself reasonable. Walking into the office room he gave his big toothless smile. “Howdy Officer.” He said to the man behind the desk. “I regret to inform you are cranes are having some trouble. So, unloading going to take a bit longer then we had hoped.

The officer looked horrified as he looked out the window at the spirt drifting next to his stations. He didn’t want that think there any longer than he needs but if that Crain was broken then. “I will call some of my men to help start unloading/”

“That won't be ne necessary sir...”

“No, I have a tight schedule to keep and I can't have you lingering any longer then what I need.” Pulling out his coms. “Get my sections 4 unload crews now. We got a ship with a broken crane and I need it unloaded at once.” James didn’t hear the voice on the other line but he knew what that meant. They were pulling people out of the area his people would be raiding in a little bit making their job easier.
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Despite the small size of the room the luxury that it provided to its occupant was of the highest order. The bed which took up most of the space was thick and covered in the highest quality of sheets which the owner currently sat upon as she meditated. While the decorations were sparse there were a few art pieces worth thousands of credits on the wall. Although what made the owner the most excited was the veritable armory along one wall that included several lightsabers, two full wan-shens, half a dozen blasters, and an assortment of other more exotic weaponry.

Her meditation on the exquisite bed was interrupted by the distinct beeping, clicking, and whistling that made up droidspeak. It was a language that she was fluent in, but it did not stop her from letting out an annoyed sigh as her R4-series droid explained they were approaching their destination. While her droid understood basic she responded in droidspeak as well to dismiss them so that she could get ready. She had already been informed that she would lead this mission and was prepared on what she had to do.

Once she stood up it was clear that she was a well put together woman. On the taller side and with an athletic physique that most people would kill to possess. Pale skin that was common for an Arkanian along with grey eyes that revealed her supposed impurities. While her attire was usually a bit more flashy she was dressed in a custom shadowsuit for her upcoming mission. The black suit fit like a glove and provided about as much protection as being naked, but when it came to absorbing light and sound there was nothing better in the galaxy. So for a mission where stealth was key the shadowsuit reigned supreme.

After she got dressed she looked over her armory to see if there was anything she needed to bring. While she had a bag at her feet that was to store the device, although it also had something important in it as well. She looked longingly at her favored blaster carbine for a few seconds, but pulled away to select just a single discblade. A favored weapon of the Zeison Sha and one that was far quieter than her favorite blaster. Although she did pause to look at one of her silenced slugthrowers she ultimately decided against it.

From there she stepped out of her room into her high end ship and quickly out through the cargo hold into the immaculate hangar of the Spirit of Fire which it called home. It was a brilliantly designed space even by her high standards as the inside had all of the best tools you could ask for from a shipyard. All hidden behind the ugliest exterior she had ever seen on a ship. Of course some of that was on purpose, as nobody paid close enough attention to one of the bundles of bad welds to notice the hangar doors hidden beneath them.

Those hidden hangar doors proved useful as Sephira was able to slip out once the officer was safely occupied by the captain. A quick use of a trick from the Disciples of Twilight and she was aboard the port with none the wiser. The focus required for the technique would be too much to maintain all the way to the vault, but of course she had accounted for that fact. Once the officer ran off to get rid of the stink from the ship she took her opportunity to pop open a control panel and connect their device.

When she was on her own she would have had to sneak one of her droids with her to get control of the security systems in a hurry. Thanks to the processing power of the Spirit of Fire and the skill level the crew provided though it was quick enough by providing them a wireless link. All she had to do from there was wait for them to confirm that the cameras had been spoofed successfully and she could make her way to the vaults.

She got the all clear from the wireless voice and at the same time a reminder that she had less than two hours to get the job done. Along with a warning that she was to be sure to not leave a trace. A warning that got a rude hand gesture from her in reply as she became visible again. Since they were in control of the cameras she could be sure that only the intended target could see.

[b “I'll remind you that force artifacts and droids are a specialty of mine. You just need to make sure that the slicing job is done properly and that you can get me the layout like promised. The rest is pure sabacc.”]
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The Imperial ports officer looked up at the decrepit looking ship slow coasted into the number seven port. He was discussed just in how bad of shape it was and even more so that it was docking with his station. It looked like it should be head to the scape yard not dropping off supply. The hull was a miss match color and paints. Holes where blown out in a different location all over the hull. Some had seemed to be patched up with anything that the crew could find and welded to the outside. Two of the three cranes that hoved over her deck looked ready to collapse at the slighted movement. The inspector could see several men in space suit walking around on the deck of this readying one of the crains to begin the off load.

“My god.” The officer said shaking his head as he heard to hiss of the air lock showing that the ship was now locked into his station. The door opened to a man who looked just as bad as the ship he had arrived on. He was a tall human with a long brown beard that ends had started turning white. It was clearly not maintained very well as it was uneven and trimmed. The man gut threated to burst out of its bulked at any moment. A stanched pored off the man that almost man the officer puck.

“Howdy panther.” He said in a thick outer rim accent. “Name Captain Nemo and I'm happy captain of the WU.” HE smiled showing off a yellow and uneven smile. He reacted out a sweaty hand to the Officer. The officer looked at it but didn’t shake it. He wanted nothing to do with this man or his ship but protocol demanded that he searched to ship for any illegal or any hint of anything out of place.

“Yes, hello Captain.” He said bringing himself to attain. “I see you are dropping off a shipment of blaster?” He said reading his data pads.

“That right sir.” He said waving and walking back the way he had come. “I got everything in my office.” The office gulped as he followed him and was glad, he hadn't had lunch yet. The inside of the ship was even worse than he thought. Trash littered to the floor as they walked toward the captain office. The captain cabin wasn’t much better as everything in it was clear held together by magic as it looked older than the ship itself. “Please have a seat sir while I find the paper work.”

Looking down at the ricked chair the man had offered he designed to stand. It didn’t look like could hold a child weight let alone a full-grown man. “I’ll stand.” He said looking away as Nemo searched his desk for the right data chip.

“Dam thing in here somewhere.” He said tossing a few onto the desk to get them out of his way. “Aaa here it is” He said pulling out the chip and handing it over. “Now once you load that up, I'll take you down to the hold to inspected the moment...” The office eyed widen at the thought of having to go deeper.

“No no that wouldn’t be necessary.” He said looking over the order. “We check everything once it safely off your ship and in my stations. I will contact you once it done and we transfuse the payment. Now if you will excuse me I have many importin things to deal with.” With that the officer turned around and almost sprinted out the door and then back to his space station.

“Well I think that a new recorded.” A unknow voice said into Nemo ear.

“I swore I saw his skin crawling off his body the second he stepped into my office.” Nemo said but his thick accent gone. “Is everything set?”

“Roger chairmen.” The voice said. “Team 1 is ready to launch and only waiting on your word.”

“Good tell Sephira to make it quick we at most got two hours to find the artifact and get back here before we are kicked out.”

“Copy that James they get it done.” James smiled as he rubbed his fake beard. His people were trained for this but he still felt bad for not being able to go with them to help complete this mission.

James Anderson was the captain of the Spirt of Fire. He ran what he called the Corporation. A high-tech spy group that took on danger mission. Most that people would call impossible. They did this by looking like a rundown cargo ship but was really a top of the line war ship and spy ship.

Today they had been higher to retrieve a Jedi Holocon form a station that it was being transported thought. It was under heavy guard form most threats but not form what the Corporation had planned. A small team had been put tougher with the ship Force expert taking point in how to handle the object once they had it. From what they found out the Holocon was being held in a valut in the privet section of the stations being guard 24/7 by droids.

“Also remained her to not leave any trace she was there.” James said smiling as he imaged the pod shot form the Spirt slowly making it way to the target.
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