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Kuroo shrugged. “Sounds too complicated,” he muttered. He pulled out his phone, calling himself from Tsukishimas. Phone. Then he saved the number off his phone. “I’ll text you,” he said as he handed the phone back.

Kenma glanced over at Hinata, giving a shy smile.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 5h 9m 41s
Tsukishima laughed a little. “Sorry. Here.” He pressed his thumb to the button, and it unlocked. “You can add your own fingerprint if you want.”

Hinata bit his lip. “Maybe? I guess?”
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 2d 5h 12m 54s
Kuroo blinked down at it. “You have to unlock it first. I don’t know your password. Unless it’s I love Kuroo Tetsurou.”

Kenma shrugged. “Is that what we’re silupoosed to do?”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 5h 25m 22s
Tsukishima shuffled over to his bag and grabbed his phone, handing it to the Alpha. “Here.”

Hinata blushed. “S-So… do we k-kiss?”
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 2d 6h 28m 16s
Kuroo nodded. "Give me your phone so I can put my number in it."


Kenma nodded, faintly humming his agreement.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 6h 45m 38s
Tsukishima shrugged. “We could FaceTime, maybe.”


Hinata shrugged, bright pink. “So are you my boyfriend?”
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 2d 7h 14s
Kuroo nodded. “Yeah. We can work it out though...”

Kenma glanced over at Hinata. “I’m probably not the best person to date but okay..”

( he means he’s not good at dating
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 14h 34m 16s
Tsukishima took his glasses, sliding them on. “Thanks. I guess we can… but it’s expensive.”

Hinata squeaked. “D-Do you… wanna… date me?”
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 3d 2h 59m 8s
Kuroo cane back with his glasses. “We can still visit each other. Save money for weekend trips.”

Kenna’s face turned impossibly red. “Me too..”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 3d 4h 31m 0s
Tsukishima rubbed his tired eyes. “Thank you. I’ll miss you once this is over.”

Hinata bit his lip furiously. “Mmm… and I also like you!” he blurted.
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 3d 5h 41m 53s
Kuroo nodded, smiling. “Okay, Tsukki.” He stood, padding over to the sinks.

Kenma Dell silent, tapping furiously on his game.
  Greyson / 6d 3h 19s
Tsukishima sighed. “Thanks,” he mumbled. “Can you get them? I can’t see…”

Hinata let out a small squeak.

((Sorry dinner <3
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 6d 3h 46m 19s
“I didn’t do anything though,” Kuroo defended. “You’re glasses are on a sink, I think.”

“Y-You’re pretty cute too, I guess..”
  Greyson / 6d 4h 7m 32s
Tsukishima pouted. “Then stop turning me on! Where are my glasses?”

Hinata’s eyes went wide, and he slapped his hands over his mouth. “S-Sorry!”
  Tsukishima Kei / Kitten- / 8d 4h 58m 36s
Kuroo let out a small chuckle, kissing his temple. “We just had sex, silly.”

Now Kenna’s face turned red. “T-Thanks..”
  Greyson / 8d 13h 25m 13s

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