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Gianna always had a way of showing up at the wrong time.
In this case, it was when the two were sharing a nice, kind and ever so loving embrace with a kiss that she had cleared her throat to make herself known - and the two soon pulled apart.

It was time.
The interview that would either make their career's to steer on the right track or people would think it was all a load of hogwash and not take them seriously.
That was what Emily was afraid of.
They had been down the road before and while people were happy for them and looked forward for the two Actors to of finally found happiness - it fell apart.
What wold stop them all from thinking it was not going to last a second time?

The interview went well.
Harmless questions were thrown and sincere harmless answered were given back and before she knew it - it was all over.
It was like quickly taking off a band aid; just do it and the pain would be minimal and over before one would know.

[b "They didn't need to show that video though. At least parts were blurred. Jesus. Can we sue?...."] Emily had asked Dimitri the moment the two went backstage and mic's were disconnected and battery packs were removed from their lower backs.
[i “Oh come on, it’s out there and t’s going to be seen either way. You want to sue the whole world?”]
[b "No, just the people who released it. Aren't you afraid it's going to go on porn sites? or maybe ruin our careers?..."]

Soon, the couple had moved into their new home and Emily could not of been happier.
The wedding plans were well underway and it often kept her busy in between movies she had managed to grasp firmly. The video did not stop their career's but it did slow it down and Dimitri, did not like it - one bit.

Emily didn't mind that it was all slowing down as she finally got to take a rest and actually look at her life and enjoy the finer things.
Dimitri - did not.

He was outside by the pool on a beautiful sunny day that Emily wandered out and gently placed herself on her Fiance's lap and looked at him.

[b "You look, really forlorn. It's just a minor bump in the road, you'll find the perfect part for you; it'll just take a little longer than you want it too."] she spoke softly, pushing a little hair out from his face.

Dimitri remained quiet.

[b "I do need your help though. I cannot decide between white roses or Casablanca lilies for the wedding..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 54d 2h 19m 38s
Throughout her life, Emily had nothing but heartache and loneliness.
A marriage that was short lived and tabloids that had nothing but the meanest words of a man who hated her yet did not even know her.
A man who she signed up to do a movie with, knowing full well what he had said.

Why she did it, she had no idea.
Perhaps it was to shut him up.
Perhaps it was to see if he was as troublesome as she thought.

Their lives soon took a turn when Emily fell in love with Dimitri, perhaps the very moment she saw him.
They had such a connection that was too strong to hide and too hard to ignore so both - acted on their feelings and kissed, slept with each other on a drunken whim.

Now look.
They were engaged for the second time and better than they were before, despite breaking apart in such a hateful manner.
Love conquered all.

Standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room that was marked with her name, Emily looked at herself and her outfit.
Hair done.
Face done.
The smile on her face done the moment she heard a voice and turned around slowly - seeing Dimitri coming in, speaking words that made her heart flutter.
[i “How is it you look more beautiful every time I see you?”]
[b "It radiates from me. I have a man who loves me.."] she replied, stepping in - feeling Dimitri's arms around waist and the pair shared a kiss, a longing, loving kiss that was soon broken with Gianna's pitchy voice.

[+red Haven’t you guys had enough contact from earlier?”]
[b "One would think so, but no..."] Emily spoke before being ushered out to the stage, clearing her throat and looked around as a small mic was connected and attached to her outfit.

In a short while the Host came out and the interview went according to plan.
Questions were asked and Emily, along with Dimitri replied to them as best as they could while sitting close to one another, lacing fingertips while they held hands.
They spoke honestly.
Nothing was held back.

The footage of the store of the two of them - blurry but one could make out enough was on the screen and Emily could feel her heart sink.
They handled it well.
They chuckled and tried to make the whole situation funny and light.

Sex was a natural thing.
Two people having sex was nothing to be shy about.

When the interview finished, it was a relief off their shoulders.
Now they could go on and marry and live a happy life without hiding anything.
Stepping off from the stage, mic's were disconnection and Emily breathed out.

[b "That was scary. I never want to do something like that again, I swear for a moment, I thought I was going to hurl. They didn't need to show that video though. At least parts were blurred. Jesus. Can we sue?...."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 60d 11h 12m 34s
Emily did not know about the woman behind the counter being sneaky and wrote her phone number on the piece of receipt.
The woman had brass balls to even consider writing her number down to a famous Actor let alone the woman he loved being in the same store, but she did it.

Dimitri put the written paper in his pocket.
They were all set.
Bags in hand, Emily smiled as she exited the store and all she could see was flashes of camera's flicking on then off.
Dimitri had his arm around Emily's waist and both headed towards the direction of their car.

The car that would take them to the studio.

The paps were asking questions, many questions and they wanted answers but the two Actors kept their mouth's closed. All would be spoken about in the interview that started in a few hours and the two needed to get their asses to the lot, asap.

Coming to the car, Emily did not see Dimitri look at his phone as she was too distracted with her own.
She did not see any pictures but Dimitri did; all thanks to a message from Gianna.

[b "We better get going, hunny.."] she muttered and within minutes, Dimitri listening - started the car and took off, away from the flashing lights to the studio.
It was a nice drive.
The two spoke to each other and Emily could not hide her excitement on buying a new house and moving in and hopefully soon - starting a family after they got married.

Once coming to the studio, Emily and Dimitri got out of the car and were separated to their own different rooms to get ready.

Emily got changed into Versace with Louboutin shoes while her hair done up and make up simply natural.

Tonight, while LIVE - they would speak answers on questions they were given to them and they would not hold back.
Tonight was the night of confessions.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 77d 4h 38s
Another one in red?

Emily smiled as she listened to Dimitri speak on getting the same outfit in a different colour.
The white was good for their honeymoon but red...red was the colour of sex, seduction - perfect for the kinky fucking the pair tended to do.

Slowly, Emily removed herself from Dimitri.
Standing up and felt the appendage slip out from inside her and felt a kiss on her forehead before her lover zipped up pants and adjusted.
The two weren't that quiet.
Surely a few customers and the shop clerks heard things now and again and Emily became embarrassed once knowing this.

Prayed that it would not be in the papers or social media in the few following hours.

[i “I’ll get everything all purchased for you.”]
[b "No, sweetheart. I can pay for this..."]
[i “I will meet you in the front alright?”]

He did not take no for an answer.

Smiling, Emily nodded and shifted back to the change room and removed the lingerie from her body slowly as the material was expensive and fragile.
Keeping it safe in her hands - fully dressed in the outfit she arrived in, Emily left the room and wandered back out to the front.

Both garments - white and red paid for.

Stopping, Emily continued to look at more items she had missed while the man she loved was at the counter, paying and getting attention from a Clerk
An attractive woman with a big rack - not exactly caring he was with Emily and instead, wrote her number on a docket.

Emily did not see this.
Instead, continued to look around.

Trusting him completely despite knowing his past.

Smiling, she approached the counter and placed her hand on Dimitri's shoulder - kissing him upon the cheek while people outside with camera's wanted to take pictures.

[b "Is everything okay? ...ready to go?..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 80d 10h 21m 5s
It was a private booth.
A booth for just the two of them. It was good being rich and famous as at times, they could get whatever they wanted; and in this case - privacy.

Putting on the lace garment, Emily quite liked it and she hoped - Dimitri did too.
Pushing the curtain to the side, she showed off the outfit and did a little spin around to show off all the goods.
What was she kidding?
Emily knew that this lace garment on her body would not last 5 minutes on their honeymoon night, so was she willing to spend over a thousand dollars for this?

It was confirmed the moment Dimitri saw it.
The look on his face made her want to buy it as it seemed to do wonders.

Solid minutes later, the string underwear was removed from her lower half, Dimitri pulled himself out from the hole in his pants thanks to the zipper being lowered and Emily straddled waist and could feel his thickness pop and slide into her.
Hands on shoulders, head tilted back - the Actress rode her husband, rocking hips back and forth - sighing and moaned.

Oh, she was a dirty girl.
The words she spoke, were the dirtiest and it only made Dimitri work harder.
The faster she got, as did he.
It was considered a quickie fuck as they did not have time to make it last.

The two came together - there, on the seat in their private fitting room and all she could do was smile.

[i “Well, that’s one off our list yeah?”]
[b "Mmmhmm, oh yeah. I think, this outfit is a definite yes, don't you think?..."] she replied before returning the kiss.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 84d 4h 55m 43s
Inside the store, there were racks upon racks of lingerie. The finest lingerie - from silk to satin.
Some velvet which was quite weird to say the least and it was one thing she did not choose.
Velvet against her body - she did not like and would avoid it if she could.

Looking around, rack to rack - Emily reached through and chose pieces that she thought were divine and would look good in. Dimitri followed behind like a lost puppy and she hoped, he did not find this boring. She hoped, but little did she knew he was actually excited about all this.
The woman he loved would be trying on lingerie for him. What could be better than that?

[b "Ill try on...this one ...and this one..this...this..."] she muttered, choosing the pieces before finally shifting down to the back in a private fitting area.
A booth that had a curtain that would cover her body.
Dimitri was to sit in front as their was a plush couch provided.

Emily had tried on several pieces tat she showed off by stepping out from behind the curtain.
Dimitri impressed with a few...while a few got the shaking of a head and told to put back.

The last however, was a white lace set - corset and a thong that was nothing but a string.
Perfect for their honey moon.

[b "What do you think of this one?..."] she spoke, stepping out and doing a turn.
He liked it.
Dimitri liked it enough to stand up and slowly, pushed Emily back into the booth and made sure that the door was closed.

[b "Dimitri?..."]
[i "I think we have some time..."]
[b "Oh?..."] Emily asked before receiving a kiss on the lips before feeling a mouth nibbling at her slender neck. Dimitri's hands pushing down the string like thong and spoke words that made the woman giggle.
She sure knew what happens when he saw her wearing hardly anything.

[i “Or should we get back to the hotel?”]
[b "I've never done it in a booth before. I think you should fuck me..."] she spoke softly, biting her lower lip as she got excited, just as excited as he - getting wetter by the second. [b "Don't make me wait.."]
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 86d 6h 22m 57s
Held hands.
That was what the two did as both wandered the pavement along the string of stores that were high end in luxury.
The had passed several doors that called out to Emily and being sucked in - dragged Dimitri inside.

He had a face of boredom, that was for sure.
Why didnt men like shopping with their respective others?
What was so bad about it?

Emily did buy several pieces of clothing with the money she had earned throughout the years on being on screen, however it was one store they both came too that Dimitris eyes somewhat perked up.
A place filled with lingere.
A place where woman bought undergarments either for comfort, necessity or just to arouse they partners.

Emily dragged Dimitri inside and was welcomed by a staff member who was somewhat speechless on who just entered the store.
Mentioned that if they needed help, they were there and Emily smiled.

Rack after rack, she had wandered by - picking different items from string thongs to silk teddies.
Dimitri sat down slowly on a red velvet couch and faced the change cubicle whole Emily stepped in and stripped herself down to bare naked.
Alot of items were to be tried.

Stepping out in the first one, a periwinkle lace teddy caught Dimitris eye as one could see through the lace.
It was a yes.
As time went by, verdicts were in. Yes and No's he threw out.

"Okay. Last one..." she spoke - stepping out in a thong that was white. French silk. A thong that hardly covered anything..just a single strip up the front of her along with the back.
A corset ..white and the same.material that pushed up those luscious tits.

"For our wedding night?..." she spoke - circling around, giving Dimitri a look at the goods.
  MeisjeKelly / 96d 3h 24m 22s

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