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Ava did not expect a message back and when she did - she was actually taken by surprise.
An even bigger surprise when she read what the message had said.

Never in million years did she honestly feel that she think that the relationship - the friendship she and Tristan shared would break the way it did.
A relationship they worked so hard on during the younger years.

Yes, she was apologizing.
One of them had to make the first move and it might of ben her and she knew it wasn't going to be him.

The message he sent was cruel.
It was hurtful, especially now that she knew the truth.

Danielle was pregnant?!

Ava looked away from the phone screen - wiped her eyes and looked back at the message.
Surely, what she saw was no right.

[i “I’m spending the weekend with Danielle and her parents. She’s pregnant.”]

Closing the message section down on her phone, Aa bit her lower lip and sighed as she dialled a number - pacing her apartment, waiting for a ring.
Pressed a number on the keypad and was soon directed to a woman on the other line.

[+red "Delta Airlines. Maria speaking...."]
[b "Hello Maria.... ----"] Ava spoke before going on a shpeel that she needed to change her flight. [b "I have a flight tomorrow to New York. UH167, leaving at 8am. Is it at all possible that I can change the flight to one that leaves tonight?..."] she spoke - asking, sounding desperate.

A fee was charged but at that point, Ava did not care.
She needed to leave and she needed to leave now.

Throwing her phone - it collided with the headboard of her bed before falling onto the bed.
Screen was cracked that added more anger.

[b "Fuck!...."] she screamed - sighing - hanging her head before packing those bags.
Two suitcases filled to the brim, it was there Ava did not reply the message to Tristan and she wondered if he even cared.
It didn't matter anymore.

He knew her number.
He knew where she would be the weekend if he changed his mind to at least try to make amends and it was hours later, still no reply that she left her apartment at 6pm to catch the flight at 7:30pm.

The message he had sent was cold, but it was loud and clear.

Tristan no longer needed Ava, evident with the news he would be having a family and there was no room for her in it.

The airport was busy.
Carting her luggage to the counter, she presented her cases and ticket before making her way to the waiting bay and waited for her plane to arrive.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 58d 16h 33m 47s
It was a fight that simply could not be taken back.
The pair had a share of their fights over the course of years that they had been friends, but this one certainly took the cake.
If it had been a situation where the two of them were drunk when those nasty words were spoken - then perhaps they could of built a bridge and gotten over it; however it was not that way.

Both were sober.
Both said things that maybe they did not mean but there was some truth behind it all.

Ava ended up in in her apartment, alone.

She was not kidding when she spoke to Tristan about it being cold and lonely.
The pain in her heart made the poor girl sore and it was evident of this the moment she stepped into the shower to remove all the trashy clown make up off her face where she cried.
Not only had she lost her best friend but she had lost a connection with someone that was now broken - as well as getting hurt due to the feelings that grew for the man.

[b I;m such an idiot...."] she spoke, crying - wiping tears from her face the moment she removed herself from the shower and dried herself down before collapsing onto the bed where she foolishly checked her phone.
What was she thinking?
Tristan was harsh and stubborn - there was no way he would contact her.

Face in the pillow, the stupid girl who almost fell in love with her best friend managed to close her eyes and fall asleep, for a few hours at least.
Eyes had opened again at 5am.
The sun was rising slowly in the sky and still not a message was received or a phone call was made which made Ava sick in her gut.

Moving up and out of bed, she decided to start the day off with a bang.
A bottle of wine, a single glass and her cell phone as the doors of her balcony opened and she sat upon a chair and watched the sky, pouring a little of the booze.
Wine first thing in the morning. If that was not a sign of heartache, she had no idea what was.

[+red "I'm sorry about last night. I will be going back home for a few days for my parents vow renewal. I hope you will come as they have extended an invite for you. Let me know.."]

Ava bit her lower lip and typed the message before sending it - not knowing about the good news of him and Danielle on having a baby.

Getting away for a few days would be good.
It would do her a lot of good but what she wanted was for Tristan to show up.
Their connection was too strong to hide and Ava knew that he was jealous of Danny last night but did not know how to speak of it. Her response could of been better also and now she wanted to prove it.

It was falling on deaf ears.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 60d 13h 5m 53s
The nerve!

[i "Are you out of your mind?”]
[b "Well shit, I must be ...because I don't know how I have put up with you for all these years!"] Ava spoke, loudly to him the moment after she had swilled him with beer.
Tristan's shirt was soaked, somewhat see through because of the white fabric but the women in the club did not seem to mind as they got a good view of the outline of those rippling pectorals.
His face wet from the spray back and before he could get another word in - Ava grabbed her clutch purse from the countertop of the bar and made her way out, Danny following behind.

Sadness filled her body.
Anger boiled her blood.

Standing on the pavement in-front of the nightclub, Danny placed a hand on her lower lip as they both began to make their way down the street, holding out n arm for a taxi cab to stop.
A big yellow taxi soon approached with their hailing a success however the moment the door opened, Tristan's voice carried over at her direction and she turned around, staring at him.

[i “You know what Danny, I hope you like sloppy seconds – or thirds or – you know at this point I’ve lost count.]
[b "Oh, you fucking cunt!...] Ava screamed out, rushing towards Tristan to either punch him straight for the nose or to slap him hard across the face.
It was a lunge she made but was soon held back by Danny's strong arm around her waist, and pulled her back that caused Tristan to become lucky she didn't break his face.
[b "Fucking prick, say it to my face instead of my back turned!. God damn coward.."]

Security began to surround them.

[+green "Ava, he isn't worth it. Come on."]

Ava lunged forward again, completely and utterly destroyed but again was stopped and pulled away.

[i "So yeah Ava, have fun being the slut you are and how about not ever calling me again?’]
[b "You are so not worth it, Tristan. You are a liar, a promise breaker and a cheater! I'm telling Danielle all about our little secret, so consider this our friendship over. Enjoy being single, you fucking asshole!"] she spoke to him in a harsh manner. A disrespectful manner before being turned around and ushered into the car, while Guards slowly went their own way - knowing the fight was over.

Ava ended up going back to her apartment alone, a good solid hour later.
Nothing had happened between her and Danny and perhaps that was for the best.

The worst of it all was Ava wasn't even drunk and neither was Tristan so their fight was as real as it could get.
Spending time in the shower, a cloth wiped all the trash make up off her skin along with dirty and sweat - perhaps of beer that she managed to get on her when she swilled her now ex best friend.

Out of the shower, wiped down naked and dry - Ava crashed onto the bed and cried into the pillow while a cold and empty apartment surrounded her.
As stubborn as Tristan was, she knew he would not come by to see if she was okay or to mend their friendship.

It was over.

Now, she had to tell Danielle - but that could wait until morning.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 61d 5h 32m 25s
Sex with a stranger.

Ava raised her eyebrow from the comment she had just heard from Tristan and her eyes narrowed.
How dare he.
"Sex with a stranger is called a 'one night stand', Tristan - and so what? Honestly. I rather fuck a stranger and be comforted for a single night than to be alone in a cold bed. At least I'd get some pleasure from it..." Ava spoke back - keeping her eyes upon the man who was her best friend and the man she was falling for.

Convenient timing.

The time he had a girlfriend was the time she deeply cared.
Why didnt she feel this way for him before Danielle showed up?

Tristan continued to hold her waist in a vice grip.
Bodies pressed up hard against each others own and for a moment, Ava swore she could feel his bulge.
Why didnt they end it now?
What was there to end? All they did was have sex twice.

The tone in his voice was angry and it scared her a little bit.

"Fine. Let's end it. You want it? ..you got it..." she replied as Tristan let her go and walked off speaking in a huff and in a tone that made her sad and livid in one.


Ava followed him out of the backroom - back to the outside where lights continued to flicker and music blared.
Tristan went behind the bar and took shots while Ava - grabbed the glass of beer that belonged to her and untouched before swilling her friend.
A drink swill was something utterly disrespectful.

It went all over him.
His chest- soaking his shirt while wetting up that gorgeous face of him.

"Nothing fun about it, you asshole..." Ava spoke harshly - a glare upon her face before turning and began to walk towards the exit of the club.

Danny being left behind.

That was it.

Ava had enough.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 62d 12h 15m 2s
She should have expected this.
Ava knew full well wat she was getting herself into but deep down - she truly wanted to see on how Tristan would react.
If there was a slight hint of jealousy or huff in voice, she knew that he was bothered which would be a great sign, right?

Maybe it wasn't a good idea that she showed up with her date, but the girl needed to know.

In the back room, Ava hopefully Tristan got the hint but when she stayed in there for almost a good five minutes, she was let down with no sign of his appearance.
That was when she took her leave.
here was no way she was going to stand there any longer and look like a damn fool, so she left.
Approaching the bar, eyes that glistened from the lights that flickered, Ava raised an eyebrow as she wandered to the counter top, feeling the tension and seeing the angry look upon Tristan's face.

[b "Is everything alright?..."] she spoke loudly, looking at Tristan, to Danny then back to Tristan again only for now, getting the finger.
The finger of to follow; to come hither to which, the girl did like a lost little lamb into the back room.
Stepping through the swing doors, Ava crossed her arms and stood there out from the line of sight from the circular window.

[i “That’s what we are doing now?”]
[b "Doing what?..."] she spoke, shrugging her shoulders as her eyes continued to stare at Tristan, trying to play dumb.
[i “You’re telling me and Danielle not to rub our relationship in your face and you bring that guy here? Some random man that doesn’t care about you? Just using you like every other guy.”]

Ava sighed and rolled her eyes - uncrossing her arms only to shake her head.
[b "You knew I was bringing a date around tonight for a drink. I told you that this morning; and he is not some random guy - he is Danny. I'm using him as much as he is using me. It's sex, Tristan, nothing more..."] she replied - trying to play all of this off as calmly and cooly as possible.

He stepped in close then.

Ava again - raised an eyebrow slightly at his actions as she felt his arms snake around her waist.
Skin pressing against the coldness of the chainmail dress she was wearing.

[i “I’m not letting you leave with him. You leave with him and I know I’m just someone fun to be with too. You want to still see other people then you don’t need to be with me.”]

[b "You're not letting me leave with him? You want me to go home alone, while you get to go home to someone waiting for you?..."] she spoke in a tone of seriousness.

How as this fair.
She was to go home to an empty apartment, cold and alone - in a lonesome bed while Tristan got to go home to kisses and sex and company?

[b "I am alone, Tristan. You are not an option for me!..."]

Ava kept her eyes on Tristan as the two stood close to each other in arms, sharing an embrace.
[b "You..are not an option...for me..."] Ava repeated, slower and softer.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 63d 18h 32m 39s
Pushing the swinging door open, Ava bit her lower lip and approached the locker that had her name scribbled over it with liquid eraser.
White letters in capital of that saying AVA.

Hand upon the door, a big sigh left her mouth as she closed her eyes and breathed out with a hung head.
She knew it was wrong to show up with a date.
She knew it was a messed up thing to hope that with Tristan seeing her and Danny together that something would rise for the Male to fest up feelings....if he had any.

The plan had backfired though.
The moment Ava looked at Tristan and him not seeming to care, broke her on the inside to which she hit the locker in pure frustration.
Her feelings were involved.
Her feelings were taking over and in the long run, it would be her who would get hurt because Tristan had a girlfriend.

A vile, manipulative girlfriend.

Opening her eyes, Tristan still had not entered the room like she had hoped and slowly she turned around and looked at the door for several moments and yet, still nothing.

Nodding slowly, acknowledging this - it was here shifted from the lockers and wandered out of the back room.
Heels clicking against the floor and left.to go back into the loud club and to the bar where her eyes watched two men.
Both strong.
Both masculine.

Tristan having a face of hatred.

"Is everything okay?..." she spoke, a face of curiosity and a a face of for him to just to shut up and kiss her as she was right here....right for him.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 64d 14h 24m 52s
Ava did not want to do this.
It was there in the nightclub when her eyes laid on Tristan behind the bar, working - that she knew that perhaps what she did was wrong.
She was here.
She was at the bar after having dinner with a man ..she asked on a date because of a white lie.

Ava told Tristan she had a date and quickly had to come up with one.

Standing at the bar with strobe lighting flashing through the crowd of people that were dancing - drinking and having a good time, Ava kept her eyes on Tristan who was working so skillfully before snapping back to reality the moment arms snaked around her waist.

Ava turned her head and gave off a smile.
Danny leaning in and gently smelt hair that was scented vanilla before grabbing Tristans attention and yelled out for 2 beers.
The one drink that brought the two best friends together when they were young
They drank beer the night they had sex.

Biting her lower lip, it was there she heard his voice speaking on if she wanted the usual.
Ava stared upon the man who had slept in her bed the night before and shook her head.

"The beer is fine.." she called out before turning to Danny and looked at him.

"I work here! I need to go to the back to my locker! ...I'll be..right...back!...." she spoke loudly over the music only to be silenced with a kiss from her date - upon the lips for a single moment by the bar before making her way to the back staff quarters to the locker bay.

Danny remained at the bar.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 64d 19h 26m 34s
Yes, a date.
Ava, had a date - that she mentioned to Tristan however, there was no man.
The man simply came along the moment the door closed and Tristan was on the other side.
Scrambling to grab the little black book by the phone that was still connected via landline, Ava bit her lower lip and turned pages - finally landing a name that she raised an eyebrow over.

Late in his 20's, Danny.
The firefighter that came to her rescue the so called one day she accidentally managed to set her oven alight.
Sparks, to say the least - flew.

Dialling his number, teeth continued to bite her lower lip and listened closely to the call.
It rang...and rang....and rang - and Ava was about to hang up until finally, the voice of Danny was on the other end.
[b "Danny? ...It's Ava, I ..set my oven on fire. Yeah, Hi..."] she spoke, giving off a soft laugh - some sincere, some from embarrassment. [b "I was hoping you were available tonight for a few drinks? ...dinner, maybe?..."] she continued to speak while Danny, casually said yes.

That came the moment Ava sighed with relief.

Hanging up, Ava closed her eyes and breathed out before shifting from the kitchen counter and made her way to the bedroom, wandering into the bathroom and ran herself a well needed shower.
She needed to get all the fluid, sweat and spit off from her skin, especially the smell of the man who she considered her best friend, the man she missed already and cared for deeply.

Spending the remainder of the day, was infront of the tv - glasses upon the bridge of her nose and tried to study through pages of a book that completely bored her.
Taking down notes.
Drinking coffee.
Having a good solid hour nap, it was later that it was time to get up and get ready for her date.

Ava had another shower to smell fresh.
Hair washed and soon blow dried the moment she got out of the shower and dried herself down.
Towel around her waist, fingers ran through her hair as she dried the strands and gave them a little twist.
Small thong, Ava picked the silver chain mail dress that was backless.
Sparkle strapless heeled shoes and a good solid inch diamente' choker around her neck.

Dewey skin and make up only with winged eyeliner and a bold red lip - Ava rushed through her apartment, grabbed her clutch and went out to the door to meet Danny.

Drinks and dinner went well.
The two laughed.
Had quite the conversation while their legs felt up each other's own and Ava even more impressed that he paid for it all.

Close to one another, the pair wandered the street and they past the nightclub that she had worked and pulled him to the direction of the door.
[b "One more drink...come on..."] she spoke, smiling as she pulled Danny inside.

The music was loud.
Light pounding.

Wandering to the bar, Ava looked at Tristan who was working the bar and she sighed.
He was beautiful.
She missed him.

Danny coming behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
[+red "A little loud!..."]
[b "Its a club, what do you expect?!.."] she spoke, giving off a laugh and a smile.

[+red "Yo, bar man! .... two beers!.."] he called out towards Tristan with two fingers being held up.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 67d 15h 35m 55s
How can two people have such a connection and ignore it throughout the years they had been friends?
Why did they decide that now was the perfect time to fool around when Tristan was involved with another woman instead of him being single?
Was it the chase?
Was it the fact that they could possibly get caught?

These were the things that Ava's mind ran through the moment she brought the mug of coffee to her lips an took that sip that only caused her throat to give out a warm sigh.
Coffee was exactly what she needed.
Yes, the pair had slept but she honestly could of used a few more hours considering the incredible night she had.

Wat did Tristan think about the night they shared?
Ava knew he enjoyed fucking her; due to the naughty an nasty things he was saying to her and him cumming more than once throughout the night.

In a t-shirt and panties, Ava remained by the kitchen counter and heard the shower turn off and took another sip of the coffee as she pulled a newspaper to her by sliding it on the countertop and began to turn pages, somewhat reading the news and several article pieces until she heard a clearing of throat.
Tristan had exited the shower, dressed an entered the room she was in and Ava tilted her head up and looked at him.

He was beautiful.

Ava was screaming on the inside, begging for him to stay but all she could do was smile at him acknowledging his presence.

[i "So, I guess I'll see you at work?..."] he spoke, not even a hello, a good morning - nothing and Ava sighed.
He was uncomfortable.
[b "I'm not working tonight. I have a date but I'll try to swing by to say hello.."] she spoke, keeping her eyes on the man who was her best friend and had feelings for.

Her reply came with a silence.

The pair looked at each other until finally, it was Tristan who spoke on having to get going.
Ava nodded slowly and kept in her spot, taking another sip of the coffee that she held in her hands by the handle of the mug.

[b "Okay, i'll see you later. Drive home safe..."] she replied, keeping those eyes on the man.

It was not long after that Tristan left an Ava turned away from the direction of the door and sighed - putting down the mug and let go of the handle.
Sadness began to take over as she was alone....again...

[b "Now I have to find a date! ..Shit..."] she muttered to herself an grabbed the little black book by the phone and opened it up - flicking through the names and numbers.
Danielle was not going to let this go.
Ava hated knowing that she was the root cause of this, but Danielle somewhat deserved it,
Danielle, sure perhaps was a nice person to others but to her; was nothing but a cruel woman who wanted Tristan out of Ava's life.

The fear of Tristan changing his mind swam through her head. He would not just up and leave right?
Tristan had just called Danielle - she might of used the guilt trip on him to come home and that frightened Ava to bits as she was used to being walked out on by that man.

Sitting upon her best friend's lap, two best friends that decided to become intimate again later in life, kissed.
Ava had kissed him first but with little hesitation, Tristan soon came into his own and pressed harder into the intimate connection while hands trailed her body.
It was nice.
It was sensual.

Just the two of them alone in her apartment.
The TV still paused on the screen and not a sound radiated throughout the house beside her moans of feeling like a million bucks, feeling wanted and like a Queen.
Clothes were removed once again.
Ava tilted her head back and made those sexual noises up toward the ceiling as she rode Tristan as good as she possibly could before letting out a squeal.
A quick sharp gasp as she was lifted up off the piece of furniture and carried like a bride over the threshold towards the bedroom and welcomed Tristan's mouth in between her legs.

Fingers ran through strands of his hair and pulled him in closer only to climax somewhat over his face only to be roughed up and fucked in the holes that she begged for.
After it was all said and done, together - the two fell asleep in a messed up bed - in each others arms like a loved up couple.

It was exactly what Ava wanted and desperately needed.
She did not wake up the moment he slipped from her embrace, but the moment the shower ran, it was the water that fell that woke her up.
Eyes fluttering open, Ava bit her lower lip as she stared as the half closed door, steam seeping out from the crack and slowly she sat up - holding the sheet to her chest before raising both arms an stretched.

The thought of him in the shower drove her wild and she wanted to join him but stayed put in the bed but realised she had to act like she wanted him to go and not to stay.

Sighing, Ava got out of bed and put a t-shirt on followed by wonder woman panties and stepped out of the room to the kitchen and made herself a coffee.
Tristan was going to be his Alpha self and act like this was nothing when to her, it meant something but of course, she had to play it off.

Holding the mug with both hands, Ava looked down as she stood behind the counter.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 71d 10h 9m 29s
He had touched her hair then.
Slowly the red stands that shone in the sunlight were being swept and twirled around his fingers as the pair continued to stare at each other in completely and utter silence.
Their eyes spoke for them.

Ava gazed upon Tristan and could see that he was conflicted. All he wanted was to keep both women happy but he knew, just like she did that deep down - one of the would be hurt.
That one, being Ava in the long run.

Ava knew it, she just refused to believe it.

Tristan was involved with a woman. He loved her enough to back her up on several things and he loved her enough to never really fulfil a promise to his best friend.
However, something had changed - they were intimate after all those years and now, he was staying with her over night.

Soon, Tristan had pulled away and Ava sat upon the couch, alone with her lower lip in between her teeth as he bit down, staring at the tv.
The movie continued to play so it was with leaning forward, Ava grabbed the remote and pressed the pause button. This caused the movie to stop and the noise to silence.
She could not help but hear him speak on the phone. Perhaps she was eavesdropping, but she needed to know if Tristan would not back down and obey the devil of a girlfriend.

Ava sighed and shook her head upon listening to Tristan speak to Danielle and from his tone, she knew he was getting his ass kicked, but soon he hung up and wandered back to the couch and parked that sweet as down on the cushion.
He was staying.

Danielle was not happy.

Leaning in, Ava placed a hand upon Tristan's jawline and kissed his cheek ever so softly only to turn his head and began to kiss his mouth. Over and over he pecked his lips.

[b "Don't worry about her for tonight. Don't think about her. I'm here..."]
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 71d 17h 36m 24s
Ava knew Tristan staying over in her apartment was not going to be an all time thing.
Hell, she knew them two having relations was not going to be an all time thing, but damned her to feel like she wanted him to stay all the time.

What was happening to her?
Ava was the type of women who fucked once and left, onto the next and never looked back.
Tristan, it was different.

The man would be in her life no matter what.

Both hands gripping the shirt that he still wore - Ava bit her lower lip as she pulled him down by the fabric and looked into his eyes before smiling.

"Stay.." she spoke and she could see the excuses of telling Danielle swill all in his mind until finally he decided on one and some on agreeing to stay with her.

It was one night.

Completely fine with Ava as she knew sooner or later he would stay again but that conversation was for another time.
A huge smile was on her face and nodded, agreeing the terms before planning a hot one on Tristans lips.

"Not an all time thing. Got it.."she replied before stopping.
Thinking about what he had spoken next.

He was staying the night.
He still to call Danielle.

"After you call Danielle and tell her about you staying due to a sad situation, you come and you fuck me again. Any..way..you...want...."
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 72d 18h 20m 1s
There were times that Ava just thought it would be better just to hate him and..break off their friendship.
Then they could go their separate ways, Tristan could be with Danielle and live a life while Ava would go and do her own thing.
No more thinking of him.
No more getting hurt or jealous when he and that girlfriend of his were together.

Her heart would repair.
However there was something about Tristan that she could not give up, made her want more..and more to the point of getting greedy.

"Oh come on, Tristan. You both shove it in my face every time. More so your precious girlfriend and she just..loves to make it known she has you..." she spoke, sighing and gently pinched the bridge of her nose and breathed in deep.
Together they sat on the couch.
Silent for a few moment until Tristan spoke on the party already being planned and Ava rolled her eyes.

"Uhuh...yeah. So she says..." she replied.

Ava could start feeling a little more at ease as she was.given supple.kisses on her neck by Tristans mouth.
Oh it felt good.
“Hey, you know that if you need me I am here for you. I can say no – you just never asked.”
"You cannot say no to her.."
 “You know you’ll always be my girl. . . I mean my bestfriend.”

Ava lent back and raised and eyebrow at his words.
He corrected himself but she knew what he was going to say.

"I'm asking you to cancel tonight and spend the night with me. Say to her..I'm upset.over something and that I need you. Because I do...I do need you..." Ava muttered, pulling Tristan in close to her.
Lips brushing against his own.

"I need you.."
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 81d 11h 19m 38s
Ava was playing dumb.
Having knowing exactly what Tristan was saying, she tried to avoid giving the answer she really wanted to say but played it off as a joke to buy herself time to actually figure out what she was going to say.
Her words that came out were fine.
Ava wanted the sex..and perhaps the occasional sleep over.

Surely making up something random, an excuse to Danielle would not be that hard, but then again - she did not what she was really like.

"Yes, stay the night...occasionally..." Ava replied back with a raise of an eyebrow, repeating on what she wanted.
The look on a Tristans face was different. This brought the female to have a face of defeat as she knew exactly what the answer to that was going to be; do she continued to eat the coconut rice with her head tilted down.

It took everything she had not to kiss him again.
Lips she just loved the caress with her own and show affection.

“If we are going to do this, I don’t want any funny business around Danielle, and this is purely just sex – friends with benefits.”
"Friends with benefits, yes, sure. I can behave around Danielle, just maybe dont shove the affection in my face. Deal?...." she spoke, turning her head and looked at Tristan..needing him again.
To kiss and seal the deal - however the moment she was about to lean in, Tristan admitted that he had to leave shortly as tonight, Danielle.made.plans for.them.

Ava laughed softly, nodding in disbelief.

"Its just really funny, you know. It seems that whenever we hang out..Danielle makes these plans to make sure you dont spend much time with me..." she spoke before standing up and wandered away only to stop and turned around to face the male on her couch.
'And you need to go because she is your girlfriend. I'm just the best friend who gets the shitty end of the stick. I'm all up for having sex with you Tristan, I'm all up for benefits but..please understand..as a friend, I need you to at.times to say no to her. I'm your best friend...honestly, I dont know for how long .
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 81d 15h 52m 42s
The two had finished.
Tristan remained on the couch which Ava, kept her place in his arms and it honestly felt like heaven.
His arms was the place she wanted to be in always and she, Ava knew she would never be.

Danielle had him, had his heart while she..for a little time, had his dick.
Giving off a smile, Ava tilted her head to the side and began to feel small and sensual butterfly kisses upon her neck that were suddenly stopped due to a knock on the door.
Perfect timing.

"You should get it. I ...cant..." she spoke as her body was lifted up and gently placed onto the couch. Ava was too naked. Completely in the nude and watched Tristan put on sweats and wandered to the door.
An action that gave her an opportune time to get up and shifted to the bedroom and placed on clothes. That of a silk slip dress and another pair of underwear.

Walking back out, the food was on the table and immediantly.she took a seat back onto the cushions and smiled.
Tristan dug into the meal.
Ava soon shortly followed and grabbed some.coconut rice and began.to eat, stopping slightly and listened to the question that perked her interest and made her think.

Raising an eyebrow, Ava turned her head and looked at her best friend and bit her lower lip.
"Thai food is what I want..." she replied, taking another mouthful of food before sighing. Pretending to not to know what Tristan meant. "Oh..oh ..you mean this?..."

Ava shrugged.
"I'd like to keep going. Keep doing this...I would hope eventually, youd would stay one night. Do you want to keep doing this?" She asked.

"Who would of though. Sex and thai food for lunch.."
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