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In the Jones lab, animals are taken to be experimented on or scientist are there to have a good experiment, if you join, you need to state if your a scientist or experiment and explain a little bit about yourself!!!! Experiments can have powers and can escape but if you get caught when you escape, you have to have a better plan for next time. If you have powers as experiment they have to be contained for scientist and scientist must know some of your weaknesses. Have fun!!!!



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I am an Experiment. My name is Tessa Fox and I can turn into a fox and back into a human. My general appearance is a girl with white hair, white fox ears and tail and blue eyes. I don't like to be kept in cages or have a muzzle. I also don't like my ears or tail being touched.
  Tessa Fox / TessaFox / 13d 16h 52m 7s

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