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In the Jones lab, animals are taken to be experimented on or scientist are there to have a good experiment, if you join, you need to state if your a scientist or experiment and explain a little bit about yourself!!!! Experiments can have powers and can escape but if you get caught when you escape, you have to have a better plan for next time. If you have powers as experiment they have to be contained for scientist and scientist must know some of your weaknesses. Have fun!!!!

Tessa Fox


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would you guys be fine with me in this roleplay still? because, Im curious)
  yaniko / bellpepper / 139d 13h 35m 40s
"There are others who are still here as well." Hope told Callie
  Hope / Catlover33 / 140d 21h 42m 22s
"that's because i'm a member of lana ashdown's resistance" callie said whispering to hope
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 140d 22h 7m 32s
Hope looked at Callie and smiled. "You're nicer than the others." He told Callie
  Hope / Catlover33 / 141d 14h 15m 57s
Callie looked around before opening hope's cell and picking him up gently
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 141d 14h 16m 46s
Hope looked at Callie and cried. He wanted to be let out of his cell so that he could roam around and be happy.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 141d 14h 22m 48s
Mavis giggled nuzzling into both tidus and vaan.

calie, a scientist who was on the side of the experiments was ticking off all the ones who got away humming to herself
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 141d 14h 27m 21s

  Tidus / Catlover33 / 141d 15h 45m 57s
I’m kind of new to the rp thing so here’s my description
Age 16

  John / John16 / 141d 15h 47m 4s
Tidus grinned and grabbed Vaan. He hugged both him and Mavis tightly
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 141d 15h 47m 28s
Mavis leans into the pat slightly with a smile. She liked pats.
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 141d 16h 28m 13s
Tidus slightly blushed and pats Mavis on the head.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 141d 16h 31m 32s
"you look so cool" mavis told him as she tied her purple hair up.
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 141d 16h 32m 21s
"I'm Tidus and I escaped the lab as well." Tidus told Mavis
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 141d 16h 35m 9s
"whoaa who is this?" mavis says staring in awe at tidus.
  Lana Ashdown / Ceva / 141d 16h 36m 58s

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