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[tab] The homeroom teacher is late, and, just like any other responsible student, Fran's using that time to socialize instead. The noisy hubbub of the general classroom chaos only registers as white noise, but then again her attention is directed elsewhere - specifically, towards Maria Gonzalez recalling a familial social gathering that somehow ended up with her third cousin's skirt on fire. Maria chatters on almost furiously and Frances keeps listening with almost rapturous attention, nodding rapidly every now and then every time Maria glances back at her after another one of her grand, sweeping gestures, as if it enhanced the story any more .

[tab] "Wait, so, what happened after your uncle rounded up all the dogs?" She asked, still uncertain as to how this all tied in with the aforementioned third cousin, but the question was still asked with a very bewildered fascination.

[tab] Maria pauses to sigh sharply, and it makes Fran wonder briefly how she's not out of breath already. She holds up a manicured finger her way, "Hang on a sec, I was getting on to that part. So-"

[tab] The sudden screeching of chairs alerted them both, and both girls scrambled to reach their seats just as the teacher walked in, curiously, with another boy in tow. She watches her address him for a moment before pointing at the spot next to Fran, which, she realized belatedly, was empty. Fran instinctively sits a bit straighter. [i 'New kid.'] she thought. [i 'Wonder from which school? There have been a lot of Hearst dropouts lately who all came flooding here, so maybe...'] her line of thoughts drifts when the teacher begins addressing them.

[tab] "Class, we have a new student. This here is Seoul Kim," she pauses to glance briefly at him, "He just moved here from South Korea, and as some of you may understand, moving can be a grueling process. With that, have a bit of empathy and be kind." She turns to the boy and gestures towards the empty seat next to Fran's, "You'll be sat next to Frances Yang."

[tab] In an attempt to be friendly, or at least, give off that impression so as not to scare off the new student on his first day, Fran smiles and waves from her seat. The behavior could be seen as overeager but [i some] tended to gravitate towards those who seem outwardly warm or friendly. Or at least, she hoped she seemed that way. Again, wouldn't want to scare off the new kid already.
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