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looking at the closed doors, max sighed and stopped.

Len nods his head and backs up dropping his arms. "yeah sorry about my brother also, hes just usually closed off, your welcome also."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 3m 10s
Charlie looked away from him as they searched, trying to control her anger.
"no no your fine, I am actually glad you did, if I slept any more I would have been trying to hurt people all day, so thank you," she responded to the boy.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 5m 21s
len smiled and scratched his head. "sorry, i did not mean to wake you."

max rolled his eyes than followed her. "than let me help you find her because my brother is not in the room either."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 26m 1s
Oaklynn woke up, her eyes flaming from a bad dream of a memory then realized where she was then calmed down.

Charlie rolled her eyes then walked back in, "I am trying to find my sister, she slept walk again," she was surprised to feel a tear rolling down her face then quickly wiped it away, trust me you would do the same if your sibling was gone!," she then left and started to search more.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 34m 7s
len than grabbed oaklynns shoulders and shook her. "Hello are you in there?"

Waking up from the quiet noise, max watched her walk out and shouted. "Hey!"
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 37m 52s
Oaklynn kept walking and stumbled, almost tripping over her own to feet while Charlie searched empty dorms and occupied ones until she ran into the one Max was in and almost left, but then thought he would have hurt her sister and she immediately started to search the room very quietly and almost decided to wake him up, but didn't so she left the room, thinking she would deal with him in the morning.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 39m 28s
turning around, len saw her and stood. "Um hello?" not knowing she was asleep
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 43m 52s
Charlie panicked and started to look for her like crazy and saw the door was cracked, realizing her sister had slept walked again. "Oh god," meanwhile Oaklynn started to walk outside in the grassy area, sleep walking.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 46m 0s
sitting down in the grassy area, Len layed and looked at the sky which was covered in stars.
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 49m 53s
Charlie, almost falling asleep, glanced at her sister and saw that he was gone.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 51m 20s
After he knew that his brother fell asleep, Len snuck outside in the deat in the night going outside with his little coat.
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 55m 5s
Oaklynn sat in her bed and started to go to sleep while Charlie tossed and turned thinking of the horrible place they were sent too.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 56m 8s
Len sat on his bed and frowned bored. "Are we going to play a board game now big brother."

Max glared from laying on his bed. "No we are going to sit here and be bored now."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 5h 2m 38s
"Are you out of your mind!!!! They are only kids, they don't understand how you feel!!!!" Oaklynn was talking to her trying to keep her voice soft, but was yelling. "We are only 13 also!!! They need to understand they can't just annoy the crap out of people that just got here as well and they need to respect the fact that not everyone here is like them, mindless and little kids!"
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 5h 4m 11s
Len smiled at the two and waved as Max dragged him off grumbling
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 5h 8m 32s

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