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looking at the girl, len smiled. "i guess i kind of have to."

max grunted and sat up crossing his arms. "can you not say thank you and get over it!"
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 145d 23h 58m 45s
Oaklynn could even feel Charlie's annoyance even all the way outside. "Are you going back to bed?" Oaklynn asked, studying the sky.

Charlie teleported outside Max's door and then entered without permission,"why would you do that, you son't like me," Charlie said, clearly annoyed.
getting in trouble, max went to his room while the lady went back to bed.

len smiled as the lights finally turned off. "there we go!"
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 146d 35m 6s
Oaklynn teleported laying down on the ground and looking at the stars,"This is as peaceful as it gets here isn't it?" she said, trying to relax herself

Charlie just huffed annoyed by his decision and thought about scaring the crap out of her but decided against it, hoping Max knew what he was doing.
pushing her back, max went over to the lady and started talking to her going to the main room.

"you never know the lady has good sight. "len said and grinned
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 146d 1h 23m 29s
Charlie just smiled, she didn't know why she was smiling, but she just kept smiling

Oaklynn was confused, "We are hidden out here."
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 146d 22h 28m 23s
you need to stay hidden!" len said

glaring at her max grmbled and rubbed his face.
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 146d 23h 56m 36s
Oaklynn teleported to where she was behind him,"stop what???"

Charlie stepped into the light also, immediately regretting it.
I am sure! this is my fault in the first place." max said and stepped into the light.

Len smiled and pushed her down. "stop."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 147d 1h 18m 1s
She heard doors open and closed, looking at Max as steps grew loud
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 159d 19h 53m 42s
Charlie held him back, "no you don't know how much trouble they will put you into." she whispered. "I am going with you."

Oaklynn sighed and wished she could trade spots with Charlie, "Are you sure, I don't know if Charlie is even with him, she would have been looking for me like crazy... and plus she doesn't trust a lot of people."
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 1h 21m 43s
len watched as the housekeeper walked around. "she will be, she has max."

Max looked at charlie and sighed. "Ill be the bait, stay here."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 3h 20m 0s
Oaklynn saw the light turn on and stayed quiet then thought to herself, "I hope Charlie is ok."

Charlie was quite and still not making any movement
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 3h 56m 23s
len looked as the light turned on and pushed oaklynn to the ground. "just stay quiet for now."

Max grabbed charlie's arm and pulled her into the shadow turning them away from the light to hide her. He put a finger to his lips in a shh motion
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 165d 4h 32m 4s
"No I understand your brother, Charlie does too she just doesn't want to admit it, they rally have a lot in common. They just need to realize it to get along." Oaklynn said as she sat down, her legs wobbling

"I think they might be outside..." Charlie said, then heard a door open from a room and panicked knowing they would get in trouble.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 165d 4h 34m 46s

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