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"Go ahead and surprise me then," Charlie said, nodding her head for some reason.

"oh, I was just making sure," Oaklynn had said, teleporting out of the water before she would make the water even hotter.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 134d 19h 16m 10s
"totally, and your welcome." max said and stood. "one more surprise."

"im not tired actually." len said and floated
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 134d 20h 22m 3s

"Yeah, your welcome for that, and thanks for the lasagna, and hanging out with me also, and getting in trouble for me," Charlie said, smiling. "We should do it again sometime."

"You tired, because we can go back now if you want," Oaklynn said to Len, looking at the sky.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 134d 20h 27m 55s
im gonna be trying to get more people for my fruits basket rp, so sorry if i reply late
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 134d 23h 58m 25s
nodding, he put his hand on his face. "thanks...for hanging out with me, i mean."

nodding he swam around some more before yawning
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 134d 23h 58m 49s
"I'll figure it out later then," Charlie said, finishing the lasagna off.

Oaklynn, her eyes glowing from jumping when he grabbed her,"I think its safe to say it was both of our fault," she said grinning, her eyes dimming.
smiling, he held a hand to his mouth. "how i made it is a secret, and ill give up the recipe later."

watching her he smiled apologetically. "No no, im sorry."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 135d 20m 20s
"How did you make it in the little time we were together than?" Charlie asked suspiciously while she put some in her mouth and loved the taste."You need to give me your recipe or something, this awesome."

Oaklynn started glowing meaning her demon form was going to come out from instinct, but she stopped it then stopped glowing. "Sorry," she said, apologetically.
max shook his head and looked at the sky. ¨nahh im just kind sometimes and like to do things for others.¨ he finished before closing his eyes

Jumping in the water, len turned and grabbed her. ¨ahh!¨
  Len and Max / aria_hashima / 135d 3h 19m 51s
Charlie felt herself blushing and looked away, pulling the food towards her,"I bet you already just had it done."

"BOO!" Oaklynn said, her hands jumping onto his shoulders.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 135d 18h 58m 2s
shaking his head, max grinned. "i did it for you anyways."

looking around len could not find her
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 135d 20h 6m 58s
"are you sure, you do want some right?" Charlie questioned him.

Oaklynn laughed then dove down, touching the bottom, then swam back up to the surface of the water, being behind Len now.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 135d 20h 8m 48s
"go ahead than dig in." he said motioning to her and the food.

"good, i was worried id have to play doctor." len said winking
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 135d 20h 12m 57s
"trust me, anything is good at this point, I haven't ate in a week," Charlie said, looking at the lasagna. Her stomach growled really loud, surprised by her stomach Charlie let out a laugh.

"I'm fine," Oaklynn said smiling towards him.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 135d 20h 13m 54s
nodding, he opened the lid to show lasagna. "sorry if it ends up being bad i also have juice to go with it."

"right i know that, are you okay." he said suddenly confused
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 135d 20h 20m 6s

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