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"Its fine," Charlie said, surprised to here those words come out of her mouth.

"Well then why haven't you and Max left this hellhole?" Oaklynn asked, looking around at her surroundings
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 6d 2h 38m 55s
laughing max leaned back on his bed. "Im sorry that was my fault, i should not try and look through others so helplessly."

Len looked at her for a moment than looked down," because if i just wanted to leave one day, i would have money and the main necessaties."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 6d 3h 12m 56s
"I am not!" Charlie defended,"Ok maybe a little," she said as she rolled her eyes.

Oaklynn looked at the bag again then just let the words pop out of her mouth,"and why do you keep it in a bush and not hidden in your room?"
max grinned and leaned forward. "if you werent you would not be so direct to defend yourself."

len looked at her once and turned back around. "its stuff to go with swimming."
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 7d 2h 8m 36s
Charlie looked at him,"and what makes you say that exactly?"

Oaklynn saw the bag and started to question it,"whats in the bag?"
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 7d 2h 13m 24s
shrugging, max went And sat on his bed. "you seem like ur self consious on the inside, safraid to get hurt."

len nods and grabs a bag from behind a bush. "alright!"
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 7d 3h 10m 52s
"ha ha very funny, don't pretend like you don't know its me," Charlie said, rolling her eyes

Oaklynn teleported to where she was behind him,"well then lets go, lead the way."
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 8d 1h 16m 44s
max raised his eyebrow.
"oh yeah and who is the second one?"

"there is a swimming hole nearby." len said and smikled
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 8d 3h 11m 26s
Charlie teleported to where she was in front of Max,"I guess that makes two trouble makers then."

Oaklynn looked at Len and was bored,"what should we do, relaxing is getting boring."
laughing he nods his head. "i am its fun causing trouble."

oh." len said looking down
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 9d 2h 33m 51s
Charlie gave him a playfully,"you seem used to it."

"I couldn't decide between ages 10, 11, 12, and 17," Oaklynn said, saying the last part sarcastically.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 9d 2h 34m 50s
laughing max looked at her and sighed. " i got innto it quite a bit actually."

len looked at her quite surprised. "you cant tell i am 11"
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 9d 3h 13m 50s
"How much trouble did you get into?" Charlie asked, relaxing herself from everything that has gone on.

Oaklynn looked at Len and thought for a second then asked, "how old are you?"
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 11d 23h 49m 25s
ahh yes." max said and leaned against the wall messing with his black hair.

Len watched her
  Len and Max / Aria_Hashima / 12d 3h 14m 33s
"well I kinda figured they were together since both were missing," Charlie said. Teleporting onto one of the beds and sitting on it in a comfortable position.

Oaklynn just relaxed herself, wanting to stay in that moment and forget everything that happened to her.

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