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shaking his hand he put his hand behind his back. ¨look around i mean.¨

¨because no one prowls around me like a cute cat.¨ he teased before turning with her
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 58d 23h 57m 57s
[+red "I see nothing,"] Charlie said, stepping in front of Max. [+red "Is there supposed to be like a black hole that swallow me or something?"]

Oaklynn looked at Len while continuing to circle him,[+gray "and why would that be?"]
grinning he stopped in front of a field. ¨go look for yourself.¨

watching her he shrugged and smiled at her." i think i like you better.¨
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 59d 11m 15s
Charlie looked at Max, [+red so what exactly is this surprise you have in store?"]

[+gray "You haven't seen Charlie enough to know how energetic she is, and believe me, she is [b very] energetic," Oaklynn replied as she stood up and started to walk around Len in circles.
laughing max looked at her and smiled

what do you mean
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 59d 16h 39m 11s
Charlie scratched her head since she knew she hadn't been listening earlier.

Oaklynn sighed,[+gray "well then boy you must be just as energetic as my sister."]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 59d 19h 50m 4s
looking over at charlie, max shrugged and repeated himself. ¨like i said before my whole life.¨

all night until midnight.¨ he said laying in the grass
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 59d 20h 41m 59s
[+red "So how long have you and your brother been here? Must be long enough to know where all the good spots are,"] Charlie said as she looked at the sky.

Oaklynn yawned, [+gray "how long do you usually stay up?"]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 60d 18h 51m 5s
snorting he walked more and yawned. ¨okay¨

its about noon but i wanna stay out
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 60d 20h 50m 30s
Charlie started walking, going in front of Max purposefully.

Oaklynn looked at Len and then forgot about the time,"what time is it?"
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 103d 15h 21m 52s
Horns blaring, Screaming, Car tires screeching quick bright flashes fire and blind her vision, then everything fades and darkness consumes her~
Snapping upright a plethora of plush pillows and soft blankets cascade to the floor by her bed. Sweat ran in beads down the side of her face and coated her hair making in feel slick and stick to her shoulders. Her breath ran ragged and her chest heaved from her pounding heart. Light from the day shone brightly through her window and brought Haku back to the reality she lived in. [b "Another nightmare..." ]she breathed quietly as she swallowed mouthfuls of air. However it wasnt just another nightmare, it was the same one. A repitious hell that tortured her everytime she closed her eyes. [i Uughh...]. The girl gave a groan and flopped back onto her bed. She wished this would stop. This neverending vision. The numbness it brought. Glancing over her eyes landed on a neatly made bed on the other side of the room. Her brother ,Kurama, was already awake and attacking the day. Though she doubted he was doing it to directly. Knowing him he was probably curled up alone with a book somewhere. [i Whatever].
Hoping out of bed she quickly got dressed and head out. She didnt know where she was going but she'd figure it out. Tucking her earbuds into her ears she blasted her metal music up until it seared into her brain. Her brother always figured she'd blow her ear drums like this but oh well. She enjoyed it this way. It helped dull out the constant numbeness she felt in her chest. It was the only thing that helped. Pushing away those thoughts the girl made her way into the courtyard out front and played back on a bench soaking up the sun.

He hadn't gotten much sleep last night. The same terrifying nightmare that plagued his sister racked his brain to hard to get any real rest. Some people thought it was wierd that they shared the same "[i dream]" but he wasnt quite as convinced that that was what it actually was. His opinion of it was the theory less favored by his sister. That it wasnt a dream, but his older sisters final moments. And it was that very idea that made sleep impossible. Rubbing his tired eyes the man shook off his groggy feelings and leaned back against the trunk of an old cedar planted a little ways away from the institute. It was quiet here. The only real place he felt he could get any peace from his thoughts or the people here. Rolling his shoulders, Kurama let out a great sigh and stared up at the leaves around him. One leg pulled close to his chest while the other dangled off the side of the thick branch he sat on. A half finished book laid page down on his thigh and his eyes stared off into space absently. It was days like this he didnt mind being alone. At least he felt that it was better this way.
  Hakudi & Kurama / RobinGale / 123d 12h 22m 5s
Charlie held her two fingers the made a sign as to salute, trying to look series,"sir, yes sir."

Oaklynn took the towel and started to dry herself off, but then stopped when her body began radiating heat which made most of the water evaporate off of her body.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 128d 17h 42m 17s
straight." Max said grinning

shrugging, Len smiled and stretched before putting his shirt back on
  Len and Max / Soft_Angel / 128d 19h 33m 13s
"where is onwards exactly," Charlie said, teasingly.

"You didn't have to get out, and I can dry myself," Oaklynn said, taking the towel anyways.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 130d 17h 40m 31s
Nodding he stood back up and max stretched. "onwards than."

Getting out of the water afterwards, Len than got a towel and dried off handing on to her
  Len and Max / Soft_Angel / 130d 22h 13m 33s

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