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welcome here, this is a housing facility for twins or triplets. they can be of any age that is +5 and up. here is the skeleton for it.


Taken or enrolled:
Puppetmaster: @Aria_Hashima
Twins' names: Len and Max
Genders: Male and male
Age: 11 and 12
Reason for entering the institute: they scared their parents too much and they have problems so they were abandoned
Brief bio: Leah and max have weird things going on with them, they always think the same and feel each others pain, they even do everything together. Now they are sent to the institute with someone else. What to do now
Races: White
Anything else: they have stuffed bears and cats

Name: Charlie and Oaklynn
Age: 13
Looks: Has devil horns on both that are different colors on Oaklynn's there is one black on the left side, same for Charlie, for Charlie her right side is red and for Oaklynn but only white. The eyes are the same as the horns for both, Their hair is the same only colors are on opposite sides for both
personality: Mean, rarely happy, nice when they are really happy
Likes: Fire, scaring people, scary things
Dislikes: Water, happy things, colorful things
Extra: They aren't emo btw (XD) but they just are demons so thats what they do, they can only use their powers when they are extremely mad
Bio: Demons but can control their powers, they fight alot, annoyed easily

•Name {Nickname}:Kurama Azalea Noss {Aza}
◇Age: 14

◇Looks: Apears to be older in age with Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a stunning complextion. He's thin but stronger then he looks. Aza also dwarfs his sister standing at a solid 5 foot 6 and growing.

◇Personality: Externally, Kurama is a very silent and strong type of man and aside from his family or a select few of the Institute staff, a person will be lucky to hear him utter more then a few words in an day.Despite his overall mute personality,if he hears something he has a problem with he won't hesitate to voice and defend his stance. Doing this, he can easily steal the attention of everyone in the room. Aside from his silent nature the guy is a very withdrawn person. He's always sitting away from the crowd or off roaming the Institute halls.Taking inventory or simply observing the room.You can often find him watching over the young ones and making sure everything is running smoothly.Then fixing the problems when it's not.He's very persistent in getting things done and the only one that can get in his way and talk to him without reserving a brick wall is his sister.That isnt all however. Behind the cold and reclusive tendinces that dominate is personality is a very intelligent, sweet, and laid back guy who loves the rain and would rather read a book then brawl in the courtyard or concern himself with the affiars of the less important species.This part two to his personality also applies to his love life. When confronted with the idea of Romance Kurama is hopelessly lost. He becomes shy and quiet when people flirt with him and can easily become flustered. Needless to say its very easy to make him blush.He also has a hard time asking for advice when trials of the heart are concerned because hes just a socially awkward person in general.

》Peace and Quiet
》Sweets- He has an odd obsession for anything with a sugar content so he will easily be bought off or convinced to do something in exchange for a bag of sweets.

》Noisy and annoying people
》Running of any kind- he prefers to relax.
》Violence- which he ironicly solves with more violence.


◇Love Interest:
》Open- If you're interested find out his sexual preference as we rp.

◇Bio: Hakudi and Aza and Soma had a pretty normal upbringing.It was them, their parents, and their tiny trailer.Their parents weren't the best but they worked hard to support their family. That was up until About 18 months ago,when Soma -The oldest of the Trio- died in a multi car collison. She was on the way to a music festival with agroup of her friends, when a semi ran a red light and drove into the middle of an intersenction. She didnt even stand a chance. After that his parents became depressed. His mother started spending more and more money, his father started drinking more,and as a result became abusive towards his sister Haku and more viciously him.For the longest time his day became ruled by a vishious pattern. Wake-up, eat, get beat, sleep, repeat. It nearly killed him, until that one day. When he decided to take his sister and run. They never got the chance however. In the end their parents abandoned them. The institute swept them up and that's how they came to be there.

•Name:Hakudi {Haku}
◇Age: 13

◇Looks: Haku is a short beauty standing at only 4feet 9 inches with Pink eyes and some of the softest maple colored hair someone could ever possess. She has a thin, muscular build and her scent wavers between pancakes and honey

◇Personality:Rosella is a happy-go-lucky party type of girl. Always in the mood to run,or sing . She loves life and it shows in everything she does. Confident and frisky, she holds her head up high, batts her eyes, and takes pride in how she presents herself to others. She can easily be stubborn and bull headed at times, and as a result will never back down from a challenge.Unless its life threatening of course, Aza would kill her.Needless to say she's a jack of all emotions. A pure wild card who wears her heart on her sleeve.

》Sour Candy

》Lingering Silences
》Being bored
》Sweet Candy


◇Love Interests:

◇Bio: " If you want my life story ask Aza. My sister Soma is a really touchy subject and I dont like recalling what our parents did to my Brother and I."



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Roleplay Responses

Charlie felt Oaklynn at the spot and smiled, [+red "you wanna go spy Oaklynn and Len? See what those two are up to?"]

Oaklynn placed a short smile on her lips before the smile quickly faded, [+gray "parents are just [i so nice] aren't they?"]
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 168d 2h 35m 47s
nodding he watched her and stayed silent with a smile.

¨i just think of my parents.¨ len said
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 168d 10h 42m 13s
[+red "Well obviously its not since I'm literally offering,"] Charlie teleported into the air to where she fell onto the ground [+red "but it might be best if you don't."]

[+gray "I don't know how you can tolerate that place for so long,"] Oaklynn said through a sigh as she looked at Len
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 169d 7h 33m 15s
if its too personal i wont ask.¨ he said

yeah.¨ he agreed smiling
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 169d 8h 7m 59s
[+red "Do you even know what I did to get here?"] Charlie asked Max with curious eyes.

[+gray "I think the view is better here then that boring place,"] Oaklynn said as she stood up on the branch.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 4h 34m 34s
nodding he than laughed himself. ¨i know.¨

  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 170d 5h 11m 4s
Charlie smiled, [+red "I find it really funny that just a few hours ago we hated each other."]

Oaklynn stopped circling him and touched his shoulder, teleporting the two of them on top of a tree. [+gray "This is where I like to hang out."]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 6h 49m 2s
chuckling to hisself, max rubbed his hair. ¨im glad i did this than you deserve it.¨

nodding len looked down, ¨yeah im just a ball of fun.¨
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 170d 8h 7m 28s
[+red "What you did for me today is the nicest thing anyone, other than Oaklynn, has done for me. Ever."] Charlie said as she realized what she had done and pulled away from the hug a bit embarrassed.

Oaklynn sighed,[+gray "well isn't that just so much fun?"] Oaklynn said as fire appeared on the tip of her finger and she started to twirl it as she continued to circle him.
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 8h 10m 10s
surprised max stood there and after a minute he hugged her back. ¨its no problem really.¨ he said smiling

be bored.¨ he said sighing
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 170d 8h 13m 45s
Charlie looked at the flower and smiled since this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her other than what Oaklynn has done for her. She couldn't even control herself when she hugged Max. [+red "Thank you."]

Oaklynn looked at Len, [+gray "what do you usually do when your alone?"]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 8h 22m 15s
nope its a flower for a girl.¨ he said matter of fact

good.¨ he spoke before watching again
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 170d 8h 47m 33s
Charlie turned back around to see the dandelion and took it,[+red is this poisoned or something?"]

Oaklynn nodded before circling him once again [+gray "I like that."]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 8h 57m 56s
picking a small dandilion he held it up to her before she turned back around

freezing len chuckled a bit and nods.¨yeah i did i only speak the truth about what i see.¨
  Len and Max / Soft_angel / 170d 9h 24m 47s
Charlie looked around the field as she was told to do.

Oaklynn laughed, [+gray "it helps me think, I usually don't circle people, but you were the only thing here."] Oaklynn then realized that he called her cute and stopped circling him,[+gray did you just call me cute?"]
  Charlie and Oaklynn / cookiecookie524 / 170d 9h 26m 25s

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