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Kim Seoul moving from South Korea to America and is starting at his new high school. But he has Selective mutism and he meets this girl who his starts becoming close to and....maybe even starts to fell in love with


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Leah smiled softly, bowing back. " Awesome! Maybe we can meet tomorrow to work out a schedule." She looked at the paper. "Oh, your schedule." She chuckled. "Look, I had no idea. Apparently the school made our schedules the same." she giggled. "Looks like you're stuck with me." she joked. "Anyway, come on, I'll show you to our next class. It's English." she explained.

As they walked, the two conversed. It turns out the two had a lot in common. She even found out they used to go to the same school in Korea, but they'd never met! As they entered English class, Leah helped him find a seat. She saw some of the other students looking at her oddly. "Guys, stop." Eren, a friend of Leah's said. "She's helping." Leah smiled. "Thanks, Eren." she said in Spanish. Eren was from Mexico.
  LeahLockheart / 7d 7h 6m 24s
Seoul understood 100% where she was coming from. It made him feel a ease a bit to find someone who understood what it was like. He nodded slightly as she offered to tutor him in English. It wasn't as if he couldn't afford the tutoring or anything,but the idea of having her instead of some fifth-something- year lady teaching him sounded so much better... and maybe they could even become good friends. Of course he was have to talk with his parents, but he didn't see anything with having a class mate help him. In all honesty he already knew his mom would love the idea. "I would like that..." he said softly before the teacher started with her lesson.

Seoul watched his classmate gather their belongings as the bell rang, and made their way out of the classroom. He did take him long to catch up to speed with the rest of the class thanks to Leah's help. He slowly started to pack up as well. He placed his notebook and pen into his bag as he slowly stood up looking around the class room. He was a bit surprised to that the girl handing him notes from class. He smiled softly before bowing, gratefully to her. Her hard work would not go to waste. He picked up he schedule and handed it to her to see if that had any other classes together.
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"No problem! Anything to help. Sorry for rushing all this on you, I just tend to do I put this..eager." she chuckled, bowing back. "You know, I could help teach you English if you'd like! I know some of the English tutors around here can be really pricy." she explained. Leah was happy to see Seoul opening up. "I was really shy, too. Being a foreigner and all in Korea, my classmates never really liked me. But I learned to deal with it." she smiled softly.

As the teacher began her lessons, Leah took notes, and tried to help Seoul as best she could. After the class was over, Leah handed Seoul the notes and questions. She had translated them for him to study.
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Seoul listened to her animatedly talk about how she was also from South Korea and knew the language. That put him at ease a bit. Not that his English was bad or anything, it was actually pretty good. But he just didn't want to embarrass himself by saying something wrong, seeing as English wasn't his native tongue. He spoke in English to his mom or whenever the teacher in his English class made his speak, but that was about it.

He nodded slightly as she asked what his name was. There should have been a place where he should have thanked her for liking his name but just like always he's voice was no where to be found. He really need to learn how to get over his mutism or things were just be the same as they were in south Korea.

He looked slightly surprised as she pulled out a picture of his hometown, Seoul... along with a bag of Korean chips that happened to be his favorite at the moment. At first he wanted to the deny the gifts, seeing as he didn't have anything to give her back, but he just nodded as gave her a slight bow in a way of thanking her. "Mmm you really didn't have to... but I really appreciate it...thank you..." He spoke quietly in English as he placed the picture on his desk and chips in his backpack for later.
  Lunaxlynn / 10d 3h 20m 46s
"No problem! Sorry, I didn't know you could speak English.." she said, feeling embarrassed as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "I've lived in Korea since I was 4, and I lived there until I was 14, so I know the language, and I have a lot of friends there. You're Seoul, right? I like that name." She smiled softly. "Seoul's a wonderful place." She added. She decided to give him a small piece of home to keep with him. She reached in her bag, and pulled out a picture of Seoul she had taken, and gave it to him
"Take this. I know you might be a little homesick eventually, so now you can have a piece of home." She smiled softly. She also gave him a bag of Korean chips she had grabbed from the convenience store she had got on the way to school. Leah could tell he was opening up, and she was proud to have brought him out of his shell somewhat. She was debating whether or not to speak in Korean, but she figured it was easier.
Leah was excited to make another friend, and hoped he would eventually be more open with her and be a friend.
  LeahLockheart / 27d 21h 4m 34s
Seoul nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he got settled into his seat. His ears turning slight red from embarrassment due to the girls actions. He didn’t want people thinking he was a helpless child. His only downfall was that he had a social disability . But once he got comfortable around the right people  he was just like any other teenage boy his age, just a bit more reserved…He sighed lightly taking he took out his notebook and pen as Mrs. Jones went on with the morning announcements, nothing that  interested him in that  moment. So, he tuned it out just like he did with everything when he was in an uncomfortable setting. He was silently trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t draw anymore unwanted attention to himself. He just wish he was normal, able to hold a ten  minute conversations with his fellow classmates. No one knew him. 

This was a fresh start. 

A new beginning.‘I can do this...i just need to stay calm down…’ he thought as he tapped his pen on the desk lightly, this was something he could be caught doing from time to time. It was sort of a way of calming down. If he wasn’t tapping a pen, it was his fingers, if not his fingers then he would bounce her leg up and down.

It wasn’t until he heard something drop that he snapped out of his thoughts, only to have his attention caught by the girl who was assigned to show his around and help him if he needed it.

He found himself watching her closely as he introduced herself. He found some comfort in the fact that she was trying to make him feel comfortable.

“Uh… meet you…” Seoul told her softly in english, as he went back to staring at his desk. " And for the traslations..." he told her, surprising himself that be managed to speak to her without freaking out, even though he was freaking out on the inside.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 18h 58m 21s
Leah tapped his desk softly. "안녕하세요, 리아입니다. " She said, looking at him with a friendly aura. She noticed he was more shy than anything, considering he didn't bother to introduce himself to the class. She helped him get his things set up, and wrote a few translations on his things, as she wasn't sure how fluent he was.
Leah had hoped to make him feel comfortable, without seeming odd, at least. She just wanted him to not worry. Leah was usually the first person any foreigner at this school met when they transferred. She was rather eager, some might say.

As she gave him the soft smile, she hoped he would return one.
  LeahLockheart / 34d 20h 22m 18s

Seoul groaned lightly as he slowly reached over to shut off the alarm clock. He really hated being jetlagged, but it was the first day of school, and he didn't want to be late. Slowly sitting up he started ran his hands through his black hair as he scanned the room, which was filled with boxes that he would soon have to unpack. He yawned lightly as he got out of bed turning on some music and made his way into the bathroom turning on the warm water to take a shower. He and his parents just moved to the states after his dad got a job promotion.

He sighed as he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist body as he stepped out of the shower and walked into his room going over to a box that was labeled ‘Clothes’ and picked out a few things. He walked back into the bathroom and he looked into the mirror at his black hair he had gotten from his dad and blue eyes that he had gotten from his mom. He turned around and started to get dressed himself in a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans with his biker boots and of course his black hoodie. He ruffed his hair slightly as he grabbed his tooth brush. Once that was done he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his messenger bag his phone and his headphones as he made his way downstairs to find his mom making scrambled egg with cheese and some toast. Seoul quietly made his way into the very large modern kitchen trying to go unnoticed by his mother, but he seemed to have failed because she caught him. Her blue eyes lit up seeing her son. " Oh darling, good morning! " She asked with her thick English accent. Seoul muttered a quick good morning to his mom. He had found it weird to see her in the kitchen making breakfast with her blonde hair pulled into a messy bun ,since she was a model and was never around much.

But never the less he found it nice.

She smiled happily as she handed him a plate with eggs and toast giving him as kissed on the head. "Your father left early for work and won't be home until later tonight. So, it's just going to be me and you for supper. Maybe we can make something together? "she asked him softly.

Seoul looked at her and nodded giving her a soft smile. He hadn't made dinner with his mom in such a long time. He really missed her.

Cassandra smiled back."Okay, finish eating love. I'll dropped you off at school."she told him as she started to clean up her mess.

"Mom... I my...self..." he told her not looking at her and he pushed around the eggs on his plate with his fork. " I just want... to blend in..." he told her.

The beautiful blonde nodded slightly understanding." Okay love" she smiled. " Don't forget your English tutor is coming today at six."

"Okay..."Seoul said softly still not looking at her as he picked up his phone, looking at the time." I have to you mom." Seoul told her as he stood up, grabbing his messenger bag."Be careful love!" She told him as he made his way out of the house, but not before grabbing his keys to his jeep wrangler his father bought him when they moved to the states. Unlocking his door, seoul quickly got into his car. He sighed nervously as he bought his car to life pulling out of the drive away.

He looked around the courtyard of his new school. It wasn't as big as his old school in south Korea but it was still pretty big. ‘Now where is the office…’ He thought looked at the map that he got off the school’s website. Finally making his way to the office, he sighed as he opened the door walking in. "Ah! You must be Seoul Kim. Don't worry I been informed about your situation. Wait right her dear."  The lady behind the front desk smiled at him as she got up and walked to the back of the office. Seoul didn't say anything as he nervously played with his hoodie trying to clam himself down. Now he was regretting not having his mom here with him.

"Mr. Kim. On behalf of the faculty and students, Welcome to EastRidge High. I'm Mrs.Jones your homeroom teacher." She told him with a smiled. He stared intently at the ground before working up the confidence to look at the lady before him. She was pretty plain-looking. Pale skin, Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'5, she world thick rimmed glasses and wore a light blue button up with black slacks.

He nodded slight not saying anything as she handed him a folder."In here is your schedule, school supply list, list of all school activities and clubs, a map, and your locker number and combination." She told him softly as she waited for him to take it.

Seoul slowly took the folder away from him.

"Now if you will follow me. I'll take you to her homeroom."she smiled walking over to the door.

Slowly but surely Seoul followed behind her.

On their way to the classroom Mrs. Jones gave him some what of a tour of the school, but it was long before they were in a hallway. Seoul could feel his heart starting to race and his muscle tense up. He hated this feeling whenever he was about to meet to new people. Mrs. Jones looked at him worriedly but gave him a reassuring smile, which almost made him relax a bit, until she opened the door to the class room.

In all honesty he could have just ran away in that moment, but something clicked in him. He didn't want to be the same person he was back in South Korea.

He ran his fingers through his hair as he slowly started walking into the classroom, keeping his eyes on the floor and he stood next to Mrs. Jones.

"You'll be sat next to Leah Lockheart." 

Was All Seoul heard as he peeked up at his new classmates. He saw an empty seat between two girls. He nodded slightly as he nervously made his way to the desk, continuing to look at the his shoes like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
  Lunaxlynn / 34d 20h 41m 17s
Leah Lockheart had always been a "cultural" gal. It seemed to everyone that she had friends from just about everywhere. Anytime she was seen, she either had her nose stuck in a language book, or she was meeting new people. Leah had always been a "social butterfly" with the foreigners that went to her school.
She had come to school that day, excited as ever. She was always looking forward to seeing her friends. Jeongmin, her Korean friend she had met when she was little, approached her at her desk. "Annyeonghaseyo, Leah!" she smiled. "Annyeonghaseyo." she smiled. Jeongmin sat next to Leah as they began to converse. Lisa May, one of the older girls looked at the two strangely, she couldn't understand a word, because it was all in Korean. Leah and Jeongmin were laughing back and forth until the bell rang. "Well, I've got to go, see you later!" Jeongmin exclaimed, waving. "Okay, see you!" The teacher walked in, a boy in tow.
Leah looked excitedly at the two, noticing it was another Korean. She tried to contain herself. The teacher explained that Seoul had just moved here. When she told him where to sit, Leah was beside him as well, placing him between the two girls. He seemed a bit shy, Leah thought, but she smiled anyway.
  LeahLockheart / 37d 12h 34m 58s

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