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Kim Seoul moving from South Korea to America and is starting at his new high school. But he has Selective mutism and he meets this girl who his starts becoming close to and....maybe even starts to fell in love with him.

Name: Leah Lockheart
Age: 17
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Race: white
Likes: K-pop, music, reading,singing, writing stories, learning other languages, art, etc.
Dislikes: Perverts, smoking, gangs
Leah has OCD.
Leah was also a victim of harrassment when she was 14, so she has a small bit of anxiety when being with other guys.
She is single.
She is also pansexual.


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Leah smiled softly, taking a short breath. She looked at their reflection in the water. Leah pondered whether or not she dared to express herself. Did she love him? What the hell was going on with her? She didn't know, but something told her that this was good.

As she held Seoul's hand, she used her thumb and traced small patterns on the back of his hand. She began to hum the same song that had played in the car, and closed her eyes. "감사합니다,스을. " she smiled softly. "Thanks for being a true friend. Thank you for everything, I guess." She chuckled softly.

"S-so..I know we've only known each other for a little bit, but.." she tucked hair behind her ear and used her eyes to glance up at Seoul. "I feel more comfortable with you. More than anyone else, really." She sighed. "I..." she pondered whether she dared to let the sentence slip from her lips.

"나너조아헤요." she said softly, not having the courage to look at him. Her voice had barely been above a whisper.

"I've had this feeling in my stomach, and my mind has been arguing with me and I don't know whether to believe it or not, but something in me has feelings..ones that I can't express in's not just a like, or a friend kind of like.." she couldn't believe what she was saying. Was she really doing this? How would he react?

Would he love her the same way she loved him?
  LeahLockheart / 6d 18m 33s
He nodded when she said she understood him. He began to open his book looking for the pages they had for homework, when suddenly he felt a weight on his shoulder. He looked over to his left to see that leah had laid her head on his shoulder.Seoul blushed slightly as he did his best not to freak out and move. This was the closest he's ever been to the opposite sex, so he poor guy didn't know what to do in the moment. So, he just sat there quietly giving her all the time she needed. Little did she know his heart was pounding a mile a minute.

[i 'I wonder what she's thinking....does she feel what i feel? My heart feels like it's going to explode any second...'] He thought as he looked down and he pool in front of him, starting to relax a bit.

Little did they both know Cassandra with watch both of them with a warm smile.
  Lunaxlynn / 8d 6m 19s
"Haha, thanks." she said as he assured her her comment would suffice. She smiled as he sat next to her. When she went on to explain, she noticed Seoul's expression change. Then, he spoke.

"잠깐만 ... 난 ... 어 ... 괜찮아. 난 너에게 대답하지 않아서 무례하지 않았 으면 좋겠다. 내가 말한 것처럼. 나는 사람들에게 좋지 않다.난 그냥 놀랐다 ... 그리고 만약 당신이 내 손을 잡고 싶다면 ... 그냥해라 ... 알았지?"

A red color washed over her face. Was he serious? She knew he was nervous at first, but Seoul, the shy boy who had feared to even look at her just hours ago, was now confident enough to hold her hand? She couldn't believe it. But, she figured she would listen to him. His simple words comforted her..


She slowly intertwined her fingers with his, and the wind slowly blew. She felt a rush go through her. Adrenaline? No, this was something in her stomach. Something she couldn't control. Was love with him? Maybe, just maybe. Her heart and her m ind seemed to be in a battle, but when their hands interlocked, she felt a sense of calm. Just for a moment, she thought, this is okay. And so it was.

Leah lie her head on Seoul's shoulder.
  LeahLockheart / 8d 15h 23m 42s
"천만에요!" Cassandra replied as smiled grabbing a few fruits to cut up.

"'s fine." He said quickly as he picked up his bag and she led her to the backdoor and unlocked it.

Once they were outside Seoul made his way over to the sitting area, placing his bag down. He turned his head to look at Leah as she said his was luck. He was. And he was forever grateful the things he had that most people didn't." Don't worry about it." He said brushing off her comment as he watched her sit down by the pool dipping her feet in the water. He slowly made his way over to her just looking at the water, before she invited him to sit next to her. [i 'Right!'] he thought as he quickly went to grabbed his bag and made his way back to her. He had to admit he was more nervous now then when he first met her and he didn't know why.

He sat down next to her but instead of putting his feet in the water he crossed his legs as he grabbed everything he needed out his bag. He turned his attention towards her once he heard her speak again. This time she was speaking about what happened in the car.

"잠깐만 ... 난 ... 어 ... 괜찮아. 난 너에게 대답하지 않아서 무례하지 않았 으면 좋겠다. 내가 말한 것처럼. 나는 사람들에게 좋지 않다.난 그냥 놀랐다 ... 그리고 만약 당신이 내 손을 잡고 싶다면 ... 그냥해라 ... 알았지?" Seoul told her before he analyze any of the words that was coming out of his mouth.
  Lunaxlynn / 8d 16h 12m 18s
Leah was getting out her binder and pens when he spoke to her. She turned to him and smiled softly. "Sure! I wouldn't mind going outside! We can get some fresh air, and besides, the weather's nice." She bowed to his mother. "감사합니다!" She turned to Seoul. "If you want, I can go ahead and take your stuff outside while she makes the food!" she offered, gesturing to his bag.

When they got outside, she looked around outside. "Wow, I seriously can't believe this. You must be so lucky. I know I would be." She shook her head, she was being awkward again. "Sorry, haha.." she chuckled softly. She sat by the pool and dipped her feet in the water, seeing as it was a good temperature. She sat her phone beside her and got her binder out. She noticed Seoul still standing by the pool. She chuckled. "What are you waiting for, silly? Come on!" she giggled, gesturing for him to sit beside her.

"B-by the way.." she looked down. "I'm sorry about what happened in the car. I guess I was just nervous...and I probably shouldn't have asked to hold your hand in the f-first place, but I f-felt was..right?" she looked up at him. "I-if you know what I mean? I don't know." she chuckled softly, tucking hair behind her ear. Her face had been washed a red color. She felt..butterflies..for some reason. She didn't know if it was the light, or her perspective, but she saw Seoul differently.

He wasn't just the normal, shy boy she had seen earlier. He seemed..different.
  LeahLockheart / 9d 6h 4m 32s
"감사합니다! 편하게 계세요! " Cassandra smiled as she made her to the kitchen, but not before whispering to her son." She's seems nice and pretty..." she told him with a playful smile.

"엄마!!?! (Mom!!?!)" Seoul blushed a deep shade of red. "그렇지 않아요 …" He mumbled softly. Cassandra smiled. "You guys get settled I;; make some snacks for you."she told them. Seoul nodded slightly before looking at Leah "mmm...Leah, would you do homework outside by the pool?" He asked her barely above a whisper."Or we can work inside...whatever your comfortable with..."
  Lunaxlynn / 9d 15h 18m 13s
"Anything to help, Mrs. Kim." she smiled softly. She walked inside as well, taking off her shoes. This wasn't new to her, seeing as it was customary back in Korea. Upon Seoul's request, she smiled. She pulled out her phone and texted her parents, almost immediately getting a response.

"Yes, it's fine! Thanks for letting me stay, Mrs. Kim." She looked around the lounge area they were currently standing in. There were grand light fixtures, flowers decorating the home, a modern color palette to make the house sensible. The furniture was strategically placed, a long sectional couch along with a table in the middle of the room. A flat screen TV was placed upon the wall, a Korean variety show had been playing. To the side was a small mini mar with chairs, a pool outside on the back deck.

"아름답습니다 " she smiled.
  LeahLockheart / 28d 6h 58m 46s
Cassandra smiled happily at the young women. She was glad to hear that someone was looking out for her son." It's so lovely to meet you Leah. I'm glad that Seoul has made at least one friend today. That makes me feel so much better about moving here." she told her, her English accent making it's safe known. "Oh! please come in, it's starting to get chilly outside..." She told them as s.he stepped aside to let them in. "All I ask is that you take your shoes off at the door please." she told her kindly.

Seoul had already taking his shoes off."Mom..would it be okay...if Leah stays for dinner?" he asked her, which took Cassandra by surprise." Of course love! As long as her parents are okay with it." She said looking over at Leah.
  Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 28d 16h 1m 39s
Leah smiled and bowed politely to his mother. "안녕하쌔요!조는리아입니다,방가십니다!~ " she introduced herself, hoping his mother would be alright with her speaking the language. She noticed his mother was a very pretty woman, petite in figure, small waist.

She seemed to be very optimistic, which was something Leah liked to see. She herself was overly-optimistic. She noticed Seoul was a bit nervous, so she gave him a small glance to comfort him before quickly looking back at his mother.

"Wait..Cassandra Kim?" she thought. 'No wonder. I should probably ignore it, just treat her normally.' she thought to herself. She was happy to meet his family, but she didn't know if they would be happy to meet her.

"Yeah, I've been helping him around!~ I used to live in Korea, so I understand how tough being the 'new kid' can be, haha." she chuckled softly.

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, noticing the wind causing it to fly away.
  LeahLockheart / 29d 1h 39m 14s
Seoul nodded slightly as she told him the neighborhood was pretty in Korean, which he hadn't noticed she did. She was right the neighborhood was pretty, but the most important thing it was private and quite. Something that was really important to his parents when they were looking for a house here. Since his mom was a well known model...

Seoul nearly panicked at her touch, thankfully he stayed as calm as he possibly could as he pulled into the driveway of his new house.

[i "괜찬아. I promise. Just be happy, okay? Everything's gonna be fine."]

How did she know he was freaking out? Could she read his mind? Or was his just bad at hiding it? Either way he was grateful for her comfort.
He relaxed at her touch when she told him everything was okay.

He believed her.

Which not many people had the power the ability to do. He was glad he didn't do anything to upset. He could finally released the breath he had not been aware he had been hold since she touched him.

She even went as far as fixing a few strands of his hair. That made him blush a deep shade of red. Once she said All better, Seoul took that as a sign to get out of the car and she followed him

"Mmmm, it...was no problem..." He muttered softly as he grabbed his messenger bag from the back seat of his jeep, making his way to the front door. Before he could even manage to reach for his keys, the door quickly open reveling Seoul's mom, Cassandra Kim.

"Hi Darling!" Mrs. Kim smiled seeing Seoul and then Leah. She was really surprised to see that her son had bought someone and a girl at that.

"" Seoul said softly "And this is Leah...She's....She's been helping me throughout the day at school..."He told her not looking at either of them.
  Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 29d 2h 53m 3s
Leah gazed out the window, she hadn't been to this part of the city before. "예쁘다!~ " She smiled, looking at all the buildings and homes before her. It was much bigger than her neighborhood. She giggled a bit.
When Seoul pulled up to the iron gate, she put her backpack in her lap and grabbed her phone as he put in the code. She sat relaxed as he drove through the community to his home.

She noticed his grip on the steering wheel. She placed her hand over his, causing his hand to relax. She smiled softly. "괜찬아. ." she reassured him. "I promise. Just be happy, okay? Everything's gonna be fine." she fixed his hair a bit, seeing as a few strands were out of place. "There." she giggled. "All better." She followed Seoul out of the car, running a hand through her hair as she walked alongside him.

"Thanks for the ride, by the way." She said softly. "I really appreciate it." She walked to the door with him, a bit nervous to meet his parents, but the flowers outside seemed to calm her a bit.
  LeahLockheart / 30d 5h 46m 12s
It was a surprise to him a bit to see how comfortable Leah was around him....and if she wasn't, she such was really good at acting like she was. But none the less, it made Seoul feel a bit more comfortable as well. If anyone had been watching him in that moment they would have noticed how his tensed his shoulders relaxed, and the death grip he had on the steering wheel had now been loosened up. Seoul never took his eyes off the road even for a second. He never felt comfortable doing that was someone was in the car with him. So, he just listened to her sing along to the song. She was good at singing, unlike him. It was actually a song he had heard before, which surprised him. He nodded his head along to the beat softly as he stopped at a red light.

[i "Do you mind?"]

Hearing her voice Seoul turned to look at her seeing she was holding out her hand to him. Did she want him hold her hand? But they weren't dating? He was confused by this gesture...but he had to remember that in America were a lot more touchy feely with one another even with the opposite sex.

Before he had a chance to response to her gesture she pulled her hand away as the light turned green and he continued to stare at the road, making sure to get them to his house safely. Leah wasn't singing anymore, but she was humming softly, which worried him a bit.

Had he upset her in anyway? Was she offended that he didn't take her hand?

These thoughts continued to go around in Seoul's head as he gripped the steering wheel tightly, turning into his new neighborhood. Which just so happened to be one of those rich people gated communities. Seoul pulled up to the closed iron gates and stopped. There was a small black keypad on the diver side of the car,he rolled down the window to enter in his 6 digit passcode. Once that was done, there was a buzzing sound before the gates started to open. Seoul put his window back up before driving into the community.
  Seoul Kim / Lunaxlynn / 31d 4h 51m 5s
She flipped through the radio until she found a Korean station she was comfortable with. "I didn't think they had this station in America. They had it when I was in Korea. My friends and I always listened to it." Then, a song came on. Recognizing it, Leah smiled softly and sang along.

She was a bit nervous singing in front of Seoul, but she did so anyway. If she was going to be open with him, she might as well learn to be comfortable with him, right?" She swayed, clapping softly. "Do you mind?" she asked, offering her hand for him to hold. "I understand if it's a little odd." she chuckled softly. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable. "You know, nevermind.." she pulled her hand away and chuckled softly "I don't know why I did that, haha..just guess I got carried away." A red colored her cheeks. She tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and stared out the window as she hummed softly.

Would his parents like her? Would she be allowed in? Leah had no idea what would be waiting for her, but she figured it would be okay.. 'I just need to calm down, I'll be fine. It's just another friend. I'm sure they'll like me..right?' She had a million thoughts going through her head. She smiled softly. Seoul's company seemed to lift her spirits. She hoped Seoul was happy as well, she wanted to help him. Living in Korea was as hard for her as living in America is for Seoul now. All she wanted was to make sure he could be happy with his new life in the States, regardless of the language.

Life could be hard, but making it easy was what she wanted to do. Seoul deserved, or at least she believed, a chance. He was truly no different from his classmates, if only they could see that. She so badly wanted the classes to accept him.
  LeahLockheart / 43d 5h 46m 1s
"I...Its okay..." he told her softly as he pulled out his keys to his Jeep wrangler as he looked her to his car. Before he could even attempt to open the door she beat him to it. He blamed the mental battle he was having with himself about it. He quickly got into the car place his messenger bag in the back seat. He bought his car to life as putting on his seat belt before leaving the parking lot.

"I'm.... more into the underground stuff.....but I have my...fair share of BTS songs." He told her softly keeping his eyes on the road. " But Feel free to play whatever you like. "He told her. "I'm mostly into everything..."
  Lunaxlynn / 51d 15h 1s
She blushed a bit in embarrassment. "Oh, sorry, haha. Well, lead the way, then." She followed Seoul to his car. Obviously his family was well off, because he had a nice car, one Leah probably could never afford. She got in the car and put her belongings in the floorboard. She buckled up and ran a hand through her hair. She actually enjoyed Seoul's company, and she felt happier than usual. She decided to turn on the radio so it wasn't so quiet.

"So, what kind of music are you into? Sorry to ask, but do you listen to K-pop?" she chuckled.
  LeahLockheart / 52d 6h 57m 12s

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