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Laughing when the other poked fun at him for preferring the fish he simple took another bite of his food. Listening to the other talking about his past Yuzuki couldn't help reaching out to gently touch his arm. It seemed like foster care had not done the other justice and if there was one thing he was thankful for it's that it hadn't existed when he'd lost his own parents. Losing someone was never easy it left a scar on your soul that you'd wear for the rest of your life. He knew he had plenty of them at this point and each ached in their own way.

Yuzuki wasnt really paying anyone else any attention so the man sitting down next to him was a surprise. When Sky addressed him and he just held his hand up Yuzuki's ears fell back in aggravation, but his next words and the rough grab of his tail had a loud growl leaving the small Neko who simply grabbed the man's wrist and turned the snap was heard by all of them followed by a scream from the man. [#009476 "I don't think we invited you to sit down and I defiantly didn't give you permission to touch my tail." ] He said the rumble of his growl making his voice sound much deeper. tossing the man's wrist from his hold also sent the man tumbling off the bench. [#009476 "Now either leave and go to the hospital or I call the cops and press charges for assault after all my tail is very sensitive and you grabbing it was very inappropriate." ] He said his eyes absolutely glowing golden in the shade of the tree.

Watching the man run away with his hand clutched to his chest was satisfying but Yuzuki could feel eyes on him suddenly and his eyes grew wide as his attention snapped back to Sky. Had he gone to far right then obviously the people around them were already whispering, but it wasnt like he was in the wrong sure he'd used a bit more force than necessary, but the base of his tail was still throbbing from where the man had grabbed him.
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Sky smiled softly as he watched Yuzukis mouth take a bite of the salad. [+red “I should have guessed you would prefer the fish.”] He poked the little nekos ear and took another bite of his salad. He then used the same fork and took another bite of his salad. He paused for a moment. He then smiled again and took another bite. He slid the salad aside and and opened up his eel rolls.

He was taken back by the question. A small glimmer flickered in his eyes. [+red “Well, I came from all over. I moved around a lot when I was little.”] He paused for a second. Something about the little neko made him want to tell him all of his past. But he was so scared it would scare him away. [+red “I was in a lot of foster homes. Not so good foster homes.”] He gave a weak smile.

He looked down and took another bite of his eel finishing that plate. He wiped off his mouth. [+red “It wasn’t really my idea to go to art school. I had someone that I loved dearly pass away. She always wanted me to go to art school. So, I made a promise to go to art school for her.”] He cleared his throat. [+red “But it’s not all sad. I was able to meet someone pretty amazing.”] He smiled and winked.

Sky could feel eyes on them as people walked past or kids played. Sky rolled his eyes then made his focus back to Yuzuki. [+red “So why come all the way to the city?”] Sky wanted to know everything about her. Before Sky could get a answer some guy came up and sat next to Yuzuki. This made Skys blood boil. [+red “Can I help you?”] Skys nostrils flared. The man put his hand up then looked back at Yuzuki. [+green “What is a pretty little kitty like you doing all the way in the city?”] The man grabbed Yuzukis tail. Skys eyes grew wide and stood up fast.
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Yuzuki nodded his head and quickly followed the other into the store the dim light causing his pupils to dilate slightly. Looking over the menu he ordered a spicy tuna roll and a California roll as well. Once they were on their way to the park he glanced over to the other his shoulder lightly brushing the others. Talking with him as they walked he couldn't contain his smile or excitement.

Settling down at the table he took his food from the other and opened up his tuna roll first. it had been a while since he'd had fish and the smell alone had a small happy purr starting up in his chest. When the other apologized for taking him there he quickly shook his head. [#009476 "No it's okay I haven't had sushi in a while so it's perfect." ] He said as he took a bite of his own food. Blinking when the other offered him a bite of his salad he nodded his head. He'd never been one for salads, but he'd try anything once at least. When Sky held his fork out to him with a bite he blushed but quickly leaned in and took the bite off of his fork. settling back in his seat he hummed. [#009476 "The dressing is delicious, but I much prefer the sushi." ] He said his point emphasised by him taking another bite of his sushi.

[#009476 "So Sky are you from here or did you come here to go to art school like me?" ] He asked quite interested in learning more about Sky. He also found that he wanted to tell the other about himself which was truly rare for the small neko.
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Sky texted back quickly. [i[+red “I have really been in the mood for some sushi. If you don’t like sushi, they have a lot of other options.”]] Finishing off the text with the name and address, he got up from his big lonely bed. Fixed his hair before grabbing his keys and quickly heading out the door, his heart racing.

He turned up the radio and rolled down the windows. It was a beautiful day. Sun was shining bright, just like his smile. He felt the breeze as it blew through his hair. He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. His cross earring also blowing in the wind, as is shimmered in the light. He pulled up to the small place and saw he was there before his “date”. He parked and rolled up his windows before stepping out.

He stood in front and light up a cigarette while he waited. He smiled big and put out his cigarette as he saw that familiar small hand shoot up in the air and wave. He quickly popped in a mint and waved back. [+red “Glad to see you found this place okay! Ready to get something and head to the park down the way?”]

He stepped into the dim light restaurant. He smiled at the lady up front. [+purple “Oh. Sky! The usual?”] He laughed and nodded. [+red “Yes to go today, and what ever the lady would like.”] The lady smiled and took Yuzukis order. Sky payed and took the bags of food and walked with her Yuzuki to the park.

They made a bit of small talk before finding a nice picnic table under a shaded tree. Sky sat across from Yuzuki and pulled the food and drinks out of the bag. He had got a side salad with ginger dressing, a order of eel rolls and spicy octopus, and to drink he got a Tai tea. He slid over Yuzukis food. [+red “Sorry I didn’t give you much of a choice in type of food. If you couldn’t tell this is one of my favorite places.”] He smiled and opened up his salad dish. [+red “Would you like a bite? There ginger dressing is to die for.”] A wicked smile came across his face as he said this.
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Having just put his car in gear Yuzuki put it back in park when he heard his phone go off next to him. snagging it out of the cup holder he smiled as he saw it was from Sky. [#009476 Deal, but how about we get something to go and enjoy the park? ] He text back as he chewed on his bottom lip. He could always go to the park tomorrow and setup to paint. Humming softly along to the music he waited for a response from the other. When He got a reply he smiled and quickly text the other where they could meet. The butterflies were back in full force and he wasnt even sure he could eat now.

He didn't understand what it was why he felt so at ease talking to Sky. Maybe it was loneliness speaking, but Sky hadn't treated him like an oddity and he found comfort in the others presence. It was almost like what he thought going home would be like. Shaking his head he quickly pulled out of his parking spot and headed towards the main road of their city. Fifteen minutes later he pulled into a parking spot near the park entrance. He figured since they would be in the park he might as well park near by and walk to the resturaunt.

Grabbing his phone he hurried to the small resturant the other had mentioned meeting at. He could feel some people stopping to look at him, but for once it didn't cause him much bother. He had other things on his mind mainly a dark haired artist. Spotting Sky ahead of him outside the resturant waiting his hand shot up into the air and he waved as he approached the other a smile brightening his face as he came to a stop in front of the taller male.
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Sky finally decided to pull out his phone and saw he had a message from over a hour ago. [+red “Fuck.”] He quickly unlocked his phone and read the message. He quickly typed back. [i[+red “Hey, I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond! I am totally free for lunch, but how about my treat for making you wait for my response. I can meet you.”]] He pressed send and stood up. Cleaning up his mess and placing his pipe back in the box and sliding it away.

He went into his bedroom and placed his phone on the charger. He looked in the mirror. [+red “Hair up, or down?”] He nodded his head. [+red “Down.”] He brushed his long brown hair and threw on a snap back. He posed in the mirror then laughed softly. He grabbed the eye drops from on top of his dresser and dropped a few in his eyes. He blinked then wiped the extra out of his eyes. He looked in the mirror one last time. [+red “Much better.”]

Sky didn’t really want to stand around waiting for a response, so he grabbed his sketch book and plopped on his bed and started to sketch. He closed his eyes for a few moments, then would open draw a little and repeat the prosses. He was remembering the outline of her face. The pointed cat ears, the soft face. He made sure to draw her smiling. He smiled down at it. He pulled out his red pen and began drawing more. Blood. All over that soft smiling face. It was as if he was in a trance, focusing on nothing but the contrast of the soft smile and the blood.

The vibration of his phone pulled him back into reality. He shook his head and closed the sketch book placing the pen on top. He grabbed his phone off the charger and with a bit of hesitation looked to see who it was. [b Yuzuki.] He smiled big. He unlocked his phone to check the message, still smiling.
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Having left his phone in the apartment it wasn't until he got back from his jog that he saw the light flashing on his phone to tell him he had a text. It could be anyone who has his number, but the butterflies that just formed in his stomach had him hoping it was Sky. He couldn't place why he was so interested in Sky why he'd text a stranger. It was almost like a magnetic force kept pulling his thoughts back to the other artist. Shaking his head he left his phone sitting on the table for the moment and went to take a quick shower.

fifteen minute later had him humming to himself as he headed to his room nothing but a towel around himself to catch the water. Pausing long enough to snag his phone he caught his bedroom door with his hip to open it as he unlocked his phone. Seeing that the text was from Sky a bright smile crossed his face as he read the others text message. He wondered if it'd be to much to ask to meet up today? Maybe, but there wasn't any harm in asking. [#009476 Are you free in say an hour or two? Maybe we can grab lunch; my treat. ] Sending off the text he moved to pull open his closet door. Looking over the variety of clothes he had he pulled out a pair of loose jeans along with a ruffled blouse that he quickly pulled on. Even if the other declined he still intended to go out. The chill in the air was causing the leaves in the park to change colors and that was his favorite time to go set up an easel in the park and paint.

Humming softly to himself he busied himself with the dishes in the sink and a few chores around his apartment he needed to take care of. His phone was resting in his pocket where he'd know when he got a text. If he didn't get one by the time he was done he'd pack up and head to the park. An hour flew by and hed finished all of his house cleaning pulling his phone free from his pocket he sighed when he didn't see a text back and moved to pack away his art supplies so he could head to the park.

As he was setting his easel in the back of his car he heard his phone chiming in his pocket the vibration causing him to jump just slightly. closing the back of his car he pulled out his phone a hum leaving him when he saw it was just his teacher. Reading the message he frowned just slightly. [#009476 The center piece from last night is the only one I won't part with. If they are interested in another piece I'll be more than happy to bring it to school Monday. ] He text her back really fast before he climbed into his car ready to head to the park. Maybe Sky had gotten busy or like Yuzuki had contemplated this morning the other could have just gone back to bed.
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Sky smiled down at his phone as he read the message. Everything from last night flashed through his head as his grin grew bigger. He closed his eyes for a moment holding his phone to his chest. Shaking his head and coming back to reality he sat up in bed and stretched. He let out a big yawn and rubbed the back of his head. [+red “Fuck.”] He popped his back then got up still holding his phone. Slipping into some sweatpants, only, he headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He didn’t want to reply just yet. He didn’t even know what he wanted.

He sat down and ate some sugar toast. He placed his phone next to his plate on the table. He just looked at the message with a blank look on his face as he took a bite. It had been a while since he had got so excited about one person. Was it the fact that they where a neko? He was not sure. He knew he needed to see her again. So many thoughts ran through his head. He shook out the thoughts and picked up his phone. [i [+red “I am free during the day, usually pretty busy at night.”]] He hit send and got up and walked away from his phone.

He walked over to the bookcase in his living room and pushed is aside revealing a door with a electronic lock. He punched in a code and headed in. To the naked eye it just looked like any study, but upon further observation you could tell something was off. He sat down at the desk and pulled open a drawer and grabbed the photo album in it and slammed it on the desk. He flipped it open and touched the photo. It was a photo of a girl in her teens. Brown hair and blue eyes, fair skin. Next to it a news paper clipping with the header. [+b Missing Girl found dismembered.] He flipped the page again, next was a photo of Sky in his teens standing next to the girl in the first photo. [+red “What would you think knowing you where the one that set all of this in motion?”] He touched the photo again a small tear rolled down his face. He took a deep breath and slammed the photo album closed.

He locked up the secret room and moved back the book case and headed back into the kitchen not looking at his phone he grabbed it and put it in his pocket and headed back to his room to get dressed for the day in some tattered up blue jeans and a tight black shirt with a hoodie over that. He slipped his phone into his jeans pocket and went to the living room. He flopped on the couch and pulled out a lock box from under the couch. Another electronic lock, he put in the number code and opened the box up. He pulled out a pipe shaped like a ice cream cone and a zip lock back of weed. Sky loaded himself a large bowl and sat back on the couch and took a big hit. He turned the t.v on and sat the remote next to him. He took another hitting waiting for his phone to go off once again.
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When the other took his hand a small shiver worked it's way up Yuzuki's spine. Feeling the rough texture of the paint on the others hands he couldn't help looking down mesmerised by the color until the other spoke. Pulling his attention back to the other he was met again by the others striking green eyes. Sky what a simple name and yet Yuzuki felt to suited the other. Watching him incline his head it was the sweet smile that had his pulse speeding up. When his hand was free he carefully pulled it back to himself subconsciously lifting it to hold it close to his chest. When the other called him young a smile of his own formed as he laughed softly himself. He supposed he was young in a sense, but he was defiantly older than the other for sure. [#009476 "You could say I am young." ] He said with a nod of his head. When Sky told him he found his art interesting he beamed up at the other. [#009476 "Thank you, I love conveying things I've seen in life to others through my paintings." ] He told the other as he leaned back on the bench his eyes turning towards the ceiling. [#009476 "Maybe that's why I'm here... or maybe I'm just broadening my horizons. I'm not to sure yet you know? What I do know is I'll never stop doing what I love." ] He answered as he tilted his head towards the other golden eyes almost glowing in the light of the gallery.

Time seemed to fly by to Yuzuki and soon the art show was over stretching his arms over his head with a yawn he was surprised when the other caught his hand again. Blinking owlishly he watched Sky write his number on his hand. When his hand was freed his eyes quickly trailed over the number before he looked up at the other just in time to see him bow and quickly retreat. Yuzuki sighed he hadn't even gotten to say anything, but maybe it was for the better he wasn't sure what he would have even said anyway. Watching Sky take down his painting he shook himself out of the trance he felt like he'd been in and moved to carefully collect his own pieces. It took a few trips, but once they were loaded into his car he waved goodnight to his teacher and started on his way home.

Stopping at a fast food resturant was his only pitstop and it wasn't long before he pulled up to his apartment building. With how late it was he really didn't want to empty the car, but the paintings were worth more than some sleep to him. Thirty minutes later he was curled up in the small living room of his apartment greasy fast food burger in one hand and an art pencil in the other. His sketch book was spread across his lap and it was clear to see he was slowly working on a drawing of tonight. The crowd was spread out with indistinct pieces on the walls and in the center of the picture it was clear to see Sky standing. Sighing Yuzuki looked to the hand holding the pencil turning it so he could see the curve of his palm he couldn't miss the inky black digits of the others number. Shaking his head he scribbled them in the top of the drawing before he closed the art book and finished his burger. Getting up he hurried through a shower and fell into bed nearly asleep before his head hit his pillow.

Yawning and stretching Yuzuki blinked up at his ceiling and contemplated just going back to bed. After all he didn't have class it was the weekend. The night before flashed through his mind thou and like a bolt of lighting he was free from the blankets and on his feet. Quickly throwing on some loose pants and a T-shirt he headed down to the living room and flipped open his art book. There it still rested the numbers who's pale shadow still stained his palm. Pulling his cell phone off the charger he carefully typed in the others number and saved it before he wrote out a text to the other. [#009476 Hey Sky. Thank you for keeping me company at the gallery last night. Maybe we could meet at some point this week end? I mean if you would like ] Shaking his head Yuzuki quickly hit send before he changed his own mind. Taking his phone to the kitchen with him he started the kettle so he could have a cup of hot tea afterwards he'd probably go for a jog.
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Sky smiled. [+red “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”] He took her hand. It was small and soft in his large hands. His hand covered in paint. Red paint so dark it looked like blood. [+red “Well let me introduce myself. I am Sky, just Sky.”] He bowed his head still holding the small hand in his. He glanced up and smiled sweetly at Yuzuki. He slowly let go of his hand. [+red “A second year huh? You are a young thing, aren’t you?”] Sky chuckled and moved a strand of hair from Yuzuki’s face. [+red “Your paintings are actually the only once I found interesting here. Well besides mine.”] He chuckled. [+red “Is that why are you here? To make a name for yourself? To sell your beautiful art?”]

It started to get late and people slowly started to leave. Soon there was only the student, teachers and of course the crazy gallery owner waiting for her painting she was promised. She waved at him, he sighed and gave her a small wave. He looked back over at Yuzuki, he pulled out a pen and grabbed the small soft hand. [+red “Here.”] He wrote his number on the top of her hand. He stood up, smiled, and bowed. And with that he grabbed the large painting off the wall and headed over to the gallery owner. He walked out of the building with her. He ignored her as she talked his ear off. He smiled to himself about the small little thing he had just met. It put him in a mood. An amazingly horrible mood. He put the painting in her car and said goodbye. The gallery owner kissed his cheek and drove off extremely happy.

Sky waited, watching the rest clear out before he went back in and grabbed the rest of his painting. He looked at the spot where Yuzuki’s paintings where and smiled again. He headed back out, this time to his car. He tossed his painting into the back and got in. He smiled to himself as he could still smell the small neko’s sent. He drove down the way, to what most would call the red district. I was pretty empty. Only one girl on the corner. She was skinny, sickly skinny. He nodded to her and waved a bundle of cash. She quickly came over and got in his car. He drove far. Very far. He pulled over deep in the wood. He got out of the car and opened the door for her. She looked around confused. He grabbed her head and forced it down. While she was busy, he grabbed the pocket knife out of his back pocket. He grabbed her by the back of the head. A hand full of hair. She let out a cry of pain. [+red “Shhh.”] He took the blade and quickly sliced her in the throat. She tried to cry out in pain, but he shoved her head back down. She tired to push back grabbing at him and clawing. He chuckled as she cried, and finally going limp. He let her head go and her body dropped down to the ground. He zipped up his pants.

He smiled and looked out at the swamp in front of him. He looked down at the dead prostitute before him. Then back out at the swamp. He could see the light of his head lights reflect off the eye of the alligator’s. He took the knife and cut a long deep cut from her small breasted chest all the way down to her pelvis. He then kicked her into the swamp. The Gators quickly all swarmed around her. He smiled as he watched.

After the Gators where done he walked around to his trunk grabbing out a metal pain bucket and some paint stripper. He took off his blood-soaked pants and put them in the bucket along with his knife. He pored the paint stripper in the bucket and tossed a lit match in. He watched it burn and slowly dye out. The moon was close that night. It was so peaceful. He grabbed the ash filled bucket and walked over to the swamp. With no fear of the Gators he rinsed out the bucket before packing everything up and grabbing the extra pair of pants and slipping them on before headed home.

The drive home was quiet. The wind blowing through the opened window. The moon shinning bright. He finally made it home. He pulled into the driveway and just sat there for a moment, thinking, smiling, and finally busting out in laughter. He got his composure and headed inside and locked the door behind him. He needed a shower he reeked of prostitute and death. The death part was not the issue. He took a quick hot shower, finishing what the prostitute did not.

Sky curled up in bed and tuned the t.v on for some background noise before finally passing out. He did not wake till the sun was peeking through his curtains the next morning. [+b Bloop.”] He pulled his phone out from under his pillow. He had a message from a number he did not know, meaning it could only be from one person. A cute little neko that turned the whole night around.
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Yuzuki hummed softly when the other told him his opinion on the art behind him. His tail tip twitched in excitement as he found the other take on the pieces interesting. Hearing he was a fourth year student his eyes trailed back to the pieces they were settled under. He was about to ask if the art here was Sky's when the woman approached to speak with him. Listening to them talk he shrunk into himself just a bit and when the womans eyes turned towards him a light blush colored his cheeks as she started towards him his ears tilting back just slightly in discomfort. He didn't like being noticed just because he was a neko after all he was more than just his ears and tail.

When Sky stepped between them and managed to get her to leave he was met with a bright smile when the other turned back to face him. Once Sky was settled back down next to him Yuzuki gave a small shrug. [#009476 "It's okay; though I appreciate you stepping in between us. I'm still not quite used to being an oddity." ] He said as he carefully offered the other his hand as he spoke. [#009476 "It seems I've forgotten my manners. My names Yuzuki and I'm a second year art student here. one of your classmates dropped out last second and I was the only lower year with more than three complete pieces. I'm in the spot Michelle had reserved." ] He said as he motioned to a wall of pieces not to far away. there were a few medium sized pieces, but the best was a large painting of a forest. the colors were off though where there should be green leaves were instead purples and golds with the other colors of the rainbow scattered through it. In the center on the forest path stood a small group of fairies there wings highlighted by pale greens and olive tones.

That painting would never be sold at least as long as he had something to say about it. He knew he'd never get to go home again after leaving the town so that painting was as close to home as he'd get. Shaking his head to clear the melancholy thoughts from his mind his attention shifted back to Sky. [#009476 "So if you aren't in art school to paint pictures to sell what do you intend to do with your degree?" ] he asked since most came here to be painters and start getting their names out into the art community.
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Sky chuckled. [+red “You think there dark huh? I think there inspiring, beautiful and in their own way up lifting”] He smiled back at the little neko student. [+red “I am indeed a fourth-year student.”] He looked around at some of his classmates and others. He shook his head looking at some of the mediocre art, in his opinion. [+red “What about you? I know you’re not a fourth year. You just admiring?”]

He looked up and greeted someone as they walked over. It was a tall, skinny, older lady. She had long blonde hair with a few strands of grey. [+green “Skylar!”] She held her arms out. He gave her a small hug. [+red “You know it’s just sky now.”] He pulled away from the hug. The lady smiled big and looked up at his art on the walls. [+green. “You know Skylar, you don’t have to be at this school. You could come work for me. We would love to have you.”] He shook his head and gave her a half smile. [+red “You know that I am not trying to make a career out of my art. I enjoy art for myself, not others.”] The lady shook her head. [+green “Well can I at least ask you if after the show you are willing to part with you main piece. Any price.”] She pointed at the big painting hanging over the Neko’s head.

The middle-aged ladies eyes grew wide when she spotted who was sitting down. [+green “A Neko! This far in the city?”] She walked passed Sky and walked over to the small cat girl sitting on the bench. Sky quickly jumped in front of her, knowing she would ask some outrages request from the shy cat girl. [+red “How about this. After the show you can have the painting for free and ill even do a few commissions for you.”] He leaned in closer. [+red “Just don’t ask this girl what I know you are going to ask her.”] The lady got a huge grin and kissed Sky on the cheek. [+green “You sir have a deal! I will be waiting for after the show then!”] She peeked around sky and gave the neko a small wave before turning around and heading off into the crowd.

Sky turned around. [+red “I’m so sorry about her. She owns a gallery, and she is well. She is a bitt bonkers.”] Sky tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. He sat back down next to the neko, even closer than before. Their legs now touching.
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Yuzuki Had been people watching his eyes drifting out over the crowd as he tried to ignore the din of noise from so many people talking. When someone sat down next to him his attention shifted to the newcomer slowly and it took him just a moment to realize he was speaking to him. [#009476 "These pieces are very interesting a bit darker than most of the other pieces here." ] He offered in reply having actually admired the pieces before he'd settled down on the bench. Shifting his hands in his lap he turned his eyes back out to the crowd. [#009476 "Are you just admiring the art yourself? Or are you maybe one of the fourth year students whose art is on display?" ] He asked as his eyes flitted back to the stranger next to him.

He was interested on if he was one of the other students or not he'd yet to get the chance to speak with one of his upper classmen yet. And there were so many interesting pieces hanging tonight. He wanted to know more ask what might have inspired some of them when they painted their pieces for the showing. His own work was inspired by his home and the things he had seen growing up in a mostly supernatural town. There were a few pieces in his portfolio that had a more realistic feeling to them, but they were just things he had seen around campus or in the city that had stuck with him. There was even a sketch in his art book of a random student studying.
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Sky yawned as he looked at his wall. With one big main piece in the center and a few smaller around. He never sold his art. He didn’t paint for the money, even though he got some rather large offers. He rolled his eyes and took a step back and tilted his head. He wouldn’t have even shown his art if not got his teacher pushing him to.

His center piece was of a naked female, sprung up on a cross. Surrounded by more naked females, they where covered in blood, they all had horns besides the one on the cross she had a halo. But that was the only thing about her that was angelic. Her Eye’s where a deep red and her face in a twisted smile, as if she was not a sacrifice but the ring leader.

Sky shook his head and stepped away to go look around the rest of the gallery. There was only one wall the peeked his interest. It was a forest, but the colors seemed off. He tilted his head as his long hair flew to the side of his head. He brushed it out of his face and touched the painting. [+red “Interesting.”]

Sky through his long hair into a ponytail and headed back to his wall, witch was right in the corner. As he headed back he saw a small neko girl. He tilted his head. He didn’t even know there where any in this area. He wondered if she was there viewing, because he knew there where none of her kind in his class and this showing was for fourth years. He walked over and sat next to her and showered her a charming side smile. [+red “These pieces you are sitting under are pretty interesting don’t you think?”]
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Yuzki hummed softly as his ears shifted back and forth listening to the noise in the art show. He couldn't believe that some of his paints were hanging for art critics to see. He supposed it was simply luck since this art exhibit was supposed to be for fourth year art students. If one of the students hadn't dropped out there was no way a second year students art would be here.

Stopping at his section of the art show he looked over his pieces reaching out to straighten one as his tail swished behind him happily. Feeling eyes on him he turned to look around ears again swiveling this way and that listening to see if anyone was talking about him. Catching the eye of a gentleman across the way he blushed as he turned around back to his art work. Okay so talking to people wasn't easy for the petite Neko that was why he painted because it was another way to tell people who he was.

Hearing his teacher calling his name Yuzuki turned around a bright smile lighting his face as he moved to reach up for the hug from the older woman. [#009476 "Mrs. Nash I'm glad I got to see you. My wall Looks fantastic thank you so much for thinking of me." ] He said voice soft as he stepped back from his teacher. [b "Nonsense Yuzuki your art is amazing and I couldn't be happier that I picked you." ] She said with a pat to his shoulder before she breezed away to speak with one of her other students and an art critic that was near them.

Yuzuki shook his head before he turned to wander the show pausing here and there to look at pieces. It wasn't long before he'd found a slightly quiet corner with just a few small pieces hung and a bench. Settling down on the bench he let out a deep breath as his eyes closed for a moment his hands smoothing out a few wrinkles in the long black satin skirt he'd chose to wear to the event. Large crowds weren't his things mainly because so much noise gave him head aches. Plus his kind were normally not seen this far north since they preferred warmer more sunny places. To Yuzuki though there was nothing more beautiful than fresh fallen snow and he'd picked this college because it snowed in the winter.
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