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flame was intent of getting to the coldest part of the mountains. icicles had started to appear of her red feathers
  Ceva / 17d 8h 27m 8s
The chimera smiled a bit, knowing he was getting ready for a fight as he spun around in the air and growled.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 17d 8h 27m 11s
Hope spotted the Chimera and set his sights on making it his prey.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 17d 8h 29m 1s
The chimera spotted Hope went after him, trying to stop him from attacking Flame.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 17d 8h 30m 15s
He cocughed, spreading his wings over her to warm her “don’t stay here” he said “I don’t want you to die”
  HydreigonMaste / 17d 8h 30m 23s
Hope had spotted Flame and was getting ready to make her his next meal.
  Hope / Catlover33 / 17d 8h 31m 35s
He thudded onto rocks, panting “please flame” he said “please come back”
  HydreigonMaste / 17d 8h 33m 23s
Noel was at the mountains looking for prey to freeze and eat. He was a Yuki Onna however he was a male variant of one. He was hunting with his younger brother, Hope.
  Noel / Catlover33 / 17d 8h 34m 5s
He followed her as frost grew on his feathers, and he kept trying to pull her back
  HydreigonMaste / 17d 8h 39m 44s
Flame was dodging the chimera and going deeper into the mountains
  Ceva / 17d 8h 40m 16s
He hovered in front of flame, and grabbed her front legs “come. This is no place to die” he said, flapping backwards
  HydreigonMaste / 17d 8h 40m 45s
The chimera had been trying to push Flame away from the ice mountains for a little while now.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 17d 8h 41m 20s
Tidus emerged from a nearby river carrying a large bass in his mouth. He was a sea monster and had gills as well as lungs. He was Amphibious.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 17d 8h 43m 5s
“Well I don’t want her to die” he fretted, opening his wings and shooting into the air, flying to the mountains
  HydreigonMaste / 17d 8h 43m 24s
"no she's in the ice mountains" juniper huffed
  Ceva / 17d 8h 44m 21s

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