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Illios blushed slightly but nodded.

Nekros smirked slightly and said. "I do like the idea."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 147d 1h 30m 11s
"So ever since that one night we had an orgy I feel like something has grown between us.." He said while pacing, "We're all spending time together, we've had nights like that more and more often so here's what i'm proposing." He stopped and looked at them again, "Poly relationship." He wore a blank expression.
  Eli / Mason- / 147d 1h 35m 33s
Illios almost gulped nervously but sat down watching him.

Nekros pulled Benny into his lap and waited
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 147d 1h 38m 8s
Eli smiled and hugged him tightly, "I got a good one. Nobody else is allowed to have you."

~ Skip A Month: Add Some Drama ~

Eli called Nekros, Benny and Illios to the living room one evening. he turned and looked at them, "We need to talk."
  Eli / Mason- / 147d 2h 5m 13s
"this time we'll go to the doctor every day." He said and kissed him. "Nekros and i can handle everything, you and Benny relax."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 147d 2h 9m 0s
Eli turned and looked him in the eyes, "Do we really want to risk me losing another baby? Besides, what if I'm already pregnant? Like I said, none of us used protection.."
  Eli / Mason- / 148d 7h 38m 14s
He frowned and hugged him nuzzling his neck. "I'm sorry, love.... Can... Can we try again?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 148d 7h 41m 18s
"I don't really feel hungry. I haven't felt like this in a while..not since we lost-.." His voice trailed off and he winced. He didn't want to think about the baby he lost not so long ago.
  Eli / Mason- / 148d 7h 43m 17s
Illios noticed and frowned. He finished his food and went to help him. "Are you not eating?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 148d 7h 45m 41s
Eli smiled, "There we go. Asleep at last." Eli made sure everyone got their food and then started to clean up the kitchen. He strangely wasn't feeling any hunger like normal.
  Eli / Mason- / 148d 7h 59m 54s
Ryo whined and tried to fight his sleep before giving up and dozing off.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 148d 10h 37m 44s
Eli finally got Ryo to let go of Illios and put him down in the rocker again, "You've gotta sleep now, little man. You're just a baby.."
  Eli / Mason- / 149d 5h 12s
Illios almost gave him a cute pout and nodded. "Okay..."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 149d 5h 7m 57s
"But you need to eat and he needs to nap again. His nap was disturbed and he just finished eating."
  Eli / SammisBaby / 149d 6h 16m 18s
Illios flinched as ryo gripped his hair. "I don't think he wants me to... He wants to play, love."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 149d 10h 2m 41s

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