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Eli made a mew sound and his arms tightened on Illios' neck. "hmm~" He kissed Illios more.
  Eli / PastelBabi / 43d 16h 44m 1s
Illios grunted and tried to pull away. "Eli...." He mumbled against the male's lips and sighed kissing him back softly.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 43d 16h 45m 41s
Eli nodded and tried to relax but temptation got him and he teleported into Illios' arms, kissing him. He knew the Alpha couldn't hold back forever.
  Eli / PastelBabi / 43d 16h 57m 58s
Illios carefully scooped him up and whispered. "Hold onto me." He teleported to his home and gently set him on the couch. "This is one of my houses, make yourself comfortable while i get you something to eat, okay?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 43d 17h 5m 32s
Eli nodded, purring. He didn't want to see the Alphas stare at him. He whimpered in pain.
  Eli / PastelBabi / 43d 17h 17m 22s
Illios blushed slightly blinking in surprise and held him close. "Do you want to go to your new home? I can cook for us or we can get take out?" He asked softly and pet him gently.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 44d 7h 12m 16s
He teleported to Illios' lap and hid his face. He knew all too well what happened to Omegas who werent in the arms of an Alpha when in heat.
  Eli / PastelBabi / 44d 7h 41m 5s
"what's wrong, Eli?" He asked and touched his cheek noticing the warmth. "You're in heat...."
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 44d 7h 43m 37s
"But I-." Sigh. "Fine." Eli is talking when he suddenly goes quiet. The smell of caramel fills the air for Alphas and he has a deep red blush. Heat. He winces in pain.
  Eli / PastelBabi / 44d 7h 50m 8s
"you need money, okay?" He said. "You can get whatever you want and need, okay?"
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 44d 8h 6m 14s
"No no! I can't take that much money from you! Or even half that amount!"
  Eli / PastelBabi / 44d 8h 13m 20s
"alright, $1100?" He asked bargaining and smirked slightly.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 44d 8h 18m 15s
Eli choked on his water and started cough, "W-what did you say?"
  Eli / PastelBabi / 44d 8h 33m 51s
"how does a thousand dollars a week sound?" He asked and smiled.
  Ilios / wingedwolfy120 / 44d 8h 35m 27s
Eli smiled and nodded, "That's good to know. I'd love to work for you."
  Eli / PastelBabi / 44d 8h 45m 9s

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