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[size10 Feeling like I'm chained to the past.
I try to move from it, will myself to find a placeholder.
I try to entertain the thoughts of finding someone else to fill these spots I hold just for you, but they remain empty.
I hate that I remain loyal even when it's unwanted.

No matter what, no matter how much I try to forget, how many reality checks.
My heart still aches about it.
I'm really trying to protect myself.

It's a hard pill to swallow when you realize you're not as special as you think anymore.]
  Lucis / 119d 6h 7m 49s
[size10 You're never a nobody to me.
Never will be..
Those were something I should've done more when I was somebody to you.]
  Lucis / 260d 1h 13m 0s

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