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[h3 [center Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild!]]
[center [pic]]
[size15 [center Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild!]]
Welcome to the land of Serarial. A place of mystical creatures and magic.

[size7 All is heavy WIP]
[h3 [center Adventurer Ranks]]
Bronze: Newbie adventurers. Bronze is for the newest additions to the Guild who are still wet behind the ears and new to the whole 'adventure' business. Bronze ranks tend to group together, though occasionally they are allowed older, higher ranked adventurers
Bronze Adventurers are usually only able to cast 1 to 3 spells
Bronze are able to take 1star to 3star quests

Silver: Stepping up from the Bronze is the Silver ranks.
Silver Adventurers may have up to 4 to 7 spells
Silver are able to take 4star to 6star quests

Gold: Climbing up the ranks, an Adventurer who is no longer in the Silver ranks.
Gold Adventurers may have up to 5 to 10 spells
Gold are able to take 7star to 9star quests

Platinum: The highest ranking and most experienced Adventurers. Only Platinum ranked adventurers are allowed to take 10star quests, as they are the most dangerous. Many Platinum have become the heroes of their world, though there are the few who continue their adventures around the guild.
Platinum Adventurers usually have up to 11 to 20 spells, though some Platinum have been known to gain more than this
[h3 [center Adventurer Classes]]
[i Example class - Rangers]

[i Example Class - Shield Maiden]

Magic Wielders:
[i Example Class - Witch]

[i Example Class - Priest]
[h3 [center Magic/Spell Systems]]
Many magic wielders and a few members of other Adventurer classes are blessed with magic and other abilities. Younger spellcasters as well as new adventurers are only able to cast a limited amount of spells each day, then they must rest in order to be able to cast spells again.
As they grow older as well as earn higher ranks, the more spells they will gain access to as well as the amount of times they are allowed to cast said spells.
Usually the amount of spells determine how many times the spellcaster can use said magic. Say you are a bronze and only have 2 spells, so you may only cast 2 spells that day. The spell can either be different or the same spell cast repeatedly
[h3 [center [ Guild Quest Board]]]
[h3 [center [ Guild OOC Chat]]]
[h3 [center Skelly]]
Alias: (Optional)
Adventurer Rank:
Adventurer Class:
Spells :
Other Info:
[h3 [center Rules]]
~Fighting will be happening
~Absolutely NO godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
~Images, I prefer anime/illustrated, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
~Cursing, I don't really give a fuck
~Wait for at least 2 people to post before you
~Posting, take your time
I understand RL comes first, as it sometimes takes me a few days to post
~If you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, please PM me
~You must PM me a skelly first before requesting access
Just request without a skelly, instantly denied
~Would like semi-lit to literate writers. This means a few paragraphs
~This RP is open to ideas, have a twist you wanna add, run it by me. Always open to discussing and having everyone pitch an idea in
~Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!!

If you have any question or the such, feel free to message me
Thank you
[h3 [center The Adventurers]]
Bronze :

[hr ]

Silver :

[b Username: Tesla]
Name: Seraphina Hightower
Alias: N/A
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Adventurer Rank: Silver
Adventurer Class: Spellsword
Weapons: Bastard Sword
Spells: Seraphina can cast up to six spells.
Arcane Armor - Surrounds the user in an invisible force that protects them from harm. Duration is long enough that it is usually cast early in the day and lasts through most activities.
Magic Morph - Imbues the user with supernatural power and can be expended in a burst to heal the user.
Sharpening Shroud - Wraps a weapon in magical energy that increases its destructive capacity and durability. Can be expended in a burst of destructive energy for one powerful attack.
Bio/History: Seraphina is a relatively young adventurer having started just two years ago, but has carved out a place for herself thanks to her diligence. She is particularly friendly with other adventurers, and although not a member of any group is always happy to fill out a roster for a quest or two. Her work ethic though has kept her from finding one long term team to join, however she has not given up hope on eventually finding a team of her own.
Other Info: Seraphina has collected a few enchanted items in her travels and is particularly proud of her boots which allow her to safely jump over a dozen feet into the air. She has a great relationship with the guild receptionists.

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

[b Username: Nullification]
Name: Ashrain
Alias: (Optional)
Age: 23
Gender: female
Species: Druid
Adventurer Rank: Silver
Adventurer Class: Healer
Weapons: Bow and arrow
Spells : Adept at protective and healing spells. She is also finely tuned in blood magic, but rarely uses it due to the consequences of such a thing. Her most common spells are that of a healing nature or a protective, although she is able to enchant her bow and arrow with poison.

Ashrain was born during a storm. Her race lived in the deep caves and forests. Her social skills are not great but do get better with time. She does not believe in killing for sport and is incredibly connected to the earth most of the time. However, this means her close combat skills are not up to par with others, if she is cornered this can lead to severe implications for her.

She is a pale slip of a thing with white blond hair a vivid purple eyes. A common trait amongst her particular race. Her religious beliefs stem from the earth and the faith in the All Mother. She is the strong silent type with an incredibly caring streak, having the greatest of empathy for all creatures, no matter if they are born of light or darkness.

Other Info: Vegetarian, handy with herbs.

[hr ]

Gold :

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Katsuo
Alias: (Optional)
Age: Appears to be in his mid 30's
Actual age, 89
Gender: Male
Species: Weretiger
Adventurer Rank: Gold
Adventurer Class: Monk
Weapons: Beast's Fist - A pair of specially crafted gauntlets
Spells: Able to cast up to 9 spells
[i [u Controlled Shift -]] Katsuo has complete control of his transformations between human and wereform. Unless of course full moon, full moon he has no choice but to shift to wereform
[i [u Lull -]] Focusing his energy, Katsuo is able to release a calming pulse. The pulse washes over enemies, often leaving them drowsy, to eventually putting them asleep
[i [u Virtuous Roar -]] Releases a powerful roar. Roar boosts allies moral and powers for a limited time. Also has a chance of instilling fear into weaker foes
[i [u Blizzard Wind -]] He channels energy into Beast's Fist, creating projectile energy waves that hit enemies even from a distance. Extremely devastating in up close combat
Other Info: Often accompanies lower ranking adventurers. Helping them and making sure they make it through to the end to finish their quest

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

[b Username: Trollzor235]
Name: Warforged designation LX
Alias: none
Age: Age approximated to be 23+
Gender: Male in appearance
Species: Warforged
Adventurer Rank: Gold
Adventurer Class: Juggernaut
Weapons: Steel tower shield
Spells: Toughen: Increase its defense higher then normal.
Juggernaut Rage: Increase speed and strength for hand to hand combat
Bio/History: Forged to fight in a great war that never came to be. Left to rust in a deep cavern. Came online after years of neglect and pulled itself from the cavern. Now LX moves through the countryside looking for work and information on itself.
Other Info: It's voice sounds faintly like a male but is heavily modulated.

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

bUsername: Colorful]
Name: Ereclus
Alias: The Bane
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Seraph
Adventurer Rank: Fresh gold member
Adventurer Class: Druid
Weapons: A warp forged staff with a Spear tip and an Obsidian stone top.
Spells: can Cast up to eight spells a day, Can Also use twisted shards to cast a spell as well. He can hold up to six shards on his person
Shallow grave: Used as a normal spell Shallow grave prevents its target from taking a deathly blow and allows them to be healed for the damage instead of taking it. If used a shard The original target is dealt a critical wound
Rain of Blades: An area of affect type spell that traps enemies and prevents them from moving. If used a shard Rain of blades becomes a healing arura that instead of actual metal steel blades its actually blades of leaves and heals anyone within the area.
Shifter: This allows Ereclus to change into an animal he has seen physically in person such as Bears, cats of sorts, and more exotic animals such as a green dragon or a Silver tail phoenix. Has been known to even turn into a Gorgon once or twice.
Phoenix blaze: Like Fireball, pyroball, and all other fire like spells Phoenix blaze is a spell that is a fire type damage that comes out of Ereclus in a ring type damage. If a shard is used Phoneix blaze becomes a critical fire damage to Ereclus, however at the end of his spell all the damage he takes turns into all into healing for him, and any fellow friend within six yards.
Cold snap: This freezes a single target in place for a total of ten seconds, any damage they take is absorbed, but upon the release of target is then doubled and hits them all at once. If a shard is used Cold Snap is a self target spell that prevents any damage on Ereclus, however it takes any damage and halves it, however the freeze lasts 15 seconds instead of 10.
Frost ward: This gives Target a resistance to Frost type magic for a total of a single hour, however it only absorbs a total of fifteen thousand damage from ice type spells or weaponry. If a shard is used Frost ward causes an enemy to absorb a total of fifteen thousand damage Unless its from frost type weapon or spells.
Spell mind: This spell allows Ereclus to recall any spell ever casted in front of him and use a weaker version of said spell including those that were hostile spells.. If a shard is used Ereclus completely consumes all his spell shards and allows him to cast up to forty-eight spells in a single day
Rules of Three: This spell shoots the next spell three times in a row without the cost of spell power or shards, this has to however be a friendly target based spell and allows him to target three different allies instead. If a shard is used Rule of Three allows three aggressive spells that targets three aggressive enemies instead, but for each enemy the damage is reduced.
Scent of blood: This spell sends enemies and allies alike into a frenzy of blood lust, It prevents them from dying much like Shallow grave, however for every enemy killed it restarts the spell, It can also restart up to ten times and lasts up to fifteen seconds. If a shard is used Scent of blood The affects of the spell are on Ereclus instead of allies and enemies.
Vile Grimoire: This allows Ereclus to summon a demon or a demonic like creature into the physical plane and make him subservient to ereclus. If a shard is used The Vile Grimoire allows Ereclus to instead summon an angel or Angelic like creature into the Physical plane.
Bio/History: Once a member of the Fear Dark Seraph fae of long ago. Humans had hunted them for their wings, or hunted them for servitude. The dark Seraph had done the same terrorizing humans to the point war was on the verge of breaking out, however before it could happen the Dark Seraphs went into hiding into the world end mountains and have sense been seen only rarely. Ereclus however a common sight among the adventurer's guild he was once apart of the Brotherhood of Ashes. A guild dedicated to the All mother and the druidic nature of the twins that she teaches.
Other Info: Ereclus still has his Seraph wings, however they are rare to be seen outside of the armor he wares. His spear is also more shaped like a rapier.

[hr ]

Platinum :

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Hildryn
Age: Human form, appears to be in her late 20's to early 30's
Actual age, somewhere in her 84,000's
Gender: Female
Species: Earth/Wispfire Dragon
Adventurer Rank: Platinum
Adventurer Class: Brawler
Weapons: Hildryn has no need for 'weapons', relying on all-natural means. Meaning her fists, tail, or if forced, her true form
Spells: It is unclear how many spells she is able to wield, being a dragon. Though a few certain spells she has in her arsenal;
[i [u Earth Bending -]] Has control of the earth around her. Hildryn can summon stone walls, boulders from the ground, and several other things.
[i [u Wisp Charge -]] Hildryn can gather energy from 'wisps', or energy from leftover life sources. As she does, her spines begin glowing bright blue. This charge can be held, which in turn increases the damage of her abilities drastically. However, this can leave to overcharging. As she overcharges, blue energy begins to arc along her spines, till finally being released in a powerful, deadly pulse
[i [u Wisp Fire -]] Standard fire breath attack, however, these flames burn to deplete life. Deadly even when standing near the fire, as it instantly begins draining away your life.
[i [u Plasma Wisp Beam -]] A concentrated attack of her wisp fire. This is even more devastating than her fire breath. The beam is even more deadly, disintegrating anything and everything it comes in contact with.
Other Info: Platinum ranked adventurer, partner to Leonam

Name: Leonam
Age: Appears to be in his late 20's
Actual age, 137
Gender: Male
Species: Warlock
Adventurer Rank: Platinum
Adventurer Class: Warlock
Weapons: Two chains wrapped around his arm. They actually appear as winding bracelets, but when it comes to fighting, he can change the chains, making them larger, covered in spikes, etc.
Uses them to lash out or hold enemies
Spells: Leonam is able to cast up to 25 spells. Several of these include;
[i [u Whipclaw -]] Shapes his chain into a 'whip', lashing it at enemies. Has a chance to instant kill weak enemies
[i [u Constricting Hold -]] Leonam lashes his chains out, instantly wrapping around, and holding enemies down in place. He can easily kill enemies by constricting, or summoning spikes from the metallic chains
[i [u Warding Shackle -]] Leonam allows his chains to wrap around allies ankles, no way hindering them, creating a shield that is able to take quite a few hits before it shatters. The chain will then retreat back to Leonam
[i [u Summon -]] Able to summon demonic entities to help, if the situation calls for it
[i [u Sacrifice -]] This can be quite dangerous to use, as he will be slitting one wrist, which in turn sacrifices some of his life in order to heal his allies
[i [u Hellfire Rain -]] Coming from a more hellish background with his warlock blood, Leonam can literally open a portal from a part of the hells, which forth rains forth balls of hellfire. The fire is nearly impossible to put out, leaving victims on fire and to suffer for whatever sins they had done in their life
Other Info: Platinum ranked adventurer, partner to Hildryn

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

[b Username: Tesla]
Name: Celes
Alias: Magus
Age: 593
Gender: Female
Species: Mystic
Adventurer Rank: Platinum
Adventurer Class: Shadow Sovereign
Weapons: Wields Eclisis a cursed long sword.
Spells: Able to cast up to nine spells.
Shadow Steal - Allows Celes to steal the essence of a creature that she has killed and store it for future purposes. She can store up to four shadows and gains a boost to her attributes based on the stored shadows. Currently has a Gold Slime, Mariche, and Reve stored.
Shadow Skill - Allows Celes to replicate one of the abilities of the stored shadows she possesses.
Gold Slime - Strong Defense - Empowers the user to possess the famous durability of a gold slime. Although it boasts an impressive defense it has a relatively short duration.
Mariche - Gaze - A potent magic attack that can kill those with low magic resistance, paralyze those with moderate magic resistance, and stun those with high magic resistance.
Reve - Gentle Heal - A surprisingly effective healing spell that can cure most ailments and injuries.
Shadow Summon - Allows Celes to summon one of her stored shadows to fight by her side. While summoned she is unable to perform the Shadow Skill associated with them and loses the boost to herself that they provide.
Bio/History: Celes started out as a loner to hide the fact that her skills are particularly strange. She was only able to step forward with others after she destroyed the terror Lightan and acquired the cursed sword Eclisis around a hundred years ago. Since then she has become known as a hero of the land and a willing mentor to the younger heroes. Although she still enjoys going out on adventures alone every now and again to sharpen her shadowy skills.
Other Info: Celes is capable of levitation and uses it as a primary means of transportation.

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

[b Username: Colorful_insanity]
Name: Iasae
Alias: the Titan
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Aurora Bear
Adventurer Rank: Platnium
Adventurer Class: Champion/ Paladin
Spells: unknown how many he can actually cast do to his...arcanic ties from his race.
Abundance: This allows him to take very little natural resources to a lot of resources at once.
Renew: This is a self cast healing over time spell that allows Iasae to keep fighting without worry about his health or his mana, as Renew increases his regeneration of both by 20%
Frenzied regeneration: a passive arura ability this increases the Health and mana regeneration of party members within ten yards of him by 20%
Flourish: This allows him to use natural wild plant life as a natural defense or weapon.
Ironfur: This allows For an increases in armor as the bear's fur on his body takes on a natural iron metal like coating and harden's the armor he wears natural like that of an Iron Golem.
Enrage: This allows Iasae to go into a frenzy like blood rage, but it also decreases damage he takes, increases his damage output and attack speed while also increasing the regenerative abilities that are active.
Bio/History: Once a normal bear of the northern lands of the world Iasae and many of his kind had become weapons for the Mage wars. A great Calamity in his own right Iasae had been created by a great Magus who's name has long been forgotten to time and history. They say the Northern Lights are what gave the bears their unnatural connection to the magics like that of dragons and unicorns, only they were far more tamable then both. Turning rebel on his own master Iasae had killed the Mage and as a result ended the mage wars. Centuries have passed sense then and the world has returned to a time of peace mostly. Iasae had returned to his people and protected his young, but the call of the goddess and the natural feeling of needing to protect the young made him go out into the world and become an adventurer.
Other Info: Doesn't know his entire race has been destroyed by mages in the north, Listens to a voice in his head he believes to be the Goddess of the wilds.

[center [b ----------------------------------------]]

[b Username: -Mirror-]

Name: Matthias Grimm

Alias: Beast Breaker

Age: Appears mid 20s/Actual age unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown

Adventurer Rank: Platinum

Adventurer Class: Swordsman

Weapons: Custom katana style longsword. Also carries a crossbow and blow darts he often uses in certain situations.

Bubble Barrier - Casts a bubble up to a 15 foot radius that protects from all elemental and projectile attacks and is quite strong against impact damage. Must remain still while cast. Can hold it up so long as his focus stays solid and he keeps his energy steady. Will become harder to maintain the longer it stays up due to the focus and energy required to keep it up. Must wait a short time before recast so long as energy and focus allows.
Shield Barrier - A mobile version of the bubble but only casts a single wall for a single direction barrier and can only protect up to 3 people at a time. Unlimited uses but must wait a short time before using it again if it goes down. Strong against elemental and projectile attacks. Strong against impact but due to it being cast from the hand, there is little footing resistance if a heavy impact ensues. Requires less focus and energy due to the smaller size and can be used as a normal metal sheild.
Elemental Bursts - Can cast a burst of elemental energy of high power. However, the further the distance, the less effective it becomes. Must wait at least 5 minutes to recharge a burst depending on what burst was used. Spell often ignored.
Beast Break - Allows Matthias to break any beast he desires and have them tamed to him and him alone. Once the beast is broken, they turn into pearls which stay with him and with a command can summon them into the world. He can control their size as well as command them to do anything. He currently has 4 pearls. The use limit of this ability depends on the difficulty of the beast he is trying to break. The bigger and stronger the beast, the longer it takes to break and the longer the recovery time. Can only be used again once fully recovered from a previous break.
Micro-Break - Like Beast Break, it breaks beasts but instead it's a temporary break and doesn't turn a beast into a pearl. Once the use of a beast has reached its end, the break is released and the beast is free to go. Can be used multiple times and requires no wait time between casts. However, the more times cast consecutively, the more energy is used which can cause the need for a recovery period. Energy use depends on the size and strength of the beast and whether the beast has to be bound.
Beast Binding - This spell is meant to bind beasts to the ground in order for Beast Break to work. The binding can hold any beast no matter the strength but it only lasts as long as Matthias lasts. This spell can be used in other ways but it's primary use is in conjunction with Beast Break.

Bio/History: Matthias is a natural born adventurer. He was born into a guild known as the Breakers Guild due to his special Beast Break ability but once he gained control over the ability, he left the guild to be on his own. He still offeres his assitence to the guild to help the young Breakers when he comes across them in his travels but he primarily stays away from the guild. He wanders the land looking for new and exciting adventures and people to help. He doesn't mind working with others so long as everyone gets along and things go according to plan. Otherwise, he works solo as he can get things done efficiently and quickly. He would consider a partner so long as he evaluates their skills first and gets a tiral run first before making any decisions as they woud have to work well with him and be able to take orders well.

Other Info: Matthias is a potions master. He can replicate most spells as a potion. He carries a collection of herbs and other ingredients, many in powder form, and can put together a potion without needing a book. He can produce potions with utility effects as well as spell effects. He also makes healing/medicinal and toxic potions as well and even truth serums and other effect potions. Matthias uses his beasts in battle as well as with doing other tasks as they each have unique traits. They are also often used for travel and to stand guard when he is resting. The beasts are immortal as the only way to kill them is if Matthias crushes the pearls. The pearls are indestructible to anyone else. If a beast is defeated in battle, they turn back into pearls and can be re-summoned shortly after.


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Roleplay Responses

a low growl escaped a creature that seemed impossible to be around anymore. The thing stood a tall almost solid fifteen feet tall upon its back legs, or a solid ten feet on all four legs. Of course the creature held to standing on its back ones more so then all four unless he had to run or had to intentionally do so. He had earned his nickname and his reputation for a reason, and he was no soft push over adventure either. He was created and bred for a single purpose, the mage wars.

a Scream came across as green blood dripped from a goblin's now missing throat. Several yelps and howls came from the still yet growing crowd of the short little green things as they poked and prodded the gray fur bear. only to have another one of two fall dead because they had gotten to close or a spear be ripped from their hands or a blade snap from its massive claws and jaw as it swung around with deadly purpose.

[b "Iasae Now."] As the female voice called out the creature stood up onto his back legs and let out one deep and long roar that drew all the goblins that were around him to run away from him. While he stayed there the creatures turned to a crisp as they ran through a slowly rising circle of a blue flame that came from nowhere. [b "Good work Iasae, there are a few more here and there, but this should be the majority of them."] Nodding his approval the creature drew in another deep breath and let out yet another very loud roar that shock the trees and stones that were a couple of yards from him. His roar was answered with the yips and more yelps from the rest of the goblins as they rushed into the clearing for their pray.

[b "Why did you do that? I have no mana! you couldn't have waited two seconds before screaming?!?"] the female's voice rang in his ear as a human witch dressed in purple appeared to his left. Her name the great bear had forgotten already, but not her attitude..Gladly she was not from the adventurer's guild like he was, instead she was apart of the Herb and Alchemy section of the Magic school close by. While normally Iasae would refuse work with anyone with magic he needed the reward the school was offering to get better armor. He had grown out of his old set and needed a new one already.

[#1e0f8a "Just start collecting what we came here for. I will deal with the rest of them as they come. As you said the more goblins dead the safer the forest is to travel...and the more supplies you will have for whatever the mage's at that school of yours is doing."] The creature's voice came out a smooth violin sound mixed with wind chimes and was always calming unless he was angry. As his face swung to look to the goblin's The bear grabbed a fallen tree and started swinging it like a person would a staff.

As he finished the last of the goblins the witch once again appeared next to him. Removing from the freshly killed goblin it's eyes, tongue, and several bodily fluids none of which the bear cared to figure what they were. [b "Now I see why they call you titan."] looking around the forest clearing it seemed like a river of bodies now missing eyes, tongues, and dried like they had decayed several days already. [b "You killed like a thousand of em."] a chuckle escaped the witches' lips as she held up the now full jar of eyes. [b "I should be good we can go back to town now."]

The travel back to town was a slow process through the forest, but the two never encountered any more creatures accept for maybe one or two wild deer that ran from them. Of course the bear knew the reason was not so much as that more goblins weren't there it was a matter of they wanted to try and kill him, but didn't know how to. Upon getting to the edge of the forest Iasae dropped to all four as the witch climbed ontop of him. The city was a bit of a distance and running for him would close that distance a lot faster then traveling by foot.

Eventually making it back to the city the first thing Iasae did was return to the mage school and return his charge to them with the items she had...precured from the forest. Iasae had then returned to the guild hall to be greeted with a few breath's of relief and a few cheers from the gathering crowd in the hall. Walking to the counter he crossed off the quest from the board with the school's mage. Even preceded to take the reward from the counter lady Mary, all but one coin which he used to pay for a drink. sitting down he took a strong swig of the mead the guild served and a deep breath as he could finally relax.
  Iasae / Colorful_insanity / 14d 13h 16m 45s
The guild was like any second home to the bustling woman who shifted through the crowds. Everyone heading on missions for this and that, although she seemed rather content. She had just returned from somewhere by the looks of it, a twig hanging haphazardly from her white blond hair along with some moss.
[+green “Never send me to Morial again, they wonder why they have issues with the Giggin population when they feet them scraps.”] The girl huffed. She looked to be around twenty three years old, but being a Druid it was highly possible she was older. Giggins were sweet little tree living furry things, almost like monkeys but with shorter limbs. They never caused a hassle to anyone but Morial had been suffering with a sickness regarding them. A few poultices and spells later and they were right as rain and Ashrain of the Dredge Cave System had her payment, although it was much more fulfilling to know the Giggins weren’t going to die out.

Still, a Healers work was never done around here and she knew the merry band of adventurers heading out would want her services. Healers were useful beings to have around but the girl hardly gave off a professional aura with the messy hair and smudged dirt on her cheeks. Giggins weren’t exactly easy to keep still and it had been quite the comedy of errors to see the woman. Thankfully, she had gone alone where the brave warriors and bold magicians wouldn’t be able to laugh at her. Ashrain had an affinity with all the living creatures of this world, a gentle nature and she would not be the one to speak out first. She was placid, calm and collected however her socialising skills left much to be desired. Living in a cave system had its drawbacks and when she had been selected to represent the Caves of Dredge at the guild, as was customary for her particular clan. And she had shown the most potential to thrive in this setting. She was well liked for the most part, never running into any problems.

Ashrain looked to the crowds both coming and going from the guild as she retrieved an apple from her cloak, finding somewhere to sit and people watch. It was always thrilling to see the different species and specimens flock back. She knew some faces, she had quite the reputation for her healings abilities despite her clumsy nature. Dark purple eyes glanced over those she knew but made no motion as she bit into the Apple. It was a hard life having a sweet tooth sometimes. Although she couldn’t deny it Although she couldn’t deny the sweet pleasure it brought her to have a moment to herself after such a long journey. Ashrain pondered the hidden giggles at her appearance as she lifted a hand and tugged the twig from her hair, running her nimble fingers through her locks and pulling free the leaves and moss.
[+green “Hm.”] She pondered as she went back to looking to the others.

Now, it was always a delight of hers to see what the world she lived in could churn up from its depths. Each creation was unique, special. Different breeds, different species, from the simplest human to the majestic shape shifters. It was all very fascinating and Ashrain set her satchel aside, near her legs. There was nothing of great value in it, a few herbs and vials. Her true treasure was latched to her back beneath the cloak. An enchanted bow, a simple charm of braided leather and beads upon it. Ashrain was not experienced in close hand combat but she was a good shot with a bow if things ever turned sour, and she took no pleasure in the taking of another life. Still, she was not as exciting as some of these beings were. She pondered why people became Adventurers. Perhaps it was the thrill, maybe for the glory and the sport. Everyone had their reasons. Hers was to help and to heal, but she knew there were great riches to be made to those who advanced enough in this guild. But she was a simple being, much preferring the quieter quests where she was simply wanted for her healing abilities.

Pulled from her daydream by footsteps close to her as she nudged her satchel closer to her legs and within her own protection, she set her gaze once more to the apple in her grasp. Her eyes lifted at a strange smell, a smell she knew well. Decay. She wrinkled her nose and did her best not to look too disgusted, but it was by the smell only. Someone had been hurt, she noted but she wouldn’t interfere. Interfering only ever got her in trouble and people seemed to take it as insult when help was offered.
  Ashrain / Nullification / 23d 12h 36m 0s
[size12 Matthias knew how guilds worked. He was born and raised in one after all. But since he left his guild, which was who knows how long ago, he’s been a wanderer. He’d offer his help where needed and built quite a name for himself in some areas. Say the name Beast Breaker in certain areas and the people know exactly who is being spoken of.]

[size12 Despite being fairly new to the guild, he handles himself very well. He’s done a few quests already, all solo of course. He’s not exactly against working with others, he just finds it hard to find someone or a group of people that won’t frustrate the Brit out of him. So, he flies solo for the most part. Maybe one day he’ll find someone that clicks well with him and won’t drive him up a wall.]

[size12 Speaking of quests, Matthias has just returned from quite a tough one. Small town getting ravaged by what was thought to be a massive lake beast. It turned out to be a Rotter. The bastard was hard to subdue and ended up injuring Matthias, a large gash in his left thigh. The Rotter was killed and properly disposed of with a small sample of the flesh and a tooth taken for proof it was a Rotter and not a lake beast. He had to fly back on the back of Banshee, his Berserker Wyvern, once it was done. His healing potions weren’t working but it was at least keeping the toxin from the Rotter’s decay from spreading. Of course, he was down to his last two vials when he only carries 5 or 6 of them with him.] [b “Come on, Banshee. Fly faster.”] [size12 Matthias said, his voice hoarse from the pain and forcing himself to stay conscious. Banshee let out a shriek and pushed forward, flying faster.]

[size12 Banshee shrieked again as she landed near the guild hall. Her landing was a bit awkward due to a pack that was strapped to her chest. She had to be careful to not break anything as well as not jar Matthias too much. It turned out the town knew who Matthias was and gave him quite a few gifts, mostly herblore items and a bit of gold. The guild would get the entire official reward but this was for Matthias to keep as it was going right into his massive collection of potion making supplies he kept in his room. Since he joined the guild, he has become even more praised as Beast Breaker which prompted the gifts. Matthias tried to decline but the people insisted on giving him the items. So now, he has a room full of shelves, crates and cabinets with enough supplies to last who knows how long.]

[size12 Matthias kind of rolled off of Banshee’s back to flop onto the ground on his belly. Banshee looked down and nudged him, giving a worried rumble.] [b “I know, girl. I know. I’m in bad shape this time. Go to my room to the landing platform. Wait for me there.”] [size12 With that order, Banshee left with a shriek. The landing platform was a special addon to his room that allowed him to use his flying companions from his room if he had to either take off with them, send them somewhere or if they were carrying items from a trip back. It was quite convenient to be able to go anywhere by simply calling up a friend out of thin air.]

[size12 Calling up a friend would be handy at this point. Which is what Matthias did.] [b “Rage, get your scaly butt out here and help me.”] [size12 With that, a white pearl appeared and began to glow. Then with a pop, Rage appeared. Rage is a massive Drake. Normally he would have torn into Matthias but having been broken and turned into a pearl, he’s a loyal pup.Rage lowered his head so Matthias could reach up and hook an arm around the beasts head. Rage helped drag him up to his feet by carefully lifting his head. He hobbled as he couldn’t put much weight on his left leg. The wound was bound fairly tightly in bandages but it still seeped something dark, though not much. The smell was rancid which is part of gave Rotters their name.] [b “Fucking hell. Been a while since I got this hurt. Forgot what it felt like. Come on, big guy. Help me to my room. I need to find my anti-decay potion. And a bath. Or 10.”] [size12 Rage growled in agreement as he moved with Matthias, making sure to keep him steady. Seems no one likes Rotters and it’s plain to see why they don’t let anyone but the platinums handle them. Wounds left by them are not only toxic but they rot. The bastards themselves have a smell that make them worthy of their name as well. A smell that wakes the dead only to kill them again as the saying goes.]
  Matthias Grimm / -Mirror- / 23d 14h 37m 44s
[b "How dare you come here. All you bring is death in your vile monster."] A man yelled as he spat in the direction of a simple robed man that stood vastly taller then the group, an average human stood a little shy of six feet. The robed man stood a solid ten feet two inches tall taller then some of the buildings in the village that he had been sent to by the Guild leader to collect a payment from them that they had refused to pay, something about a lack of respect from the guild member that had completed the task they had taken on for the village itself.

[b "Get lost. And next time tell your guild master to send something other then a Goddess damned Dark seraph. Your kind are monsters and should have been removed from the planet long ago."] the man spat again this time a mob forming behind him with pitch forks, and anything else that could be considered a weapon of sorts. The dark Seraph however remained silent as the man just kept yelling at him more and more. [I One, two, three, four, five...] the man began to count in his head as his dull cold gray eyes fell upon each person that stood behind him. [I Twenty-two, twenty-three...] yet the mob didn't seem to move out from behind the man as he tried to run the creature off.

[b "I said get lost, or we will get ruff on you."] At the words a smile appeared upon the dark seraph, bowing so he was at a ninety degree angle his very low toned voice came across. [#62696f "I am Ereclus, I am here on behalf of the Adventurer's guild to collect a payment that is over due. Your quest of slaying the werewolf pack that was terrorizing your village. While the adventurer did indeed pass away in the fight he still completed the task and people have been sent to collect the payment, but only to have their heads returned to us in a box."]

A spear wizzed passed his face and cut him just slightly. Putting his hand upon his check Ereclus dapped away the light blue blood that came out as the spear had cut him just a little. Standing to his full height again the seraph had drew the spear out of the ground and threw it as hard as he could impaling the thing deep into a building side. [#62696f "I do not wish to use unnecessary force, however I have been given permission to....remove some obstacles if necessary."] Raising his hand above his head and like from thin air a rapier like spear appeared in his hand which he then held in front of him at the ready for another round of attacks.

Only this time the mob backed away a little bit scared of this creature that stood in front of them. It was no wonder that the dark seraphs were left alone for so long, even one of them could likely take on five to ten well trained soldiers by themselves. These villagers were common folk, not trained for battle or war. The man who had been yelling earlier had also stepped back, but had been forced forward instead right into the grip of Ereclus. [#62696f "You shall be the first. Now The payment, or your death."] The man tried to get free of the creature, however the grip only tightened up on the man who felt a bright sting in his arm as the ruby red fluid flow from his arm. [b "Go get the money."] Ereclus shock his head no. [#62696f "The promised payment was not that of money, but that of one eighth of collected crop."]

the man looked horrified for a moment, then recognition fell upon his face. [b "Get the payment, Make sure its all there."] fear struck his voice. Ereclus had released the man once the food was placed in front of him. Waving his hand over the food it disappeared along with his spear and such. Leaving the village it took a few hours to return to the Guild building, but he had returned bruised but not broken. Being ushered upstairs to the guild master's office by the front desk worker he reported to he was greeted by a great oak door.

Stepping through the treshhold the man was seated behind a desk that piled with papers of all sorts. He was a man of few words, but anyone who knew this man knew his motions and words spoke more then his words did. Looking up to Ereclus he stopped his paperwork and waved his hand to one of the two chairs that sat on the otherside of the desk. [#62696f "Your payment has been collected. It should be making its way into the storehouse in a few minutes if not already there."] the man raised a single eyebrow and Ereclus's tone took a more light type. [#62696f "No one was killed in the process, one was injured with possible loss of limb, and myself with just a scratch."] holding up the bloody hand as he spoke of the loss of a limb and turning his face just slightly to show the healing cut on his face.

The man nodded and waved his hand for Ereclus to leave which he did gracefully. Returning downstairs he looked up and down the board to find nothing of note, however hearing Mary speak to Seraphina about possible joining newer silver adventurers they had asked specifically for a price, but to get away from the dull city life Ereclus stood next to the silver lady and leaned down just as she left. [#62696f "I know its not my place Mary, but I can go with the group as well. I might be a newly appointed gold member, but I am not worried about pay for the quest. The group can split it."] Mary looked at the male curiously and sent him also to the front gate to the gathering, a written message in his hand of her recommendation for him to join.

the Dark seraph had stopped long enough at the healer to have the cut completely checked out and ran to the front gate to see Seraphina and the group already gathered and talking. [#62696f "I am here on request."] holding the note out his eyes scanned the group. [#62696f "I'd like to join the group. No price from the reward of completing the quest."] Of course he needed to replenish his shard stock as he only had two left out of the six he could carry, but that came at a heavy burden to the seraph.
  Ereclus / Colorful_insanity / 24d 7h 39m 18s
[pic][h3 [center Celes]]The guildhall was a place full enough of strange creatures and people that even someone floating in a half a foot above the ground drew only a few glances from the younger crowd. There were some who might argue it was the short green hair atop her head and the sharp gaze of her yellow eyes that drew more attention. They stood out more than the lightly armored outfit she wore that was common among adventurers. Only the uniquely decorated hilt of the long sword on her hip stood out in that regard as it seemed to have an aura of strangeness about it.

Despite the fact that she could levitate Celes usually had a difficult time navigating the guildhall's quest board. Since she would need more than an extra half foot to reach six feet and adventurers trended to the tall side. Well at least when she had need of the quest board they seemed to trend that way. This time did not seem quite so bad as the last when she had to squeeze in through the front around a crowd of beginners.

Thankfully at least a few people had made a bit of a path for her and she made sure to nod in appreciation. Especially to the towering warforged that was considerate enough to stand out of the way in the first place. Once the board was clear to her she immediately started looking at the ten star quests. Where one quality quest quickly caught her attention and after only a quick read of the description sent her over to Sophia the receptionist.

[b “Good morning Sophia; I want to take the unknown presence quest. It looks perfectly suited to my skill set.”]

[b “Good morning! Um, are you sure you want to take that one on alone?”]

[b “Eclisis and I can handle it just fine,”] Celes said with a smile as she patted her hilt. After a pause though she glanced over at Hildryn and Leonam. [b “Unless there are other platinum ranked adventurers who wanted to join the quest we'll take it ourselves.”]

[b “Understood. I'll check with the others just in case.”]

Sophia bowed before she ran off to see if there had been any requests put in about the quest. Celes did not mind the wait after all and would be happy to have the company if it were to be provided. She would be comfortable alone, but it was always safer to work with a team especially when it came to ten star quests. There was something about this one though that seemed to scratch an itch she was unaware she had. So whether she would be alone or not she knew she had to take it.

[pic][h3 [center Seraphina]]Sera was happily sat at a table with the last adventuring party that she had joined for a quest. They had insisted on treating her to a meal after they turned in their quest and she was more than happy to oblige them. Despite her unique upbringing among adventurers Sera had caught on quickly that you don't turn down a free meal. Especially when you are still starting out as equipment maintenance could kill a budget.

She had just finished eating when they were interrupted by one of the guild receptionists known as Mary. Mary was the receptionist that approved Sera's first quest and so she always had a special fondness in her heart for her. So Sera's response to her was as cheerful in tone as ever as she asked about the reason for her appearance.

[b “Good morning Mary. Is everything alright?”]

Mary nodded before she bent over so she was close enough to whisper. [b “I was hoping we could get your help at the quest counter.”]

[b “Of course.”] Sera whispered back before turning to her former teammates. [b “Thanks again everyone, but as you know duty calls.”]

With just a quick wave goodbye she left to join Mary at the quest counter having to maneuver a bit to avoid a floating green haired woman. It did not take them long though and Mary was quick to show Sera the posting for a quest about a haunted mansion once they arrived. Sera had seen it on the quest board earlier, but had opted against attempting it herself given her lack of spooky specialized skills.

[b “We've got a group with an exorcist that wants to take on this quest. Normally we'd be happy to send them on it and be on our way, but they were all just promoted to silver.”]

[b “So you'd feel more comfortable if they had a more experienced adventurer on their side. How did they feel about that suggestion?”]

[b “Exactly. They were open to it as long as the other adventurer only asked for one share of the reward. That ruled out asking any of the gold or platinum ranked adventurers. We hoped you would be more open to the idea though.”]

[b “Got it. You know I'm always happy to help out Mary. Just point me in the direction of the team and we'll see about getting this haunted mansion sorted out.”]

[b “Thank you. They should be just outside look for the tall light haired man with a goatee wearing a cassock. His name is Evan.”]

Seraphina gave a nod and a friendly wave before she made her way out of the guildhall. She made sure to put on her friendliest smile as she went to meet this Evan and his team of adventurers. Despite being a part of so many different groups Sera had been lucky enough to get along with most of them and she hoped her lucky streak would continue as she stepped out the door.
  Claymore / Tesla / 27d 9h 3m 58s
The towering form of the Warforged trudged through the town, taking in its surroundings as it had many times before. A small compartment in its large right arm opened, revealing the gold marker it kept with it, identifying it as a Gold rank adventurer. It remembered when it had asked to go up in rank, the guild workers had seemed... Unimpressed. LX was not one to take on large beasts. It much preferred the humdrum of simple escort missions. But having seen adventurers of gold rank coming back with serious injuries at one point had tipped LX's scales. LX was a juggernaut. It was a steel wall and as such, felt responsible for protecting those that it could.

Walking for another ten or so minutes, LX ended up at the same door it had passed through many times before, a sigh like sound emanating from it as LX pushed the door opened, slinging the large tower shield onto its back as it stepped into the building.
LX had just returned from another escort. Usually lower ranks took them, but it still enjoyed taking part now and then. Joy... It was still working on emotions. LX hadn't been programmed to feel emotions but as it worked, it felt strange thoughts creep in now and then. LX might be walking through the woods and suddenly just stop, looking about at the nature, almost seeming to be happy being out in the wild. Not that you could ever tell. Having no facial features, just a large steel helmet, it was hard to tell what the behemoth was thinking unless asked.
LX approached the counter, looming over it. [+blue "I have returned."] It said, its voice distorted slightly. Collecting its payment, LX turned and made its way to a spot that it knew it would not be in the way. LX turned its head and focused on the quest board, taking in the information laid out before it. Not seeing anything of particular interest at the moment, it allowed its mind to wander as it gazed over the others in the building. It recognized most of them and nodded its hellos to those who looked towards it.
  LX (The Warforged) / Trollzor_235 / 31d 5h 41m 4s
[h3 [center Hildryn and Leonam]]
A tall, muscular female was currently standing near a table within the guild walls. Behind her, a long tail curled around and upon the floor. Her arms moved, coming to criss-cross in front of her chest. The female's eyes were a soft, golden yellow, pupils round at the moment, showing her relaxed state.
Sitting down at the table next to her, was a male, who seemed to only be half her height. However, when looking at the rest of the occupants in the Guild, seemed very few could actually compete with the woman in both height and just an overall sense of great power. Yet, the male, despite his shorter stature, seemed to hold the power, except different in a sense.
The male sat calmly at the table, currently flipping through a rather strange looking book. He seemed to be completely oblivious to the chatter going on all around as other Guild members happily spoke to one another. His partner seemed to also want to have nothing to do with the rest of the Guild.
[#483d8b "Leonam, anything of interest to us in that book,"] the female suddenly questioned, turning her head to glance towards him.
As for the one she called 'Leonam', he was silent several moments, not bothering to glance up from his readings. Though he did finally respond, [#ff4500 "To be honest, nothing that I don't already know about. Just the usual demon summoning and other things for such rituals. Seemed this man had no idea what he was dealing with...or even how to properly do it."]
The female seemingly gave a soft snort, [#483d8b "Some humans...don't know when to leave that shit to the professionals. Suppose though when you're desperate, you're willing to go beyond."]
[#ff4500 "True, but then we are the ones they call in Hildryn. We are one of few Platinum able to handle such forces."]
[h3 [center Katsuo]]
[i "Thank you so much sir! I don't think we would've been able to finish that quest without you!"]
A tall male with feline features was standing beside a group of younger individuals. They were currently at the counter, waiting for one of the Guild Gals to get their reward.
The male looked towards the young adventurers, [#008080 "No problem! Just remember to communicate more with your team. Need to keep everyone informed of what is happening, especially in dangerous situations."]
A girl rolled her eyes, shooting a glare towards a boy who was apart of the group, "Yea, don't go playing 'hero' all the time. Some of us are more than capable of taking care of ourselves."
The tall male's ears perked forward, [#008080 "Work together, don't argue with each other."]
"Alright, alright, I get it."
A slight frown crossed the feline male's features, but he shook it off, a smile returning. Young adventurers, could only steer them so far. Some were open to the criticism, others, not so much. He just hoped his words would sink in, as that could mean the downfall of any team. It wasn't a pretty sight when new adventurers came in mauled by what was usually considered an 'easy' monster.
He gave a slight wave as the Guild Gal handed out the reward to each member, then moved to seat himself at a table. The male's ears swiveled back and forth, listening to the chatter happening within the guild walls. He was content at the moment, having a drink served to him, and just waiting to see if any new or younger adventurer members needed help with something.
  :-:Adventure:-: / Dragoncita / 34d 15h 36m 55s

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