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[center Hello and welcome to the Gemini Institute!]
[center [pic]]

My name is Dr. Teramoto and I run this institute for troubled twins. It has been my mission to help and rehabilitate both human and otherworldly twins that have found themselves on the misguided path. I, along with my staff, promise the best care we can provide along with comfortable living quarters, a suitable diet, and support from others just like you. Treatment will not always be easy or necessarily pleasant but it will give you the tools you need to make you a productive member of society. If you respect the rules and the authority of the staff, your time with us will be as pleasant as humanly possible. I'll allow you to imagine what will become of you if you decide to act unruly. I look forward to working with and treating you; for now I'll let you get acclimated to your new home.

[center Rules and Regulations]

+One set of twins to a room.
+Dr. Teramoto and all staff are NPC; please don't be afraid to use them in your posts to make the institute feel more institute.
+You MUST be literate. This will be a heavier role play so grammar and post detail matter. Give your fellow RPers something to work with.
+No incest or staff/patient relations, please.
+Twins age will range from 11 and up.
+A post once a week is ideal, especially if it's rather detailed.
+Speaking of posting, please wait for two responses before posting again.
+Not every skelly that is submitted will be accepted. This is to prevent the group from becoming too large and insane.
+All ES rules apply
+Anime pictures only
+RP will begin once two sets of twins have been established. You may still join after that point, I just don't want the thread to sit empty for too long.

If you feel like you can handle these rules and are still interested in this roleplay, please pm me your skelly and tell me your favorite color in the pm message subject box.

[center Character Skeleton]

[b Puppetmaster]
[b Twins' names]
[b Genders]
[b Age]
[b Reason for entering the institute]
[b Brief bio]
[b Races]
[b Anything else]
[b Picture]

[center Patients]
[b Puppet master:] SolemnYuki
[b Names:] Haku and Jounichi
[b Age:] 11
[b Genders:] both male
[b Reason for entering the institute:] To get better control of their abilities; (Haku) Arson, (Jounichi) Voluntary manslaughter
[b Brief bio:] Haku and Jounichi knew they were different from everyone around them since they time they could crawl, each boy harnessing a power that grew as they did. Haku gained the ability to start fires with very little thought behind it while Jounichi acquired the more sinister gift of darkness. They were able to keep it hidden from the world around them for quite some time until a horrific accident occurred, causing both boys to lose control of their powers and to jeopardize those around them. For fear of their safety and everyone around them, their mother sent them off to this institute in hopes they could help.
[b Races:] Demons
[b Anything else:] Haku is much more quiet than his brother and painfully shy. He hardly leaves Jounichi's side and barely speaks to others without his presence nearby. Jounichi is easily angered and isn't afraid to speak his mind no matter how often it gets him in trouble. He's very protective of Haku and has been known to lash out against those who tease him.


[b Puppetmaster:] Unisex
[b Twins' names:] Annarose and Aro
[b Genders:] Female | Male
[b Age:] Tweens
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Slaughtering almost a whole village, trying to control the bloodlust rage and bi-polar depression
[b Brief bio:] Pure-blood vampires known to be descendants of the Count himself. They both been around for centuries, growing disinterest for the pathetic human race. Most of their hatred stems from never fully developing, remaining in their childish bodies forever. Annarose is more outgoing and very playful when her moods are stable. She tends to wander off often, leaving Aro alone. Aro is more stoic and cold, a bit timid. He always claims to hate the world and everyone in it. They both have tried to find.. romantic interests, but their outer appearance made it hard. Literally like an adult in a child's body. They really only had themselves, so anyone can imagine some incest has happened. Human blood is the only thing that can satisfy them. They were given permission to find suitable and willing donors of the Institute. They're one of the longest patients there, believing it to be their only home... for now. Even helping some newer patients adjust.
[b Races:] Vampires
[b Anything else:] They both share a weakness for chocolate.


[b Puppetmaster:] BelialPrinceLust
[b Twins' names:] Anya Romanov, Micha Romanov
[b Genders:] Female and Male
[b Age:] 16
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Murdered anyone who got in their way
[b Brief bio:] Anya has always been the quiet and meek looking one of the twins while her brother always seemed to be irritated and or sleepy with the bags under his eyes. The only reason Anya doesn't talk much is she uses her voice to put people in a trance like state making them do as she tells them to. Which is one of the main reasons the girl is stuck in the institute for killing people with her voice. Micha has Shadow abilities in which he uses peoples shadows and or his own to strangle and kill those he sees fit protecting his sister at all cost.
[b Races:] Fae and Erlking
[b Anything else:] Micha is the soon to be Fae (Fairy) King, which he will take over for his father. he must learn how to live with all races if he is appointed king. Anya will always and forever just be the princess she needs to be taught how to trust in others and not kill those that irritate her.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1500 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

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[Dosis [size14 They eventually moved themselves over to a vacant couch, more like a loveseat for two. Similar colored hues observed the twins within the place.

Aro decided to take a glance over at his sister, monitoring her expressions. Slowly, he sensed her happy mood fading. A bad feeling washed over him. He knew his sister meant well. They don't disturb anyone who doesn't want to be bothered, although, there's a level of consideration. Aro believed this. A simple word as in 'Hello' wouldn't be so hard. He wanted them to get away from this place. Interaction was slim to none, unless with your own sibling. Even the staff held events where interaction was a must, all ended up in chaos in the end.

Annarose rested her head against Aro's shoulder, observing the twins from afar and everything that went on. Her eyes narrowed for a moment. Aro could barely make out the expression on his sister's face, but it couldn't be anything good. Out of the two of them, his sister was the most unpredictable. Her cheery mood can throw anyone off, a mask to the true monster underneath when unleashed. Aro closed his eyes for a moment, both of them exchanging thoughts between each other. [i You've tried your best over the years..] Aro stroked his fingers through Annarose's hair as he spoke to her.

[i I'm fucking done then.] Annarose's once cheery expression disappeared. Her expression now mimicked her brother's. No emotion. No nothing. A chair went flying across the room, breaking into pieces like glass, barely bypassing someone's head. The two sat there calmly in the same position, yet one's eyes glowed brighter than the other's. Aro sighed loudly to himself. This is the best time for them to leave. They didn't need to eat anyway since blood was their only source of food.

[#9b1b30 "Let's go to the music room, okay?"] he whispered to her. Annarose said nothing and only followed her brother out of the room. The music room was located on the upper floor. Aro enjoyed playing the piano for his sister, it seemed to calm her down. He did this when she began to become moody. He just wanted his sister to not let her failed interactions with others get to her. They should be used to such treatment after so many years of being here. It's time for others to approach them instead, Aro thought. But not at this time.
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[h3 +]
It was clear by Jounichi's expression that he wasn't expecting others to be so...welcoming. Of course there were always a couple in every bunch that felt the need to cause trouble and this place was no different. But nice people? He figured all of those had been left behind in the real world. He lightly rubbed his arm as he watched the second set of twins deal with the trouble maker, Haku's eyes still focused on the "frillier" set as they moved away to give the boys their space while making themselves comfortable. The quiet twin was scared of most things, it was true, but something about Aro and Annarose seemed to catch his interest. Perhaps it was the clothing. He didn't dare leave his brother's side but amber eyes remained fixated on them, simply observing them in their space.

Jounichi was still in a bit of shock over the other twins, how they waltzed in and finished the problem and, on top of that, offering protection. From what he observed not a lot of people got along in this place. Was it their size and age that seemed to make them more vulnerable? If that was the case then a lot of people were in for a big surprise. The two of them didn't exactly get set to this institution for being upstanding citizens.

A glance at Haku was stolen, the boy still holding the dog against his chest while watching the others, and he lightly tugged his arm as he made his way over to Micha and Anya. Haku didn't follow immediately after, choosing to watch the twins for a moment or two before turning and running to catch up with his brother. Once he did, he reached down and grabbed Jounichi's hand and holding it tightly while standing slightly behind him.

[+purple "You didn't have to stand up for us, but thanks,"] he stated after a moment. They looked tough, certainly like they weren't people to be messed with. [+purple "We don't want to make you targets, too."]
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[center [font “Letter” Micha and Anya watched as a child seemed to be bullied by another which ticked Anya off. The shorter twin went to stand up before hearing her name. [b “Anya Romanov. Micha Romanov.”] A voice shouted pronouncing their names wrong. The silver haired twins looked his general direction the female snorting in anger. [b “ Both of you come you need to do your physicals now, then your muzzle can come off child.”] the male seemed exhausted and tired of working around with all of the twins.

Micha grabbed his sisters hand walking her towards the man that lead them to the doctor. Upon entering the room a curtain separated the two where they were asked personal questions. The female put her doll down then sat on the table while the doctor examined her. The doctor went behind the 16 year old grabbing the lock of her muzzle restraint. [b “Now, Anja… I will be releasing you to talk you may not try to take control of anyone while you are here if you try this will be immediately placed back until you learn your lesson. Is that clear young Fae?”] He spoke Anya nodded her legs dangling off the table her eyes closed happily as the doctor too the mouth restraint away. [#FF69B4 “Finally that piece of crap thing is out of my mouth. Thanks.. I promise I wont control anyone but damn humans those disgusting creatures…. But you don’t have any of those things here do you? This place is full of beautiful immortal beings we don’t need those damned Mortals here.”] She hissed feeling arms wrap around from behind her blue eyes linking with her brothers golden eyes.

[#FFD700 My sister is just joking she wont harm anyone here I shall watch on her.”] he spoke his voice seemed quiet and relaxed. He had been checked over the doctors made sure that they where both okay then gave them permission to go back to the general public eyes on Anya. Micha stayed behind his sister as they walked back in Anya walking over to the boy that seemed to have bullied the younger male handing him her doll. [#FF69B4 “Since you seem to be lonely take my doll, But beware anyone who touches her becomes cursed.”] She laughed walking away.

Micha put his hand to his face sighing . [#FFD700 “Anya come take your doll ba…”] the taller twin shivered as his sisters blue eyes pierced his. [#FFD700 Alright alright let him hold the doll it will just find its way back to you anyways. Good luck with the curse… Oh… And there is only one way of getting rid of that kid… Go ask those kids for forgiveness for stealing their stuffed animal. After you do that give my sister her doll back and you will be free of the curse.”] They were and weren’t lying. The doll was cursed and has been handed down from generation to generation to the first born female. The doll just caused small bad luck unless the feelings towards the person were full of anger. Something like this which is only like a joke would do nothing to the child just hopefully scare him from doing anything like that again.

Anya played with her hair as she bowed her head stopping next to the twin boys. [#FF69B4 “I don’t think that child will bug you anymore. If anyone pics on you come to big sister. Ill take care of them, Or big brother will scare them with their shadows.”] The female whispered walking to the couch Micha close behind her. His golden eyes making contact with the other set of twins waving his hand towards them in a greeting sort of way. ]]
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[Dosis [size14 [i Checkmate.



Aro won about five games already. A game of chess was too easy for the male. The current twin he played with didn't take losing very well, it wasn't like a competition though. A hand swiped the board off the table, chess pieces scattering everywhere. He closed his eyes and sighed, letting the male storm off in a huff. This is why he played with only his sister when it came to any kind of game. Everyone hated losing around here. He wasn't a person to let people win after putting in the effort to play his best. Crossing his arms, a quick wave of his hand had the chessboard placed neatly back onto the table as if it never happened. He glanced over to his sister speaking with the two boys. He knew Annarose meant well, yet stuff like this usually caused unneeded trouble. Not everyone around here looked friendly. Only about 20% of siblings actually socialized with others. Being here for such a long time, he's come to noticed how everyone tends to be off to themselves. Aro had no problem with it. The less trouble, the better. He kept his eyes on his sister, ready to intervene if anything happens.

Annarose kept her eyes on Haku especially. Something about him drew her attention towards. It could be the point of how timid and shy he was, clinging to his brother. She knew what [i they] did though and wondered if it was just an act. No one in here was innocent, no matter if they looked it. She didn't bother calling out the problem, since drama may unfold. She kept her friendly smile. [#f7347a "Calm down,"] she said,"[#f7347a "I'm curious about the newbies here is all. If you ever need any help, come to me or my brother. Not everyone likes to communicate with the staff."] Even after she said that, she lingered there for a minute longer before curtzing, turning back towards her brother.

Aro's expression remained blank as his sister returned to his side. Aro only sighed. Another set of twins strolled in. Another pair who looked ready to fight. Annarose stared at them with sparkling eyes. Aro shook his head, keeping a firm grip on her arm. [#9b1b30 "Please don't, Rose. I know you want to greet everyone but maybe take a break,"] he said. He petted her head as she pouted at him. He was more firm with Annarose now than ever, since her last episode. Almost destroyed the place.
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[h3 +]
Haku kept at his brother's side, Jounichi continuing to observe. He preferred to watch people instead of just jumping into something, wanting to have every angle figured out and planned for. This wasn't to say he wasn't impulsive, Jounichi could have quite the temper and last out far too quickly when he felt he was threatened. Often times it was his quiet brother who had to rein him back in to prevent others from getting hurt.

Jounichi's violet gaze shifted as he caught a figure approaching them, one half of a pair of twins. He and his brother were still relatively new to the institute, only having arrived three days ago, so this person was still unfamiliar to him. It was apparent this larger male didn't come over to simply say hello, making himself at home in the twin's space. This caused Haku to become uncomfortable, shifting closer to his brother. A stuffed dog that was sitting on the table beside Haku's arm was pulled into his lap by said twin, holding it close as a sort of safety blanket. The single twin caught sight of this, reaching out and grabbing it out of Haku's hands, which caused a quiet and distressed cry to escape his chest while Jounichi's eyes changed to a darker purple than normal.

[+purple "Give it back to him now,"] Jounichi threatened him, his fist clenching at his side.

[+red "Yeah? Or what?"]

The boy's gaze kept focused on the male that towered over him by at least a few feet, the lights above them flickering a couple of times before going out row by row. As the last few lights remained, flickering but remaining lit, it grew unbearably cold around Jounichi. The single twin didn't seem to be prepared for such a reaction, instantly dropping the dog and moving away quickly; a heavy tug to his arm caused him to blink a few times and the lights to return back to normal. Quickly looking down he saw Haku's hand wrapped firmly around his arm, vivid amber eyes looking into his own, and he let out a quiet sigh. Haku was forever holding him back from his actions, sometimes he wished his silent twin would allow him to unleash a can of kickass on deserving people. He sighed quietly, bending down to pick up the discarded toy and hand it back to his brother.

After a few minutes, things seemed to go back to normal as others began talking in quieter voices again, and he heard a female voice behind him. Both twins turned to look, Haku keeping pressed into his brother's side, and Jounichi looking back at her quietly. Who was this and was she here to fuck up their day? Those were the only two questions he had at the moment.

[+purple "Fine, I guess,"] he answered, keeping his eyes on her. He didn't know much about her but, if she wanted to start something like that other kid did, he wasn't afraid to attempt to knock her into the next century. [+purple "Who are you and what do you want from us?"]
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[center [font “Letter Micha Sighes as he walked behind his much shorter sister. They may have been twins but their height was not something they had in common. Which is normal among Fae’s or Fairies. Upon looking at Micha and Anya most would believe they were human since they hid their wings from others. It wasn’t like the lore where all Fairies had wings most were able to hide them since most of their land has been taken over by humans. Micha unlike his sister only had a slight distaste for humans while Anya wanted nothing more than to rid the world of the mortals.

Anya looked back at her brother her mouth covered her hands locked up as well as her brother’s entering the common room. They noticed other twins but were pushed through to their room. The two were told the rules of engagement as well of their do’s and don’ts before their restraints came off keeping the mouth guard in Anya’s mouth. Micha looked down at his sister who seemed displeased with her predicament. The silver haired male touched the top of his sisters head. [#FFD700 It is only for just a little but until dinner then your mouth piece will come out. We don’t need you attacking anyone. Besides I still have mine. No one will harm us Anya.”] he spoke as the doctors had left.

Micha held his sisters hands his golden eyes watching everyone closely with each step they took towards the common room. Anya held onto her doll in one arm while holding her brothers hand in the other her blue eyes on him until hearing someone walk behind them. The Fae scooted closer to her brother letting the man whom seemed in a daze pass them. The silver haired female pushed her bangs over one eye while trying to adjust the crown she normally would have above her head which was no longer there. The doctors believed that it would have been a danger to others if she where to use it against another “Patient” she could easily harm them with since the crowns tips were sharp. Anya sighed gripping her brothers hand feeling her brother pat her head. They only had each other now their father and mother had wanted no contact with the twins until they were better.

Upon entering the common room they noticed two set of younger twins everyone seemed a lot younger than the two which slightly embarrassed them since they seemed to be the oldest. Micha lead Anya and himself to the couch where they sat quietly Anya tapping her foot wanting to be able to speak she felt trapped. Micha tried to calm her down but she began to groan and growl. ]]
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[Dosis [size14 A sedated patient rested between the vampiric pair. The young male wanted to be sedated for his own good, not to lash out at the two. An hour was needed for the two to feed, in a private room of course. They weren't savages to feed in front of everyone. Some patients weren't too fond of blood in the first place.

Two sets of fangs pierced the male's skin. Gentle suckles filled the silence surrounding them. Their bites were always clean, trying to not make any blood spill on the other's clothing. Their mouths remained attached, taking their fill before the male's heart slowed down. They pulled away in unison, exhaling deeply. Crimson hues stared back at each other, sparkling with new life. The first of many feedings for today.

Aro placed the male back onto the wheelchair. He proceeded to lick the wounds, healing them almost instantly. Aftercare was important to them. Their bites were pleasurable to most, the saliva helped numb the pain before their fangs made entry into the skin. Annarose pressed the button to call for a nurse. They usually took care of the rest. Annarose smiled and wrapped her arms around Aro's arm, kissing his cheek. Eugh.. Aro wasn't one for affection. A small sigh escaped his lips as he patted her head.

[#9b1b30 "Let's go, Rose."] Aro took her by the hand and they left their room, walking down the hall. Annarose happily greeted passing patients while Aro pretended they didn't exist, his face vacant of any emotion. They stepped into the common room, magenta eyes scanning the room. Annarose wore her hair down to today, a purple rose clip on the side. They always wore similar colors and dressed centuries old. Old habits die hard. Some have tried to give them modern clothes, but Annarose denied it, liking her puffy-skirt dresses.

Annarose yanked on her brother's arm and pulled him towards a familiar set of twins that looked non-too-friendly or welcoming of others in their space. Aro tried to convince his sister to not invade someone else's space, constantly. Every day. 24/7. [#f7347a "The shy one is Haku, right? He's just so adorable and so is his brother, let's say Hi,"] she said. [#9b1b30 "Please Rose, let's not. They seem ready to get the hell out of here anyway."] Aro pulled her back. Annarose gave him the puppy-eyed look. He shook his head, eyebrow twitching when Annarose began to actually shake him. Oh how he wished he could put his sister to sleep for a minute, yet unable to use his powers against her since they were the same. She forced them to sit down behind them. Her eyes bore into the back of Haku's head, attempting to invade his mind. Aro slapped the back of her head and cleared his throat. Another set of twins approached them, wanting to play chess. Aro decided to go first. Most were startled at the slight deep voice Aro had.

Being one of the oldest patients there, the pair had a welcoming presence. In the back of Aro's mind, he hoped today would go smoothly. Annarose began to have bad episodes since two days ago. His weren't nearly as bad. Aro returned his attention to the game at hand. Annarose left his side and appeared next to male pair. Her eyes settled on Jounichi, then on Haku. The corners of her lips curled into a grin. A harmless one. She sensed the slight hostility. A common thing when being in an unknown place. Anything can happen. [#f7347a "How are you two adjusting?"] she asked.
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[h3 +]
Jounichi watched a stream of light trickle in through the common room window and splatter across the table nearby, exposing new patterns ingrained in the dark cherry wood. He wasn't sure how he felt about this new place, everything about it just seemed....odd. He didn't have room to talk, he was an odd being himself. This, was different and it was hard to describe. It could be the fact that everywhere he looked, a set of twins was nearby. Most minded their own business but the eeriness of seeing double was still there. Or perhaps the feeling came from the knowledge that everyone present was just like himself and Haku: a bit deranged in some form.

A soft tug to the hem of his shirt caused the boy to jump a bit, his frame whipping around quickly and his form ready to knock whatever danger was nearby into next week. His harsh face softened greatly, however, as his brother moved into his side while his small hand kept hold of the dark fabric of his shirt. Unlike himself, Haku was a very quiet and shy kid who hardly spoke to anyone, not even the staff. On the rare occasion that words did pass his lips, it was only when Jounichi was present and within reaching range. It was clear that the two had rarely ever been separated by Haku's dependence on his twin and it wasn't something that Jounichi minded. He would protect Haku until his last breath.

[+goldenrod "Can we....go somewhere else?"] Haku's soft voice nearly whispered in the large room, barely detectable by anyone who wasn't paying attention. Jounichi lifted his hand to brush through his brother's soft locks, shaking his head faintly in response. It wasn't that he didn't want to, the small demon wanting nothing more at the moment than to experience some quiet, but that wasn't where they were allowed to be at the moment. The institute seemed to run on a strict schedule, Jounichi overhearing from one of the patients that the staff rarely deviated from it. Common room time was from 2 - 5, then came dinner. If the staff was feeling particularly charitable they would open up the large doors and allow some of the patients outside. Today wasn't one of those days, apparently. They could, however, go hide in their room for a while if they wished to.

[+purple "In a little bit,"] he told his brother quietly, amethyst eyes turning to watch a set of twins enter the common room. [+purple "Just try to hang on until then."]
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