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[left [pic]] Serafina took another sip of her tea while he thought over it. She could practically see him reach the conclusion that she would actually be helpful to have around.

That felt like a little victory, even if he thought she had an attitude. She had manners, but he’d also get used to her and their way of doing things here.

When he started flirting she smiled into her tea before setting it down. Serafina blinked at the forehead flick,”Hm, I see you’ve got it backwards. Southern men can’t handle northern women.”

Serafina stood up and with slow, deliberate steps made her way around to the back of his chair. Her hands were warm from the tea. She ran a hand over his shoulder before she started to rub at the back of his neck and shoulders with skilled hands. She knew how to massage and relax muscles, and she knew he’d been sword practicing this morning, and then likely spent most of the rest of the day hunched over papers, so she had a pretty good idea of what spots would be bothering him even if he didn’t realize it yet. She leaned over to speak more softly over his shoulder,”You’d be surprised what I’m capable of. But you see, I have standards. Looks, money, power, it isn’t all there is to it. Southern boys are all talk. You’ll have a court mage, a very competent court mage. But that’s all.”

She said she was turning him down, but it was as much a challenge as his was for her. She wasn’t going to be won over too easily, but at the same time the idea that he’d want her was appealing. She fully intended to send him away, but she wanted him to be thinking of her after he left.
  Yavanna / 274d 18h 13m 17s
Anderson would take another sip of his tea as he got more comfortable into the chair. “If you say so I just wish it wasn’t so much work. Now I mean over time I can see it slowing down and as I find advisors to take over the roles of spots.” He looked into the fireplace taking some time to think about that. He needed to hire people to help him but it would be people he would need to trust. He didn’t want people that just wanted the money and didn’t want to do any of the work. No, he needed hard working loyal advisors.

The took time to think over what she would offer. It made sense to have her around. He was a local and did care much about the money. She was freely offering her work to him without him even asking her. She had some problems yes but what she was offering could not be past. “And all I'm sure you want is a place in my court.” He laughed a bit. “Well I would be a fool to look a gift horse in the mouth. I need the help when it come to this kind of stuff and I would have a lot harder time doing this without you but we most work on you attitude toward people around here. It may have been your home before but now it is mine and all my men that follow under my command. You may no like that but that the way your parents sighed into. Like it or you stayed so you follow under those same rules and I can have you attacking every noble that walk in her. Only the one I don’t like.” He finished with a joke hoping to lighten the mood.

With the import part he would go back to a light hearted ton and gave her the most charming smile he had. “aaa and here I thought we had a connection.” He teased. “And im sure I wouldn’t want someone like you in the sheet. Been alone for so long I sure you wouldn’t know how to even please a man.” It was mostly teasing but he also fazed it like a challenge. “I mean I seen most the men around her and I can blame you for not have a relation with any of them. Most are other too old or young and the once that are wouldn’t be much better than you making it very fun. Plus, form what I heard from the south you northern ladies can’t handle southern boy. I mean with my looks and skill I'm just too much man for you.” He said reaching over and flicking her forehead like one would a child.
  Anderson / Mended / 275d 19h 17m 21s
[left [pic]] Serafina didn’t see any reason to rush right into business. He seemed to need to relax, and have someone listen. Besides, when it came down to it that was one of the things a court mage was expected to do, act as a confidant to the lord. She listened as she made the tea and handed it to him.

She smiled and sat down with her own cup of tea in the other seat,”I see. There are good reasons, but it is a lot to take in at once. You’ll have an easier time once things are set up, this… disarray makes for a heavy workload.”

She took a sip of her tea. She supposed they may as well ease into the business talk now since the conversation was headed that way,”Leading is a burden. It is yours to bear, but some can help share the weight. I could help with organizing repairs, I know the castle better than any living person. I also know the local workmen who are capable of getting the job done.”

Serafina looked at him over her cup,”I’ve had a mage’s education from my mother. I can help you with the castle, the taxes, handling the townspeople, any magical problems or questions that arise, as well as various health issues. Like this tea.” With a little smirk she added,”As for the mistresses, you’re on your own. I won’t be helping with that.”
  Yavanna / 277d 10h 32m 42s
He would give a low chuckle as he took a seat near the fireplace. The winter months were behind them but that didn’t mean the cool morning and evening were gone quite yet. Leaning back, he would close his eyes and just relax. His entire body ached but that wasn’t what tired him. He used to long days in the fields. No, it was everything that had to be done to get him ready to be part of a court.

“Thank you.” He would say opening his eyes as she readies the tea. “And here I thought being a Noble would be easy. Sit back relax and let some other people do the work for a change. Yet the moment I got told I have not had a moment to rest outside of sleep.” He was more venting to the air then her. It been weighing on his chest for a while and he just need to complain for a while before he exploded form pent up stress. He had another way of blowing off steam when he was in his home town but not here.

“I mean the hell do I need to know that taxes on another territory around mine or how much it cost to fix this or that. The kingdom paying for it, not me.” He rubbed his face with his hand as he leaned back in the chair. “The worst thing I had worried before was the cattle being attack. Well, that and my mistresses finding out about each other.” He said that part almost like a joke and it was mostly true as he ever had two before. “Now I'm in charge of so much and that a lot more on my shoulder than before.”

Once she was done with the tea, he would take the cup and gently sip at it as not to burn his tongue. Letting out a heavy sigh as his body relax as the tea washed over him and made him relax a bit more. “Aaaa that amazing.” He smiled feeling the pain go away for a minute as he felt his whole body warm-up.
  Anderson / Mended / 277d 20h 20m 28s
[left [pic]] She made a mental note to discuss these other things with him. If they were about the castle, town, or people she had a feeling she ought to have a hand in it, especially if she was his court mage.

For now though, there was her ankle,”It’s nearly well. I… thank you.” He had kept her from falling, a thank you wouldn’t hurt. “Wait, I—”

There really wasn’t much chance to object. He was leaving, and the man who had been tasked with watching her was already leading her away. With her ankle she couldn’t really fight. So it was off to her room for the day. She spent some of the day tending her ankle, some of the day reading, and most of it bored.

She did peek out of the door now and then to request food or other odds and ends from her ‘guard’, who dutifully stayed at the door. Other men came by, who he sent to fetch the things so she couldn’t sneak off. Once she caught one of the men by surprise when she peered out. He’d been laughing and saying something to the actual guard about letting him in to see her and keep her company. The way he’d been saying it and the way he clammed up part way through his next sentence about her and just greeted her made her sure about what sort of ‘company’ he meant, and she wanted none of it.

After that she didn’t mind the guard so much. Serafina was starting to wonder if Anderson had forgotten about her, and how long her guard was planning to stay. All night? Then there was a knock and Serafina looked up from the book she was lazily rereading. She had been sitting at a table with the old book laid open.

Serafina gave a little laugh and smiled,”Not too much. He wasn’t complaining at least. Have a seat, I’ll make some tea.”

He was clearly tired. They had kept him busy all day. Probably trying to assess the castle and all the work that needed to be done. She got up and went to move the kettle over the fire,”I have a tea blend I think you’ll like. It helps with sleep and muscle aches.”
  Yavanna / 278d 12h 18m 57s
He would play little attain to her glare at him as he watched her turn around and address the crowd of people. He would stand a little back from her and the gate. His men several feet behind him as they watched what was happening. He didn’t need them to trust him yet that would come with time no he need them not to cause trouble for him and the men under his command. Time would show them that he was not a heartless man or even a mean one. Yet at the moment it looks like that as Serafina was being kicked out of the place that she had lived in so long. It didn’t look good and he knew that but he was still distrustful of her as she just been sneaking around in the castle instead of just talking to him about it.

He would listen but say nothing until the whole thing was over. He would be standing there with his arms crossed. Seeing that the people would leave peaceful he let out a high sigh and with it some of his frustration at her. She then said something and her laughed. “You forget I have other thing I must deal with before I can.” He said pointing over his shoulder at the man that was his advisor who stood with several scrolls on is arms.”

He would have only a second to react when she grabbed his arm and almost fell over. Lucky for her he was able to keep his balance so both didn’t topple over to the ground. He would steady her so that she would not fall or take both of them to the ground.

“Marker woman would you slow down.” He said letting her go. “You just hurt yourself yesterday yet you act like it was a week ago.” He would motion one of his men over who would come over with a rush. “Return her to her room. Force her if you have to and make sure she doesn't come out for the rest of the day.” Turn back to her he would say. “I will talk to you tonight if I find the time.” With that he would turn away and take off to the baths. He need to be clean up before the work a head of him. It would be his last moments alone until the sun set.

And it was as for the rest of the day he would be talking about repair, requisitions, food, water, manpower, and all manner of items. With everything in such disorder, it would be like this for weeks maybe months until everything would settle down. That didn’t even clued all his lessons on politics law government, and how things work. It was enough that by the end of the day he felt more exhausted then he didn’t after the sparing match. He would almost forget to remember to see the woman.

Walking to her room he would see his guard standing outside the room as order. Nodding to him he would dismiss the man and enter Serafina room with a knock. “Alright woman I here.” He would say with a sigh. Hopefully this would go better than the rest of his day. The strain on his face would be obvious as well how tired he was. “I hope you didn’t give my man to much trouble.” He would say giving her a smirk that lighted his mood.
  Anderson / Mended / 278d 17h 42m 47s
[left [pic]]Serafina was surprised at how upset he was. As far as she knew things were pretty quiet today. But she had left without a word yesterday… Before she could really think it over, or object that this wasn’t even all her fault, he had picked her up.

“Put me down!” Serafina tried to squirm free at first, but he was [i strong]. She saw some of the men staring, and her cheeks burned. This was humiliating, but even if she [i did] make him drop her, she realized it might hurt her ankle, and probably wouldn’t improve the situation. She had stopped trying to fight by the time he set her down, and instead once she was down she tried to brush off the dirt.

‘Yet’ he said. What would he do when his patience wore out? She glanced back at him, eyes narrowed slightly. But he was sending [i her] to the towns people, not talking with them himself. They’d never believe him, they didn’t trust or like him. They’d believe her though.

She looked back at the gate and went up to it. Things quieted when they saw her. Her ankle hurt the way she walked like nothing was wrong. She masked the pain with an annoyed expression.

“Serafina! What happened? Has he hurt you?”

“Why’d he take you?”

“We’ll get you out!”

“Quiet!” Serafina shouted. She had come up right to the gate and held it, leaning forward,”You’re all being ridiculous! I ran into Count Anderson last evening by chance, and now we’re discussing matters.”

“Discussing what?” The man closest to her asked suspiciously. Serafina recognized him as a farmer, well the son of one but his father was in poor health and Ben did most of the work now.

Serafina lifted her chin slightly,”Business. Yours is back at the farm with your father, Ben. Come back if he needs more medicine. I’ll let you know when there’s something worth knowing.”

There were murmurs in the crowd, but they started to leave. They figured if Serafina said she was talking business then they probably ought to let her. They trusted her to handle things, though they would be keeping an eye out to make sure things were really alright.

Serafina watched them go for a few moments until she was sure they were all leaving. Ben tried to linger, but under her stare even he left. Then she turned and walked back right up to Anderson. “There. Now, I believe we have business to discuss.”

It was the last step that ruined her otherwise decent performance. She put a little too much weight on it, or stepped just wrong, but her ankle gave out for a moment. Serafina caught herself by grabbing his arm, and pretty quickly stood back up straight, but it was obvious that while her ankle was a lot better it still hurt.
  Yavanna / 279d 14h 22m 14s
As Anderson found her, he would show that he was not in a good mood as his face clearly holding anger. Not aggressive anger but clearly that it was at something she had done. “You.” Was all he would say to her comment to her. “First you start a scene yesterday when I arrive. Next, you go and cause trouble by getting stuck in a wall. Now because of you, I got some big ass riot going off outside my gates all because of you.” He said his thick accent coming out as he lost his cool.

His face was red from training and he was covered in dirt from being knocked down. His clothes were clearly worn for years in the field and now under the stress of fighting seems to be the last straw as parts of it would start to rip and tear. His hair would hang loosely hang around his head as sweat poured from it.

“I have known you less than a day and yet you have been the biggest thorn in my side.” He would accuse her before picking her up over her shoulder and start taking her to the gate. He would seem to have little issue lifting and holding her as he took her past all his men and moved to the gate. Dropping her on his side of it and spinning her around to face them. “Now calm them down and tell them to go home as there is nothing wrong with you.” He would whisper into her ear ending with a “Yet” As she backed away and let her deal with it. He would know that they would not listen to him as he had yet to win their trust or even greet them in a proper way. No, he needed her at the moment to calm and deal with them. Once they trusted him then he could deal with her and her faults.
  Anderson / Mended / 280d 14h 28m 37s
[left [pic]]When she couldn’t find him right away she got to her chores, taking care of her animals, and as was her habit for a while now just looking around the castle. There was just that one thing her mother never explained, and she couldn’t find in any books. At least none of the books she could find. Her mother said when she was older it was very important…

At some point she heard the commotion at the gate. She had wandered close enough she could hear people there and sighed. What were they all up to now? This new count had the whole town so riled up. Speaking of, she rounded a corner and came face to face with him.

“Ah. Good morning.” She’d stepped just wrong in her surprise and put a hand out to steady herself on the wall. Compared to yesterday she was doing a lot better, but injuries didn’t just heal overnight even with magic. Serafina looked him over. He was dressed for work, not show. And had been working, judging from the sweat. “I had been hoping to speak with you today.”
  Yavanna / 307d 11h 54m 5s
Anderson would wake early in the morning as he did almost every day. He was use to waking up before the dawn to start his chores but luckily for him he no longer needed to do that. He did however have other duty to attend to now. Rolling out of bed was easy even in the cool morning air. Yawning he would start to straight in place to work out the knots of his back. Once that was done, he moved to get dressed in some old clothes he wouldn’t mind getting dirty and torn.

Once he was already, he would head down to the main floor and meet with one of his guards and his sword trained. His uncle had trained him in the basic over the years but he had never really learned that much. He had the strength for it but not much of the know-how. Lucky for him he had plenty of time to learn as the castle was repaired and he would have to take up his full duties.

“Good morning my Lord” The man said bowing to him as she arrived.

“Good morning Sir Fredick” He would bow in return as he picked up one of the two training swords placed against a stone wall. Taking it, he would test the weight in his hands as he got into a combat stance. “Now then where did we leave off last time.”

Smiling Fredrick would pick up his sword and start to meet Anderson in his stance. Anderson had little training and it showed as he was often knocked down or disarmed fighting against the more seasoned fighter. He never got frusted thought as he knew he wasn’t that good and really had little interested in learning the blade but sadly for him every noble had to know how to defend himself and could often be chaliced in a duel.

His training would take most of the morning until Anderson would start to hear commotion at the front gate of people yelling and arguing. “What is that all about?”

“Not sure my lord should we check?” Fredrick asked.

“Yes, let hurry I have a bad felling about whatever it is.” Running over to the gate he would see a rather large group of people around the gate yelling and being rather rowdy. “You two what going on?” He asked two guard maning the gate.

“Not sure my lord they came up this morning and demanding to know what happen to some woman that live here. I have no idea what they are talking about thought as the only woman I seen was the one we tossed out yesterday and if she not there then I have no idea where she would be.”

Sighing heavly he knew just who they wanted. “Dam woman.” He sighed turning to go find her.
  Anderson / Mended / 308d 13h 10m 1s
[left [pic]]So he was a farmer. At least until recently. “Oh.”

Serafina looked a little embarrassed. She felt a little bad for assuming he was spoiled and clueless. “Ah, good night.”

She wasn’t sure what else to say at that point. After he left she finished with her ankle and tended to the fire. Tomorrow would decide things, she supposed. Maybe he was more reasonable than she assumed. She knew farmers here. They tended to be hard working, sensible people, if sometimes a bit stubborn.

Reading was a good way to pass time until she got tired, and then it was off to bed for her. The night passed for her comfortably, she was glad to be in her own room. Morning came early, and first thing she was massaging her ankle and unbandaging it.

It felt much better, though still a little sore and weak. She would need to walk carefully on it today. After wrapping it again she got a quick bite to eat and left her room to see what was going on, and find out if Count Anderson was awake yet. She was walking almost normally down hall after hall.

Meanwhile in the town, her absence overnight hadn’t gone unnoticed. With no explanation people were worried about her, and several were gathering outside the castle demanding answers about where Serafina was, or that they help find her.
  Yavanna / 319d 13h 12m 4s
“I fingered that was obvious form my speech.” He said laughing a little. He was surprised she hadn’t figured out sooner. “You propley met more nobles then I have living in a castle and all.” He would wrap his arms around his back and walk over to a window and look out it. “I was born to a farmer family far in the south. I was raised by my uncle who got the title from the last war. He died however and the title was passed down to me. I found out just last week so I'm still getting used to that fact.” He then turned back to her. “I don’t see it as rude as it true. I won't hide who I am and what I done.”

Dropping his hand, he nodded at her one last time before walking to the door. “I will think about it for now thank you. Have a good night” With that he left leaving her alone. ‘Strange girl.’ He thought to himself as he moved back outside to find himself a room. She was quite pretty thought and her knowledge of the people and area could be helpful. He could try to kill two bird with one stone if he really wanted to. It would all really depend on later events. Yawing he would design that he deals with it when the time came. Heading off to the castle main rooms he would start his search for his own rom His first night in his new castle was long as he found it thought sleeping in a new place that was so empty.
  Anderson / Mended / 319d 15h 25m 43s
[left [pic]]That all sounded very odd for a lord. Especially a count. Why wouldn’t he own plenty of things and be used to living in large, luxurious spaces? She looked a little puzzled but stayed silent while he left.

While he was gone she kept a little busy. It took some effort but she dragged herself to a table and got a few herbs, a bandages, and one of her mortar and pestles. With those supplies she settled back near the fire and started mixing a paste to put on her ankle. When he walked in she was in the middle of applying it, and the smell of the crushed herbs was heavy in the air. She looked up at him. He brought her books back personally, and even brought her food.

“Thank you.” She set the books down carefully away from the fireplace, but without really looking. Instead she looked away and at the fire,”How ridiculous. And my ankle should be mostly well by morning. Like I said, healing is my specialty.”

After a moment she looked back at him, one eyebrow raised,”You aren’t… a typical noble, are you? I mean, you weren’t born to this, were you?” After a brief pause she looked at her ankle and started working on the bandage,”I’m sorry, that’s a rude question. In any case, I really suggest the lords chambers. If not tonight, then get the rooms to your liking and move in. It’s the best situated for a quick escape. Among other things.”
  Yavanna / 321d 7h 26m 55s
Once he was done looking around, he would turn around just in time to see her use magic to light fire to the wood. His eye brows would lift a few inches in surprise as he never seen a magic cast before. “You act like I walked in the front door and demanded you leave. All I did was simple walk into the castle and you came after me. You only have yourself to blame.” He said getting tired of her playing the victim. He thought for a minute to ask if she wanted help but refrained thinking she would just snap at him again.

“I'm more used to smaller spaces a larger room just seem like I need to much stuff to fill the open space. I never owned that much so a smaller room fits me better any ways. My people do like it but I could care less what they think I been on my own longer then I had them.” Plus, he knew them as well as he knew her so he did quite trust them ether. He would watch the flame dance around her plam before nodding. “Then I'll be right back.” He said leaving the room.

He would take time to retrace his steps and find all the books she had dropped. He even doubled checked to make sure she didn’t leave any in the hole that she might want him to find later. He would look at the title of each but just furrowed his brow as he didn’t recognize any of the word. “Blast it.” He said settign off to the spot the camp had been set up. Grabbing some bread and other fruits he set back off. It would be a poor dinner but at least it would give her snack for when she needs them. He didn’t know how long until dinner so he just wanted to be safe.

Walking in he would hand her the book and toss the food into a basket and place it in arms reach of her. “Hope that all of them as I couldn’t find any other.” He said standing back up and crossing his arms. “Hope if you do find a way to let me keep you, you're not always this clumsy.” He said in a more teasing voice. “Wouldn’t want to have people talking that I got a mistress that I don’t have.”
  Anderson / Mended / 322d 14h 49m 50s
[left [pic]]”Thank you.” He seemed genuine enough complimenting her room. Surely he was used to nicer things than this. “You try being nicer when someone barges into your home. I was born here. Have you even stopped to think what this is like for anyone here but you? No one sounds happy to have you here in the town.”

Once she was set down she pulled a couple of pieces of wood into the fireplace. It was harder because she was stuck sitting, but she got it done without any fuss beyond a couple of grunts. With the wood satisfactorily in place she opened her hand by the wood and after a second of what looked like intense focus fire danced in her palm and then over the wood, getting the fire started pretty quickly. Proof she wasn’t lying about being able to use magic, at least.

With that done she looked back and up at the Count,”Hm. You should use it. There are certain… hidden advantages there for the sake of the lord. If you cared. As for my skills, I’m mainly talented at potions, which includes many applications like antidotes for poison, and healing elixirs and ointments. I can also use fire with some skill.” Serafina laced her fingers together and let them rest in her lap,”If it isn’t too much trouble… my books. The ones I was leaving with. I don’t want them to get ruined outside. They’re important to me.”
  Yavanna / 328d 10h 51m 49s

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