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[left [pic]] Gloria smiled,”That sounds like our Serafina. She’s a hard worker. Not much better help you could ask for. Come on now, Ted.”

They both left, walking at the pace the elderly Gloria set. She wasn’t especially fast, at least when it came to walking. For sewing though, she’d be working as quickly as her old hands let her to get a wardrobe of fitting clothes made.

Serafina, once she had enough people interviewed and sorted and figured Gloria had to be done by now, sent one of the guards to go find Anderson and send him to the library to meet with her. Workers were busy in various parts of the castle, quite a few in the servants quarters, but also a big portion of them hard at work clearing the courtyard in preparation for the festival. She had also bumped the soldiers barracks higher on her priority list, since it seemed the guards were largely more comfortable in that sort of accommodation, being what they were used to, and she wanted it to be a nice space for them and not drafty or rotting. She intended to tell him what all she’d done, and see if he would interview several key people for certain roles as heads of various areas, like the kitchen, cleaning, and serving staff. From there the rest of the servants would be selected with advice from the chosen heads, since they would be directly in charge of anyone hired to work.
  Yavanna / 224d 16h 34m 46s
“I see well by wishes to the new mother and her child.” Anderson said smiling at her comment about his color choice. “It what I was used to waring so no need to go overboard with something fancy but I will trust your judgment.” He didn’t think it would make him look drag but what did he know. He was a farm boy form a far-off land. She was someone that spent her whole life in this area show she would know better than anyone on what would work best. “I look forward to see what you make.”

He would laugh out loud at her commend about him kidnapping Serfaina. “I would feel bad for anyone that tried to kidnap her. They would be in for a world of hurt.” He smiled thought as he kept chatting. “I know that woman for less then you people and I can clearly see that. My first day here instead of welcoming my group she matched up to us and told us to get lost. I had a full group of armed guards yet she gave it no second thoughts.” He looked back on the memory and remember how angry she was being dragged off. “I didn’t meet her til a few hours later when I found her trapped inside a wall sneaking around the castle. Strangest thing I ever seen but even after I helped her, she went off on me about kicking her out of her home. I had no idea that anyone lived here and she did come at us like a crazy person. So no if anyone got kidnapped it was me. I couldn’t get away from her without something else starting off like when the people came to my gate depending that I show her. She quite the handful but im glad to have her help.” He gave her high remarks to show that her help had been useful so far.

He would laugh at that comment. “The only one get mistreated around her is me.” He laughed. “So, I guessing she get a lot of admirers form the town then? Can’t blame the young boys around here she quite the flower. Too many thorns for my taste. She smart and resourceful and I need people like her and other standing next to me if I want to make this land great.” He hoped to give off the impression that he was not interested in her outside of her magic and advice.

He then turned to the boy and put his hand on his shoulder. “Calm yourself lad. I no different than most of you. I didn’t come here to rule with a iron fist I came here to make your land better.” With that he waved them off as they left. “Until then”

He then would move around the castle greeting people as they went about their day. He wanted to make himself look open to those around him and that he was not here to be scary and an overall dick. No, he was here to make think more lively and better. He would great his guards and people alike and even see how some of the new staff was doing after being picked out. It was a day mostly filled with greeting and interdusiton.
  Anderson / Mended / 226d 16h 22m 23s
[left [pic]] Serafina saw them get to work, and excused herself to go sort out the other arrivals. There were workers to direct, and servants to interview. Plenty to keep herself busy while he was fitted for clothes.

Her grandson gave an awkward bow in greeting, and before he could introduce himself his grandmother had,”This is Ted, my grandson. Usually my granddaughter helps too, but she just had a baby a few weeks ago. A little girl! Isn’t that exciting?”

Gloria nodded at his color preferences,”Not a bad start, but we’ll add a splash of other colors as well. Can’t have you looking too drab.” At the question about talk in the town her eyes lit up a little,”You’re the main topic right now, son. Ted, be a dear and hand me that fabric, the grey one. Thank you. You and Serafina, of course. Saying you’ve kidnapped her, holding her prisoner in some drafty tower.” She gave his arm a little pat,”You’re too polite for that, aren’t you? And little Serafina seems as pleased as ever. She’s too fiery to let you get away with much anyway, isn’t she?”

The old woman gave a smile,”I’ve known her since she was born. If you were mistreating her, your eyebrows would be singed. You wouldn’t be the first young man to get burned by her either. You always know where you stand with her, and she seems to like you so far.” She kept chatting as she passed fabrics back and forth with her grandson, re-took measurements, and finally cut into a lightweight white material. After getting a few pieces pinned she seemed satisfied enough and packed up,”That’ll do for now. I’ll bring by things for you to try on in a couple of days. Have to make sure you’re presentable for the festival.”

Ted seemed surprised that [i he] was being asked anything, and looked at his grandmother, then Count Anderson,”Oh, um. You seem nice enough. Nicer than I thought. Uh, not that I thought you’d be mean, just… Not this… relaxed?” He seemed pretty embarrassed by his answer, and was glad to gather things and leave with his grandmother.

Gloria patted his shoulder before she left,”I’ll see you in a few days then. Take care.”

While they had worked, Serafina had sent workmen to start on the servants quarters, given instructions on moving the rest of her things to her room, and been busy interviewing and sorting the possible servants into rooms to wait and meet Anderson themselves, or sent them back home. If things went well with the work, they should have a basic staff in days. Perhaps a week.
  Yavanna / 229d 16h 13m 38s
He would then great her grandson as well before returning his attain to her. “You are too kind MS. Gloria.” He would do as she said offer no resistance to her as she would began work on measuring him. “I’m excited to see your work and what you come up with. I never been much into fashion and being so far north I don’t what you all consider stylish.” He didn’t think that it could to much different. He then took his time to think over her question. “Black and silver for color as for materials I do have much of a care. As long as it can take it. I'm training a lot so something that can hold up to that.”

“So, tell me Ms. Gloria what is the talk of the town?” He asked striking up a conversion while she worked. He wanted to leave a good impression as he wanted her to return to town an tell everyone that he was a kind man and they shouldn’t worry. “My Mage Miss Serafina has told me a bit about but I like to hear it from someone in town itself.”

He once she was finished, he turned turn his action to her grandson. “And how about you Sir what do you think of me so far?” He asked wanting him to be honest with him as he need to know what was the general. After he was finished, he would smile and nod. “Thank you for your honest opinion.” Once Gloria was finished, he would step down and slime at all of them. “I thank you for your help today but I should be going I have many people I like to meet today. I hope to see you all again very soon.” Giving one last bow he would be off leaving them all.
  Anderson / Mended / 229d 23h 47m 34s
[left [pic]] Serafina took enough time for her to wash and dress before going downstairs to see about the appointments for the day. There were already plenty of curious people arriving to work, or to apply for positions as servants. Gloria had also arrived, her grandson in tow carrying an impressive number of bolts of fabric and baskets of sewing supplies, with Gloria only carrying one little basket.

Serafina greeted her warmly with a hug, and led her up to the room, explaining a little of what was needed for the festival before they got there. It was supposed to be a surprise, afterall. She opened the door for the old grandmother after knocking and let her in.

Gloria chuckled at the greeting, setting her basket on a table before giving her own little curtsey,”Good morning to you. Well now, aren’t you a polite lad. Come and let me get a look at you.”

Her grandson, a tall, lanky young man, followed them in. Serafina showed him where to set down the things he was carrying while Gloria, without being very shy, looked over Anderson, had him turn around for her, and started measuring. Serafina watched with a little smirk while Gloria worked.

“What a handsome young man you are. We’ll have you dressed for the festival and more. Looking like a proper lord too. Tell me, what colors do you like? Materials? With spring coming you won’t need furs right away, but you’ll want some for winter. Do you have a preference there?”
  Yavanna / 230d 15h 18m 18s
He would let out one last yawn as she got up and he started to stretch. “Alright just get me enough time to wash up and clean up a bit.” He said getting out of bed and grabbing his clothes. “I’m sure you do and best for me not to distract you from that.” He winks as he watched her leave smiling the whole time until she was gone out of the passage. He then headed off to his private bath to clean up. It was cold but was refreshing and helped him fully awaken from his tired state.

Once done washing he when back and changed out into some simple cloths at would be easy for himself to be measuring in. Luckily, he would not have to move a lot of things around as the room had plenty of room to do such things. After he got everything set up in a place he would sit back down at his desk and wait he knew it would take a while as Serafina would have to clean up change and then get her and lead her up to his room to begin. He gave it an hour to an hour and twp.

He was right as an hour and a half later he heard a knock at his door. “Enter.” He would call outstanding up to meet his guests. “Good morning Ms. Gloria. I glad you were able to help me on such short notice. Miss Serafina has praised highly of your skill and I'm in the need of new clothes as most of mine happened to get left behind before as I traveled here.” He would bow to her in greeting as he talked. This was a hold habit of his and not often done by nobles when greeting their lowers. He had always found it a respect thing.
  Anderson / Mended / 230d 19h 21m 25s
[left [pic]] “You did ask. And nothing terribly early, but you shouldn’t keep Gloria waiting.” Serafina leaned down and kissed along his neck and whispered against his ear,”I’ll tell Gloria, but you’ll have to wait.”

With one more kiss she slipped away,”We should get up. And bathe. Breakfast. Oh, even without lessons I have plenty for you to do.” She pulled her nightgown back on and started toward the hidden passage. It would probably be best for her to leave from her room, where she went to last night.
  Yavanna / 234d 13h 43m 41s
He would smile at her. "We don't have to get up yet." He said pulling her closer. "I don't have any plans for the day and my schooling won't continue till the day after tomorrow." He had not planned on leaving as long as she stayed. Why ruin a good thing. He then watched as she moved up and he got a better look at her body and smiled. "Nothing for a while I hope."

"O now have you changed your mind?" He asked kissing her again and pulling her on top of him. He looked outside and could tell the sun was still raising so even if he had things he needs to do they could wait. "Yes, you never did tell me what you planned on wearing so it is kind of hard to match if you don't tell me." He was sure whatever it was it would look amazing on her.
  Anderson / Mended / 234d 14h 23m 20s
[left [pic]] “Morning.” Serafina mumbled, her eyes still closed. He was warm, and it was comfortable in bed. She shifted a little, but wasn’t in a hurry to get up,”Mmm, we’ll need to get up, won’t we?”

After a few moments she rounsed herself a little more awake, lacing her fingers in with his. She kissed his shoulder before propping herself up on her elbow,”I suppose I did make some appointments for us.”

With a playful smile she leaned in, brushing her nose against his,”You will need something nice to wear to take me to the festival. That’s the first thing for today.”
  Yavanna / 234d 16h 39m 9s
His whole body would shudder when she finally leaned down and kissed him. He felt a jolt that he had never felt with anyone before. All he would do was smile at her and wink before pulling her back down in for another kiss as his hands worked down her back to undo her dress as he smiled.

Then the next morning would come all too quickly for him as he felt the sun rising in his window. Growing he rolled over but he was already awake. The first thing he noticed was the warm body next to him and all he could do was smile as he looked down at Serafina. She was so beautiful her hair freely laying across the sheets and her body laid across his. He would let out a sad sigh as he ran his hand through his hair. This would be the only night its. Why couldn’t he meet her before he became a noble maybe then? No, he would have never met her if it wasn’t for this. No, he should just count that he was able to spend at least one night with her. He would start to see her awaken and smile at her. “Good morning beautiful.” He said gently taking her hand and kissing it.
  Anderson / Mended / 234d 22h 53m 32s
[left [pic]] She felt his hands on her hips, and when she felt her feet leave the ground she held onto his shoulders. The feeling of his hands along her side and over her back was warm, but sent a shiver through her all the same. “We shouldn’t… I should… just...”

Her whispered protests sounded pretty unconvincing even to her. The argument was cut off when she leaned down and her lips found his. Just a kiss, she told herself. Only she didn’t pull away as quickly as she thought she would. When she did she was breathless,”You’re impossible.”
  Yavanna / 235d 14h 57m 31s
He would start to feel his heart skin as he felt her answer coming. He knew why and he understood why but it felt like a crushing blow to him. It wasn't often that he got rejected but even or more so when both clearly wanted it. Sighing he would let out a smile. "Glad to hear it."

He would try one last thing that if even it failed he could say he tired and let him at least put it at rest. Grabbing her hips he would lift her on top of him pulling her into bed with him. He would run his hands form her up her sides. She would now lay on top of him her nose less than an inch from his. "If that your choice then I will respect it but at least stay the night. You're already here and just too beautiful to let go without at least some fun." He said on going any farther then wrapping his hands around her back locking them so close. He was fully enthralled by her scent and beauty. Her hair would tickle his face as it hung down form her.
  Anderson / Mended / 236d 3h 39m 36s
[left [pic]] Serafina could see his reasoning. This wasn’t exactly typical, but still… She brushed her fingertips along his cheek, biting down on her lower lip. “I wouldn’t quit. Never.”

She’d stay as his mage. That was the responsible thing to do. That was her duty. “I should probably go.” Serafina didn’t make a move to leave, instead she let her fingers trail back along his jaw and toward the back of his neck,”Keep things… proper.”

Would he really stop flirting? He seemed like a man of his word to her. If she did firmly say no, he seemed like the type to actually step back. But she actually enjoyed the advances. “We have obligations… As mage and count.”
  Yavanna / 236d 8h 48m 39s
He would roll his eyes at her when she would poke his forehead. "What do I care about that? I'm not real noble I'm only one in title hell the title wasn't even supposed to go to me. I control one of the smallest areas in the kingdom. And lastly, I'm a farm boy from the south so what in the god's wheatfields do I care if it looking Professional or not." He said tilting his head to the side as he looked at her with serious eyes.

"They don't expect much out of me or my duty as I even still have to rebuild what was given to me. If we had known each other for years even grown up together as a normal mage and noble would then I may see that point but we met a week ago and in the short time, you blow me away. I would try if I didn't think you worth it. As I told you before I only want people around me I can trust and you..." He would stop a moment and close his eyes. "You shown that you care little for my power or static showing that I can trust that you aren't looking for power. I have helped me learn the ropes of the area. You showed me the castle and told me its history. Meaning you are really want to help me and aren't doing it just because. Lastly, you showed me that you truly care for your people. That the most important as it is them that truly hold the power. Without them, I am nothing but a name. I need to show them that I will put what best for them first. You show me that you will do just that as well. I want people like that at my side nothing less."
He would sigh and look away form her. "If you really think I just doing this for fun then your free to turn around and walk away. I will hope that you keep working for me as I don't think I can do this without you but I will cease my flirting and advances on you. We will be as you say only Mage and count. I will not hold it against you as we are quite different and will understand whatever option you choose as I can't and won't force you. I respect you too much for that."
  Anderson / Mended / 236d 19h 33m 58s
[left [pic]] “Well, I…” Serafina’s cheeks were flushed. She crossed her arms,”I had assumed you were… It would be…”

He had her at a loss for words. She approached and poked him in the forehead,”It… wouldn’t be professional. I… I’m your mage. So... of course you wouldn’t be serious. Just… teasing.”

Yet he looked so genuine. His embarrassment and shock seemed real enough. What to do? He [i was] attractive, not married, and fun to be around. He was [i also] the lord of the castle.
  Yavanna / 237d 9h 7m 34s

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