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“A man that works for his family are often the most hard-working men I ever saw.” He said nodding and smiling at her closeness to him and the warmth of her arm. “My uncle was like that when raising me always working to make sure I had food and clothes.” He then took a few moments to think about if he really needs a privet area for him to hunt and desisted that it may be for the best as even if he didn’t use it that much that if he had a guest of higher authority he would want it for them as they may not see eye to eye with him letting everyone hunt freely.
He would laugh at her last comment about the next interview. “I not above waiting and if her cooking is good then I’m sure it worth waiting. Most of our cooking now is plain and boring and it would be nice to get some good food for a change.” He couldn’t remember when the last time he had gotten a well-cooked meal that hadn’t been dried meat or soap that was water down. He didn’t complain much as the solider had to eat this for most of their life but still, he couldn’t get used to it and didn’t want to. “Lead on and lets met her I'm sure I will find her just as good as the last two.”
He would then turn around and faller her around the mix of shelves to their next meeting.
  Anderson / Mended / 59d 5h 4m 19s
[left [pic]] “If I wasn’t ready to work, I wouldn’t be here. Wouldn’t eat much either. Land’s yours, do what you like with it. People grumble about every little thing, of course they’d complain about this. But if you want some land set aside for free hunting, I’d oblige. I’ll give the gardening some thought too. Maybe Serafina’ll have someone in mind.”

He shook Anderson’s hand,”See you around then.”

Once Eric had left Serafina leaned a little against Anderson’s arm,”Oh, I think things will go fine with him. You may not see much of him, but he’ll work hard for his daughter. If you’ll let him keep her happy and healthy, it will be hard to find a more loyal man.”

Serafina looked back toward the maze of shelves that was the library,”Ready to meet your possible cook? She’s sweet, but I wouldn’t recommend crossing her. Many a child has run wailing when they tried to sneak a bite and instead got a whack with a spoon.” She smirked at him,”I imagine she wouldn’t hesitate to make you wait for the food as well.”
  Yavanna / 201d 19h 8m 23s
He was glad to meet with a firm handshake and even more glad that he was given an honest opinion about his ability. "Sees that you will be quite a busy man once and if hire you do to all that work. Are you really interested in handling such a massive task? I wouldn't hold it against you if it was. I mean I'm the first lord in some time." He was mostly judging his reaction. "Also tell me how would most of the people around the area ack to having part of there area restricted in hunting? Most have grown up and know the best hunting spots. I can't think they would be too happy to someone cutting them off to them. Could you think of a better way to let us split this area up or even sharing it instead of just taking it over fully."

He would smile at him saying Serafina was better and he liked the honest. "Well, she will have a lot more pressing matter to attend to as time goes on so you will have to find someone else. I plan to keep her busy with admin work for at least the next two years." It was mostly a joke but she would be busy with all kinds of work as he got into the swing of being a noble.

He would nod "Yes you seem fair and honest in the job so I think we will get along just fine." He would stand up and reach out his hand again to shake his. "I expect some answer to my question sometime in the next week and plans drawn up of all the area around for hunting and all." With that, he said his goodbyes and watched the man leave and turned to Serafina. "What do you think?"
  Anderson / Mended / 202d 18h 6m 30s
[left [pic]] Eric had a strong, firm handshake. He gave Anderson a nod,”I hunt, I fish. Sold the furs and meat, but that’d be yours now. I’d see you have game to hunt, and get any fur or meat you wanted. Keep people away from your land, without your permission. Simple enough job, but not easy work. There’d be gardening too, but I’d have someone with a better head for that sort of thing take care of all that. Like Fina here. She does all that herb and flower stuff.”

He waved a hand toward her, and Serafina roll her eyes, her arms crossed,”Someone besides me. I have a job of my own. You’ll need to find a gardener to tend to the courtyards then.”

“Yep. I expect aside from keeping an eye on things you’d let me know about anything else you wanted. Sound about what you expect, Your Lordship?”
  Yavanna / 208d 12h 34m 32s
He would feel the warm embrace of her hand in his as she smiled. “Something like that yes. Seem to always pick the pace of the day.” He said giving her a little squeeze. “Might go for a work out at least after we are done talking with everyone.” The listen to her talk about the next person they would meet and nodded getting up from his chair and following her. “Sounds like an interesting man. I am eager to meet him.

Following her in to the next part of the library he would see the Eric sitting at another table. “Hello Sir Eric.” He would say reaching out his hand to meet the man with a firm handshake. He learned young the best way to judge another man at his hand shank. A firm but stiff handshake meant the man had worked for a living when a soft but lazy one meant he was not worth the time. He was interested to see what Eric was. “You as well Sir tell me about yourself.” He said offing the man to take his seat again while he did the same across form him.

“I assume you know what we are looking for. As well of what I should expect from a man of your caliber. I don’t offer out these jobs lightly. I looking for honest men and women to fill my ranks that I can trust to do the job and do the job right. Honest men and women will make a nice living but I won't keep those that don’t. It not fair to everyone else around them
  Anderson / Mended / 208d 19h 18m 55s
[left [pic]] Serafina took his hand,”Mmm, so you’re the type that always has to keep busy. Next is the groundskeeper. Eric. He lives a little ways out of the village, and makes his living hunting. He knows the land around here well. And… well, I’ve known him for years. He’s a widower with a young daughter. The groundskeeper cabin is a little ways from the castle, and he’d live there. Keep an eye on the forests. Also come in to check the grounds, the courtyards.”

Serafina stepped into another little space in the library. This time a tall man sat at a table, arms crossed and looking out the window. When he heard them approach he turned and stood up,”Serafina. So, this is the new Count.”

Eric seemed to be deciding if he liked Anderson or not, looking him up and down,”Good to meet you.”
  Yavanna / 211d 8h 9m 54s
He would shrug at her comment about him being tired. “Not really tired just still walking up. It the first day I don’t work out when I woke up and I'm regretting it now.” He said smiling as he felt her hands in his hair. He then looked around at her as she took a set on his arm rest. “Doesn't seem that bad I can at least handle that much at least.”

He would then stand up and offer her his hand to help her up. “Shall we go then and show me who else is crazy enough to work for me?” He said letting her lead the way to the next area to meet the next person.
  Anderson / Mended / 211d 10h 51m 58s
[left [pic]] “You seem tired already. I have a few more people waiting in other areas.” She ran a hand through his hair and came over to sit on the arm of the chair,”Let me think. Leah was for housekeeping. There’s still a groundskeeper, cook, and butler for the key roles. Everyone else will generally report to one of them. Aside from the soldiers, which I assume you’re handling yourself somehow, right?”

Serafina leaned over closer to him,”Think you can handle three more for today? And what do you think of the work being done so far?”
  Yavanna / 212d 8h 38m 27s
“Then I’m glad to have you on board.” He said giving her a firm but strong hand shack be for letting go and watching her leave the room. After that he would lift his head to look, back at Serafina. He would then shrug. “What can I say I had a good feeling about her. Plus, with your recommendation how could I really so no?”

He let out a yawn and stretched in his chair. “She seems willing to work for her job and willing to get out of the way if not. That the type of people I need around me not someone to kiss my ass anytime they do something wrong. So, who do you have next I’m sure they will be as good.”
  Anderson / Mended / 212d 23h 3m 30s
[left [pic]] Leah nodded after giving his words a little thought,”I understand. You need the best people for the job. If someone is better suited, I’d gladly step down.” She set her tea down and stood,”But until then, I’ll do my best. Tomorrow then.” After taking the offered hand to shake she gave another curtsey before excusing herself.

Once Leah was gone Serafina stepped closer,”Decided already? You make up your mind quickly, don’t you?”
  Yavanna / 216d 16h 19m 20s
“The pleasure is mine.” He said smiling. “It makes me happy that younger people would like to take such responsibility. Serafina has put in good word for you and normal that would be enough for most people but I like to meet everyone under me. I'm not like most nobles you will meet. I'm don’t care about static or look. I'm looking for people to do the job and do it well. If you do the job and do it well, I have no issues hiring you and paying you but if I feel like you are not doing that job or I think someone doing betting then you I have no issue replacing you.” He was brutally honest but he needed her to understand.

He would look at her expiration the whole time. “If you think you can handle that then I'm sure we won't have any issues working together. You seem like a bright girl with a good head on her shoulder so unless you show me any reason why I shouldn’t hire you or keep you in the spot I hired you for I look forward to working with you.” He would stand back up and held out his hand. “If you have no other questions you can start tomorrow.
  Anderson / Mended / 218d 5h 56m 29s
[left [pic]] “I’m glad you like her. She’s very sweet, and skilled. So is her granddaughter, Anna, but she’s busy now with her own daughter. I’ve given her strict orders to not over exert herself for several more weeks.”

Serafina stood behind the chair where Anderson sat, falling quiet and letting him ask his questions. Leah took her seat when he sat, and took up her tea again,”A pleasure to meet you as well, My Lord. I heard of jobs being offered here and thought it sounded like a good opportunity. Miss Serafina suggested I may be suitable for this position, but truly I’d be pleased with any job here. It’s a pretty high position to be starting out.”
  Yavanna / 219d 7h 25m 23s
Kage would bow then leave out the way she had come in. Anderson would wait til he heard the door close before he would say anything. “That good and yes I did. At least the people who will be in charge of them. I like to think I can trust them when it comes to leading their people. Plus, with them being in charge they will have access of me and the hire staff so I need to know them by face.”

He would fall into line with her letting her lead but keeping pace with her his heads behind his back. “I also must thank you for getting Gloria. She was quite delightful to work with. She seemed quite nice and an interning person. If her work is even half a good as she said it is, I have to pay her to do a full set of cloth.” He then would listen to what she said about the first person that he would meet.

“I care little about age or backroad as long as I can trust the job and to do it right then I have no issue hiring them.” He would then walk into the room and see her at the table. He would return her curtsey with a bow of his own. “Hello Miss Leah. It nice to meet with you please sit finish your tea.” He would sit across from her and study her. “Tell me a bit about yourself. How you come to learn about this job and why you think I should hire you.” He said in a calm voice. He needed to see how she would react to being asked such a former way before he would drop the high noble act.
  Anderson / Mended / 219d 14h 12m 25s
[left [pic]] “Not at the moment, thank you.” Serafina nodded to her, then approached Anderson with her papers in hand,”Yes, things are going well. You said you wanted to interview people personally. I’ve set up candidates for some positions in various reading nooks here for you to speak to.”

Serafina motioned for him to come with her,”There are plenty willing to work. Barter mainly, and I called in a few personal favors. As for the positions, first is head of housekeeping. I believe Leah is suited for the role. She’s a little on the young side, but very organized and with good attention to detail. The castle needs a lot of care at the moment, and I think her enthusiasm will be a great benefit.”

A little farther on, and after turning at one bookcase there by the window at a little table and drinking tea was Leah. She was a young woman, brown hair pulled back in a braid and overall had a shy demeanor. When Serafina introduced her she turned, looked surprised, set her tea on the table then stood to give a rushed curtsey,”Leah? Sorry to keep you waiting. This is Count Anderson. Anderson, this is Leah.”
  Yavanna / 220d 7h 48m 37s
One Anderson finished with all the introductions for a while he would find himself along one of the walls overlooking the city below the castle. A smile on his face as he watched people come and go around the castle. “Seems it going well so far.” He said to himself as he watched. He knew he was a problem get ahead of himself as this was the first. He still had a long way to go and the end of this week would set a good pace for the rest of the year if he could get it right. With all the hard work Serafina and his teacher were putting in he had no doughs that it would go smooth. He was lucky to have such good people under him.

Just then he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. “My lord.” Said a familiar voice.

“Miss Kaga.” He said to her turn to her and greeting her with a little bow. She may be one of his guards but she was still a female. “How are doing today?” Unlike last time he could see her better in the light of the noon sun. She was tall almost as tall as him. Her face was mostly cover-up by her helmet but he could make out her cute face and sharp blue eyes.

She would come to attention returning his smile with one of her own. “Good my lord. It seems you doing much better since our last meeting.”

Rolling his eyes, he would cross his arms. “No idea what you're talking about but yes I am thank you.” He would then turn around and go back to watching the village. “But anyway I'm sure you're not here for idle chatter how can I help you?” He asked.

“Lady Serafina wishes to see you in the Library. From what i understand she finished with her duty and wish to report you directly.”

Anderson would nod and motion for her to lead on. “Thank you, Miss Kaga, I shall head that way now. If you wouldn’t mind joining me.”

“Of course, not my lord.” She said falling in line with him.

“Tell me what do you think of this place and the people so far.”

Kaga took her time to think about the question before answering. “It nice, but not what I expected my lord. I was raised in a major city and was raised to believe that people from small cities where all backwoods people. That they were nothing good for anything but farming.”

Anderson flinched from the hard words that came from her mouth. He not expected something like that to come from her.

“However, what I have learned from the people around has quite shocked me. So far it seems I was wrong with the rest family.” She said smiling as they entered the library. It all happened so fast that he had no way to replay. “Lady Serafina.” She said bowing to her as entered. “I got lord Anderson as requested any other request while I am here?”

Anderson had second to recover before turning to Serafina. “Good day, I assume all work has gone well?”
  Anderson / Mended / 221d 16h 24m 32s

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