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Eli sat down and took the tea in both hands, "What would you like to know? I'm not a very interesting person.."
  SammisBaby / 252d 4m 40s
Leo smiled softly. "Please, sit, you don't need to start your work right away, i'd like to get to know you better." He set a cup of tea down in front of an empty chair before sipping his own.
  Masonscalicocat / 252d 1h 14m 16s
"Coming." Eli saved his work on the computer and stood up, hurrying over to his bosses desk where he bowed politely and looked up at him, "What is it, sir?"
  -Mason- / 252d 2h 21m 45s
Leo watched the boy with genuine curiosity. He made a couple phone calls and freed p his afternoon. "Eli, come ere a moment. He called.
  sammiisbabiboi / 257d 22h 43m 35s
Eli bowed once again, "Thank you. I will start my work right away." He scurried off to his desk quickly and quietly. He sat down and loaded up his computer and opening the files he was emailed earlier that morning.
  Mason- / 260d 34m 22s
oh~ i can be dom]]
Leo smiled. "Welcome to your new job." He sat. "Your office is in there." He pointed to a room within his own. He looked over the boy, he was cute, in a gayish way, and Nathaniel picked up the gay-sub vibe from him.
  sammiisbabiboi / 257d 22h 44m 43s
Yessir. That's the plan anyways. Just try your best. wugfiueqwif)
  Mason- / 260d 38m 12s
[[wait-- am i the don on this one? confusion 10% oof
  sammiisbabiboi / 260d 39m 10s
Eli had been the top of his class. A clever and sweet young man. Some might have even referred to him as a bit feminine based on his choice in dress, physique, and bubbly disposition. And just because others said he couldn't get the assistant job for the CEO of Mytre Holdings, he filled out the application. When it turned out he got the job, Eli, the nearly twenty-one year old was over the moon. Now he wonders what the job and life has in store for him.

He walked into the office of his new boss nervously and bowed in a traditional Japanese manner as a sign of respect, "H-Hello, sir." he stuttered slightly, nervous.
  Mason- / 260d 42m 1s

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