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Eli had been the top of his class. A clever and sweet young man. Some might have even referred to him as a bit feminine based on his choice in dress, physique, and bubbly disposition. And just because others said he couldn't get the assistant job for the CEO of Mytre Holdings, he filled out the application. When it turned out he got the job, Eli, the nearly twenty-one year old was over the moon. Now he wonders what the job and life has in store for him.

He was always the silent and serious type. Top of his class and the hardest worker you could meet. That was how he became CEO at the ripe young age of twenty-three. But it's a huge responsibility and a thorn in his side. So he hires a new assistant. One he hopes will NOT disappoint him as the others before had.

Little do these two know that when they meet and begin to work together that a whirlwind is heading their way.

Was this fate? Or was it chance? You decide

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18+ Scenes you MUST contact me about for off site. Or we can skip.

1+ Paragraphs please? Unless you're having an off day in which you can tell me and I'll be okay with that!

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Roleplay Responses

"Come...come over here and sit on your knees..." he purred.
  Namtiddies / 139d 21h 12m 15s
Eli tilted his head, "It depends on what it is. My skill set only ranges so far but sure."
  Mason- / 140d 23h 35m 19s
He smiled back. "Mmmm...do you mind helping me with something?"
  Namtiddies / 142d 51m 29s
Eli rested his elbows on the desk and his head on his hands. He smiled at him.
  Mason- / 142d 19h 4m 21s
He nodded slowly. "Yeah...fine.." He cleared his throat.
  Namtiddies / 142d 19h 51m 45s
Eli tilted his head slightly, "Are you alright?" He blinked, his face wearing a concerned expression.
  Mason- / 142d 22h 49m 45s
Leo nodded. "I went through some things too." He sighed. "I wish people would accept us for us." He leaned back in his seat, and hissed as his buldge pushed against the desk and sat down proplerly.
  Namtiddies / 147d 3h 20m 2s
Oli looked back at him and gave another soft smile. He was glad to be somewhere where he wasn't discriminated against. "Unfortunately not everyone is so open and accepting as you've been. You should've seen my last place of work.." His sentence trailed off and he shivered remembering what he was put through.
  SammisBaby / 147d 21h 25m 30s
Leo nodded, with a soft yawn. "As am I." He finished his tea and looked at the younger.
  Namtiddies / 147d 21h 33m 14s
"Glad to know I'm not alone then." Oli smiled a little bit. He hadn't expected his boss to be so upfront like that.
  Mason- / 149d 21h 13m 35s
He blinked. He had must of missed it. ¨Ah- I...forgot.¨ He sipped his tea. ¨I, too, am gay.¨
  Bogoshipda / 150d 1h 41m 26s
"Mhm. Which is why it was difficult to find a job. Most people were uncomfortable around me. I put on my resume for here that I was gay so you can't really say there was no heads up.." He finished his tea and set the cup down gently.
  SammisBaby / 162d 22h 45m 34s
He nodded and listened, he was pushed against his desk, lower waist not visible, due tot he fact that he needed to hide a...thing. "Mmm, your gay?"
  Masonscalicocat / 162d 23h 22m 49s
Eli sipped the tea, "I grew up in a Christian family who eventually disowned me for being gay. I've lived with my best friend since then and now with this job, I wish to pay for my own house. As for kinks if that's what you really want to know..I like being dominated. I want to be a parent, that's my passion." He sipped the tea again.
  SammisBaby / 162d 23h 25m 3s
He shrugged. "Your life story, what your passions are, kinks...anything." He said with a shrug.
  Masonscalicocat / 162d 23h 27m 57s

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