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[b important: this is to help me get some ideas for the fanfiction i'm writing]

welcome to london! The home to the biggest [b UA hero academy] in the world. London's crime and vilainary rate may not be as high as other countries, but a lot more damage is occuring and crime is on the rise. Over the recent years there has and still is drama and confusion revolving around brexit and the government is failing to do their job properly.

you're probably thinking "so what? What has that got to do with the increase of crime statistics?" well let me tell you, sure there's no league of villains causing trouble here, no we have something a lot worse. "what do we have?" you ask, we have the secret [b villain academy]

in this roleplay there are three main characters that are esencial to the plot, mavis kiara (taken), may maddison (taken) and ethan maddison (taken). Ask me for more info if you want to play as one of them.
if you are going to be your oc pm me their info and if they are a [b UA student] or a [b VA student]


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Ethan's eyes narrowed slightly. "Uh... right". Ethan looked away to the other side of the train carriage for a second "I dunno how I feel about deer, they are quite... slightly if that makes sense. Some people see them as a pillar of light but um... I find that stuff not exactly true." Realising that this might upset Mavis he turns to look at her, the green in his eyes softening "Still a cool quirk though" he decides to tease her a bit again to see what reaction he gets "Though if you didn't have that quirk people would think you insane"
  MysticalMarshmallow / 5d 6h 2m 6s
h-hey let go you don't need to Drag me yaknow"i got up dusting myself off "what the hell was that for"i stood there staring at you

  KirishimaDaddy / 5d 11h 56m 37s

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  MysticalMarshmallow / 5d 12h 10m 40s
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  Mavis Kiara / DarkMythic / 5d 12h 49m 16s
i stared out the trains window till we got to the stastion .i graded my bag putting it around my shoulder and got up walking over to you and put out a hand and looked away"h-here let me help you up its the first day so"i turned back and looked at you smiling"might as well be nice to right.but this doesn't mean im going to be nice to anyone else ...o-ok"i looked away at the train doors that was now open and over the inercomes a vocie told everyone"attention everyone the train has come to a stop if this is your stop please take your things and get off..have a nice day"
  KirishimaDaddy / 5d 13h 6m 5s
"I'm looking at the animals" Mavis explained to Ethan as she pointed at deer "They're talking to me" she added with a smile ans she slipped back into her own mind talking to the deer, the conversation was most probably "hello deer what are you having for tea today?" and the deer most likely said "i'm going to eat some bark and leaves hopefully i'll find some nice berries too."
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 10d 18h 10m 34s
Ethan laughs a bit when she roles her eyes at him finding it how cute yet kinda immature she was acting. He sat in a chair opposite her after looking up and down the train carriage to make sure no one who knew was on the train. “What’s more interesting then me outside?” He leans a bit so he is able to look of of the window too “Hm?..” his eyes scan around not noticing anything
  MysticalMarshmallow / 10d 18h 44m 31s
"No i'm not, there are people who act worse than me" Mavis said rolling her eyes on purpose so Ethan could see before heading over to the train. She waited for him because he was so slow in her opinion. She then got on the train and sat in the first window seat available and staring intensely out of the window with her drink still in her hands.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 10d 18h 59m 44s
Ethan leans his head on his hand which is balancing on his leg “you’re a bit of a drama queen aren't you?” He sits there staring at her for a bit “don’t be such a downer I was only messing with you” he puts his hand on her head ruffling her hair slightly. In the next moment the sound of the train comes. He stands up slowly “here comes the train you have been so excited to see. Let’s go”
  MysticalMarshmallow / 11d 8h 51m 1s

Mavis ignored the word and instead focused on the rest of his sentence and was very upset when he said she had lost the game. "that is absolutely unfair." she retorted puffing her cheeks "that's not cheating because i could have been completely wrong!" she huffed refusing to look at him.
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 11d 11h 58m 5s
“Um.. you where closer with the first guess sweetie” Ethan was no the flirting type but thought it would be funny to throw the word into what she said to see her reaction “I guess I kinda lied before. My quirk is to do with nature. Though I think it as cheating seeing as you got to use my appearance to guess. Meaning you have kinda already lost the guessing game” He laughs a little
  MysticalMarshmallow / 11d 12h 3m 37s
"Nice guess hmm..." Mavis said repeating his words slipping into her own thoughts thinking of all the different things it could be as she continued to drink her hot chocolate, turning it around in her hands slowly, using it to warm her hands up. "Is it to do with rocks?" she asked curiously with a very strange smile on her face.
  Mavis Kiara / mythicmallow / 11d 14h 54m 20s
“Huh... nice guess I guess” he sits staring at her for a second. “Though....” he sits there staring a bit longer “you’re wrong” he smiles at her turning to look ahead “guess again” he rocked back and fourth slightly looking around waiting for another answer wondering what she will think of his response. He sticks his legs out putting his hands in his pockets
  MysticalMarshmallow / 11d 15h 23m 29s
Mavis took the cinnanon roll from ethan and ate it before taking another gulp of hot chocolate. She took a thew minutes to think about what his quirk might be. After thinking for a while she had an idea "your hair and eyes are green, is your quirk to do with earth and nature?" she asked hoping she wasn't really far off with her guess.
  Mavis Kiara / MythicMallow / 12d 8h 13m 21s
“Hmm... why don’t we play a game. To make this wait feel less long. Try having a guess at what you think my quirk might be” After that Ethan gave her a slightly annoyed look “if you bought it you want it so” he hands it back to her “eat it. You won’t look like a pig. You realise most guys find girls stuffing their face cute right? So just do it. I’ll look away if you want me to”
  MysticalMarshmallow / 12d 10h 47m 7s

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