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( ok

Asahi was curled up with Nishinoya on their bed. He was awake, tracing circles on Noya’s swollen belly.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 13h 8m 4s
((Yeah I know but you start with Asahi or the doctors or whatever
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 16h 23m 3s
( you play noya tho lol, I can play the doctors but you gotta play noya
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 16h 53m 18s
( I don’t know how you wanna do it
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 18h 36m 31s
( and now I wanna skip to like Noya’s because I don’t wanna do kurotsukki rn
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 3d 3h 55m 49s
Tsukishima dropped his head to his knees. “Tetsu…”

Kurose was already gone. Without a trace, just gone.

Tsukishima shrugged. “Sure. I guess. I don’t care.”

Kurose shrugs. “I suppose it happens.” He have a kind smile. “Your boyfriend will be here soon. I’ll give a call to someone to take care of the pups. You’ll be able to visit them, if you’d like. You’ll know who has them.”

((Bottom to top lol
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 3d 18h 22m 13s

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