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Noya clutched frantically at the jacket, almost dropping it but somehow managing to scrunch it against his chest and take a huge whiff. “Sahi…” he sighed.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 8h 53m 39s
Asahi nodded, peeling off his jacket and handing it back to Nishinoya.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 11h 13m 9s
“J-Just… your shirt… jacket… s-something!” Noya cries out, clutching his stomach.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 16h 22m 23s
“You’re gonna have to wait,” Asahi called. “I have go drive.”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 16h 49m 12s
Noya shivered. “Asahi… I-I want… your scent… it’s not close enough…” He groaned.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 17h 16m 40s
Asahi nodded, reaching the car. He opened the door, setting Bishinoya down in the seat carefully before hopping into the drivers side.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 2h 20m 35s
Noya whimpered. “It… h-hurts, Sahi—!” He hugged his stomach, moaning in pain.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 2h 56m 0s
Asahi pulled him closer to himself, kissing Nishinoya’s temple. “I’m gonna get you to the hospital as fast as I can,” he promised.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 6h 3m 47s
Noya moaned, clutching at Asahi. He couldn’t get enough of the Alpha’s scent. Was pregnancy supposed to be THIS painful?
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 8h 29m 48s
Asahi scooped the boy into his arms, heading quickly towards the car.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 8h 32m 16s
((Doesn’t know the gender

Noya nodded, biting his lip so hard he could swear he tasted blood.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 8h 35m 6s
( they’re?

Asahi’s eues widened farther than ever before, scrambling off the bed. “Okay! Uh.. the car! We can take the car to he hospital!”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 8h 38m 7s
Noya’s breath was erratic and hurried. “M-my… the pups—!” He groaned, holding his stomach. “They’re coming…”
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 8h 39m 5s
Asahi glanced over at him, eyes wide in surprise. “Noya? What’s wrong?”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2d 8h 40m 57s
Noya yawned tiredly. “Asahi, can you get me a drink of wa—“

He froze before curling in on himself, moaning.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2d 8h 50m 52s

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