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Asahi Held him tightly to him, not knowing what to say or do. A single tear ran down his cheek. Out of all the times to be emotionless it had to be this one?
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 4m 50s
Noya just cried. He couldn’t do anything else.

His child was gone.

His friend was gone.

What had happened to Tsukishima? Why didn’t he want the pups?

Life was a mess.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 7m 16s
Asahi lifted Nishinoya higher, until his head was near his shoulder.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 8m 20s
Noya struggles against the arms before he realized that it was Asahi. Crying, he sank into his Alpha’s embrace, breathing in his scent deeply.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 9m 53s
Asahi felt nothing really but he walked over to Nishinoya, pulling the boy into his lap. “It’s going to be okay,” he promised, but his voice cracked and he wasn’t sure.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 12m 0s
“M-my pup?!” Nishinoya uttered a cry. “Dashi—?! No…” He stumbled to the ground, sinking into a shaking ball on the floor.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 13m 1s
The doctor held up a hand. “Your child is dead, however, we have been informed that another one of your friends, Yamaguchi Tadashi, has died and left two children behind. The other father did not want to take care of them and we were wondering if you would like to.”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 14m 37s
Nishinoya froze. “What? What happened?! I—lemme see her!” He stumbled forward.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 16m 31s
*skippy thing*

The doctor hesitated outside the room, where the couple is waiting anxiously. He pushes open the door. Takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 18m 4s
((Yeah. Kags would totally research it lol
((Now do the skippy thing
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 19m 11s
( sure if you want lol
( feel like them alphas would be a little more understanding
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 20m 36s
((Sure go ahead I don’t really care ^^
((Also Since Hinata and Noya have gone through some shit, Can Noya ask Hinata if they want to do an Omegan Bond?
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 9h 21m 33s
( wanna justskip until after and they find out the baby is dead and then Tadashis kids and stuffvv
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 9h 30m 52s
Nishinoya moaned, clutching his stomach and smushing Asahi’s jacket into his face. “Ok-kay…”
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1d 12h 25m 56s
Asahi smiled a little, starting the car up. "We're gonna be there soon, okay?"
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1d 12h 33m 31s

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