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Ukai strokes his head gently. “We’re gonna go as fast as we can, baby. We can’t speed though.”

Sugawara glanced over at him, smiling a little. “I topped him. It was nice. I wish all Alphas were gentle.” He rolled his eyes.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 48m 13s
((Mkay ^^

Takeda whimpered. “Go faster…!” He groaned. “It hurts…”

Noya shook his head, sighing. “Whatever.” Then he got excited. “Tell me about you and Takeda! What happened? Omega Bonding is cool!”
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 49m 53s
( I mean I guess
( maybe not Daichi because I don’t want him to get hurt because I still have ideas for him and Suga

Sugawara just nodded again. “I’ll be fine,” he murmured.

Ukai kissed his head. “We’re gonna get you to the hospital, baby.”
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1h 21m 45s
((Not one where they get super hurt. Well maybe Daichi or Ukai. But Takeda and the pup are fine. Maybe he has to give birth in an ambulance lol

Noya frowned. “Are you okay? You smell sad.”

Takeda moaned, trembling. “Kei…?”
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1h 35m 34s

Sugawara gave Nishinoya a thin smile, nodding. "Yeah.."


Ukai grabbed Takeda, lifting him easily and walking towards the car.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1h 37m 46s
“I know! Now just get the Omega and get in the car!” Daichi gritted his teeth and left before he could do any more damage, grabbing some scent blockers and putting them on as he headed for the car.

Noya grabbed Suga’s hand and grinned up at him, excited. “Takeda’s gonna have a pup!”

((Should they get in a car crash
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1h 39m 6s
Ukai narrowed his eyes at Daichi. "The only reason I'm asking you is because I doubt any of the omegas can and Asahi would probably be freaking out too much."

Sugawara wouldn't look at Daichi, shifting closer to Nishinoya.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1h 41m 13s
Daichi pokes his head into the room. “I’m angry, but sure, I can drive.” He tried to keep the growl from his voice, but Takeda heard and smelled it and whimpered, curling in on himself even more.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1h 42m 57s
( i've done my research ^^;

Ukai grabbed his hand, looking around the room. He didn't know what to do. "Shit," He cursed. "Daichi?" He called out. "Do you mind driving us to the hospital? Or are you still angry?"
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1h 44m 28s
((Huh Fine Whatever then just have Ukai drag him to the hospital I’m so sry pregnancy is weird I don’t spend much time thinking about it
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1h 48m 44s
( actually
( male omegas HAVE to go to the hospital or they die because their ass cant make an entire bb pop out
( AND childbirth takes several hours before a doctor can even see a babys head
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 1h 53m 52s
Takeda moaned. He could feel the pup pushing at him. “Too… too late. I’m… Ngh… it’s c-coming—!” He let out a guttural moan, tears pricking at his eyes from the goddamn pain.
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 1h 56m 30s
Ukai burst into the room, eyes wide and frantic. "Ittetsu?! Do you need to go to the hospital?! Lets go to the hospital!"
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 2h 15m 3s
Takeda groaned. “…Kai!” he called, coughing. “Keishin…”

Nishinoya glanced at the door. “Ukai?!”
  Ka-No-Da-Ta-Ts-Ta / Kitten- / 2h 28m 31s
Ukai came rushing out of whatever the heck took he was in, eyes wide. “What?! Is he not waking up?!” Sugawara shook his head. “T-The pup!” Ukai’s eyes widened even further. “Dammit,” he cursed, rushing past Sugawara to get to Takedas room.
  Hi-As-Su-Uk-Ya-En / Greyson / 10h 2m 52s

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