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[center Hello! I am Okubyou. I hope this might help me find some 1x1 writers.

I am on a phone and cannot decorate this well. Anyhow, I am currently looking for:

- MxM or FxF plots
- Romantic stories with a balance of comedy, adventure, combat, mystery, etc
- Literate/multi-paragraph posts
- Anime universes and/or canon characters & OC's alike
- Please ask for a sample if you aren't sure and would like to see one, I understand
- I am okay to skip or to write 18+ scenes via email
- If it's a series not listed here you can ask =)

Anime Plots and Pairs I want:

Kirito x Male OC
Male OC x Male OC
Female OC x Female OC

Vinland Saga
Thorfinn x Male OC
Male OC x Male OC
Female OC x Female OC

Bakugou x Male OC
Bakugou x Todoroki
Todoroki x Male OC
Male OC x Male OC
Ashido x Female OC
Female OC x Female OC

Manga/Manwha Plots and Pairs that I want:

[ Marriage to the Wolf]
Young head of the wolf tribe and a young marriageable rabbit from the rabbit tribe are engaged to one another by their families/villages. Slice of life. Drama. Some combat/fantasy.
[ Sign]
A college student and his relationship with his attractive deaf boss. Drama.
[ Let's be a Family]
A gay couple of many years co-raising their childhood friend's child, as she works overseas for long periods and rarely comes home. Slice of life.
[ Classmate]
A highschool couple. Slice of life.
[ My Dress-Up Darling]
Aspiring introverted dollmaker meets a cute, extroverted cosplayer and becomes their costume maker/designer.


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