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Alexander smiled, "Make them lighter so I an fly they are heavy because of one reason they are a defence spell so they are heavy to resist different things" his wings disappeared and he muttered the spell again. He then looked at the strap, "but if you're uneasy with the flight we can strap you to me so that I won't have to worry on you falling" He can hear the galloping of the horses and he started to get more afraid, "Don't you have a spellbook or something like that?"
Yunalesca didn’t look very encouraged by the idea of the strap. Was this really such a good idea? It was too late now. She looked at his wings a little warily,”I’m still not sure what you mean about lightening your wings. I deal more with earth magic. Plants.”

It wasn’t a very combat oriented field of magic. It was just what she preferred though. Yunalesca glanced back in the direction of the city. It wouldn’t take the riders long to reach them. Of course they also didn’t know she was [i here], they were still looking and that would slow them a little.
  Yavanna / 8d 21h 16m 23s
Alexander followed her as she exited the building and said the spell to create the wings. He stood there waiting for her to use her spell to lighten them so he can take her to the Elves. He looked around and found an old strap and the smiled as he held it up, [+blue "Do you think this will help hold you?"] He chuckled as he thought a bit loudly, [+blue "Maybe it might but I don't know"] He stood there and looked at the strap blankly as if he didn’t know what was going to happen.

He looked as his wings twitched here and there as if something was bothering it. He walked up to her, [+blue “I think it’s best to get started right now, my queen”] He was ready but he never had anyone hold onto him while he was flying. He chuckled, [+blue “But tell me when you’re ready if it takes 15 minutes then take that long as long as I have my energy I’m ready”]
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 11d 9h 36m 4s
That wasn’t very comforting to Yunalesca. Her face went a little pale. “Right. Then…” Yunalesca realized she sounded as afraid as she felt and cleared her throat. A rough landing was probably better than whatever the riders had planned for her.

“Then we’ll have to take our chances. If we wait and hide it will be too hard to get away then. At least they can’t follow us into the air.” She still couldn’t shake all the fear from her voice. She went to the door, paused and took a breath, then opened it and went outside,”We better hurry.”
  Yavanna / 13d 2h 35m 54s
Alexander chuckled as he scratched the back of his head not wanting to answer that question. he has flown once in his life and he rammed a wall. He looked at her then at the horse backs shaking his head yes on the first part and no for the second part. he was yet again nervous and afraid but he didn't show it. he just stood there waiting for the Orders to do something.

He chuckled nervously, "I flown once and stopped because I rammed a wall broke my arm on that I learned to fly yes but landing its harder than it seems" He pinched himself for sounding nervous and looked at the horses who were getting closer. He then looked at her still waiting hoping she can hurry up the thought process on that. If she decides to run there is no way they can outrun horses, they are faster and two they could have a bow, this could be risky on both ends of running away.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 16d 13h 52m 19s
Yunalesca looked at him, not sure what to do. Hiding really did sound ridiculous, there weren’t great hiding spots and they might want to see a body if Alexander claimed she was dead. She looked very uncomfortable,”Are you serious about flying? Could you actually fly both of us out of here?”

Getting away really was the best way to survive. She just didn’t like the idea of flying, but it might be a choice between that or death.
  Yavanna / 16d 21h 18m 29s
Alexander chuckled at her question, "Why not take the highway it's not like I'm going to drop you but as long as you don't look down you will be fine" Alexander listened to her say hide and he looked around at the wrecked house, "Hehe yeah not going to be easy I want you to hide your highness I will stay out and act like I'm sad that I killed you" He looked out as they near, "Now hide"

He stood there crossing his arms waiting for her to respond knowing that he had came up with a reasonable plan that has a chance to succeed but still can fail. He leaned towards her, "Any other plan because taking out three horseback riders are harder than you think" He looked back out to see their position, still out there good that gives them more time to think still. He looked at her, "You're the smart one but since I'm human I think I can have the element of surprise here as long as you don't use magic that can show your whereabouts"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 17d 21h 58m 56s
Yunalesca hummed in thought. Her race, but there were humans in the kingdom as well. She was their Queen too, even if at the moment it didn’t seem like they wanted her.

“What do you mean by lightening your wings? You’re not… talking about flying, are you?” She wasn’t entirely comfortable with that. She preferred to be close to the ground really. When she said they had riders coming toward them she looked out the window herself. Not good.

“They might find us if we stay. But we’ll never outrun them. How well can we hide?” She looked back around the cabin, her arms crossed. There weren’t as many hiding spots as she’d like, but maybe they wouldn’t take notice of this place...
  Yavanna / 18d 22h 15m 1s
Alexander stood up slowly, [b [+lightblue "I will follow those vows"]] He looked at her chuckling, [b [+lightblue "There is more than a fancy sword or even armor to a knight it's how you do your job I'm doing this so I can protect you, your highness, You're the future, the future of your race the fate of the kingdom"]] He looked out to the castle he helped but escaped, [b [+lightblue "What is my punishment that they plan to give me if they catch me"]] Alexander chuckled, [b [+lightblue"But who cares about punishments right now we have to get you to the rally point"]]

He stepped up to her with a smile, [b [+lightblue "We have an adventure ahead of us that we can't imagine can you lighten my wings up I might be able to get us there before sunrise"]] He turned around to look out at the castle again and sees three horses coming out. He looked at her, [b [+lightblue "Um your highness we have three horsebacks coming this way"]]
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 21d 20h 4m 6s
So he believed she was the best choice for the throne. That was surprising coming from a human. The humans certainly seemed eager to have human kings and queens, but not him despite him having everything to gain. Yunalesca was surprised for him to actually kneel. He was ready to swear loyalty to her, in what was essentially a knight’s vow. She glanced around the cabin, but didn’t see anything suitable and instead just leaned forward and put her hand on his shoulder with an apologetic smile,”I don’t have a sword or anything.”

Nothing about the situation was typical. He wasn’t an elf, this wasn’t the throne room, there was no sword, but nonetheless he was swearing loyalty to her and she accepted. She motioned for him to stand. “The vows are for life. To serve and protect me until death. You’re a knight now. Of sorts. But what thoughts are you talking about?”
  Yavanna / 21d 23h 41m 42s
Alexander sat down in an old stool, [b [+red "I'm supposed to be king there but I don't want to be and most likely they know that I helped an Elf escape so I will be in trouble and put into a horrible punishment... I just want to help you get what you had back because I see no reason in you getting pulled off the thrown"]] He stood up firmly looking out of the window at the kingdom that was lit by fireworks. He turned at her smiling, [b [+red "I fight for what I believe and I believe you're the best choice to go with, we are not ready for human kings or queens"]] He looked at the ground breathing deeply letting the words float in the air. He kneels down, [b [+red "I want you to be my queen and I will serve you until I die or until the kingdom is taken back"]] He waited for an answer a sign of something he can inquire something that he wants that could stop his corrupted family.

He smiled at her, [b [+red "I'm willing to serve you until the end and I will not stop until I die"]] He chuckled a little as he spoke knowing that himself being courageous was a dream a reality that can't be real. He looked down, [b [+red "Even though I'm willing I still have these second thought I want to help you more than anything but not with these thoughts"]]
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 22d 2h 7m 51s
Yunalesca looked at Alexander, her hand still in her hair. She didn’t say anything for a little while, just watched him start the fire. He was just a human, but he was here helping her and that meant something. Even going against his family, who he obviously still cared for.

“I’ll do what I can for your family.” It was all she could promise. A lot would depend on what they did, if they might fight back in a way that made mercy impossible. Some would depend on outside pressures, the humans and elves in her kingdom and how they responded.

She looked at him when he approached, her fingers still absentmindedly feeling the freshly cut ends of a lock of hair. The one he’d cut on accident, and he claimed the reason why he was helping her. Yunalesca looked thoughtful, but also faintly smiled at him,”I’m not terribly strong myself, but I can do strategy. Thank you for helping me, but… Why? You could go back to your family now. So why stay? If it’s about the hair, you’ve more than repaid that debt.”
  Yavanna / 22d 3h 11m 31s
Alexander smiled putting his hand onto her shoulder, [b [+grey "Well your mother shouldn't have done that if a princess is going to be the queen she needs support and I will do that for you but since I' nothing more than a human I will not be a hero since I don't qualify"]] He got up and walked away to start a fire. He looked at the photo frowning at it before chuckling, [b [+grey "If we get the kingdom please don't punish my family to hard for we all have a common goal to be famous"]] He threw the photo into the fire and walked to her. He stopped looking t the room, [b [+grey "I'm sorry for the mess it's just that we didn't expect royalty to come here"]]

He looked at her smiling, [b [+grey "Look what your family has done is the past and will always be it so drop the sorry act and look ahead not behind"]] He walked to her and stopped in front her, [b [+grey "If we are going to take back the kingdom we have to have a strong brave leader... well scratch me off the list I scared to fight and well... I'm not strong but if we are going to rebel against my family then we need to to help you have the strategic mind"]]
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 24d 22h 43m 54s
Already here? Yunalesca looked around for a moment, worried, before she realized what he meant. It had been his family’s home. She stepped closer to take a look at the picture, which was faded. “I remember… Mother was furious. She… cut the food allowed to human servants after that. In the castle. I…”

Yunalesca ran her hands through her hair a little self consciously and looked away,”I tried to argue with her about it. She had my hair cut. I… learned not to argue with her.” Her mother hadn’t been a kind woman or Queen. Yunalesca had hoped to do better, not that she was off to a good start losing the throne just shy of a week after her coronation. “So, that was… your family?”
  Yavanna / 25d 1h 2m 46s
Alexander held his hands together to create the energy blade. The room was lit by it showing a rusty old bed with ruins of what seemed to be a table and chairs, [+grey "Nope because the owner is already here"] Alexander smiled at her as he pulled off a photo that was painted of him and the family. His mother, father, and a taller more likely older brother was fading so their faces were no more, [+grey "This is my family's house but when we attacked we abandoned it remember the first attack was on a supply cart that was carrying food about... five years?"]
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 28d 22h 27m 9s

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