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"No, no way to call anyone to me. It would all be at the castle."

Yunalesca nodded at the horses,"That will help with speed, but we have no destination. I had planned to seek help from the nobles, but they'll soon be scattered and powerless. I won't have a place to rally them to, and that's assuming I could even find anyone, which would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Unless you have some idea, I'm lost."
  Yavanna / 2d 17h 32m 32s
Alexander sighed, "Yeah I know we need a new plan but right now we can't do it without troops do you have a signal to call your men?" He wasn't sure if it was right on not but it's fearful that he's going against his own family, "Well if you can it can help heavily but we need to make it to the target"

The guy was long gone when she released him but he left the horses, "Hey my queen wouldn't this help he left their horses" He looks at her with a waiting expression on her decision, "It's fine we don't have to ride but it will get us there faster"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 3d 4h 56m 46s
Yunalesca rubbed her forehead with her fingers. As if there wasn't enough going wrong, now it sounded like her possible allies were also being stripped of any power to help her. She took the bread with a little sigh,"We'll need a new plan then. I can use a bow, yes. Reasonably well."

She wasn't much for swords or any large weapon, but archery was something she had taken to. With a wave of her hand she loosened the vines holding the man,"Go on."

She supposed letting the man go was for the best. Yunalesca wasn't a cold blooded killer who would murder a captured man, and Alexander was asking for her to free him. "I'm sorry about your sister. It sounds like you two were close."

After a moment of picking at the bread and nibbling the crumbs Yunalesca asked,"What should our plan be? All my allies are about to be tossed out on the street. We could try to gather them, but it will be harder..."
  Yavanna / 3d 13h 42m 32s
He sighs, "they are going to pull you elves that are nobles down to peasants so pretty much they will be stripped from their rights, and um we need to let him go" He points to Joy's friend who was still tied in vines, "If we hurt him we don't want her to be mad since that is her best friend" He handed her some bread, "Here we need to eat plus we have other things that can help us and she forgot her favorite bow damn Joy... I don't know why she leaves stuff with me" He holds up the bow, "Do you know how to shoot this?" He knows that elves were excellent with all weapons of their choice but He doesn't know her's, "I'm sorry about my sister even though she is playful she does have her times unlike the day before the battle she forced me heavily to wear my suit of armor I have... when really I don't have any" He smiled, "I'm going to miss having her as a sister"
"Oh dear, that doesn't sound great." So they were completely turning their backs on him. Yunalesca frowned. The best thing was to get to safety and start to plan. See what allies they had. "What? What do you mean about that? Kicking out where?"
  Yavanna / 8d 22h 54m 23s
He shows the note to her, "Yep it's actually both and I don't have to worry about family, it says that if I really did side to the elves they are ok with it it's just that I will be shown no mercy on and if I'm caught I will be killed on the spot with you... and um that I will get a good burial and you will too" He was now rethinking his words, "Nevermind it is plain bad" He stood there waiting as it got quiet he hated quiet and he had always felt a jumpy need to talk so he started to talk to himself, "Well I can always be good for nothing they said but hehe I'm not... I'm going to have second thoughts for saying that... maybe I can scout ahead... Na to risky" He then spoke up, "Oh yeah it did say something about our rally point they are kicking the elves out there if they don't pledge their Allegiance to them... Oh dear I think I should have kept my pot shut" He covered his mouth in fear knowing there are going to be a fit for that.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 17h 8m 35s
Yunalesca frowned and stepped forward. So his sister was a playful sort of person? Not that Yunalesca could tell since Joy was trying to kill her. The note though,"Interesting how? Good news or bad? I do hope we have some good news..."
  Yavanna / 9d 19h 13m 15s
He chuckled, "You won't believe it once you see it, it's how she works" He looked where joy was last at and walked to it picking up small Items, "Of course she would leave Items around in her disappearance" He looked at her, "Everything to her is a game" He picked up the bag that Joy left, "Well we have supplies that will last us a few he finds a note and reads it, "Hmm this is interesting"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 10d 16h 40m 47s
Yunalesca sighed and nodded, covering her face with her hands,"I'm fine. We should move while we have a chance."

She looked up and around,"She probably means it about being back, doesn't she?"
  Yavanna / 10d 17h 51m 26s
Joy's eyes were widened as he heard her scream her thoughts before she growled, "I'll be back" she throws down a smoke bomb and disappeared. Alexander faced Yunalesca, "My queen are you ok?" He had a worried look on his face hoping she wasn't hurt in the fighting.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 11d 17h 50m 17s
Yunalesca backed away until her back was against the stone when Joy lunged at her. "I haven't done anything!"

She was feeling a little emotional after everything, and before she could stop herself she was shouting,"I've been Queen for a week! My mother died two weeks ago, and until then [i she] was in charge. I'm not her! And I don't want to [i be] her!"

Finally stopping herself, tears in her eyes, she covered her mouth and looked away. It wasn't a very regal outburst,"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so..." Yunalesca mumbled.
  Yavanna / 11d 18h 21m 6s
He chuckled, "This is my sister Joy, yes even though she is the smallest of us she is very intimidating when it comes to what she want" She stood there waiting looking for a moment of being open and when Alexander looked away to say something else she attacked launching at Yunalesca trying to at least take her down, "I knew you had Alex what did you do to him?!?" Alexander flew in between each other elbowing Joy in the face, "I chosen this path it's not right to say they are same as the previous queen she is different she doesn't deserve punishment who has done nothing wrong to us"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 13d 7h 27m 19s
Yunalesca was frozen in place when the bow was aimed at her. She didn't release the vines, but stopped their progress. Before she could decide how to get out without getting shot or captured Alexander disarmed the woman and Yunalesca breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who is she? Your sister, or some other friend of yours?" Of course pretty much everyone he knew was probably trying to find and kill her right now. With his family being who they were, their entire social circle probably hated her.
  Yavanna / 13d 15h 54m 14s
Alexander punched him several times before running off as he fell. The female pulled up her bow and Aimed it at Yunalesca, "Let go of him or I will shoot" Alexander was running at the female when she wasn't paying attention and knocked her down accidentally launching arrow barely missing her. Alexander unarmed the female and backed off, "Joy you know you can't always win a fight"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 13d 19h 42m 45s
She supposed they might as well take a risk, but before they could move the vines were gone. Yunalesca shied back a little, then saw Alexander caught. She rushed forward,"Let him go!"

She started in elvish to make what was left of the vines grab onto the man holding Alexander. It was too bad the terrain was so rocky, because she was best with plant magic.
  Yavanna / 15d 1h 7m 50s

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