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Zoya takes out a load of blue prints for a invention and began to make changes to them
  TheFallenSurvivor / 187d 10h 41m 8s
*Logan fixes Shrimp Spring Rolls and sits in his dining room eating his good food he fixed*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 198d 3h 27m 10s
*zoya takes a chocolate pudding out of the fridge. She puts it in the microwave and tips it onto a plate with a plmp sound before taking it to her room*
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 207d 3h 56m 18s
*Logan walks to his house and unlocks his door and sits on the couch*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 4h 14m 41s
*zoya tied her bike to the front gate and headed straight to the kitchen*
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 207d 4h 16m 41s
*Logan orders a Chocolate Mocha* One Iced Chocolate Chip Mocha please
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 4h 20m 20s
What an asshole *zoya muttered getting on her black and green bike and cycling to her house*
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 207d 5h 38m 29s
Wow, what a rude person *Logan muttered under his breath and walks to Starbucks*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 5h 56m 24s
*zoya rolled her eyes and walked off not bothering to answer*
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 207d 6h 4m 24s
*Logan looks over* Are you talking to me? *Logan points at himself*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 6h 10m 49s
You like to surround yourself with people *zoya gestures to his friends*
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 207d 6h 13m 36s
Oh ok *Sits the cat down on the ground and the cat runs out to the distance*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 6h 18m 28s
  --NutellaBabi-- / 207d 7h 49m 49s
Zoya snorted shaking her head. "nah, i don't like touching organic lifeforms." she said straightening the green and black goggles on her head.
  --NutellaBabi-- / 207d 7h 51m 6s
Mhm, I was surprised it jumped that the cat had jumped up into my lap. Here wanna hold the cat? *He hands Zoya the cat*
  LtLoganTsuguiri / 207d 8h 2m 18s

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