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[center [#1bd515 [b Little Mermaid]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gamja+Flower]
[Gamja+Flower [size15 [b She saved her prince and he saved her. The two were married and had a bright and beautiful life. All was happy and all was well. They had their perfect ending their first story and were ready to move onto the next.

Both were in the meadow walking, talking and just enjoying the bright and sunny day. And it was on this particular day did something strange happen. The land became covered in...smoke? Or was it fog? Either way, Ariel and Eric became separated. They tried to find the other but before they could, all went dark.

Upon waking, both Ariel and Eric are miles apart. What's worse is, the two don't know where they are, how they got there, or even who they are. They are completely alone and confused.

Taken in, the Disney characters are given new names and taught how to live in this new land. And day by day they begin to take on the new identity, but through dream and sleep their old memories begin to unfold.

Will the little mermaid and her prince find the other again? And will they even make it home?

The journey and how the story unfolds is based on you and what you decide to do.]]]]

[center [b Ariel]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UtiqMgH.jpg]]

[center [b Puppet Master:]

[b Name in Real World:]
Adiella May Thomas

[b Story Character Name:]

[b Nickname:]
Adi, Adi May {Real World}, Ariel {Story}

[b Age:]

[b Short Bio:]
Ariel grew up unsatisfied with her life underwater as a mermaid. She visited the human world often, bringing back many trinkets to her hidden collection. One night, a violent storm threw Prince Eric overboard, and Ariel saved him by bringing him safely to shore. Her father King Triton disagreed with her visits to the surface, and he destroyed everything she collected over the years. As a result, she made a deal with Ursula in order to pursue her dream. Ariel's beautiful voice for a pair of legs to walk on land. Despite being unable to speak, she and Eric fell in love. After saving each other from Ursula's wrath, Ariel regained her voice and the two were happily married. Soon after, they were taking a walk in the meadow, when a cloud of smoke swept over them and they blacked out. She awoke in a foreign land, unable to remember anything. All she knows is that she's looking for something, and she doesn't remember what.]

[center [b Eric]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/MkEQti7.png]]

[center [b Puppet Master:]

[b Name in Real World:]
Wyatt James Holland

[b Story Character Name:]

[b Nickname:]
{Real World} Wy and Jay {Story World} Eric

[b Age:] Twenty-Six

[b Short Bio:]
A prince to a kingdom on the land. In a sense he had it all. Or almost had it all. In order to gain reign of his kingdom and to become king, Eric was supposed to be married to a princess. Something about forming strong ties with otjer kingdoms.. Though that wasn't what he wanted. If he was going to marry he wanted for it to be for love, NOT politics. One night, the prince had been out on his ship with a crew and a nasty storm blew in, destroying the ship and nearly claiming his life. The sea would have had it not been for a beautiful girl with the voice of an angel saving him. For several weeks he searched EVERTWHERE for the girl, about to give up when a voiceless beauty turned up on the beach. She couldn't speak but still he fell in love with her. Only after they faces the sea witch, Ursula and saved the other did Ariel regain her voice and the human and mermaid marry. Their marriage seemed happy.. Like a dream come true. That was until they decided on walk through the meadow where a mysterious mist overtook them, causing them to black out. Upon awaking, Eric has no clue where he is or how he got there. All he knows is something or someone VERY important to him is missing and he needs to find them.


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