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[center [size15 [b Ways you can celebrate Yule that aren’t just Christmas.]]
[b Celebrate on the correct days!:] Yule is a solstice sabbat, which means it’s on the day before, of, and after the winter solstice*. It’s NOT December 25th.

[b Hang all kinds of evergreens everywhere:] Do you know why? Because while snow is very pretty at first after a while the never ending blinding white and brown and black starts to drive you slowly insane. Holly and Mistletoe are the two brightest green plants you could get your hands on during winter so of course they were everywhere!

[b Light a massive bonfire**:] It’s dark and cold and everyone is miserable. Burn some shit! If you aren’t a heathen then Yule is about the rebirth of the sun god(dess?). Welcome that guy back with the best sun imitation you could get!

[b Leave feed out for Odin’s Horse:] Kids would leave out hay or treats for Odin’s Horse(Sleipnir) to eat while he road in the wild hunt. A gift given means a gift must be returned and so Odin would leave treats for the kids. Yes this is where Santa came from.

[b Make winter clothes:] Winter was the time when all the housework was done because, well, you can’t plant when the field is under five feet of snow. Clothes were often made during this time and given to the family.

[b Welcome guests into your home:] If there was one thing the Germanic people valued it was hospitality. Friend who has no were to go? Come on over! Your kid’s friend who comes from a tricky home? Why don’t they stay a night or two. Everyone is invited!

[b Anything that still has Yule in the name probably comes from the original:] Yule log, Yule boar, Yule goat. These are all from the original feast day.

[b Yule is a feast to celebrate the wild hunt:] So make a feast!

[b And finally, throw one hell of a party***:] Yule is a Norse holiday guys. There was no such thing as a low-key party in that culture. The majority of their myths can be summed up thusly; partying, beating up someone who ruined the partying, partying because they beat someone up. Have fun!

*These are the days I do it because celebrating for 12 days - 2 months is impractical.

**Don’t be dumb with fire.

***Don’t do anything illegal.
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