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Rider nodded, melting. “You’re right. I just… I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right. Can we… can we maybe get formula for him soon?”
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 31m 52s
"It will be for a while, but Alex has to eat."

Alex looked up at his mom as he drank.
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 37m 59s
Rider blushed, looking away. “This is weird…” He adjusted his grip on Alex, hugging him closer.
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 39m 27s
Alex latched on and drank happily.

"There you go. Good job babe." Rein smiled.
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 45m 14s
Rider wrinkled his nose. “Being an Omega is weird.” He slowly, awkwardly, pulled up his shirt and tried nursing his pup.
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 46m 58s
"You do, it's just not noticable cause you're so small."

Alex screamed out.
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 56m 58s
Rider frowned. “How do I… how am I supposed to feed him? I’m not, um, I don’t have…” He blushed, glancing down at his chest.
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 58m 39s
"He's probably hungry." Rein sat by them.

Alex cried louder, his bottom lip quivering.
  PastelBabi / 238d 13h 17s
Rider smiled, then rushed to shush the child, cooing over him. “It’s okay, Alex! Shh. Mommy’s here. Mommy’s got you.”
  Somebody20 / 238d 13h 1m 47s
"Definitely." He smiled and booped his son's nose.

Alex smiled but then cried.
  PastelBabi / 238d 13h 4m 17s
Rider’s breath caught. “Ohh… he’s an Alex for sure.” He tickled the pup’s small nose, glancing up at Rein. “Don’t you think?”
  Somebody20 / 239d 18h 55m 42s
Rein wiped tears from his own eyes, "We never got that far" he laughed.

The pup opened his eyes and looked up at his mom.
  PastelBabi / 239d 21h 39m 10s
Rider stared down at his son, eyes welling with joyful tears. “H-he… he’s so beautiful,” he whispered, looking up at Rein. “What should we name him?”
  Somebody20 / 239d 21h 41m 44s
Neither do I XD))


The doctor hands Rider the puppy. The puppys whines and wriggles a bit, his eyes not yet open.
  PastelBabi / 239d 21h 43m 17s
Rider nodded. “I-I feel… my water broke. It’s coming.” He winced. “We gotta get to the hospital. Please. God, it hurts—!”

((I’m sorry I have no idea how pregnancy works XD
((I have no plans to experience it, either
((So yeah XD
  Somebody20 / 239d 21h 45m 52s

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