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Alex stopped and studied Cane. He knew betrer then to trust strangers. "Sure." He walked over but when ge got close he punched Cane and ran off down the alley.
  PastelBabi / 236d 13h 35m 28s
Cane peeked out of the alley, feigning a pleasant expression. “Hey! You, in the red shirt. Can I talk to you really quick? My friend thinks you’re kinda cute.” He smiled winningly at the small boy.
  Kisses / 236d 13h 37m 47s
Alex knew people in the pack wouldnt bother him because of his fathers power
  PastelBabi / 236d 13h 42m 28s
Cane was stalking in the alleyways, on the watch for young Omegas that he could capture and sell on the black market. Omega houses were always willing to buy.



Target found.
  Kisses / 236d 13h 44m 6s
Alex was skipping around the market. Now that he was 16, he had more freedom.
  PastelBabi / 236d 13h 47m 12s
((Got it! Good luck!! :D
  Kisses / 236d 14h 46m 15s
Alrighty, I'm fine with that then. I have to go finish a test but I will try and be on later)
  -Mason- / 236d 14h 47m 17s
((Well I think it’d be interesting if he got caught and taken, and then they had to find him, and then we do the same type of thing as Rein and Rider have…?
  Kisses / 236d 14h 47m 55s
(Do we really WANT him to get taken away? Are we going to do a same type situation only I'm the omega and you're the alpha?
  -Mason- / 236d 15h 11m 21s
Rider let out a breath, smiling. “Good. Thank you.” He smiled.

((You wanna time skip to when he’s older and gets caught and dragged off?? XD
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 42m 7s
Rein picked Alex up, "He won't get taken if I can help it." He nuzzled his son.
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 45m 41s
Rider smiled—then whipped his head to the doctor and back to Rein. “We can’t let them take him,” he begged helplessly. “Please. No.”
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 48m 5s
"He's precious just like his mommy." Rein smiles.

The doctor comes back in, "Tests are back. He's an omega like his mom."
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 50m 1s
Rider smiled proudly at his child and kissed the baby’s soft forehead. “Finally. Our pup. And he’s adorable.”
  Somebody20 / 238d 12h 53m 33s
"Of course. Whatever makes you happy."

Alex pulls away, full, and gurgles happily.
  PastelBabi / 238d 12h 55m 15s

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