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"I refuse to obey some horny [i dog]." He spat out the word with venom. Nobody ever called an alpha a dog.
  PastelBabi / 235d 14h 7m 52s
Cane barked out a laugh. “You’re on your knees already, dumbass. Besides, you aren’t for me. You’re for whatever lucky Alpha buys you.”
  Kisses / 235d 14h 10m 11s
"I wouldn't get on my knees for you if you were the last man on Earth and I was in heat.."
  PastelBabi / 235d 14h 40m 0s
Cane scoffed. “That’s what’s twisted with society. Some wackos think that Omegas are equal and all that. It’s blatantly clear that Omegas are the scum of the earth, meant to be on their knees.”
  Kisses / 235d 16h 48m 48s
"My Mom was here but my papa took him andd now he's the beta of The Bluemoon Pack!"
  PastelBabi / 236d 1h 23s
“Pff.” Cane laughed. “You barely classify as a living being. You’re more… a sex toy. A breeding toy. Not meant for more than that.”
  Kisses / 236d 11h 9m 24s
"Is that why you're alone? Selling living beings..making them feel lonely so you feel better about yourself?"
  PastelBabi / 236d 11h 12m 35s
Cane shrugged. “My parents brought me up to do this: steal and sell the lesser beings. I was taught everything I need. Love is weak, anyway.”
  Kisses / 236d 11h 14m 18s
"You're wrong..they love me. The only reason you say that is your parents probably hate you."
  PastelBabi / 236d 11h 15m 24s
Cane shrugged. “They obviously didn’t do it well enough. You were easy to pick off. They don’t seem to care very much about you,”
  Kisses / 236d 11h 17m 7s
"No. I don't. My parents shield me from most things." He said coldly. "Hmpf."
  PastelBabi / 236d 11h 18m 42s
Rider sniffled on the floor. He could feel Alex poking at the bond, but they were too far apart, and no bond was that strong. He shook his head, whimpering.

Cane glanced at Alex. “You do realize that that’s not how bonds work, right?”
  Kisses / 236d 11h 31m 29s
Alex sat quietly and tried to send his location to his mom through the bond
  PastelBabi / 236d 11h 34m 50s
Cane scoffed. “Sure, run to Momma. I’m sure it’ll do a whole lot. You ain’t got no pity coming from me, kid.” He scrolled through his phone.
  Kisses / 236d 11h 47m 32s
When he woke up his face hurt and he whimpered, "Owie.." He cried..
  PastelBabi / 236d 11h 48m 24s

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