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Alex nodded quickly, "My mom and dad are the alpha and omega of The Bluemoon Pack."

"I love you too"
  PastelBabi / 232d 20h 43m 30s
Xavier lightly scented the boy, trying to erase the larger Alpha’s scent. “Shh; it’s okay. I’m going to help you. Do you have a family?”

Rider forced a smile on his face. “I love you.”
  Kisses / 232d 21h 20m 25s
Alex rubbed his sore wrists then threw his arms around the Alpha, sobbing.

Rein kissed the top of his head.
  PastelBabi / 232d 21h 22m 39s
Xavier knelt down beside the Omega, gently undoing his chains. “Shh, don’t worry. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” He released a soft, calming scent. “I’m here to help, okay?”

Rider took a steadying breath. “Yeah. I guess. You’re right, as always.” He snuggled into his Alpha’s arms.
In reality, he didn’t feel much better at all. But he didn’t want to make his Alpha worry.
  Kisses / 232d 21h 24m 10s
Alex was scared of the other Alpha that came in and tried to run away but he couldnt.

Rein tried to comfort him, "I's unfair..omegas are just as important as everyone else. You're good for mating and carrying pups but you're also great at loving me and our pup.."
  PastelBabi / 232d 22h 57m 27s
Marc kicked his pants and boxers behind him, gripping Alex’s jaw and yanking him forward. “Don’t worry,” he purred. “It’ll only hurt a—“

Xavier smacked him over the head with his own whip.

Marc’s limo body fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?!” Xavier asked, frantically scrambling over to the Omega.

Rider sniffled. “Why, though? Why does everyone think that Omegas are lesser beings? Why, Rei? We carry the next generation inside us!”
  Kisses / 233d 2s
Alex back up futter into the corner, growling.

"Nothing honey..the world is just full of bad people.."
  PastelBabi / 233d 14h 42m 49s
Rider buried his face in the Alpha’s neck. “What did we do wrong?” he asked, voice cracking. “What did we do for this to happen?”

Marc glanced at his watch, then up at the Omega. He set his magazine down and stood up, his belt already loose. “Time for step two: actual f*cking.” He grinned.

Outside, a young Alpha, only seventeen, heard a noise and peeked through the small, dirty window. He studied a gasp at what he saw: a poor, silent Omega cowering before a half-naked Alpha with an evil grin on his face.
Xavier cursed and scrambled for the door to the building, hoping he’d get there in time.
  Kisses / 233d 15h 45m 13s
Rein hugged him close.

Alex went to say something but he didn't want to go through that torture again, so he kept quiet. Why was he so weak?
  PastelBabi / 233d 16h 1s
Marc grinned at the now-docile Omega, redressing and flipping leisurely through his magazine. “Yessir, we’ll make a toy out of you yet,” he hummed delightedly.

Rider bit his lip. His eyes were red and puffy from crying. “We’ll find him. It’s okay.” He sat down next to his mate. “Sorry for yelling at you earlier. I was wrong. It wasn’t your fault.”
  Kisses / 234d 12h 47m 20s


Alex felt disgusted that he had given in after a while and stayed silent afterwards. Oh well, he still had his virginity at least.

Rein looked up, "hm? Hey babe..I looked every within a five mile radius on foot..he's nowhere.."
  -Mason- / 234d 19h 25m 42s
((Oh sh*t
((I forgot about that
((Maybe some random Alpha teen notices and saves him?

Marc rolled his eyes and quickly and effectively chained Alex down, on his knees, with his neck bared and head at Marc’s crotch level. “Ah, But you won’t get out. No open wide.” He grinned, unblocking his belt.

Rider heard the door slam and sniffled, poking his head into the living room. “…Rein?”
  Kisses / 234d 19h 34m 24s
He hissed, "I refuse to be used for your own sexual pleasures you horny bitch! When I get out of here, I will make sure you go through HELL."

Rein came back after 37 hours and he was absolutely exhausted. He shut the door and collapsed on the couch.
  -Mason- / 234d 19h 39m 58s
Marc snarled and cracked the whip over Alex’s head. “First things first—you need to be chained down. That way, I can shove my knot down your throat until you can’t talk any longer. Maybe then I’ll get a moment of peace.”
  Kisses / 234d 19h 41m 52s
"Like I care. Kill me if you want, it just saves me the pain of waking up to [i you] everyday."
  -Mason- / 234d 19h 44m 51s

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