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"You can leave or stay. I don't care either way." He smiled and took Rider to the checkout area where he bought him. He took Rider back to his pack and showed him to a large, beautifully decorated room, "This is your room."
  PastelBabi / 248d 15h 7m 12s
Rider nodded a little. The weight of the thick metal collar around his neck was all too familiar, a painful reminder of everything he’d been through. “I… I might stay?” he ventured, unsure of what the Alpha wanted to hear.
  Somebody20 / 248d 15h 26m 41s
"You don't have to be scared, I'm not going to do anything to you. Remember, I'm here to save you from this place. You don't even have to stay with me, I can let you go if that's what you prefer.."
  -Mason- / 248d 19h 49m 49s
Rider shrugged, his eyes on the ground. “Most if the guys in here just want to pop a knot and leave. They’re never kind about it. It hurts.” He shrank back, terrified. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I’m never allowed to talk about my, um, job. Thing. I’m so sorry.” He bowed his head submissively.
  Somebody20 / 249d 12h 3m 23s
"Yes, I'm going to buy you. Why else would I be here?" He tilted his head.
  -Mason- / 249d 12h 12m 3s
Rider blinked. “What? So you want to buy me? I won’t be in this hellhole anymore?!” He blushed and shrank back. “Sorry,” he mewled. “I didn’t mean to get loud. Sorry.”
  Somebody20 / 249d 12h 13m 30s
"Im here to mate with you and make you my Beta. You will carry our children and be my wife."
  -Mason- / 249d 12h 16m 3s
“A Beta?” Rider cocked his head, confused. “What do you mean? I’m an omega. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.” He caught another wave of Alpha scent and shrank back, a small mewling noise coming from his throat.
  Somebody20 / 250d 10h 25m 20s
"No? Im here to make you a Beta." He tilted his head.
  -Mason- / 250d 12h 35m 27s
Rider frowned. “You mean you want to buy me?” His voice was small and a little scared. “Not just ra—not just claim me here?” His lower lip quivered.
  Somebody20 / 250d 13h 13m 29s
"Up you go." He offered his hand out and smiled. He liked the submissive ones.
  -Mason- / 250d 13h 16m 18s
Rider gulped, Boeing his head submissively. He hated it, but he had been taken over and over and over again. He could smell the strong scent of Alpha and let out a small whimper. “Yes, s-sir,” he whispered.
  Somebody20 / 250d 14h 33m 3s
Rein. An Alpha well known and respected around the 9 packs. Today he was going to pick out an omega and future Beta to his own pack, the mother to his pups. He walked into the Breeding House and instantly got swarmed with smells. Those of previously marked omegas. Omegas in heat. Young to older. His sense of smell for being an Alpha was strong. He walked around, looking between all the omegas till his eyes settled on one. A small male omega. He walked over and smiled, "I'd like to take you."
  -Mason- / 250d 14h 36m 6s

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