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Rider scented Alex lightly, beaming. “I love you, pup,” he whispered, eyes wet. “I expect grandkids, okay?”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 13m 37s
Rein smiled. "You twork can have the big empty house on main street. I'll buy it. Go start your lives together."

Alex smiled and hugged his parents.
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 14m 36s
Xavier let out a sigh of relief. “Really? Thank you.” He smiled down at Alex, petting his head.

Rider smiled fondly. “Treat him well, alright? He deserves it.”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 16m 47s
Rein looked at Rider, "'s all up to Ale-"

"I'll do it. Since he saved me." Alex said. He was blushing.
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 17m 55s
Xavier blushed. “If… if Alex is okay with it…” He took a deep breath, not looking at anyone. “…Then do I have your permission to court him?”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 19m 7s
Alec was purring against him.

"Anything. Yiu name it and its yours." Rein smiled at Xavier
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 20m 20s
Rider caught Xavier’s eye. “Thank you, sir,” he said, bowing his head gently. “I’m grateful to you for finding our son. Is there anything we can give you to show our gratitude?”

Xavier blinked, biting his lip. His arms were around Alex, gently hugging him. “Well… um… there… is one thing… I guess…?”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 21m 12s
Rein ran over as well.

"Some guy took me..where yiu were mom and they sold me to some guy who paid a lot. But Xavier saved me before he could do much." He pointed to Xavier and ran over, hugging him.
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 23m 29s
Rider’s eyes flew open. “Alex?” He day up, rubbing his eyes. “Alex!” He ahoy to his son. “I’m so glad you’re okay! Where were you?!”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 25m 32s
They nodded and walked back to the pack. When he was there he ran to his house, "MOM! DAD!"

Rein was startled awake and fell off the couch.
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 26m 25s
Xavier shook his head, smiling. “For now, your company is reward enough. Now let’s get going before he wakes up.”
  Kisses / 227d 22h 31m 14s
Alex nodded and got up slowly, rubbing his wrists tha were now free of the chains, "Thank you so much..when we get back to my pack I'll make sure your are greatly rewarded. Thisll mean so much to my parents."
  PastelBabi / 227d 22h 31m 56s
Xavier nodded. “Are you feeling okay? D’you think you’re up to walking?”

Rider yawned, purring, and snuggled closer, eyes falling shut.
  Kisses / 227d 22h 42m 3s
"A few days but knowing them, they started searching an hour after I left.."

Rein nodded and cuddled him.
  PastelBabi / 232d 20h 45m 15s
Xavier raised his eyebrows. “Then we’d better get you home before they freak out. How long have you been gone?”

Rider smiled sleepily. “I’m tired… can we sleep?”
  Kisses / 232d 20h 51m 5s

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