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Rider shivered, smiling. “You’re so sexy,” he whispered softly. “God, what am I supposed to do with you?”
  Somebody20 / 239d 23h 35m 2s
"I will protect you and our pup with my life." He slides down a kisses Rider's stomach.
  PastelBabi / 240d 36m 14s
Rider smiled up at Rein, blushing softly. “You’re right, Alpha. I have you. So if I get attacked, I know I can count on you to get me out of it.” He smiled dazzlingly bright.
  Somebody20 / 240d 10h 40m 31s
"Which is why you have a strong Alpha husband to protect you." He smiled.
  PastelBabi / 240d 15h 34m 6s
Rider blushed. “You like that? God, I hate it. It means that almost anyone can just come up and make a move, and because of my stupid body, I won’t be able to resist.” He shook his head.
  Somebody20 / 240d 19h 37m 10s
He smiled, "You're so tiny. Cute and fragile." He nuzzled Rider and kissed him
  PastelBabi / 240d 19h 44m 27s
Rider didn’t focus much on the movie; his attention was mostly on the Alpha all around him. He reached up, playing with Rein’s hair and fingering his scent glands. “You’re so strong,” he murmured softly. “So beautiful.”
  Somebody20 / 240d 19h 45m 53s
He nodded and put on a random movie, holding Rider close to him
  PastelBabi / 240d 19h 47m 43s
Rider tilted his head. “I’ve never seen a movie,” he admitted. “You pick one. Something funny, but not super funny. Y'know? And no jump scares.” He laced his fingers through Rein’s.
  Somebody20 / 240d 19h 49m 19s
"Whatever you want to." He turned on the tv and opened up Netflix
  PastelBabi / 240d 19h 51m 30s
Rider smiled, cuddling into his Alpha. “What d’you wanna watch?” he asked, perching on Rein’s lap.
  Somebody20 / 240d 19h 53m 31s
"Sounds good to me." He smiled and hit the lights, kissing Riders chgek
  PastelBabi / 240d 19h 56m 14s
Rider shrugged. “Watch a movie and make out?” he hedged curiously, smiling.
  Somebody20 / 240d 19h 57m 27s
Rein pulled away slowly, "What would you like to do tonight honey?"
  PastelBabi / 240d 19h 58m 28s
Rider purred happily, his lips parting. He wanted to go deeper, go harder, but didn’t want to hurt the unborn pup in his stomach.
  Somebody20 / 240d 20h 57s

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