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Alex nodded, "I want to try. I'm not that old yet but I want to try..we should wait till my first heat. I want to spend it with you.."

Rein nodded and snuggled him.
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 38m 31s
Xavier nodded. “It kind of is. We can take it slow, if you’d like. A step at a time. And if you want to stop, we can.”

Rider smiled sleepily, tugging Rein back down. “Double yay. Now snuggle.”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 39m 49s
Alex blushed, "I'm not sounds like the..'doing it' part is scary.."

Rein sat up, "We'll get yiu tested tomorrow babe."
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 41m 10s
“Do you want one of your own?” Xavier asked. “We can do that.”

Rider purred. “Yay…!”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 42m 8s
Alex looked up at him, "I'm fine. Just look at all the pupoies~ They're so cute~" He cooed.

"Maybe in a little bit baby~" He kissed Riders cheek.
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 43m 52s
Xavier glanced down at Alex. “You okay?”

Rider mewled. “So good, Rei… I want… want your pup again… so good…”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 45m 18s
Alex smiled and looked around the park. He saw so many other omegas with their pups and he felt a pang in his heart.

"That's a I needed to hear~" Rein said. -Time Skip Hahahah- Rein kissed his neck,"That felt good babe~"
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 46m 53s
Xavier laced his fingers with Alex’s, humming.

Rider whimpered. “N-need you…” His face was red; his hands clutching at Rider’s clothes. “I-In me…”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 49m 11s
Alex followed, giggling. They started walking around the park.

"You need what, babe?~"
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 51m 0s
Xavier smiled. “Let’s leave your parents alone, then. They need to get a room anyway.” He tugged Alex towards the door.

Rider squirmed. “R-Rei… I-I need…”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 52m 15s
Alex walks over and takes Xavier's hand, "A wall sounds nice."

Rein whispered in his ear, "Yiu ready for another baby, my love?~"
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 53m 39s
Rider squeaked and buried his face in Rein’s shoulder. “Rei…!”

Xavier laughed. “I’ll let you two do your thing, if you’d like. Alex, d’you want to go for a walk? Get something to eat?”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 55m 11s
"Yiu say that as if we'll never see yiu again. We can visit everyday day, mom."

Rein smirked and grabbed Riders waist, "And in 9 months time I'll make sure yiu have a sibling."
  PastelBabi / 198d 17h 57m 11s
“I’m happy, Lex,” Rider whispered, rubbing at his eyes. “Xavier seems like a good Alpha. I wish you both a happy life together.”
  Kisses / 198d 17h 58m 18s
Alex blushed deeper, changing the subject, "Mom don't cry..please don't cry.."
  PastelBabi / 198d 18h 2m 9s

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