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This is the same plot I used before, but that rp fell out so yeah.

Basically my character get's past a hard test, and get's into this nice school. He figures out the school is not normal, it's filled with monsters. He has this sixth sense, which was the reason he got in but he's human. He meats some monster there, and realizes he likes her. She is surprised he is human but takes interested.

So this is an mxf. My character is the boy with a sixth sense, and your character will be some sort of monster, demon, vampire, I don't care, as long as it is simple, no shapeshifting demons from heaven, which, now that I think about it, makes no sense. The amount of writing I want is a paragraph or two, i'm not going to write a whole fricking essay but not two sentences either.
Pm me with the title, That's a surprise

This is the skelly





Likes and dislikes-

Name- Hunter Greene


Sexuality- bi

Species- Human

Likes and dislikes- He likes being noticed by certain people and dislikes large crowds. He has a weird fear of bunnies.

Extra- He has an uncanny ability to sense things, mental and physical.


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Xenith looked after Azarail as if he was supposed to save her from the awkward situation. Things, however, never always went to plan. Xenith glanced back over to Hunter, deeply embarrassed and shy.
"Y-you c-c-can talk to m-me," Xenith quietly replied, "j-just don't do t-t-'that' again..."
Recalling what had happened, Xenith blushed as her red skin became a deep shade of purple.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 200d 20h 16m 53s
His slitted eyes stared him up and down, before turning as someone called him.
After he turned to Xenith.
"I understand if you do not want to talk to me, I just, I don't know,"
He usually wasn't this weird or dumb or stupid. Well, maybe, he had no Idea.
He turned his head and looked down. He wanted to walk away a bit but he didn't, he stood there waiting for her to respond.
  Ryker (Wraith) / MaybeMental / 212d 7h 40m 45s
Xenith spun and blushed deeply when she saw Hunter. "I-I gu-guess it's o-okay..." she replied softly, looking down at her feet. Xenith's friend, the older reptilian boy, walked up beside her and regarded Hunter with his yellow slitted eyes - but remained quiet. Xenith then looked between Hunter and the reptilian boy.
"Oh!" she said, her face suddenly lighting up. "T-this is Azarail," she told Hunter, motioning to the reptilian boy. Azarail nodded and kept staring down at Hunter. "H-he's a y-year older than u-us..."
Xenith then looked up at Azarail, who was very tall, quiet, and intimidating.
"Azarail," she told him, "this is Hunter, he's a new student here." It was strange to hear Xenith speak without stuttering at some point. It was only when she spoke to Azarail that she didn't stutter or seem shy at all.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 215d 18h 4m 32s
He had no Idea what overcame him. Was it because she was a succubus, or was it because he liked her? I mean, both were true, he liked her and she was a succubus. He looked at the back of her head, her black hair flowing and her curved horns sticking out. Damn. That was the third time in the past couple of minutes he thought this to himself.
A tall man walked onto the stage, walking up to the mic.
"Welcome, Welcome, to a new year at our wonderful school!"
That recieved a lot of cheers. He stayed silent.
He talked about activites and classes and such. After he got up, as lunch would be soon. He saw Xenith exiting the room. He walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. "I'm- I'm sorry," He said, looking down. "I, I don't know what overcame me." He said.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 230d 9h 4m 21s
Xenith lingered at the door to the auditorium, worried that Hunter might be there and then it would be very awkward. Xenith didn't want to end up running away again.
She noticed her reptilian senior and quickly caught up to him. Xenith noticed Hunter at the back and flushed a deep shade of purple. Xenith turned to her senior asking to sit with him.
The reptilian boy gave Xenith a smile, affectionately patting her head as an elder brother would, before sitting down somewhere in the middle. Xenith followed and sat beside him, occasionally glancing back at Hunter.
It was really awkward. She'd only met the boy and yet, he'd already kissed her?
It had to be because she was a succubus. Xenith wasn't able to think of any other way it would be possible for him to like her so much so soon.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 230d 12h 39m 0s
"No- No I, I don't know," He ran past him, shoving him sideways as he reached the boys dorms. He plopped down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Damn. Why? He thought about what happened. He just made the girl he liked cry.

He stood up, grabbed a random book and chucked it at the wall,
It dented the wall, as he hoped no one noticed. He walked out of the room, as they started the assembly. He walked into the auditorium, getting a seat in the back, slouching and hoping no one saw him.
  Angel Howell / Nobody101 / 231d 9h 16m 45s
Xenith was shocked. She began to cry, a hand pressed to her lips. She brushed past Hunter and ran away down the corridor. She was hoping it was because she was a succubus. But at the same time she didn’t.
Xentih’s heart pounded in her chest as she ran all the way to the girls dorms on the other side of the school before locking herself in her room.


Back where Hunter was, another student appeared from the Assembler hall, seemingly searching for where Xenith had gone. Instead they had spotted Hunter and had recalled him helping Xenith set up the hall.
“Hey!” called the monster, an older boy who was frighteningly reptilian. “Do you know where Xenith went?” He asked, his eyelids sliding sideways over his slitted yellow eyes in a blink. He seemed to resemble a crocodile, particularly since he had quite an intimidating set of pointed teeth.
“She was helping in the hall and then she suddenly left...”
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 231d 9h 28m 25s
"Your out," He said, standing up. He looked at her, and walked over to her. His hand moved forward, brushing her hair out of her face, "What I said was true," He said, looking at her. Suddenly he had an urge, and he leaned forward, his lips touching hers,
"I'm sor- sorry," He blushed deeply, looking away. "I have absolutely no idea why I did that, I'm sorry," He looked away, walking forward.
  Angel Howell / Nobody101 / 231d 1h 39m 50s
Xenith managed to calm herself down by taking slow deep breaths. Hunter really surprised her there. Quicky washing her face and gathering herself together, Xenith was ready to go back. She stepped out of the bathroom only to see Hunter.
Xenith blushed a light shade of purple and hid behind her long black curtain of hair.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 231d 11h 39m 40s
"Oh no, Oh no," He saw her run out. He didn't mean to do that, he just, He didn't know why, it was more of a reflex. He ran after the Succubus, seeing her run into the bathroom. He just slumped against the wall, looking at his feet. So stupid.
  Angel Howell / Nobody101 / 232d 10h 3m 26s
Xenith flushed a deep shade of purple, immediately retreating behind her hair.
“I-I-I f-f-forgot to d-do s-something,” she stuttered out before fleeing out the room, thoroughly embarrassed and shy.
Xenith’s heart pounded furiously in her chest. Out of her and Hunter, Hunter was definitely far more suitable to be a succubus, or incubus in his case.
Xenith rushed to the girls bathroom, trying to calm herself down. She pressed her hand over her chest. Her heart was thumping so hard. Xenith closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 232d 13h 12m 7s
"Nice," He said, noticing she was looking down. He hand shot out, slightly touching her chin as he said, "Why do you put your face down, it's nice to see," Before realizing what he did.
"I'm s- sorry," He said, looking down.
  Angel Howell / Nobody101 / 233d 3h 58m 37s
"A-an introduction for our n-new students," replied Xenith with a soft smile as she put out the chairs. Xenith glanced at Hunter with her large dark blue eyes for a moment before looking down at her feet, shy.
"I-t's a school tr-tradition..." she added quickly.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 234d 11h 11m 34s
He walked forward, grabbing the chairs and putting them out as she was. When they finished he turned to Xenith,
"What is this assembly or whatever about?"
He asked her.
  Angel Howell / Nobody101 / 235d 7h 41m 31s
"U-uh..." replied Xenith, "I guess y-you can h-help with the chairs?" She then continued doing what she was doing - putting out chairs.
  Xenith Fornlead / Malphas / 235d 14h 20m 2s

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